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Thu Oct 16 18:04:32 2014 UTClccn-n850391750.35Analyse continue par ondelettes0.700.93Ondelettes et algorithmes concurrents /9903353Yves_Meyern 850391751386482Meyer, Y.Meyer, Y. (Yves)Meyer, Yves François 1939-lccn-n93055355Ryan, Robert D.(Robert Dean)1933-trllccn-n98036751Torrésani, Brunolccn-n88632230Coifman, Ronald R.(Ronald Raphaël)lccn-n96044864Jaffard, Stéphane1962-lccn-n94001135Salinger, D. H.(David H.)trllccn-n98070075Flandrin, Patricklccn-no00037061ScienceDirect (Online service)np-roques, sylvieRoques, Sylvielccn-nb2006001766Cannone, Marcoedtlccn-nb2006001768Miyakawa, TetsuroedtMeyer, YvesConference proceedingsWavelets (Mathematics)Harmonic analysisOperator theoryMathematical analysisAlgebraic number theoryMicrolocal analysisSignal processing--MathematicsFourier seriesCalderón-Zygmund operatorLittlewood-Paley theoryFractalsEvolution equations, NonlinearOscillationsImage compressionNumber theorySpherical trigonometryDynamicsPseudodifferential operatorsTrigonometry19391967196819691970197119721973197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220042005200620072008200920125913126354515.2433QA403.3ocn844083140ocn301029547ocn025512275ocn780919446ocn756992594ocn846546308ocn657968402ocn862290446ocn658647924ocn7624706017863ocn232261216file19950.35Torrésani, BrunoAnalyse continue par ondelettesThis title is an introduction to the analysis of signals through the technique of wavelets, a method which often lets the characteristics of the signals become more apparent than using the traditional decomposition in Fourier series56017ocn028118289book19920.70Meyer, YvesWavelets and operators+-+155579670532453212ocn000496909book19720.74Meyer, YvesAlgebraic numbers and harmonic analysisDiophantine approximations to real numbers. Some classical results in diophantine approximations. Measure-teoretical methods in diophantine approximations. Diophantine approximations and additive problems in locally compact abelian groups. Uniqueness of representation by trigonometric series. Problems on a-periodic trigonometric sums. Special trigonometric series (complex methods). Special trigonometric series (group-theoretic methods). Pisot numbers and spectral synthesis. Ultra-thin symmetric sets45020ocn027812227book19930.70Meyer, YvesWavelets : algorithms & applicationsMathematics of Computing -- Miscellaneous42116ocn000836945book19690.84Meyer, YvesNombres de Pisot, nombres de Salem, et analyse harmonique+-+615495590837816ocn045270234book20010.74Jaffard, StéphaneWavelets : tools for science & technologyThis long-awaited update of Meyer's Wavelets : algorithms and applications includes completely new chapters on four topics: wavelets and the study of turbulence, wavelets and fractals (which includes an analysis of Riemann's nondifferentiable function), data compression, and wavelets in astronomy. The chapter on data compression was the original motivation for this revised edition, and it contains up-to-date information on the interplay between wavelets and nonlinear approximation. The other chapters have been rewritten with comments, references, historical notes, and new material. Four appendices have been added: a primer on filters, key results (with proofs) about the wavelet transform, a complete discussion of a counterexample to the Marr-Mallat conjecture on zero-crossings, and a brief introduction to Hölder and Besov spaces. In addition, all of the figures have been redrawn, and the references have been expanded to a comprehensive list of over 260 entries. The book includes several new results that have not appeared elsewhere+-+139962343532613ocn034730925book19960.82Meyer, YvesWavelets : Caldéron-Zygmund and multilinear operatorsNow in paperback, this remains one of the classic expositions of the theory of wavelets from two of the subject's leading experts. In this volume the theory of paradifferential operators and the Cauchy kernel on Lipschitz curves are discussed with the emphasis firmly on their connection with wavelet bases. Sparse matrix representations of these operators can be given in terms of wavelet bases which have important applications in image processing and numerical analysis. Put simply, this is an essential purchase for anyone researching the theory+-+16557967052617ocn034742434book19960.77Jaffard, StéphaneWavelet methods for pointwise regularity and local oscillations of functions2327ocn037573341book19980.86Meyer, YvesWavelets, vibrations, and scalings+-+303153673522511ocn028332424book19910.79International Conference on Wavelets and ApplicationsWavelets and applications : proceedings of the international conference, Marseille, France, May 1989Conference proceedings2249ocn047136690book20010.90Meyer, YvesOscillating patterns in image processing and nonlinear evolution equations : the fifteenth Dean Jacqueline B. Lewis memorial lectures"Image compression, the Navier-Stokes equations, and detection of gravitational waves are three seemingly unrelated scientific problems that, remarkably, can be studied from one perspective. The notion that unifies the three problems is that of "oscillating patterns", which are present in many natural images, help to explain nonlinear equations. and are pivotal in studying chirps and frequency-modulated signals." "In the book, the author describes both what the oscillating patterns are and the mathematics necessary for their analysis. It turns out that this mathematics involves new properties of various Besov-type function spaces and leads to many deep results, including new generalizations of famous Gagliardo-Nirenberg and Poincare inequalities."+-+857473673516416ocn004676532book19780.88Coifman, Ronald RAu delà des opérateurs pseudo-différentiels14314ocn001003454book19730.88Meyer, YvesTrois problèmes sur les sommes trigonométriques11312ocn021520491book19890.88Meyer, YvesOndelettes et opérateurs1014ocn030320965book19920.93Meyer, YvesOndelettes et algorithmes concurrents982ocn024583594book19910.56Meyer, YvesOpérateurs multilinéairesBand 3961ocn029292519book19930.50Flandrin, PatrickTemps-fréquence925ocn489620749book19900.47Meyer, YvesOndelettes et opérateurs8814ocn489722449book19700.37Meyer, YvesNombres de Pisot, nombres de Salem, et analyse harmonique cours Peccot donné au Collège de France en avril-mai 1969+-+6154955908741ocn037288311book19900.47Meyer, YvesOndulettes et Opérateurs+-+1555796705324+-+1555796705324Thu Oct 16 15:04:47 EDT 2014batch17023