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Fri Mar 21 17:12:15 2014 UTClccn-n853633440.00Autograph letters signed from Thomas Francis Bayard, London, to Augustin Daly0.761.00Proceedings on the occasion of the presentation in the General Assembly of the state of Delaware of a portrait of Thomas francis Bayard : presentation address of His Excellency Charles B. Miller38108124Thomas_F._Bayardn 853633441504357Bayard, Mr. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898Bayard, T. F. 1828-1898Bayard, T. F. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898Bayard, Thomas Francis 1828-1898Bayard (Thomas Francis), Mr, 1828-1898lccn-n50008691Tansill, Charles Callan1890-1964lccn-n80034929Webster, Daniel1782-1852lccn-n85141058Rodney, Caesar1728-1784lccn-n85141076Rodney Club (Dover, Del.)lccn-n86873240Schoenhof, J.(Jacob)1839-1903np-spencer, edwardSpencer, Edwardnc-rodney monument dover delRodney Monument (Dover, Del.)lccn-n79006865United StatesCongresslccn-n83121981Buchanan, Roberdeau1839-1916cmplccn-n50013520McKean, Thomas1734-1817Bayard, Thomas F.(Thomas Francis)1828-1898HistoryBiographySpeeches in CongressConstitutionUnited StatesBayard, Thomas F.--(Thomas Francis),International relationsPolitical scienceTariffWagesRodney, Caesar,Webster, Daniel,Legal ethicsLawyersAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)Wages and labor productivityMcKean, Thomas,United States.--CongressBayard, James A.--(James Asheton),Debts, PublicCurrency questionLegislatorsDelawareOlney, Richard,Foster, John Watson,Frelinghuysen, Frederick T.--(Frederick Theodore),Blaine, James Gillespie,LibertyMcCain familyFish, Hamilton,Evarts, William Maxwell,Seward, William Henry,Legislative powerWashburne, E. B.--(Elihu Benjamin),Natural lawCaesar Rodney Monument (Dover, Del.)Delaware--DoverMonumentsCoinage, InternationalGresham, Walter Quintin,Presidents--ElectionLiberalismIndividualismJefferson, Thomas,Misconduct in officeBurr, Aaron,Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Free enterpriseLaw--PhilosophyConstitution (United States)BimetallismTaxationLegal tenderDepressions1828189818541855187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019071909191319281940194519461947195819621963196919731978197919821987199019992006201020113672289399331.2HF2611ocn8658168682978ocn060714270com18820.90Bayard, Thomas FOration pronounced on Webster Commemoration Day June 28, 1882, at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire2846ocn018953381book18920.73Schoenhof, JThe economy of high wages an inquiry into the cause of high wages and their effect on methods and cost of production2523ocn060713593file18830.86Bayard, Thomas FThe responsibilities of the legal profession in a republic an address2464ocn060714288com18890.86Bayard, Thomas FProceedings on unveiling the monument to Caesar Rodney and the oration delivered on the occasionHistory2313ocn015313618book18800.63Spencer, EdwardAn outline of the public life and services of Thomas F. Bayard senator of the United States from the state of Delaware, 1869-1880 ; with extracts from his speeches and the debates of CongressBiography682ocn019853205book18900.84Buchanan, RoberdeauLife of the Hon. Thomas McKean622ocn259774667file18810.94United StatesRefunding of the national debt Notes of an interview between the Finance committee of the Senate and the secretary of the Treasury, the comptroller of the currency, and the treasurer of the United States, with regard to the bill (H.R. 4592) to facilitate the refunding of the national debt593ocn007943834book18890.81Bayard, Thomas FProceedings on unveiling the monument to Caesar Rodney, and the oration delivered on the occasion by Thomas F. Bayard, at Dover, Delaware, October 30th, 1889484ocn023680461book19070.93Bayard, James ARemarks in the Senate of the United States, January 31, 1855, vindicating the late James A. Bayard, of Delaware, and refuting the groundless charges contained in the "Anas" of Thomas Jefferson, aspersing his character486ocn001723649book18900.29Buchanan, RoberdeauGenealogy of the McKean family of Pennsylvania, with a biography of the Hon. Thomas McKean447ocn005212405book18960.93Bayard, Thomas FIndividual freedom : the germ of national progress and permanence, an address delivered before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, on November 7th, 1895364ocn016097716book18800.98Bayard, Thomas FSpeeches of Hon. Thomas Francis Bayard, of Delaware, in favor of the resolution withdrawing from United States notes legal-tender power, in the Senate of the United States, January 27, 1880HistorySpeeches in Congress301ocn009475046book18770.95Bayard, Thomas F"Unwritten law" : an address delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 28, 1877303ocn614696648book18910.95Bayard, Thomas FDisinterested public service an address delivered before the alumni and students of the Department of Law, of the University of Michigan, Wednesday, June 24, 1891291ocn014009174book19730.66Spooner, LysanderNo treason : the Constitution of no authority ; A letter to Thomas F. Bayard+-+5265174235324223ocn016098210book18850.98United StatesMessage from the President of the United States, transmitting, in response to Senate resolution of December 9, 1885, report of the Secretary of State, with information relative to gold and silver coinage in Europe212ocn006472169book18780.96Bayard, Thomas FHard times and their remedy212ocn016097319book18780.98McHenry, GeorgeInternational money letter to the Hon. Thomas Francis Bayard, of Delaware, from George M'Henry, of Pennsylvania202ocn002778713book18710.98Bayard, Thomas FKu Klux organization : speech in the United States Senate, March 20, 1871Speeches in Congress202ocn016097774book18920.98Bayard, Thomas FJust equilibrium of taxation, a necessity for national safety, free coinage of silver, a peril to wage-earners, capitalists and every branch of industry, reform in tariff taxation, the first step to relieve the farmer ... reciprocity, genuine and generous, with Canada and Mexico, recommended : speech of Hon. Thomas F. Bayard, at the opening of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, January 21, 1892History6325ocn000444777book19400.66Tansill, Charles CallanThe foreign policy of Thomas F. Bayard, 1885-18973525ocn001518321book19460.66Tansill, Charles CallanThe congressional career of Thomas Francis Bayard, 1869-1885BiographyThomas Francis Bayard (1828-1898) was born at Wilmington, Delaware, the son of James Asheton Bayard and a descendant of Anna Bayard, a widow who immigrated to New Amsterdam with her family in 1647. He studied law under his father and took over his father's practice when he was elected to congress. He moved to Philadelphia ca. 1854. He married Louisa Lee, daughter of Joiah Lee, a Baltimore banker, in 1856. They had twelve children. The family returned to Wilmington in 1858. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1869 and served until 1885622ocn005978603book19580.47Bemis, Samuel FlaggThe American Secretaries of State and their diplomacy, v. 7-8352ocn001517069book19730.84Spooner, LysanderNo treason : the constitution of no authority (1870) ; A letter to Thomas F. Bayard (1882)History327ocn008198704book18820.70Spooner, LysanderLetter to Thomas F. Bayard : challenging his right and that of all the other so-called senators and representatives in Congress to exercise any legislative power whatever over the people of the United StatesConstitution221ocn013299030book19280.73Brown, Philip MarshallFrederick T. Frelinghuysen92ocn558190223com18960.88Hitt, Robert RThe Cuban struggle for liberty Ambassador Bayard's partisan utterances. Venezuelan boundary commission. Speeches of Hon. Robert R. Hitt of Illinois, in the House of representatives, December 18, 1895, and March 13 and April 3, 1896History51ocn011096695book0.47Spooner, LysanderNo treason : the constitution of no authority and A letter to Thomas F. Bayard ...History53ocn027268040book19620.95Guida, Anthony JThomas F. Bayard and the abortive Chinese immigration treaty of 188841ocn032324863book19131.00Proceedings on the occasion of the presentation in the General Assembly of the state of Delaware of a portrait of Thomas francis Bayard : presentation address of His Excellency Charles B. Miller31ocn032323047book19071.00Exercises at the unveiling of the memorial statue to Thomas Francis Bayard, Wilmington, Delaware, June 22, 190731ocn054151792book18780.98McHenry, GeorgeInternational money letter to the Hon. Thomas Francis Bayard, of Delaware, from George M'Henry, of Pennsylvania31ocn025269105book18960.96Tucker, Henry St. GeorgeCensure of Ambassador Bayard : speech of Hon. H. St. G. Tucker, of Virginia, in the House of Representatives, Thursday, March 19, 189622ocn062120624book18961.00Cousins, Robert GCensure of Ambassador Bayard ... speech ... in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, March 18, 1896Speeches in Congress21ocn021470910book19450.92Salley, Claudia LouiseA study of American public opinion and Thomas F. Bayard's policy in Samoa11ocn785312133visu18821.00Graetz, FA new bull in the ringPrint shows Chester A. Arthur riding the Republican elephant tossed high in the air in a "Political Arena", the elephant is patched with scandals labeled "Credit Mobilier, Collusion with Monopolies, Back Pay Grab, Third Termism, Whiskey Ring, Navy Ring, [and] Dorsey 'Soap' 1880". Below, on the floor of the arena, Samuel J. Tilden is sitting backwards on a donkey labeled "Incurable" and Puck's Independent Party figure is riding a bucking bull, its horns labeled "Anti-Monopoly" and "Tariff Reform". Puck applauds from a viewing stand on the right; sitting in the grandstand at left are Ulysses S. Grant, Cyrus W. Field, Rutherford B. Hayes, Thomas F. Bayard, Winfield Scott Hancock, Benjamin F. Butler, Adams, David Davis, Allen G. Thurman, William M. Evarts, Abram S. Hewitt, George F. Edmunds, Wayne MacVeagh, and George B. McClellan11ocn230446270bookBayard, Thomas FAutograph letters signed from Thomas Francis Bayard, London, to Augustin DalyManuscripts(2) praises Daly's production of "Twelfth Night" very highly11ocn071067851mix1.00Wells, David AmesPapers of David Ames WellsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, writings, printed material, and other papers concerning economics, with particular emphasis on taxation, the tariff, and free trade. Correspondents include Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Henry Adams, Edward Atkinson, Frederick A. P. Barnard, Thomas F. Bayard, Henry Ward Beecher, Henry W. Bellows, Samuel Bowles, William Cullen Bryant, Roscoe Conkling, Richard Henry Dana, Jr., William Maxwell Evarts, Cyrus W. Field, Stephen Johnson Field, Hamilton Fish, James A. Garfield, Henry George, Jay Gould, Horace Greeley, Edward Everett Hale, Joseph R. Hawley, John T. Hoffman, William Dean Howells, Francis Lieber, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hugh McCulloch, Louis Mallet, Manton Marble, Charles Nordhoff, William Orton, Robert Dale Owen, John Meredith Read, Jr., Whitelaw Reid, Mahlon Sands, Carl Schurz, Samuel J. Tilden, Henry Villard, Andrew Dickson White, Horace White, and John Russell Young11ocn145079221mix19471.00Black, Jeremiah SJeremiah Sullivan Black papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, a ledger, scrapbooks, and other papers of statesman Jeremiah Sullivan Black, U.S. Attorney General, 1857-1860 and Secretary of State, 1860-1861. Among the subjects discussed are events in Kansas before the Civil War, John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry in 1859, the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, the Credit Mobilier scandal, the trial of Jefferson Davis, and Black's efforts on behalf of Clement Claiborne Clay and Jacob Thompson. Much of the correspondence is that of Black's son Chauncey Forward Black and includes his letters concerning Ward Hill Lamon's The Life of Abraham Lincoln and letters written by Samuel Jackson Randall concerning Pennsylvania politics. Included among the prominent correspondents are Edwin McMasters Stanton, James Buchanan, Thomas Francis Bayard, Montgomery Blair, Caleb Cushing, James Abram Garfield, Joseph Holt, and Reverdy Johnson11ocn122571339mix0.47British authors collectionLiterary manuscripts and letters of writers of the British Commonwealth. Correspondence, literary manuscripts, commonplace books, autographs, and photographs+-+5265174235324+-+5265174235324Fri Mar 21 15:39:34 EDT 2014batch27402