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Thu Oct 16 18:02:04 2014 UTClccn-n858090310.00Richard Anthony Proctor. Colour lithograph by Sir L. Ward [Spy], 18830.781.00Letter of Richard A. Proctor to to S.S. McClure,71487031Richard_A._Proctorn 858090311349372Proctor, R. A. 1837-1888Proctor, R. A. (Richard Anthony), 1837-1888Proctor, Richard Anthony 1837-1888lccn-n50036903Herschel, John F. W.(John Frederick William)1792-1871np-ranyard, arthur cowper$1845 1894Ranyard, Arthur Cowper1845-1894lccn-n86860325Lockyer, NormanSir1836-1920edtlccn-n86867719Guillemin, Amédée1826-1893lccn-n83067177Somerville, Mary1780-1872lccn-n50044804Clodd, Edward1840-1930np-espin, t e$thomas henry espinelle compton$1858Espin, T. E.(Thomas Henry Espinelle Compton)1858-edtlccn-nb2011014597Steavenson, W. H.(William Herbert)1894-1975lccn-n50038383Allen, Grant1848-1899lccn-no2007046169Wilson, Andrew1852-1912Proctor, Richard A.(Richard Anthony)1837-1888HistoryAtlasesPopular worksJuvenile worksMiscellaneaCharts, diagrams, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcRecords and correspondenceAstronomyAstrologyScienceVenus (Planet)SabbathMoonEclipsesSunProbabilitiesGamblingSolar systemLife on other planetsSaturn (Planet)StarsHerschel, John F. W.--(John Frederick William),CycloidsPyramidsSundayCalendarTelescopesWhistPlurality of worldsRoulettes (Geometry)Epicycloids and hypocycloidsCelestial mechanicsGames of chance (Mathematics)Proctor, Richard A.--(Richard Anthony),Great Pyramid (Egypt)PlanetsHorrocks, Jeremiah,Astrographic catalog and chartCosmologySolar eclipsesScience newsStanley, Arthur Penrhyn,Lincoln, Abraham,Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,Nilsson, Christine,Schurz, Carl,Livingstone, David,Ruskin, John,Thomas, Theodore,Cushman, Charlotte,Bonheur, Rosa,Andersen, H. C.--(Hans Christian),Pedro--II,--Emperor of Brazil,Curtis, George William,Ristori, Adelaide,Bellows, Henry W.--(Henry Whitney),Crabtree, Lotta,18371888186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619211925192619701974198319871991199520002002200720082009201020112012201366232891303523QB51ocn004119474ocn003251904ocn002306984ocn011910546ocn612691917ocn645396306ocn793585557ocn680441906ocn068754377ocn037312578966119ocn001316435book18700.79Proctor, Richard AOther worlds than ours : the plurality of worlds studied under the light of recent scientific researchesPopular worksEnglish astronomer Richard A. Proctor was already a well-known populariser of science when he published Other Worlds Than Ours in 1870, joining a ferocious debate about the possibility of life on other planets in which Whewell (1853) and Brewster (1854) had also participated. Taking his cue from the seventeenth-century French astronomer Fontenelle's classic book The Plurality of Worlds, Proctor discusses Victorian discoveries about the solar system and describes what was then known about each of the planets. He evaluates the habitability of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the light of his belief in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The text includes many illustrations of the planets, a spectacular map of Mars, and theoretical views of the Milky Way. Influenced by Darwin, Proctor had a teleological view of the universe and believed that eventually the cosmos would be filled with living things+-+726955356631246ocn039624422file18750.86Proctor, Richard AOur place among infinities. A series of essays ... To which are added essays on the Jewish sabbath and astrologyPopular works+-+563009589627761ocn002312095book18710.84Proctor, Richard ALight science for leisure hours : a series of familiar essays on scientific subjects, natural phenomena, &c. &c.Popular works24935ocn009847427book18730.77Proctor, Richard AMyths and marvels of astronomyHistoryMiscellanea+-+586756569624635ocn004530791book18730.82Proctor, Richard AThe moon: her motions, aspect, scenery, and physical condition18032ocn002636585book18680.59Proctor, Richard AHalf-hours with the telescope; a popular guide to the use of the telescope as a means of amusement and instructionJuvenile worksPopular worksHandbooks, manuals, etc1749ocn002636624book18710.84Proctor, Richard AThe sun: ruler, fire, light, and life of the planetary system16722ocn003805795book18870.84Proctor, Richard AChance and luck: a discussion of the laws of luck, coincidences, wagers, lotteries, and the fallacies of gambling; with notes on poker and martingales+-+086741856616435ocn003716738book18730.82Proctor, Richard AThe expanse of heaven: a series of essays on the wonders of the firmament15522ocn005573137book18720.77Proctor, Richard AThe orbs around us: a series of familiar essays on the moon and planets, meteors and comets, the sun and coloured pairs of suns15017ocn001524833book18880.77Proctor, Richard AOld and new astronomy14524ocn002620630book18650.79Proctor, Richard ASaturn and its system: containing discussions of the motions (real and apparent) and telescopic appearance of the planet Saturn, its satellites, and rings; the nature of the rings; the great inequality of Saturn and Jupiter; and the habitability of Saturn. To which are appended notes on Chaldæan astronomy, Laplace's nebular theory, and the habitability of the moon; a series of tables with explanatory notes; and explanations of astronomical terms13619ocn005573242book18740.84Proctor, Richard ATransits of Venus. A popular account of past and coming transits from the first observed by Horrocks A.D. 1639 to the transit of A.D. 201213523ocn003251904book18710.29Guillemin, AmédéeThe heavens; an illustrated handbook of popular astronomyJuvenile worksPopular worksHandbooks, manuals, etc11823ocn003926574book18780.74Proctor, Richard APleasant ways in sciencePopular works11820ocn003676817book18800.82Proctor, Richard ARough ways made smooth: a series of familiar essays on scientific subjects11124ocn013520290book18830.82Proctor, Richard AThe great pyramid : observatory, tomb, and temple10814ocn003716818book18690.74Proctor, Richard AHalf-hours with the stars. A plain and easy guide to the knowledge of the constellationsCharts, diagrams, etcAtlases"Showing, in 12 maps, the position of the principal star-groups night after night throughout the year, with introduction and a separate explanation of each map. True for every year."--T.p10817ocn005573247book18780.90Proctor, Richard AA treatise on the cycloid and all forms of cycloidal curves, and on the use of such curves in dealing with the motions of planets, comets, &c., and of matter projected from the sun10710ocn005572949book18720.84Proctor, Richard AEssays on astronomy: a series of papers on planets and meteors, the sun and sun-surrounding space, stars and star cloudlets; and a dissertation on the approaching transits of Venus. Preceded by a sketch of the life and works of Sir John Herschel32ocn036966796book18870.79Proctor, Richard AOther suns than ours. A series of essays on suns--old, young, and dead, with other science gleanings, two essays on whist and correspondence with Sir John HerschelRecords and correspondence31ocn046545572book18750.47Carpenter, WilliamProctor's "Planet Earth" : dedicated to the members of the London School BoardMiscellanea11ocn152053100book18790.47Crampton, JOrder and stability in the heavens : a reply to "The life and death of worlds", two lectures delivered by Richard A. Proctor...11ocn031088101book18881.00Flattery, HughThe church and the late Prof. ProctorHistoryApologetic worksAn apologetic work concerning the Catholic Church and astronomy, occasioned by a statement in the dailies of New York City to the effect that the late Mr. Proctor, a noted astronomer, "did sever his connection with the Catholic Church, as he had found that his scientific views were incompatible with loyalty to the faith": p. [1]11ocn073692546mix18801.00Proctor, Richard ALetter of Richard A. Proctor to to S.S. McClurePortraitsProctor apologizes for a passage in an article to which there was an objection and points that there is a similar one in "Puzzles and puzzledom" which should be removed or changed11ocn070213959mix1.00Cartes-de-visite album and biographiesPhotographsPortraitsPhotographs in the album are chiefly of American and English literary figures, political figures and actors. The album is accompanied by a volume in which the album owner has recorded biographical information on the subject of each portrait. An accompanying list also notes the photographic studios producing the portraits11ocn779561916visuWard, LeslieRichard Anthony Proctor. Colour lithograph by Sir L. Ward [Spy], 1883+-+5630095896+-+5630095896Thu Oct 16 16:09:25 EDT 2014batch34842