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Fri Mar 21 17:13:30 2014 UTClccn-n852247990.10H. F. Cary. [Fitchburg Massachusetts]0.531.00to Anna Seward,54579575Henry_Francis_Caryn 852247991752019Cary, H. F.Cary, H. F.(Henry Francis), 1772-1844Cary, HenryCary, Henry, 1772-1844Cary, Henry F.Cary, Henry F. 1772-1844Cary, William 1772-1844lccn-n78095495Dante Alighieri1265-1321lccn-n79089221Doré, Gustave1832-1883illtrllccn-n79054348Romano, Umberto1906-illlccn-n50004058Flaxman, John1755-1826illlccn-n85317409Walsh, Henry C.(Henry Collins)1863-1927edtlccn-n50045479Kuhns, Oscar1856-1929edtlccn-n79117985Rossetti, Dante Gabriel1828-1882trllccn-n85145652King, R. W.(Robert Wylie)lccn-n79084387Pope, Alexander1688-1744lccn-n88001921Cary, Henry1804-1870othedtCary, Henry Francis1772-1844PoetryFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsPictorial worksBiographyMilitary historyComic books, strips, etcPortraitsHellItalian poetryDante Alighieri,PurgatoryHeavenInferno (Dante Alighieri)English poetryGreat books of the Western worldLiterature, MedievalItalian literaturePicturesCary, Henry Francis,French poetryCowper, William,Troilus (Legendary character)Pope, Alexander,Shenstone, William,PoetryPurgatorio (Dante Alighieri)Paradiso (Dante Alighieri)Benham, William,Latin literatureDivina commedia (Dante Alighieri)Odes, EnglishEnglish literaturePoets, FrenchPoets, EnglishParadiseGilfillan, George,Paradise (Personal Name)OpticsGreek drama (Comedy)Sonnets, EnglishHell in artItalian drama (Comedy)Great BritainNicolas, Nicholas Harris,--Sir,Translating and interpretingArt appreciationIntellectual lifeEpic poetry, ItalianTranslatorsWard, Adolphus William,--Sir,MaineFore-edge paintingThomson, James,Kościuszko, Tadeusz,Poets, ItalianLindsay, Vachel,Future life--Christianity1772184417881789179718001803180518061814181818191821182218231824182518271831183218331834183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191319141915191619191920192119221923192519261928192919301931193319351937194119451946194719481950195719611963196519671970197319761978198019821984198819891992199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072009201020112013117502381100851.1PQ4315ocn001805385ocn000391525ocn000345304ocn001295570ocn002670690ocn002428889ocn003304383ocn001898140ocn002093469ocn002050456ocn004653929ocn003227797ocn003284756ocn004960877ocn009184760ocn037180584ocn068758902ocn020234768ocn083263478ocn020234787ocn4603522612004293ocn002093469book18140.70Dante AlighieriThe Vision of hellPoetryPortraitsIllustrationsPictorial worksEx libris St Ignatius' Presbytery184532ocn007480551book19010.32Dante AlighieriThe Divine comedy of Dante AlighieriCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionPoetryFrom Dante's revolutionary use of the vernacular Italian, this translation in blank verse remains a standard. These 101 cantos form the height of the fall-and-redemption genre that would influence every generation of writer since+-+2936361125168363ocn001805385book18140.27Dante AlighieriThe divine comedyPoetryPictorial worksAn allegorical poem in which Dante, lost in a dark and frightening wood, meets the poet Virgil who offers to conduct him through hell, purgatory, and paradise. Dante describes the various regions of hell, the ascent to purgatory, and the beauty of heaven+-+9116775936324101247ocn003304383book18000.59Dante AlighieriDante's InfernoComic books, strips, etcPoetryIllustrationsPictorial works62152ocn000345304book18440.59Dante AlighieriThe vision of Dante Alighieri : or, Hell, purgatory and paradiseIllustrationsPictorial works59335ocn002670690book18000.63Dante AlighieriPurgatory and ParadisePoetryIllustrations49130ocn000058698book18460.66Cary, Henry FrancisThe early French poetsCriticism, interpretation, etc47730ocn001295570book18000.53Dante AlighieriThe Divine comedy of Dante AlighieriPoetry+-+352384833625817ocn002640297book18850.24Dante AlighieriInfernoPoetryIllustrationsUnlike every known translator before him, Michael Palma re-creates Dante's masterpiece in all its dimensions, without emphasizing some aspects over others, rendering Inferno into contemporary American English while maintaining Dante's original triple rhyme scheme. The result is a translation that can be appreciated for its literal faithfulness and beautiful poetic form, accompanied by facing-page Italian and explanatory notes+-+723217803618020ocn744881535com17880.81Cary, Henry FrancisSonnets and odes by Henry Francis Cary, Author of an Irregular Ode to General Eliott1755ocn002179536book19350.53Dante AlighieriThe Divine comedy of Dante Alighieri : Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise16730ocn016894966book18390.63Pope, AlexanderThe poetical works of Alexander Pope. Edited with notes and introductory memoir by Adolphus William WardCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPoetryIll. by John Gilbert1444ocn002050456book19280.81Dante AlighieriLa divina commedia, or The divine vision14213ocn508785609file17970.81Cary, Henry FrancisOde to General Kosciusko, by H.F. Cary, A.M. Author of An ode to General Elliott, Sonnets, & cMilitary historyPoetry11112ocn002813346book18460.86Cary, Henry FrancisLives of English poets, from Johnson to Kirke White, designed as a continuation of Johnson's livesBiography1032ocn059904868book19940.18Dante AlighieriThe divine comedy : the vision of Dante+-+67702351958016ocn003173769book18390.66Cowper, WilliamThe poetical works of William CowperBiography712ocn000245709book19310.90Dante AlighieriThe Inferno from la Divina commedia of Dante AlighieriPoetryIllustrations653ocn003981272book18240.93AristophanesThe birds of Aristophanes606ocn005782759book19100.47Dante AlighieriThe divine comedy; being the vision of Dante Alghieri1341ocn003144983book19250.79King, R. W"Parson Primrose"; the life, work and friendships of Henry Francis Cary (1772-1844) translator of Dante1322ocn001535130book19250.81King, R. WThe translator of Dante; the life, work and friendships of Henry Francis Cary (1772-1844)1174ocn016621865book18470.73Cary, Henry FrancisMemoir of the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, M.A., translator of Dante with his literary journal and lettersBiography432ocn052794583book20030.90Crisafulli, EdoardoThe vision of Dante : Cary's translation of The divine comedyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9458474436324401ocn009187961book0.66Cowper, WilliamThe poetical works of William CowperBiography312ocn002879735book0.59Dante AlighieriThe vision of Dante Alighieri : or, Hell, purgatory and paradiseIllustrationsPictorial works141ocn002045085book19010.32Dante AlighieriThe Divine comedy of Dante AlighieriCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionPoetryThe "Divine Comedy" was entitled by Dante himself merely "Commedia," meaning a poetic composition in a style intermediate between the sustained nobility of tragedy, and the popular tone of elegy. The word had no dramatic implication at that time, though it did involve a happy ending. The poem is the narrative of a journey down through Hell, up the mountain of Purgatory, and through the revolving heavens into the presence of God. In this aspect it belongs to the two familiar medieval literary types of the Journey and the Vision. It is also an allegory, representing under the symbolism of the stages and experiences of the journey, the history of a human soul, painfully struggling from sin through purification to the Beatific Vision21ocn041762087book19250.23King, R. WThe translator of Wylie; the life, works and friendhips of Henry Francis Cary (1772-1844)Bibliography21ocn018534809book0.95Dante AlighieriDas Inferno21ocn221979607book18470.47Cary, Henry FrancisMemoir of ... Henry Francis Gary ... with his literary journal ... letters11ocn020273042mix1.00Ruskin, JohnCorrespondenceRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence including letters to Harry Quilter, art critic, discussing several of Quilter's writings and current attitudes toward art; letter to Lord Leighton concerning the promotion of English art; letters to composer John Pyke Hullah dealing with the poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Thomas Carlyle, and Henry Francis Cary's translation of Dante; personal letters of Thomas Carlyle; and a letter of Frederick Locker-Lampson discussing several of his poems and personal matters11ocn656306046art18690.10H. F. Cary. [Fitchburg Massachusetts]DirectoriesGazetteers11ocn084841310mix1.00Cary, Henry FrancisHenry Francis Cary manuscript material : 1 itemRecords and correspondence· To Henry Rogers, writer and Christian apologist : 1 autograph letter signed : 17 Feb 1832 : (MISC 0965) : accepting a dinner invitation11ocn078951149book1.00Cary, Henry Francisto Anna SewardIncludes letters from Cary to Seward concerning their poetry, Italian poetry in general, and the nomination of Cary as a fellow at Oriel College with a list of current fellows. Letters also mention the writings of Spencer, Rousseau, Milton, Dante, among others. Most of the letters also include verses by Cary11ocn030450584book18840.47Dante Alighieri[The Divine Comedy] The Vision, or Hell, purgatory and paradise of Dante Alighieri11ocn130045397book18371.00Cary, Henry FrancisH.F. Cary letter to Dear sirRecords and correspondenceCary writes to Dear sir [Thomas Keightley], 28 July 1837, referencing his rivalry with British Museum librarian Antonio Panizzi, and his chronic poor health+-+6770235195+-+6770235195Fri Mar 21 16:06:00 EDT 2014batch37716