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Schenck gun permit and membership card,0.261.00Frederick Fried Coney Island collection23589321Joseph_M._Schenckn 852626501823881Schenck, Joe 1878-1961Schenck, Joseph 1878-1961Schenck, Joseph M.lccn-n79027006Keaton, Buster1895-1966prdprfsceprodrtausactattcstlccn-n85138076Kino International Corporationdstlccn-n87896290Cline, Edward1892-1961attauswamdrtactlccn-n85138062Bruckman, Clyde-1955sceauswamdrtactlccn-n85151665Metro Pictures Corporationprolccn-no00051333Fox, Virginia1902-1982cstactlccn-n50057783United Artists Corporationpmnprolccn-n92113512Havez, Jean1874-1925auswamactlccn-no00051325Mack, Marion1902-1989actlccn-no2002070402Mitchell, Joseph A.auswamactSchenck, Joseph M.1877-1961DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsParodies, imitations, etcComedy filmsSilent filmsShort filmsFictionBiographyMan-woman relationshipsUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)United States--Confederate States of AmericaRailroadsLocomotive engineersVendettaSteamboatsPittenger, William,Railroad trainsMotion picture projectionistsTheaters--EmployeesUnited States, WestGeneral (Motion picture : 1927)Lincoln, Abraham,Steamboat workersOcean linersSeafaring lifeCourtshipMate selectionInheritance and successionCollege athletesCaliforniaElectric wiring, InteriorBlacksmithsSuicidal behaviorRich peopleFathers and sonsSouthern StatesBalloon ascensionsOccupationsPrisonsMegrue, Roi Cooper,Prefabricated housesIntolerance (Motion picture)BoxingBooby trapsCanada, NorthernParents-in-lawIndians of North AmericaMotion picturesSecret societiesSmith, Winchell,PresidentsRailroads in motion picturesMarriageChattanooga Railroad Expedition (1862)GeorgiaLoveGeneral, The (Steam locomotive)1877196119171918191919201921192219231925192619271928193019321933193419351936196619681969197019731976197819801981198219831984198519861987198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149702176509791.4372PN1997ocn247133504ocn733752454ocn276369802ocn646068287ocn705413972ocn428110366ocn549618134ocn032097235ocn549617557ocn067619155ocn827295299ocn827294488ocn827294185ocn827293641ocn827294584ocn047884275ocn047881902ocn498392866ocn497469112ocn497743015ocn742843320138969ocn247133504visu19260.25Keaton, BusterThe GeneralHistoryFictionDramaComedy filmsSilent filmsFilm adaptationsRejected by the Confederate army, and taken for a coward by his beloved, young Johnny Gray is given a chance to redeem himself when he wages a one-man war against Yankee spies who have stolen his locomotive74916ocn050601707visu19230.27Keaton, BusterOur hospitalityDramaOur hospitality: A New York man returns to his southern antebellum home to find himself embroiled in a longstanding feud between his family and that of the woman he loves. Sherlock Jr.: Dramatizes the uproarious exploits of a meek theater projectionist turned amateur sleuth53813ocn043351363visu19950.25Keaton, BusterThe navigatorFictionDrama[The navigator] Keaton stars as Rollo Treadway, an inexperienced lad of extraordinary wealth, and surprisingly little common sense, who finds himself adrift on an immense 500 ft. yacht. [The boat] A slapstick comedy about the adventures of a land-lubber and his family in their homemade sailboat. [The love nest] Buster sets out to sea, forlorn about a lost love49433ocn042927630visu19230.27Riesner, CharlesSteamboat Bill, JrDramaA college student is forced by his crusty father to learn the ropes of riverboating during a feud between his father and a rival4922ocn042930293visu19990.23The general Cops ; PlayhouseHistoryDrama[The general] A locomotive is beloved by its engineer, who sets out to win the Civil War single handedly. [The playhouse] A comedy in which Keaton plays a stage manager, an actor, a monkey and other parts. [Cops] A comedy of errors in which Buster Keaton attempts to win his sweetheart's hand in marriage by becoming a successful businessman. His exploits climax in a chase with an entire police precinct35912ocn043991891visu19920.28Horne, James WCollegeDramaComedy filmsShort filmsSilent films[College] Ronald is an idealistic freshman who attends Clayton College in pursuit of higher learning, but finds himself instead embroiled in a war of athletics as he fights for the heart of his beloved coed, Mary. [The electric house] Buster turns an ordinary dwelling into an automated funhouse. [Hard luck] A suicidal Buster makes a final effort at fitting in with society at a swank country club. [The blacksmith] Mechanical mayhem is wrought in a blacksmith's shop35612ocn043991892visu19250.28Keaton, BusterSeven chancesDramaFilm adaptationsThe balloonatic: Buster is carried by hot air from a cityside amusement park to the rustic country where he ineptly struggles for survival and again somehow manages to stumble into romance33214ocn044771192visu19210.28Battling ButlerDrama[Battling Butler] Alfred Butler, a fragile young man whose father sends him into the country where he hopes masculinity will blossom, is there mistaken for "Battling" Butler, a renowned prizefighter. Alfred carries on the ruse to impress a young lady, but his charade is soon complicated by the arrival of a true contender. [The haunted house] Buster takes refuge in a mansion rigged with a series of frightening booby traps. [The frozen North] Keaton experiences a variety of adventures in the Canadian Northwest including an attempt to rob a saloon and impersonating a Canadian Mountie30913ocn043350511visu19990.28Keaton, BusterThree agesHistoryParodies, imitations, etcDrama[Three ages] Romantic misadventures from the dawn of man in the Stone Age, through the gladiatorial arenas of Ancient Rome to the city streets of the American Jazz Era. A clever parody of D.W. Griffith's Intolerance. [The goat] Keaton is mistaken for a nefarious gunslinger named Dead Shot Dan. [My wife's relations] A comedy of domestic turmoil that seems to reflect some of the tensions between Keaton and the Talmadges, his real life in-laws at the time28017ocn276369802visu19300.25Griffith, D. WAbraham LincolnHistoryBiographyDramaAbraham Lincoln: An episodic biography of the 16th President of the United States focusing on Lincoln's personal tragedies as well as his great accomplishments27510ocn043896098visu19950.31Keaton, BusterGo WestDrama[Go West] A hapless young man, heeding the expansionist call of Horace Greeley, idealistically hops a freight train to meet his destiny. [The scarecrow] Follows the unhealthy competition between roommates vying for the attentions of a young lady. [The paleface] Buster helps a Native American tribe defend their land from greedy developers2676ocn044770757visu19990.27The sapheadDramaFilm adaptations[The Saphead] Bertie, the spoiled son of a powerful Wall Street financier, pursues his individuality in a series of comic misadventures. [The high sign] Buster becomes unwittingly involved in a radical secret society known as the Blinking Buzzards. [One week] Keaton and his bride inherit a do-it-by numbers pre-fab house, only somebody has mixed up the numbers2314ocn032651366visu19950.25The general The playhouse ; CopsHistoryDramaRemastered version of the Keaton classic in which he plays an engineer unable to register for service during the Civil War because he is needed to run his train. Instead, he inadvertently becomes a hero without enlisting2303ocn032083213visu19950.27Our hospitality Sherlock Jr.DramaSherlock Jr. / directed by Buster Keaton. Starring Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Joseph Keaton, Ward Crane. Dramatizes the uproarious exploits of a meek theater projectionist turned amateur sleuth. 1924 (44 min.)2022ocn733752454visu20110.23Buster KeatonDramaA collection of Buster Keaton's 19 classic silent short comedy films2005ocn070925137visu19350.18Wellman, William AThe call of the wildDramaHollywood legend Clark Gable stars in this soaring adaptation of the celebrated Jack London novel. Jack Thornton is a prospector who travels the Yukon in search of gold. When Jack buys Buck, a strong and loyal sled dog with part-wolf ancestry, their thrilling adventure through the Alaskan wilderness begins1744ocn050951837visu20020.21The best Arbuckle/Keaton collectionDramaA collection of 12 originally silent films with English intertitles and added musical accompaniment1546ocn046851350visu20010.27Arbuckle & KeatonDrama[Out West] Arbuckle's first attempt at movie parody, poking fun at the already cliched cowboy western. The film also contains some heavy racism1476ocn046869609visu20010.28Arbuckle & KeatonDrama[Rough house] Contains Arbuckle's famous "roll dance," where at the breakfast table, he sticks two forks each into a separate roll and then uses them to do a parody of Charlie Chaplin's walk. Chaplin, appreciating the gag, later expanded on it for use in his film "The Gold Rush."1381ocn054012487visu20030.18Born to be badDramaA childless couple agree to take a boy into their home after his mother is declared unfit. The mother is determined to take advantage of the man and tries to blackmail him. In the end, selfless love and charity are celebrated in this heartwarming movie31ocn054404398book19830.92Rohauer CollectionThe Talmadge sisters : Joseph M. Schenck ProductionsCatalogs11ocn801268271mix1921Schenck, Joseph MJoseph M. Schenck gun permit and membership cardArchivesThe Joseph M. Schenck gun permit and membership card are from 1921. There is a City of New York police permit and membership card for the Sixty Club at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City11ocn062174622art1999Schenck, Joseph MBiography11ocn811854022mix1.00Fried, FrederickFrederick Fried Coney Island collectionThe Frederick Fried Coney Island Collection consists of material created and collected by Frederick Fried in the course of documenting and writing about the history of the amusements industry and the public culture of Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York). It includes, photographic materials, drawings, blueprints, newspaper and magazine clippings, research notes, published and unpublished writings, brochures, printed advertisements, correspondence, trade literature, sheet music, and ephemera. Of particular interest for researchers will be the materials that Fried collected from William F. Mangels (1867-1958) in 1955. Mangels was a German immigrant entrepreneur, designer, and inventor who was a major figure in the development of the American amusement park. Located at Coney Island, the W.F. Mangels Company was a prominent manufacturer of carousels and other amusement rides, including the Whip and the Tickler. Also a historian of the amusements industry and collector, Mangels founded the American Museum of Public Recreation (1929-1955) at West Eighth Street and Neptune Avenue at Coney Island and authored the book The Outdoor Amusement Industry: From Earliest Times to the Present (1952). Both Fried and Mangels organized their materials by subject or genre, and, therefore, there is some overlap in the method of arrangement. Researchers are advised to be mindful of this and may need to consult multiple subject categories and locations11ocn549097532art19950.10Quigley, MartinSchenck, Joseph M.: ExecutiveBiography DictionariesFri Mar 21 15:27:07 EDT 2014batch27122