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Fri Mar 21 17:12:18 2014 UTClccn-n852718780.00Seat finder : Banquet to Hon. Walter Evans Edge, Governor of New Jersey, The Robert Treat, Newark, N. J., January 16th, 19170.501.00Frederick Hale Papers44292172Walter_Evans_Edgen 852718781560343Edge, Walter Evans, 1873-1956lccn-n50011173Bill, Alfred Hoyt1879-nc-morven princeton n jMorven (Princeton, N.J.)lccn-sh85128235Stockton familylccn-n79088993Greiff, Constance M.lccn-n81096146United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Commercenp-pell, robertPell, Robertauilccn-n82096360United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Banking and Currencylccn-n81096148United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Interoceanic Canalslccn-n78088975United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Financelccn-n78008230United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Foreign RelationsEdge, Walter E.(Walter Evans)1873-1956New JerseyPolitical scienceEdge, Walter E.--(Walter Evans),United StatesInternational relationsFranceWinser, Beatrice,Reconstruction (1939-1951)Murphy, Franklin,Rutgers UniversityLegislatorsGovernorsAlaskaFarley, James A.--(James Aloysius),Washington (D.C.)New Jersey--MorristownNew Jersey--NewarkKellogg, Frank B.--(Frank Billings),MaineWorld War (1914-1918)Universities and collegesFishery law and legislationRutgers University.--College of EngineeringSchurz, Carl,African AmericansManners and customsBell Telephone CompanyElliott, Charles Herbert,Merrill, John LStockton, Robert Field,England--LondonNew Jersey College for WomenBuildingsRutgers University.--College of AgricultureSportsTemperanceConkling, Roscoe,ObituariesStudentsBancroft, George,Rutgers University.--Department of GeologyStockton, John P.--(John Potter),Curtis, George Ticknor,Roberts, Kenneth Lewis,Rutgers University.--Department of EconomicsBradley, Mary H.--(Mary Hornblower)Demarest, William H. S.--(William Henry Steele),Harding, Warren G.--(Warren Gamaliel),New Jersey Urban League for Social WorkNewberry, Truman Handy,187319561917191919201921192319241925192619271928192919331944194519461947194819521954196019721978197919998246979923.273F139ocn858228617ocn858239372ocn858241337ocn857979763ocn858236780ocn858054787ocn858025605ocn858241871ocn858120153ocn8580350312382ocn004182164book19780.33Bill, Alfred HoytA house called Morven : its role in American history412ocn003549443book19330.70Edge, Walter ESpeeches and public statements375ocn000364051book19480.66Edge, Walter EA Jerseyman's journal, fifty years of American business and politics71ocn858242362file19290.31Receivers under Federal Farm Loan Act. February 7 (calendar day, February 8), 1929. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857979763file19190.31Bridge across Newark Bay. June 19, 1919. -- Ordered to be printed72ocn009311437book19450.86New JerseyThe New Jersey state government's share in reconversion from war to peace71ocn857983073file19190.31Bridge across Red River, Tex. July 31, 1919. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858241871file19290.31Relief of Etta Pearce Fulper. January 31 (calendar day, February 2), 1929. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858025585file19200.31Bridge across the Red River of the North. May 24, 1920. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858237996file19280.31Interlocking bank directorates. February 28, 1928. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858235720file19270.31Internal-revenue tax upon passage tickets. February 17, 1927. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858228617file19260.31Amend the Panama Canal Act. June 16 (calendar day, June 17), 1926. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858025605file19200.31Bridge across the Rock River. May 24, 1920. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858239372file19280.31State banks as government depositories. May 1, 1928. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858238710file19280.31Authorizing an investigation and survey for a Nicaraguan Canal as well as increasing the facilities of the Panama Canal. April 9 (calendar day, April 10), 1928. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858035031file19210.31Bridge across Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, near Cascade Locks, Oreg. January 21, 1921. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858241337file19290.31Etta B. Leach Johnson. January 17 (calendar day, January 23), 1929. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858239590file19280.31Authorizing a gold medal in commemoration of the achievements of Thomas A. Edison. May 3 (calendar day, May 25), 1928. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858120153file19240.31"Reclassifying the Salaries of Postmasters and Employees of the Postal Service and Readjusting Their Salaries and Compensation on an Equitable Basis, and for Other Purposes." May 5, 1924. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn858239619file19280.31Compensation of Customs Service employees. May 3 (calendar day, May 22), 1928. -- Ordered to be printed2572ocn000560039book19480.66Edge, Walter EA Jerseyman's journal, fifty years of American business and politics11ocn070958113book1.00Jenkinson, Richard CRecords and correspondenceScrapbooksCorrespondence, newspaper clippings, and other materials, reflecting Jenkinson's business, political, and civic activities11ocn070954652book1.00Federal Writers' ProjectWomen's archivesRecords and correspondenceAdministrative records (1937-1940) of World Center for Women's Archives and its branch, New Jersey Center for Women's Archives; relating to collecting and preserving the papers of prominent American women; and New Jersey research materials compiled by Federal Writers' Project workers, who agreed to continue the work of the New Jersey Center11ocn174964733mix19241.00Edge, Walter EWalter Evans Edge letter to Curtis P. BradyA thank you letter for a message of congratulations11ocn051135290visu19211.00Committee on Elections of the Senate engaged in the counting of the Ford-Newberry vote. Tellers in the foreground of the picture are Senators Walter E. Edge of N.J. and Selden P. Spencer of MoVote to determine if Sen. T.H. Newberry would retain his Senate seat after a series of count cases on political corruption11ocn122442990mix1.00Marriner, J. TheodoreCorrespondence, diaries, and speeches of Marriner. The correspondence contains letters from Charles Francis Adams, Brendan Bracken, Charles G. Dawes, Walter E. Edge, James A. Farley, Myron T. Herrick, Frank B. Kellogg, Dwight W. Morrow, Henry L. Stimson, Jesse Isidor Straus, and various members of the Roosevelt family. Marriner's diaries, covering the years 1918-1936, in twenty volumes, cover the periods he spent in Stockholm, Bucharest, Budapest, Washington, London, Paris, and Beirut. Also, a file of Marriner's speeches, his autograph guest book, a typescript copy of his Harvard University doctoral dissertation, and a photograph; and a microfilm containing letters of condolence and obituary notices at the time of Marriner's death in 193711ocn166308736art19170.10Walter Evans Edge : Atlantic City, publishing and advertising11ocn746756625art19790.10Edge, Walter Evans 82Periodicals11ocn019542247book1960Sly, John FWalter Evans Edge11ocn028416648mix1.00Pitney, John O. HRecords and correspondenceLetters received (1901-1917), together with scrapbook of correspondence, clippings, photos, and other papers, relating chiefly to Henry C. Pitney (1827-1911) and Mahlon Pitney (1858-1924). Correspondents include Walter E. Edge and Woodrow Wilson11ocn084019822book1.00Bradley, Joseph PDiariesRecords and correspondenceOther correspondents include Melville W. Fuller, Archer Gifford, Horace Grey, John Marshall Harlan, Benjamin Harrison, Joseph Henry, George F. Hoar, Joseph C. Hornblower, William Hornblower, John P. Jackson, James G. King, Thomas T. Kinney, L.Q.C. Lamar, Martha J. Lamb, S.P. Langley, Robert Todd Lincoln, Arthur MacArthur, A.W. Markley, Weir Mitchell, Lot M. Morrill, Franklin Murphy, William Nelson, Cortlandt Parker, William Pennington, Benjamin Perley Poore, Rodman M. Price, Theodore F. Randolph, Charles H. Reed, George M. Robeson, Elihu Root, Martin Ryerson, Carl Schurz, Thomas Scott, John Sherman, Benjamin Silliman, Jr., Ellen L. Stanton, R.H. Stevens, John P. Stockton, Robert Field Stockton, William Howard Taft, Peter D. Vroom, Morrison Remick Waite, John Wanamaker, Marcus L. Ward, Stephen Wickes, Joseph G. Wilson, and Beatrice Winser. Correspondence is indexed in the manuscripts catalog11ocn849527609mix1.00Hale, FrederickFrederick Hale PapersArchivesPapers of the Legislator. U.S. Senator from Maine, 1917-1941. Correspondence relating to Hale's term in the Senate, and published items11ocn071131670mix1.00Root, ElihuPapers of Elihu RootCorrespondents include Henry T. Allen, Chandler P. Anderson, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Newton D. Baker, Mabel T. Boardman, Charles J. Bonaparte, William E. Borah, William Jennings Bryan, James B. Bryce, Nicholas Murray Butler, Andrew Carnegie, Joseph H. Choate, Bainbridge Colby, Calvin Coolidge, George B. Cortelyou, Josephus Daniels, George W. Davis, Charles Dick, Grenville Mellen Dodge, Eric Drummond, Walter E. Edge, George A. Finch, Nathaniel Foote, Lindley M. Garrison, Carter Glass, Adolphus Washington Greely, Lord Grey, Lloyd C. Griscom, Hermann Hagedorn, Warren G. Harding, John Hay, Will H. Hays, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Edward M. House, Manley O. Hudson, Charles Evans Hughes, Cordell Hull, Philip C. Jessup, J.J. Jusserand, Frank B. Kellogg, Frederick P. Keppel, Philander C. Knox, Franklin K. Lane, Robert Lansing, Henry Cabot Lodge, William Loeb, Jr., John Davis Long, Seth Low, William Gibbs McAdoo, Charles Follen McKim, William McKinley, John Bassett Moore, Walter G.F.P. Phillimore, Orville H. Platt, Thomas C. Platt, Redfield Proctor, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Jr., Thomas F. Ryan, William C. Sanger, James Brown Scott, Leslie M. Shaw, John Sherman, Francis L. Stetson, Henry L. Stimson, Oscar S. Straus, William H. Taft, James W. Wadsworth, Henry White, George W. Wickersham, Henry Lane Wilson, Huntington Wilson, James Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, Bronson Winthrop, and Leonard Wood11ocn062704640mix1.00Rutgers CollegeHistorySourcesAdministrative records generated by the Office of the President at Rutgers College during the administration of William H.S. Demarest, 1906-1924. The records includes reports, meeting minutes, and correspondance and thoroughly documents the history of Rutgers in the early part of the twentieth century and the role of the president at this time11ocn747263953art19330.10Edge, Walter Evans: Ambassador Extraordenary and PlenipotentiaryPeriodicalsBiography11ocn137261319book1917Seat finder : Banquet to Hon. Walter Evans Edge, Governor of New Jersey, The Robert Treat, Newark, N. J., January 16th, 191711ocn052858092art1999Edge, Walter EvansBiography01ocn122565885mix1.00Hale, FrederickArchivesScrapbooksCorrespondence relating to Hale's term in the Senate, and published itemsFri Mar 21 15:49:06 EDT 2014batch19537