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Fri Mar 21 17:04:06 2014 UTClccn-n850893250.06Desperate measures /0.070.17Everyday maths for grown-ups /12585353Kjartan_Poskittn 850893252700394ポスキット, キャルタンlccn-n96119103Reeve, Philipilllccn-n97017958Postgate, Danielilllccn-nb2007012635Tazzyman, Davidilllccn-n95091923Dunton, Trevorillcrens-parrot agatha fictitious characterParrot, Agatha (Fictitious character)viaf-178335251Davis, Robilllccn-n79007443Newton, Isaac1642-1727ns-urgum fictitious character poskittUrgum (Fictitious character : Poskitt)np-baker, ianBaker, Ianviaf-292280966Dam, JanPeter vanPoskitt, KjartanJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaFictionHumorous storiesPopular worksBiographyMathematical formulaeHistoryMathematicsProbabilitiesFractionsAverageAlgebraAngles (Geometry)Geometrical constructionsSchoolsGirlsSchool field tripsMathematical recreationsArithmeticCosmologyElementary schoolsEnglish fictionGeometryFathers and daughtersFamiliesGreat BritainScientistsNewton, Isaac,MeasurementFantasy fictionWit and humor, JuvenileGalaxiesWeights and measuresPhysicistsHumorous storiesSolar systemPlanetsMen--Conduct of lifeChildren's storiesAstronomy195619891990199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320147246180357510QA93ocn07618166948716ocn269423421book19970.07Poskitt, KjartanMurderous mathsJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaWelcome to your online link to Britain's Murderous math books, designed to help students and teachers learn basic math concepts that are used in the real world. Follow along with Pongo McWhiffy for games, hints, tricks, puzzles, and helpful math books. Concepts covered include: shapes, formulas, algebra, codes, trigonometry, and prime numbers+-+810665489532428517ocn059601819book19970.07Poskitt, KjartanThe gobsmacking galaxyJuvenile worksThis gobsmacking guide provides mind-boggling information about our galaxy and beyond. Readers can embark on a grand tour of the solar system, go skiing on Mars and meet the sad creature from Pluto. It also contains incredible facts about red giants, white dwarves and supernovas+-+38654654053242789ocn044185197book20000.06Poskitt, KjartanDesperate measuresHistoryJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaA humourous look at measurements and their uses, including length, area, and volume. Suggested level: intermediate, junior secondary+-+85286548953242608ocn064097364book20060.06Poskitt, KjartanUrgum the axemanJuvenile worksFictionHumorous storiesA riotously funny saga packed with barbarians on horseback, bizarre creatures, interfering gods, man-eating plants and a very disgusting lavatory+-+84640448953242481ocn701019798book20110.14Poskitt, KjartanEveryday math tricks for grown-ups : shortcuts and simple solutions for the not-so-math mindedPopular works"MATH PROBLEMS MADE EASY: Written with lively text and simple examples, this book will illustrate all the basics--addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division--and advanced topics such as ratios decimals, powers, and roots. Filled with shortcuts, tips, tricks, diagrams and a glossary, this book promises to provide many eureka moments as a light bulb goes off when you finally grasp concepts that may have mystified you up until now"--+-+04787015162486ocn042660475book19980.06Poskitt, KjartanMore murderous mathsJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaFeatures maths with the laughs added in, alongwith tricks, tips and short-cuts+-+78066548953242294ocn046395024book20010.06Poskitt, KjartanDo you feel lucky? : the secrets of probabilityJuvenile works+-+02514448953242273ocn042659066book20000.06Poskitt, KjartanThe mean and vulgar bits : fractions and averagesJuvenile worksHumorIs maths making you miserable? Are you frazzled by fractions and alarmed by averages? Don't panic. Help is at hand in "The Mean and Vulgar Bits". Find out how fractions can save you from the toxic mutant fish of fastbuck and travel to Planet Mean to discover how averages can be revolting+-+15276548953242195ocn059308287book20030.06Poskitt, KjartanThe Phantom XJuvenile worksHumorMiscellanea+-+14722448953242143ocn065464710book20050.06Poskitt, KjartanThe perfect sausageJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaMathematical formulae+-+76540448952054ocn059264497book20040.06Poskitt, KjartanThe fiendish angletron : trigonometryJuvenile works+-+896256259618310ocn729347482book20110.06Poskitt, KjartanAgatha Parrot and the floating headJuvenile worksFictionHumorous storiesAgatha Parrott goes to the Odd Street School . The oddest teacher she has is Miss Barking, who wears goggles and gloves to use a pencil sharpener. Miss Barking tried to execute Martha, another student, with a floppy cardboard axe, but instead Martha's head floated off and exploded!+-+214007059632418212ocn042038183book19990.07Poskitt, KjartanIsaac Newton and his appleJuvenile worksBiography+-+11596654053241744ocn163333680book20070.06Poskitt, KjartanUrgum and the seat of flamesJuvenile worksFictionHumorous storiesUrgum's back! In an adventure packed with yet more bizzare creatures, barbarians in bridal gowns, evil villainous budgies and some legendary underwear. You'll laugh till you fall over!+-+58895625961695ocn050582889book20020.06Poskitt, KjartanProfessor Fiendish's book of diabolical brainbendersJuvenile worksHumor+-+41773448953241664ocn061131415book19990.06Poskitt, KjartanThe essential arithmetricks : how to + - x [symbol for divide]Juvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaFind out how to count your way out of a death-trap, why multiplication can stop a hairy green spot epidemic, and meet the barmy pure mathematicians who spent years proving 5 + 0 = 5. Meanwhile, Chainsaw Charlie, Halfsmile and their gang discover that even the simplest maths can be murderous+-+52066548953241644ocn624417520book20100.17Poskitt, KjartanEveryday maths for grown-upsPopular works+-+29382689363241643ocn751719750book20100.06Poskitt, KjartanThe murderous maths of everythingJuvenile worksHumor+-+42185625963241602ocn757931481book20120.06Poskitt, KjartanAgatha Parrot and the mushroom boyJuvenile worksFictionThis story is about the time I was watching 'Sing Wiggle and Shine' on TV (the worst talent show ever WAHOO love it love it) but my evil brother James nicked the TV remote so he could watch football instead. Don't worry, I got my own back! All it took was a giant yellow cake, some fairies, a school fete and a big sofa cushion1573ocn048193817book20000.06Poskitt, KjartanVicious circles and other savage shapesJuvenile worksHumorMiscellaneaIs maths making you miserable? Are you perplexed by polygons and addled by angles? Do you sometimes wonder where to stick your compasses? Then maybe this book can help+-+3292444895324+-+0478701516+-+0478701516Fri Mar 21 16:01:44 EDT 2014batch19430