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Thu Oct 16 17:55:11 2014 UTClccn-n850655280.47The Holy Spirit in Narsai of Nisibis : a theological synthesis /0.781.00Narsai doctoris syri Homiliæ et carmina primo edita cura et studio D. Alphonsi Mingana261999942n 850655281381050Mar-Narsai, ca. 413-503Mar-NarsesNarsaï.Narsai 0399-0502Narsai 413 (ca)-503Narsai ca. 413-503Narsai MalponōNarsai Malponō 0399-0502Narsaj.Narsāy.Narsāy 0399-0502Narsay ca. 413-503Narseh.Narses.Narses ca. 413-503 NestorianusNarsès d'ÉdesseNarsès d'Édesse 0399-0502Narses, Nestorianus, ca. 413-503نرساي 0399-0502np-joseph$son of jacobJoseph(Son of Jacob)lccn-n89659791Siman, Emmanuel Pataqlccn-no2004112923Weyl, Maxnp-feldmann, franzFeldmann, Franzlccn-n89670908Mingana, Alphonse1881-1937edtlccn-nr98026501Frishman, Judith1953-viaf-172841549Nestorian Churchlccn-n84200019TheodoreBishop of Mopsuestiaapproximately 350-428 or 429lccn-nb2008027376Balaiactive 5th centurylccn-no2011110204Näf, Heinrich1878-1960Narsaiapproximately 413-503Criticism, interpretation, etcSermonsNarsai,Syriac languageJoseph--(Son of Jacob)Sermons, SyriacManuscripts, SyriacHymns, SyriacTheodore,--Bishop of Mopsuestia,Jacob,--of Serug,Comparative literature--Themes, motivesSyriac poetryLiturgicsTheological anthropology--ChristianityImage of God--History of doctrinesAntiquitiesZoroastrianismInterfaith relationsIraqMissions--Early churchEphraem,--Syrus, Saint,ReligionAssyrian Church of the EastChristianityAbraham--(Biblical patriarch)CivilizationSermons, Early ChristianTheology, DoctrinalBelisarius,SalvationSyriac literatureLord's Supper (Liturgy)Syriac language, ModernCasey, Robert Pierce,Intellectual lifeSyriac ChristiansIraq--Babylon (Extinct city)CreationTheology413503188918961898190119051919192319631964196719681970197219791984199019921996199920022003200420062008200920112044058892.3BX157242ocn015360071book19840.86NarsaiCinq homélies sur les paraboles évangéliques223ocn006765032book18960.90NarsaiSyrische wechsellieder; ein beitrag zur alt-christlichen syrischen hymnologie nach einer handschrift der Königlichen bibliothek in Berlin151ocn006865152book19230.82Näf, HeinrichSyrische Josef-gedichteCriticism, interpretation, etc132ocn767853287file19010.74NarsaiDas zweite Josephs-Gedicht103ocn007513747book19050.86NarsaiNarsai Homiliae et carmina92ocn031244334book19010.92NarsaiDas zweite Josephs-Gedicht von Narses : nach 2 Handschriften der Königl. Bibliothek zu Berlin73ocn000536384book18890.79NarsaiDie Geschichte Josefs61ocn171553981book20080.77NarsaiSelected works of Narsai = Narsai doctoris syri homiliae et carminaSermons43ocn416211327book19010.66NarsaiHomiliae Mar-Narsetis in Joseph41ocn047184842book19051.00NarsaiNarsai doctoris syri Homiliæ et carmina primo edita cura et studio D. Alphonsi Mingana31ocn702606307book19790.82NarsaiNarsai's metrical homilies on the nativity, epiphany, passion, resurrection and ascension : critical edition of Syriac text, English translation22ocn070166206book18980.92[The book of crumbs : a reader of Syriac literature]Contains 47 selections of Syriac literature of the Assyrian Church of the East with introductions to each selection. The book was produced by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian Mission in Urmia, Iran as a textbook to be used in their schools for advanced students. The book was compiled by the missionary David Jenks with the help of Shamasha Yosip DeKelaita (later Qashisha). Among the authors represented are Mar Aprim the Great, Mar Touma of Marga, Mar Babai the Great, Mar Audisho Bar Brikha, Mar Gewargis of Atour, Mar Khamis Bar Qardahe, and Mar Narsai21ocn367849792book18890.82NarsaiDie Geschichte Josefs11ocn367848668book19050.63NarsaiNarsai doctoris Syri Homiliæ et carmina11ocn046893379serial1.00NarsaiHomélie de Narsés sur les trois docteurs Nestoriens11ocn752597040book0.47NarsaiInterpretation of the sacraments11ocn071258013book20021.00NarsaiAmthāl Injīlīyah11ocn614993530book19670.82NarsaiThe liturgical homilies of Narsai. With an appendix / by Edmund Bishop.11ocn874324758book19010.66Bedjan, PaulLiber superiorum ... [various works in Syriac]11ocn046636524book0.47Narsai[Kěthabha dě-mēmrē-dě. Book of the materical discourses of Narsaǐ: selections. - Diarbekir Codex 71161ocn031259597book19920.53NarsaiThe ways and means of the divine economy : an edition, translation and study of six biblical homilies by NarsaiCriticism, interpretation, etcSermons81ocn062586863book20030.59Kanichikattil, FrancisDivine liturgy in the vision of Narsai83ocn023043796book19900.74Sunquist, Scott WilliamNarsai and the Persians : a study in cultural contact and conflictHistory81ocn085829427book20060.92Pasquet, ColetteL'homme, image de dieu, seigneur de l'univers : l'interprétation de GN 1, 26 dans la tradition syriaque orientaleCriticism, interpretation, etc83ocn710033030book20040.59Younan, AndrewThe Mesopotamian school & Theodore of MopsuestiaCriticism, interpretation, etcTwo theses are presented in this book. First, that there is an overarching "School of Thought" in Mesopotamia, consistent in its basic tenets, from ancient times to the late middle ages, and that this "Mesopotamian School" is fundamentally realistic as opposed to idealistic. Second, that the Christology of Theodore of Mopsuestia, as read as an expression of this School, is orthodox by the Chalcedonian standard--Cf T.p. verso+-+906155320532471ocn051257544book19990.63Sana, YoshiaIl Geliana : manifestazione di Dio ad Abramo nel Memra di Mar-Narsai di Edessa : Ms. vat. syr. 49841ocn031367897book19920.47Arickappallil, IsaacThe Holy Spirit in Narsai of Nisibis : a theological synthesis31ocn009715400book19641.00ProcopiusBelisarius and Narses32ocn085332590book20060.92Kuzhuppil, ThomasThe vision of the prophet Isaiah : a theological study of Narsai's interpretation of Isaiah 6Criticism, interpretation, etc22ocn222596564book19630.47Ratcliff, Edward CraddockA note on the Anaphoras described in the liturgical homilies of Narsai11ocn027089815book19721.00George, DavidNarsai's homilies on the Old Testament as a source for his exegesis11ocn781090522book19190.47Bishop, W. CThe early Persian liturgy11ocn574146113book19680.66McLeod, Frederick GThe soteriology of Narsai11ocn270760645book20021.00NarsaiNarsāy, mayāmir lītūrjīyahCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn270756018book20021.00NarsaiNarsāy, ʻiẓāt fī al-khalqCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn228602844book19961.00Faghālī, BūlusNarsāy al-Muʻallim : lisān al-Sharq wa-shāʻir al-MasīḥīyahBiography11ocn137725853art19051.00Chabot, Jean BaptisteNarsai le docteur et les origines de l'école de Nisibe, d'après la chronique de Barhadbesabba11ocn274990921book20021.00NarsaiNarsāy mayāmir fī al-aʼyādCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9061553205324Thu Oct 16 15:59:40 EDT 2014batch15907