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Churchill, Berton 1876-1940

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Genres: Drama  Juvenile works  Musical films  Film adaptations  Western films  History  Film and video adaptations 
Roles: Actor, Performer
Classifications: PN1997, 791.4372
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Most widely held works by Berton Churchill
Stagecoach by John Ford ( Visual )
11 editions published between 1978 and 2010 in English and held by 2,063 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
One of the all-time classic westerns, "Stagecoach" is set against the impressive backdrop of Monument Valley in Utah and tells the story of a mixed group of travellers who are making their way across the country to Arizona. They are endangered by an Indian war party and this, along with their personal histories, results in difficulties. The film pays particular attention to the character studies of the group and is a taut psychological piece
Dames by Busby Berkeley ( Visual )
1 edition published in 2006 in English and held by 567 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
A musical comedy film about an eccentric multimillionaire who hates musicals, his granddaughter who stars in them, and their friends & family members caught in the middle. Includes dances choreographed by Busby Berkeley
Steamboat 'round the bend by John Ford ( Visual )
4 editions published between 2006 and 2007 in English and held by 245 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
When riverboat captain Doctor John Pearly learns that his nephew Duke has killed a man in self-defense, he urges Duke to turn himself in
The big stampede ( Visual )
3 editions published between 1932 and 2007 in English and held by 43 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
New Mexico Territory Governor Lew Wallace sends Deputy Sherif John Steele into the New Mexico Territory to end the cattle rustling. Undercover, John hangs around the area's biggest town as a drifter and a drunk. His investigation centers around two factions doing the rustling - Sonora Joe and Sam Crew. Crew, who poses as a respectable citizen, employs men like Arizona Frank Bailey to do his dirty work. John joins a wagon train of settlers and 5000 head of cattle and becomes friends with the leader, Cal Brett and his niece Ginger Malloy. Arizona and his men raid the camp and Brett is killed by Arizona in the ensuing gun battle. Sonora Joe and his rustlers watch the battle and decide the herd is ripe for their picking. The resourceful John and his marvel horse Duke save the herd
La chevauchée fantastique by John Ford ( Visual )
2 editions published between 1993 and 2000 in English and held by 13 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Au coeur du territoire apache, une diligence se dirige vers Lordsburg avec à son bord, un médecin alcoolique, un représentant en whisky, une prostituée, l'épouse enceinte d'un officier de cavalerie, un joueur professionnel, un banquier, un shérif, et Ringo, hors-la-loi accusé de meurtre
I am a fugitive from a chain gang by Mervyn LeRoy ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1990 in English and held by 10 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The story of the cruelty and misery suffered by an ex-soldier wrongly condemned to hard labor on a Georgia chain gang
The rainmakers ( Visual )
3 editions published between 1935 and 2012 in English and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Professional rainmakers BIlly and Roscoe are summoned to the drought-stricken farming community of Lima. Everyone in town hopes that Roscoe's magnetic rain-making contraption will bring about a cloudburst, everyone, that is, except town banker, who wants the drought to continue so he can buy up all the land at dirt-cheap prices
Kentucky moonshine ( Visual )
3 editions published between 1938 and 2012 in English and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Down on their luck, The Ritz Brothers pass themselves off as hillbillies in order to land a radio booking
Angels wash their faces ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1939 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"Billy, Huntz, Leo and other scrappy kids of slum-ridden Beale Street have gone and done it. They've won the Boys Week competition and the right to hold honorary offices as mayor, police chief, and the like ... With the help of an earnest deputy D.A., the gang aims to use their symbolic powers to free a wrongly jailed pal and bring down an arson racket that's blighting the neighborhood"- Container
The dark horse ( Visual )
2 editions published between 1932 and 2005 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
"To break a deadlock at the Progressive party convention, dark horse candidate Zachary Hicks is nominated. Hicks is 'so dumb that every time he opens his mouth he subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge, ' and the party leaders despair of getting him elected governor. Kay Russell, the secretary, suggests that they hire her boyfriend, Hal S. Blake, as campaign manager. They agree, only to find that he is in jail for non-payment of alimony. After they bail him out, Hal sets to work coaching Hicks, advising him to answer all questions, 'well, yes, and again, no.' When the conservative candidate, Underwood, gives the same Abraham Lincoln speech that Hal has planned for Hicks, Hal jumps up on stage and accuses him of plagiarism. Hicks continues to make public appearances all over the state without ever stating his position on the issues. Hal's ex-wife Maybelle visits campaign headquarters to demand her late alimony payment. Although Joe, Hal's assistant, tells her that Hal is not in the office, Hicks, who finds her attractive, tries to impress her by leading her directly to Hal. Hal somehow manages to come up with her weekly payment, but she is angry about its lateness, so when the opposition campaign manager approaches her with a plan to compromise Hicks, she agrees. On election eve, just after Kay finally agrees to marry him, Hal finds out that Maybelle has taken Hicks across the state line to the country, where they
Peter B. Kyne's Black gold ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1936 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Dimples by William A Seiter ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1936 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Onstage in blackface. The professor is arrested upon exiting the stage, but the police, Mrs. Drew and Colonel Loring agree to remain until the end of the play rather than disrupt it. Moved to tears by Eva's deathbed scene, as played by Dimples, Mrs. Drew calls the play beautiful and tells the police to let the professor go. A year later, after a performance, Allen, now with Betty, announces to an audience which includes the professor, who kisses Mrs. Drew's shoulder, the first presentation in New York of a minstrel show, in which Dimples is starred"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
Madame Butterfly ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1932 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Married 'till death do them part, ' but her family feels she has dishonored them and disowns her. In the meantime, Pinkerton has wed Adelaide and returns to Cho-cho San only long enough to tell her of his marriage. Steadfast, Cho-cho San does not reveal they have a son, although she is devastated by Pinkerton's betrayal and her own sense of shame. After sending her son to her family accompanied by her servant, Suzuki, Cho-cho San commits hara-kiri"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
Black gold ( Visual )
1 edition published in 2005 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Wildcat riggers risk their lives in the pursuit of oil. Their jobs get even more dangerous when ruthless oil baron, J.G. Anderson sets his sights on thier territory. When longtime driller Dan O'Reilly falls to his death from a well tower sabotaged by Anderson's strong-arm thugs, his teenage son "Fishtail" inherits the property and the troubles that come with it. With the help of his geologist pal Hank Langford, the boy fights to bring in a gusher before the deed to the well-site expires
Bachelor bait ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1934 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Romantic comedy set in a matrimonial agency
Husband's holiday ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1931 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
"George Boyd has been having an affair with Christine Kennedy, and finally confesses to his wife Mary, who as it turns out, has known for some time. Although George moves in with Christine, Mary refuses to grant him a divorce, believing his love affair is trivial in comparison to their marriage, for which she has worked so hard, and their children, Anne and Philip. Mary's mother is against her decision, after having divorced Mary's father because of his one-night affair. Mary refuses to divorce even after Christine lies that she is pregnant, and tells Christine she should not use sex as a weapon to destroy her home. Mary finally gives in, however, when her sister, Cecily Reid, admits that she is in love with a married man, and that when the love is true, it is a miserable existence. George is saddened by Mary's change of heart, and is even less sure of himself when the family lawyer, Andrew Trask, informs him of his intention to marry Mary. Christine throws a dinner party to introduce George to her friends, but he arrives late in a foul mood. After the guests depart, Christine realizes that George is still in love with his wife and attempts suicide. Christine survives, and George renews his promise to marry her. During Christmas, Christine gives a note to George to give to Mary, telling him it is a thank-you note for a plant that Mary had given her. When Mary opens the note, however, she learns that Christine has left town, admitting that George has always been in love with her. Mary informs George she has no intention of marrying Trask, and after he reads the letter, he reaffims his love for Mary and reunites with her"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
Quick money ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1938 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
"When Blueford H. Smythe, a seemingly prosperous tycoon, returns to his home town of Glenwood, Kansas, he is treated like a dignitary by everyone except the mayor, Jonas Tompkins. Instinctively suspicious of his former classmate, Jonas balks when he hears that Smythe and his secretary, Ambrose Ames, have been discussing with members of the city council a plan to turn Glenwood into a resort. Unknown to the town, Smythe and Ambrose are a seasoned confidence team, who have no trouble convincing the council members to buy stock in their phony company. Determined to protect the school fund from Smythe's scheming, Jonas refuses to cooperate with the council, and consequently he and his family are ostracized by the town. At Ambrose's urging, Smythe calls on Jonas' wife Lyda and, using his status as a former sweetheart, suggests that she pressure Jonas into changing his attitude. To placate the town, Lyda invites Smythe and the resort committee to dinner, but her efforts are sabotaged by her son Freddie, a science whiz, who plants explosives and other gags in the food. After Jonas announces that, as mayor, he is prohibiting the sale of stocks, the town rallies to have him impeached. Just before the special election, however, Bill, a young reporter who is engaged to Jonas' daughter Alice, undertakes an investigation into Smythe's past. On the eve of the election, Bill receives a wire from the F.B.I. suggesting that he photograph Smythe for positive identification. Bill tricks Smythe into posing for him, then leaves with the photograph for the regional F.B.I. office. To prevent the town from impeaching him before Bill returns, Jonas and Freddie engineer a series of election stalls. With only seconds to spare, Jonas is saved by the arrival of an F.B.I. agent, who announces to the stunned town that Smythe and Ambrose are notorious confidence men. At last vindicated, Jonas is re-elected by a landslide"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
College coach ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1933 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
"Calvert University decides to improve the football team in order to attract more money to the school's coffers. Although the head of the school, Dr. Phillip Sargeant, is opposed to the action, the board hires Coach Gore, whose teams never lose but whose methods are a little shady. Gore brings in three new athletes, Buck Weaver, Matthews and Petrowsky, offering them money and signing them up for easy courses they are guaranteed to pass. Phil Sargeant, Dr. Sargeant's son, is the last member of Gore's 'Four Aces.' He is an outstanding player but he is even more interested in chemistry. While Gore is busy training his team and meeting with reporters, his wife Claire is lonely and feels abandoned. Buck flirts with her, but she isn't interested. When Phil does not complete his chemistry exam, but passes it anyway, he is angry about the dishonesty involved. Realizing that football is interfering with his studies, he quarrels with Gore and quits the team. Finally Claire, thinking that Gore is seeing other women, calls up Buck and goes to dinner with him. Gore happens to see them in the restaurant and kicks Buck off the team and Claire out of the house. The team starts losing and the chemistry department is threatened by the loss of funds. During the last big game, which Calvert must win, the team is behind twenty to nothing. Claire sweet talks Buck into playing and Phil also joins the game in order to save his beloved chemistry department. The Four Aces are back together, and Calvert wins in the last quarter. Claire and Gore are reconciled when he insists that he is going to quit football and devote himself to Claire, but when another school makes him a terrific offer, Claire accepts the position for him"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
American madness ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1932 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
"Union National Bank president Thomas Dickson is chastised by the bank's board of directors, who are upset about Dickson's generous lending practices. The directors also disapprove of Dickson's assertion that the way to end the Depression is to get more money into circulation, thereby enabling businesses to keep going. While the directors' meeting is going on, head cashier Cyril Cluett is threatened by gangster Dude Finlay for not paying his gambling debts. Finlay orders Cluett to help his gang rob the bank that night by making sure the safe is open. Cluett reluctantly agrees, and Finlay tells him to establish an alibi. After Finlay leaves, Dickson's wife Phyllis arrives, and when Dickson's secretary Helen tells her Dickson is busy, Phyllis goes to see Cluett. Because Phyllis is lonely and constantly ignored by her busy husband, Cluett asks her out to dinner that night. She turns him down, but goes with him anyway when Dickson forgets their anniversary and makes plans to be out of town. Head teller Matt Brown, who had seen Cluett's advances toward Phyllis, goes to Cluett's apartment that night to discuss the matter with him, and finds Phyllis, who agrees to leave with Matt. A few moments later, the bank is robbed and the guard killed by Finlay's gang. The next morning the robbery is discovered, and Matt, who is responsible for locking the safe, is arrested. In order to spare Phyllis' reputation, even though it will hurt his fiancée Helen, Matt lies to the police, telling them he was at home when the robbery occurred. His alibi is disproven, and while things grow worse for him, exaggerated reports of the robbery spread until a run on the bank begins. Dickson tries to calm the mob, but as they overwhelm him, the tellers inform him that they will soon run out of money. Dickson appeals to the directors, but they agree to help only if he resigns and gives them an option on his bank stock. He refuses, and while he is calling his friends for help, the police find out about Finlay's visit to Cluett, after which they quickly discover the identity of the robbers and release Matt. Dickson finds out that Phyllis was with Cluett, and, crushed by her apparent betrayal as well as his friends' refusals to aid him, he agrees to the directors' deal. Matt and Helen ask the bank clients into whom Dickson has put so much faith to return the favor and help Dickson by making deposits. As they begin to stream in, their deposits, in addition to Phyllis' pleas, prevent Dickson from committing suicide, and he emerges from his office to take control of the bank. The directors are inspired by the depositors' confidence and invest their own fortunes, which averts disaster. Everything soon returns to normal, and Dickson orders Matt and Helen to get married while he and Phyllis take a second honeymoon. ... Although a [Los Angeles examiner, February 26, 1932] news item noted that the character of Thomas Dickson was loosely based on A.H. Giannini, the chairman of Bank of America's executive committee, Frank Capra stated in a modern source interview that Dickson was based on A.P. Giannini, A.H.'s brother and the founder of Bank of America, whose lending policies based on the character of the applicant were well-known"--AFI catalog, 1931-1940
False faces ( Visual )
1 edition published in 1932 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
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