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Fri Mar 21 17:16:38 2014 UTClccn-n850858250.00From here to eternity /0.191.00A tribute to Ernest Borgnine : May 22, 1999 /84969006Ernest_Borgninen 850858251432319Borgnine, Ermes Effron.Borgnine, Ermes Effron, 1917-2012Borgnino, Ermes, 1915-Borgnino, Ermes, 1917-2012Borgnino, Ermes Effron, 1917-2012Borgnino, Ermes Effron 1917-2012 Wirklicher Namelccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n85199132Ryan, Robert1909-1973prfactlccn-n80102290Marvin, Leeprfactlccn-n89636414Green, Walonsceauswamccplccn-n85151503Columbia Picturesprolccn-n86111457Mann, Delbert1920-2007prfflmdrtlccn-n85138180Warner Bros.-Seven Artsprolccn-n79071839Reed, Donna1921-1986prfactlccn-n79012888Aldrich, Robert1918-1983prfflmdrtlccn-n82090865Holden, William1918-1981prfactBorgnine, Ernest1917-2012DramaFilm adaptationsBiographyHistoryJuvenile worksFilm and video adaptationsFictionWar filmsScience fiction filmsReligious filmsWorld War (1939-1945)World War (1914-1918)SoldiersUnited StatesMan-woman relationshipsHawaiiPearl Harbor, Attack on (Hawaii : 1941)United States.--ArmyOutlawsRemarque, Erich Maria,United States, WestGermanyIntelligence officersUnited States.--Central Intelligence AgencyAttempted assassinationDogsCriminalsAmericansEuropeJesus ChristTrain robberiesBible.--New TestamentAsia--Gobi DesertPrisonersAircraft accidentsTransport planesBorgnine, Ernest,Chayefsky, Paddy,LoveSurvivalBoundariesMurder--InvestigationMilitary campaignsActorsMexicoLonelinessPrisonsPsychological aspectsWar--Psychological aspectsManned space flightViolenceVeteransBetrayalGangsPeckinpah, Sam,Revolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)North America--Mexican-American Border RegionShipwrecksNew York (State)--New YorkDesert survival191720121953195419551956195719581959196019621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014389667101644791.4372PN1997ocn688507261ocn047165965ocn049609451ocn039369374ocn063159625ocn050069541ocn049500171ocn067619041ocn045810013ocn040342164ocn691323360ocn693910089ocn766663150ocn015363779ocn299974490ocn634878168ocn299974501ocn780800293ocn781372032ocn781029635ocn781313006ocn753790218ocn417260310ocn221199007ocn221479303ocn221436844ocn220139822ocn061364835342999ocn062386408visu19680.22Peckinpah, SamThe wild bunchHistoryBiographyFictionDramaThe brutal story of violent men who lived during the Mexican revolution in the year 1913. It portrays a band of magnificent losers in a dying lawless West+-+5790725425324262927ocn048241052visu19530.21Zinnemann, FredFrom here to eternityFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsDrama about life in the Army in the days prior to World War II. Shows the effect of Army discipline on an individualistic former boxing champion who defies the attempts of officers and men to break him when he refuses to fight on the company's boxing team. Includes actual scenes of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor+-+6833265535214918ocn039369374visu19970.23Niccol, AndrewGattacaFictionDramaScience fiction filmsStory about an all-too-human man who dares to defy a system obsessed with genetic perfection. Vincent is an "In-Valid," who assumes the identity of a member of the genetic elite to pursue his goal of traveling into space with the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. However, a week before his mission, a murder marks Vincent as a suspect. With a relentless investigator in pursuit and the colleague he has fallen in love with beginning to suspect his deception, Vincent's dreams steadily unravel+-+6293439796193949ocn044396327visu19660.18Aldrich, RobertThe dirty dozenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA World War II drama in which an army major selects 12 men convicted for crimes of violence and offers them their freedom if they will complete a dangerous mission behind Nazi lines+-+4409925425324168949ocn047165965visu19540.22Mann, DelbertMartyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsMarty is the story of a 34-year-old Bronx butcher who fears that he will never find love, but at a Saturday night dance he meets a lonely schoolteacher with similar fears+-+776503742516785ocn688507261visu20110.17Schwentke, RobertRedDramaFilm adaptationsIntense sequences of action, violence and brief strong language142749ocn049657418visu19720.17Neame, RonaldThe Poseidon adventureFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTen survivors struggle to reach safety after an ocean liner capsizes in mid sea128429ocn049609451visu19760.20Zeffirelli, FrancoJesus of NazarethBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsA film depicting the life of Christ from birth through resurrection+-+906655932511406ocn059760824visu19880.22Sturges, JohnBad day at Black RockDramaFilm and video adaptationsA one-armed stranger arrives in a tiny desert town, the locals possessing a dark past they want to keep secret, by any means necessary+-+0457425425113526ocn052724256visu19790.21Milestone, LewisAll quiet on the western frontFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsIn this realistic depiction of the lives of ordinary German soldiers Paul Baumer and his school chums are encouraged to enlist by their bombastic, slogan-chanting teacher, but they quickly learn that actual war is more gore than glory, as they crawl through mud, huddle in trenches, suffer the ordeal of frenzied hand-to-hand combat and dodge screaming shells during World War I+-+6024301006324100936ocn045810013visu19810.19Carpenter, JohnEscape from New YorkFictionDramaA chilling vision of the future, the film takes plce in the year 1997, when New York has become an enclosed, maximum security penitentiary+-+83109374253247814ocn052408085visu20030.16The flight of the PhoenixFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA small passenger plane makes a forced landing in the Sahara. The challenge: survival. The tiny band from the plane fights off thirst, Arabs, treachery, declining morale and despair. Incredibly, the plane, like the legendary phoenix that rises from its own ashes, flies again75525ocn050069541visu19580.19Fleischer, RichardThe VikingsHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsIt is the Middle Ages, and nothing is more feared in England than Viking warriors. In one of many raids, Viking leader Ragnar kills the English king and forces himself on the Queen. With the King dead, his brother takes the thrown but unknown to anyone but a trusted servant, the Queen is now with child. In order to protect the boy, he is sent away to be raised in safety away from the new King. Twenty years later, the Vikings under are still raiding England and they now have an Englishman, Egbert, making maps of the English coast for them. Ragnar has a son, Einar, a lusty warrior who takes what he wants when he wants it. They also have a slave, Eric, taken prisoner as an infant. Egbert realizes from a necklace Eric wears that he is the son of the Queen and is Einar's half-brother. When they kidnap Morgana, a Welsh beauty and the English King's betrothed, the stage is set for an inevitable clash between the half-brothers and with the reigning English King7386ocn041460918visu19980.06An all dogs Christmas carolJuvenile worksFictionDramaChristmas is shaping up to be wonderful for all the pooches at the Flea Bite Cafe. But the festivities and good will don't mean anything to Carface, a big bully of a bulldog who doesn't like Christmas-- in fact he hates it so he's come up with a plan to ruin it for everybody! But Charlie and Itchy step in and with a litle divine intervention come up with a plan to save Christmas and transform Carface from a holiday humbug to a yuletide hero70814ocn049500171visu19830.19Fleischer, RichardBarabbasDramaFilm adaptationsReligious filmsPardoned instead of Christ, Barabbas is haunted for the rest of his life. After watching his former lover, Rachel, being stoned to death for her belief in Jesus, Barabbas returns to his life of thievery. Arrested again, he is sent to the sulpher mines and then to gladiator school where he witnesses yet another friend give his life in the name of the Nazarene. It is only at the end, when Barabbas himself faces crucifixion, that he discovers his faith68413ocn046473554visu19960.10All dogs go to heaven 2Juvenile worksDramaMischievous mutt Charlie Barkin is asked to retrieve Gabriel's horn when it is stolen from heaven. Seeing his chance to have some fun, Charlie recruits his sidekick Itchy and happily steps up to the challenge. Immediately, the two get sidetracked into trouble ... until a sweet young runaway and a beautiful Irish setter set them straight58410ocn055899827visu19790.16Rosebrook, JebThe black holeJuvenile worksDramaScientists are all aboard an Earth discovery vessel on a fruitless search for life in space when they encounter a lost spaceship perched on the event horizon of the universe's most powerful phenomenon, a black hole+-+997055912532456015ocn833454523visu19560.20JubalFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn this Shakespearean tale of jealousy and betrayal, a man who is an honorable itinerant cattleman, befriended and hired by a bighearted ranch owner despite his unwillingness to talk about his past. When the new hand becomes the target of the flirtatious attentions of the owner's bored wife and is entrusted by the boss with a foreman's responsibilities, his presence at the ranch starts to rankle his shifty fellow cowhand+-+11241495963245381ocn051608024visu20030.07SpongeBob SquarePantsJuvenile worksDramaSpongeBob follows his dream of developing a flying machine so he can fly with the jellyfish. The evil Plankton takes control of SpongeBob's brain in order to steal the Krabby patty formula. Patrick plants a walkie-talkie in SpongeBob's head so Patrick can direct him through the boat course. Then SpongeBob turns into a sneezing, sniffling mess when he comes down with the "suds." SpongeBob wins The Conch Signal from his favorite TV show, stands in as a prom date for Mr. Krabbs' daughter, even goes "missing", and forgets how to tie his shoes49716ocn057455169visu19670.17Sturges, JohnIce Station ZebraFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIce Station Zebra, treacherously perched at the top of the world, silently guards a secret that will change the balance of world power forever. America's only hope rests with the speed and courage of the fighting men in the nuclear sub Tigerfish. Pray they get there before the Russians+-+872292542511967ocn232550488book20080.13Borgnine, ErnestErnie : the autobiographyBiographyIn this candid and witty memoir, Ernest Borgnine tells about his fifty-year career in motion pictures and television+-+06947015354291ocn037226885book19970.13Borgnine, TovaBeing married happily forever : 22 secrets, 12 strategies, and 8 compromisesTova Borgnine shares her thoughts and experiences on marriage, based on twenty-five years with actor Ernest Borgnine and as head of her own cosmetics company+-+6678964485521ocn477293565book20100.21Borgnine, ErnestErnest Borgnine : my autobiographyBiographyFor more than 50 years, Ernest or Ernie' as he's known to his friends has been one of the most recognised, celebrated stars in Hollywood, as well as a respected, talented actor and a living legend. From his childhood as the son of Italian immigrants to a spectacular career that is still thriving in his 91st year, from the early days of live TV to voiceovers for The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants, he tells us of the trials on his road to fame, friendships shared with other silver screen stars, and the glamorous leading ladies he loved. From tough guys to sensitive roles, he has squared+-+1414221546324171ocn009192326book19670.20Nathanson, E. MThe dirty dozenFictionA strike force of violent criminals takes on a combat mission under the training and leadership of a U.S. Army major112ocn038123730rcrd19970.17Borgnine, TovaBeing married happily foreverTova, the wife of actor Ernest Borgnine and cosmetic company owner, tells women how to take control of their relationships in ways that will restore joy and vitality to their lives+-+719919133532492ocn656754895book20090.20Borgnine, ErnestErnest Borgnine : I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to keep my nuts warmBiography+-+254267154632461ocn044476229visu19990.17Ernest Borgnine Hollywood's uncommon characterBiographyTakes a look at the life and career of character actor Ernest Borgnine31ocn061749038visu0.81Borgnine, ErnestConversations Ernest BorgnineInterviews21ocn600062689visu20100.10Heroes of Jules Verne Festival Christopher Reeve, Ernest Borgnine, Tony Curtis, Jane Goodall, Salute to SmallvilleShort film tributes by Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and Frédéric Dieudonné of some of the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award recipients11ocn801277544book2009Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesFrom here to eternity11ocn423258262visu19561.00[Academy Awards, 28th. Motion Picture Academy Awards, Hollywood, California. Hearst production footage, HCOc3464r2, X19430, HNRv27n261]Includes footage of Ernest Borgnine, Susan Hayward, Marisa Pavan, Burt Lancaster, Jane Powell, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Jo Van Fleet, Jerry Lewis, Maurice Chevalier, Jack Lemmon, Pantages Theater11ocn773365879book20100.47Borgnine, ErnestI don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to keep my nuts warm : my autobiographyBiography+-+141422154632411ocn058837784visu19961996 Western Heritage AwardsThe 1996 Western Heritage Awards at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, which features the induction of Don Juan Forster, George and Phoebe Hearst, and J.R. Simplot as Great Westerners, and Ernest Borgnine and Audie Murphy as Great Western Performers11ocn830054713book19720.35Lawler, RaySummer of the seventeenth doll, a new playFictionPictorial worksDramaA play about the seventeenth summer in which two lusty Australian cane-cutters come to Sydney on their seasonal layoff to spend their vacation with their off-season "brides."11ocn423256104visu19571.00News of the day"All Hollywood turns out for the Motion Picture Academy Awards presentation. Ingrid Bergman wins 'Oscar' as year's best actress. Yul Brynner honored as best actor. Anthony Quinn wins 'Oscar' for best supporting role"--Hearst indes card11ocn058795219mixLovell, TomTom Lovell papersHistoryBiographyArtThe collection contains personal and family papers; biographical booklets; cards and letters received from friends and publishers; research materials in the form of photocopies and notes; booklets, pamphlets, and catalogues; about 16,000 photographic images in the form of black and white and color negatives, prints, Polaroid prints, slides, and transparencies; sketches; tearsheets; and scrapbooks. Also included are hundreds of tearsheets of reference images, Lovell paintings and illustrations, as well as the work of other artists11ocn488748884book19691.00Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presentsBiographyThe item describes details of the films production and gives biographies of the actors appearing in the film11ocn051605770book19991.00A tribute to Ernest Borgnine : May 22, 1999Biography11ocn057141151score19560.56De Sylva, B. GTogetherPortraitsMusicPart of the State Theatre collection of cinema scores and parts, mainly used for silent movies, but including musical materials associated with talking pictures ca. 1900-1950, used by the State Theatre and various film distribution companies throughout Australia. Some items include performance annotations11ocn871005596visu19640.10Brich, GeorgeAnnouncing new Sheraton-Universal HotelSeen here is a hilltop view overlooking Universal City. The group of people, at left, are gathered for a press conference to announce the future Sheraton Universal Hotel. Present at the press conference were Lew R. Wasserman, MCA president and Ernest Henderson III, president of Sheraton Corp., to sign the contract for and announce the future 500-room hotel. Also at the press conference were Honorary Mayor, Tippi Hedren, Ernest Borgnine and John McIntire, along with the casts of both "Wagon Train" and "McHale's Navy." Photograph dated November 19, 1964+-+6833265535+-+6833265535Fri Mar 21 16:02:07 EDT 2014batch51436