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Thu Feb 12 22:05:24 2015 UTClccn-n850374070.00Social justice : the moral foundations of public health policy /0.541.00Women and health research : ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies : executive summary /14943482Ruth_Fadenn 850374071338648Faden, RuthFaden, Ruth R.フェイドン, ルース・Rlccn-n93805165Mastroianni, Anna C.edtlccn-n79045488Federman, Daniel D.1928-lccn-n93805166Institute of Medicine (U.S.).Committee on the Ethical and Legal Issues Relating to the Inclusion of Women in Clinical Studieslccn-n89122695Powers, Madisonautedtlccn-n78091263Beauchamp, Tom L.lccn-n85037408King, Nancy M. P.lccn-n89122694Geller, Gailedtlccn-n95110962Kass, Nancy E.lccn-n2003128201Hamburg, Margaret A.cmmspklccn-n81033020Siegfried, JohncmmspkFaden, Ruth R.HistoryHuman experimentation in medicine--Moral and ethical aspectsHuman experimentation in medicine--Law and legislationNational Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993 (United States)United StatesInformed consent (Medical law)Equality--Health aspectsSocial justiceMedical policy--Moral and ethical aspectsPublic health--Moral and ethical aspectsDiscrimination in medical careConsent (Law)Social sciences--Research--Moral and ethical aspectsAIDS (Disease) in pregnancyHuman reproduction--Law and legislationAIDS (Disease) in infantsHIV-positive women--Legal status, laws, etcInfectionCommunicable diseasesSelf-care, HealthPathogenic microorganismsMedical microbiologyDiseasesEpidemicsPublic healthWomen's health servicesClinical medicine--Research--Moral and ethical aspectsWomen--Legal status, laws, etcMedical ethicsNational socialism and medicineNational socialism and scienceMedical policyGermanyEugenicsMedical protocolsEuthanasiaInvoluntary sterilizationWomen--Health and hygieneResearch--Law and legislationHuman experimentation in medicineMedical laws and legislation1949197619821986198819911994199619992000200320042006200820092010780730110174.28R853.H8ocn012216278ocn228168485ocn301588987ocn757009798ocn781691135ocn045717101ocn800456853ocn074889882ocn721573872ocn767989851ocn053404687ocn817954691ocn817951103ocn395453307ocn468534620ocn760743626ocn606616474327019ocn044964166file19940.47Institute of Medicine (U.S.)Women and health research. ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies+-+K744954585183717ocn012216278book19860.56Faden, Ruth RA history and theory of informed consentHistoryA timely, authoritative discussion of an important clincial topic, this useful book outlines the history, function, nature and requirements of informed consent, focusing on patient autonomy as central to the concept. Primarily a philosophical analysis, the book also covers legal aspects, with chapters on disclosure, comprehension, and competence+-+2131850465132721ocn607552708file20060.56Powers, MadisonSocial justice the moral foundations of public health and health policyIn bioethics, discussions of justice have tended to focus on questions of fairness in access to health care: is there a right to medical treatment, and how should priorities be set when medical resources are scarce. But health care is only one of many factors that determine the extent to which people live healthy lives, and fairness is not the only consideration in determining whether a health policy is just. In this pathbreaking book, senior bioethicists Powers and Faden confront foundational issues about health and justice. How much inequality in health can a just society tolerate. The audie+-+91743604656158ocn022764577book19910.70AIDS, women, and the next generation : towards a morally acceptable public policy for HIV testing of pregnant women and newborns+-+27201504654064ocn033818057book19960.74HIV, AIDS, and childbearing : public policy, private livesPublic policy makers, health care providers, practitioners in bioethics, pediatrics, health law, and obstetrics/gynecology will find this book invaluable when dealing with issues related to HIV and childbearing+-+83044504652365ocn133165756file19940.56Workshop and commissioned papers ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies+-+0595054585325ocn060365431com19940.67Institute of Medicine (U.S.)Women and health research ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies+-+0595054585182ocn053404687visu20000.54Epidemic!Quick to spread and develop resistance to medical intervention, new strains of microbes pose a growing threat to global health. How does overuse of antibiotics actually encourage more lethal strains of diseases believed to be conquered? How can the media successfully inform the public without causing panic? And should personal rights be curtailed during epidemics? This Fred Friendly Seminar, moderated by Harvard Law School's Arthur Miller, examines the biological, ecological, and cultural factors influencing the causes, spread, and control of infectious diseases. Panelists include Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg; David Kessler, former chairman of the FDA; Robert Moellering, Jr., of Harvard Medical School; C.J. Peters, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and others103ocn045717101book19990.89Faden, Ruth RIncrementalism : ethical implications of policy choices93ocn721573872book19880.47Faden, Ruth RDie Genomanalyse - eine Herausforderung für die Gesundheitspolitik81ocn781316169book19820.67Ethical issues in social science research62ocn058531458book0.95Burks, James LBeyond erosBooklet on contraception and related subjects for students at the University of Chicago51ocn817954691file19940.67Committee on the Ethical and Legal Issues Relating tWomen and Health Research Vol. 2: Ethical and Legal Issues of Including Women in Clinical Studies: Workshop and Commissioned Papers+-+059505458541ocn276176515visu20040.26Deadly medicine creating the master raceHistoryThe video chronicles how Nazi leadership--in its zeal to find biological solutions to social problems-- worked with individuals in professions traditionally charged with healing and the public good to legitimize persecution, murder, and ultimately genocide32ocn817951103com19940.82Institute of Medicine StaffWomen and Health Research Vol. 1: Ethical and Legal Issues of Including Women in Clinical StudiesExamines the facts on women's participation as subjects in medical research and explores issues related to maintaining justice in clinical studies. Experts in ethics, research, medicine and industry present general principles for the ethical conduct of research on women while highlighting the limitations of science, legal liabilities, and relevant governmental policies. Offers an historical overview treating topics such as thalidomide and DES research. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or+-+K74495458521ocn873182175book19940.10Women and health research. ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies+-+059505458521ocn020577302mix19760.97Faden, Ruth RInformed consent : a psychosocial paradigm21ocn029902014book19941.00Women and health research : ethical and legal issues of including women in clinical studies : executive summary22ocn667172336art2003Taylor, Holly AEthical considerations in the formation of smallpox vaccine policy21ocn718122373book2006Powers, MadisonSocial justice : the moral foundations of public health policy+-+9174360465+-+2131850465+-+2131850465Fri Feb 13 11:07:21 EST 2015batch14547