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Fri Mar 21 17:04:55 2014 UTClccn-n852308690.35The grammar of ornament0.801.00John B. H. Waring : hearings before the United States Senate Committee on Military Affairs, Sixty-Fifth Congress, second session, on Aug. 28, 191811291767John_Burley_Waringn 852308691425602John Burley WaringSmith, Tennyson Longfellow, 1823-1875Waring, J. B., 1823-1875Waring, John b. 1823-1875Waring, John Burley, 1823-1875lccn-n91034500Wyatt, M. Digby(Matthew Digby)Sir1820-1877lccn-nb2009021778Crystal Palace (London, England)lccn-n82018048Jones, Owen1809-1874lccn-n87132507Westwood, J. O.(John Obadiah)1805-1893lccn-n95055747Bedford, Francis1816-1894nc-crystal palace sydenham london englandCrystal Palace (Sydenham, London, England)lccn-n87130918Crystal Palace Company (Sydenham, London, England)lccn-n85155048Day & Sonlccn-nr93030093Macquoid, Thomas Robert1820-1912lccn-n50058989National Art Library (Great Britain)Waring, J. B.(John Burley)1823-1875HistoryExhibition catalogsPictorial worksHandbooks, manuals, etcGuidebooksInteractive multimediaDecoration and ornamentDecoration and ornament--Victorian styleDecoration and ornament--Themes, motivesChinaDecorative artsArt objectsDecoration and ornament, ArchitecturalLondon International ExhibitionArchitecture--DetailsArchitectureItalyEngland--ManchesterCrystal Palace (Sydenham, London, England)Great BritainAestheticsArtMegalithic monumentsGreat ExhibitionSpainMoundsAntiquitiesArchitecture, ByzantineArchitecture, RomanesqueJewelry, AncientPotteryDecoration and ornament, AncientSymbolismArt, MedievalEuropeSculptureArt, RomanesqueArt, ByzantineSpain--BurgosDecoration and ornament, GothicArt, RenaissanceRenaissanceArchitecture, RenaissanceDesignArt, ItalianPainting, ItalianWeaponsArmorEngland--LondonEmbroideryWaring, J. B.--(John Burley),FurnitureTextile designTextile fabricsItaly--Italy, CentralStone age18231875185018521854185618571858185918601861186318651866186718681870187118731874187518771880188719001918198220092013119291223745.4NK1510ocn048050536ocn615011451ocn1748227261816ocn002670123book18630.76Waring, J. BMasterpieces of industrial art & sculpture at the International exhibition, 1862Exhibition catalogs9711ocn003555878book18000.81Waring, J. BIllustrations of architecture and ornamentPictorial works726ocn003626195book18560.35Jones, OwenThe grammar of ornamentHistoryInteractive multimediaPictorial worksHandbooks, manuals, etcIncludes a digitized facsimile of the 1856 London edition from a copy in the Cary Graphic Arts Collection, Rochester Institute of Technology; with commentary. Text is searchable and displays may be magnified. Includes supplementary color plates from the 1868 edition6612ocn009750823book18540.86Wyatt, M. DigbyThe Byzantine and Romanesque court in the Crystal PalaceExhibition catalogs+-+6862171546324617ocn004544443book18580.88Waring, J. BArt treasures of the United Kingdom from the Art Treasures Exhibition, ManchesterExhibition catalogs593ocn003863437book18580.76Waring, J. BExamples of stained glass, fresco ornament, marble and enamel inlay, and wood inlayPictorial works5612ocn000187594book18700.70Waring, J. BStone monuments, tumuli and ornament of remote ages; with remarks on early architecture of Ireland and Scotland524ocn228146055file18540.88Wyatt, M. DigbyA hand book to the Byzantine CourtPictorial works517ocn006416997book18500.92Waring, J. BExamples of architectural art in Italy and Spain, chiefly of the 13th & 16th centuries517ocn024362780book18570.93Waring, J. BA handbook to the museum of ornamental art in the Art Treasures ExhibitionExhibition catalogs509ocn023922927book18540.93Wyatt, M. DigbyThe Italian court in the Crystal Palace Described by M. Digby Wyatt and J.B. WaringExhibition catalogs+-+0062171546324424ocn003066397book18740.76Waring, J. BCeramic art in remote ages; with essays on the symbols of the circle, the cross and circle, the circle and ray ornament, the fylfot, and the serpent, showing their relation to the primitive forms of solar and nature worshipHistory318ocn023922928book18540.93Wyatt, M. DigbyThe mediaeval court in the Crystal PalaceGuidebooksExhibition catalogs273ocn014349303book18520.63Waring, J. BArchitectural, sculptural & picturesque studies in Burgos and its neighborhood262ocn007299527book18540.88Wyatt, M. DigbyThe Renaissance court in the Crystal Palace213ocn019530466book18730.92Waring, J. BA record of my artistic life217ocn024894841book18630.86Waring, J. BMasterpieces of industrial art & sculpture at the International Exhibition, 1862 Selected and described by J.B. Waring ... Chromo-lithographed by and under the direction of W.R. Tymms, A. Warren, and G. MacCulloch, from photographs supplied by the London Photographic and Stereoscopic Company, taken exclusively for this work by Stephen Thompson. In three volumes192ocn023922925book18540.97Wyatt, M. DigbyThe Renaissance court in the Crystal Palace Described by M. Digby Wyatt and J.B. WaringExhibition catalogs165ocn040532030book18580.97Waring, J. BExamples of weaving and embroidery. Selected from the royal and other collections134ocn009151190book18570.73Waring, J. BExamples of decorative art in furniture : selected from the Royal and other collectionsHistory111ocn015346091book18730.92Waring, J. BA record of my artistic life11ocn853146822com19181.00United StatesJohn B. H. Waring : hearings before the United States Senate Committee on Military Affairs, Sixty-Fifth Congress, second session, on Aug. 28, 1918Considers (65) S. 3967+-+6862171546324+-+6862171546324Fri Mar 21 15:15:19 EDT 2014batch15561