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Fri Mar 21 17:11:53 2014 UTClccn-n853877710.15Martineau's "Study of religion": an analysis and appreciation0.720.92The ethical system of James Martineau /32792784James_Martineaun 853877711596884Martineau, Jamesマルチーノ, ゼームスlccn-n80038441Spencer, Herbert1820-1903lccn-n79018753Spinoza, Benedictus de1632-1677lccn-n82064052Sidgwick, Henry1838-1900lccn-n79040049Green, Thomas Hill1836-1882lccn-no2013090003Jones, Emily Elizabeth Constance1848-1922edtlccn-no94040699Jackson, A. W.(Abraham Willard)1843-1911lccn-n79082244Upton, Charles Barnes1831-1920lccn-n79078166Seth Pringle-Pattison, A.(Andrew)1856-1931lccn-nr92039142Sorley, W. R.(William Ritchie)1855-1935lccn-n79089082Bertocci, Peter AnthonyMartineau, James1805-1900HistorySermonsPeriodicalsChurch historyPrayersBiographyRecords and correspondenceHymnsHymns‡vTextsMartineau, James,EthicsGreat BritainTheismReligion--PhilosophyChristianityReligionTheologySermons, EnglishPhilosophySpencer, Herbert,Green, Thomas Hill,Unitarian Universalist churchesSpinoza, Benedictus de,Theology, DoctrinalUnitarian churchesPhilosophy, ModernPhilosophy and religionTennant, Frederick Robert,Sorley, W. 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It would be nearer the truth to call it an Art, or system of rules directed upon an end. But the species of ends contemplated in the common use of the word Art, differs in two respects from that which here concerns us; they are products external to the artist--as a house or a picture; and they are definite acts or objects. The end of the moral consciousness, on the other hand, is intrinsic--complete for the moment in simple compliance with its own law; and is also indefinite in its range, being nothing less than a perfection eternally in advance of the will. To define this ideal of the conscience would be the business of Ethics, did it not, as infinite, transcend definition: we make the nearest approach to that impossible function, if we lay down the lines of direction which, when produced, trace the true path towards the ultimate perfection. Thus to indicate what ought to be is, however, impossible without a large study of what is; so that Ethics are dependent upon scientific conditions, though not complete in them. Two classes of facts it is indispensable for them to know: what are the springs of voluntary conduct, and what are its effects; and the systematic reduction of both these under intellectual cognisance is involved in the problem of Moral Philosophy. The chief attention is usually concentrated upon the latter. In the following treatise, the preponderance is assigned to the former, for reasons explained in due course. A theory elicited, like that in the following pages, from mere interpretation of the moral consciousness is open to the charge of depending upon an act of faith: it collapses at once for anyone who persuades himself that the moral consciousness is not to be believed"--Préface74037ocn000896446book18880.66Martineau, JamesA study of religion, its sources and contents60948ocn002904085book18900.56Martineau, JamesThe seat of authority in religionThis volume presents a historical and spiritual account of Catholicism. The author sums up his attitude toward his subject in the preface: "The consciousness of authority is doubtless human; but conditional on the source being divine."57138ocn002221548book18820.73Martineau, JamesA study of Spinoza50097ocn001556296book18430.79Martineau, JamesEndeavors after the Christian lifeSermons31138ocn003244050book18660.81Martineau, JamesEssays; philosophical and theological27735ocn004311562book18580.79Martineau, JamesStudies of Christianity : or, Timely thoughts for religious thinkers : a series of papers27223ocn003229473book18900.76Martineau, JamesEssays, reviews, and addressesHistorySermons25343ocn001905215book18760.79Martineau, JamesHours of thought on sacred thingsSermons1499ocn298066342file18780.79Martineau, JamesIdeal substitutes for God considered in an opening lecture at Manchester New College, London, ninety-third session, 1878-914820ocn008990931book18360.81Martineau, JamesThe rationale of religious enquiry, or, The question stated of reason, the Bible, and the church; in six lectures12315ocn010413295book19030.73Martineau, JamesNational duties, and other sermons and addressesSermons11210ocn003666742book18770.70Martineau, JamesModern materialism in its relations to religion and theology, comprising an address delivered in Manchester new college, October 6th, 1874, and two papers reprinted from "The Contemporary review"10310ocn000861533book18910.79Martineau, JamesHome prayers, with two services for public worshipPrayers9510ocn004064563book18520.79Martineau, JamesMiscellaniesHistory927ocn001543993book18740.88Martineau, JamesReligion as affected by modern materialism: an address delivered in Manchester New college, London, at the opening of its eighty-ninth session, on Tuesday, October 6, 1874887ocn001714983serial0.73The Prospective reviewPeriodicals766ocn000981903book18760.73Tayler, John JamesA retrospect of the religious life of England; or, The church, Puritanism, and free inquiryHistoryChurch history7342ocn018454398book18400.76Martineau, JamesHymns for the Christian church and homeHymnsHymns Texts7212ocn041107254book18670.76Martineau, JamesStudies of Christianity : a series of papers49316ocn002957279book19020.70Sidgwick, HenryLectures on the ethics of T.H. 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