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Fri Mar 21 17:05:24 2014 UTClccn-n850896240.00Dr Maskelyne, F.R.S., Astronomer Royal0.761.00A series of letters, which were interchanged between some governors of the two great hospitals of this city, and Mr. Gardiner, of Richmond, wherein are contained sundry curious anecdotes, arising from his gift of two freehold houses to St. Thomas's, and his tender of £.2000 to St. Bartholomew's, on certain conditions14808697Nevil_Maskelynen 850896241458793Astronomer Royal, 1732-1811Maskelyne, |c Dr., 1732-1811Maskelyne, Dr., 1732-1811Maskelyne, Nevillelccn-n81108713Great BritainCommissioners of Longitudelccn-n85132780Howse, Dereklccn-n87913841Garnett, John1748 or 1751-1820lccn-n85009119Croswell, William1760-1834lccn-nr93027374Mudge, Thomas1717-1794lccn-n85067264Pringle, JohnSir1707-1782nc-royal society great britainRoyal Society (Great Britain)lccn-nr93027377Mudge, Thomas1760-1843lccn-n90603904Taylor, Michael1756-1789lccn-n85089507Harrison, John1693-1776Maskelyne, Nevil1732-1811HistoryMaskelyne, Nevil,Great BritainNavigationNautical astronomyLongitudeAstronomersVenus (Planet)AstronomyCometsAngles (Geometry)--MeasurementPrismsMeteorsChronometersAstronomy--ObservationsLogarithmsGeodesy--ObservationsGeodetic astronomyClocks and watchesNautical instrumentsMudge, Thomas,Earth (Planet)St. Bartholomew's Hospital (London, England)St. Thomas's Hospital (London, England)Royal Society (Great Britain)MoonGravityRoyal Greenwich ObservatoryHarrison, John,EnglandTime, Equation ofHerschel, William,Astronomy--ResearchAstronomical observatoriesLongitude--MeasurementTime--Systems and standardsQuadrants (Astronomical instruments)Clock and watch makingBradley, James,Flamsteed, John,Banks, Joseph,Mason, Charles,Time measurements--ExperimentsAiry, George Biddell,Astronomical clocksManagementNewton, Isaac,Astronomy--MathematicsScienceHalley, Edmond,Lalande, Joseph Jérôme Le Français de,17321811174217491761176317641765176617671768176917701771177217731774177517761777177817791780178117831784178617871788178917901791179217941796179717991801180218031804180518061807180818091810181118121813181818191820184118511853186219641987198919962005201020123786186456527.6AC4ocn002112434ocn249323587ocn463650332ocn494394112ocn836116176ocn257679223ocn472073547ocn83640034820918ocn062827163file17910.81Croswell, WilliamTables, for readily computing longitude, by the lunar observations. Partly new, and partly taken from the requisite tables of Dr. Maskelyne. With their application, in a variety of rules and examples.14322ocn744994354file17610.73Maskelyne, NevilThe British mariner's guide. Containing, complete and easy instructions for the discovery of the longitude at sea and land, within a Degree, by Observations of the Distance of the Moon from the Sun and Stars, taken with Hadley's Quadrant. To which are added, An Appendix, containing a Variety of interesting Rules and Directions, tending to the Improvement of Practical Navigation in general. And a Sett of correct Astronomical tables. By Nevil Maskelyne, A.M. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society14115ocn745063500com17680.81Maskelyne, NevilObservations of the transit of Venus over the sun and the eclipse of the sun, on June III, MDCCLXIX. made at the Royal Observatory. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, B.D.F.R.S. and Astronomer Royal13414ocn642333855com17680.76Maskelyne, NevilInstructions relative to the observation of the ensuing transit of the planet Venus over the sun's disk on the 3d of June 1769. By the Reverend Nevil Maskelyne, A.M.F.R.S. Astronomer Royal12612ocn745010579file17670.76Maskelyne, NevilThe original observations of the going of the watch from day to day1096ocn642333848file17780.73Maskelyne, NevilAccount of a new instrument for measuring small angles, called the prismatic micrometer. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, D.D.F.R.S. And Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society, December 18, 17771097ocn642309196file17860.73Maskelyne, NevilAdvertisement of the expected return of the comet of 1532 and 1661 in the year 1788. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, D.D.F.R.S. And Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society, June 29, 1786965ocn508834294file17740.70Maskelyne, NevilTables for computing the apparent places of the fixt stars, and reducing observations of the planets. By the Reverend Nevil Maskelyne, B.D. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society, and astronomer royal. Published by the president and council of the Royal Society, at the public expence906ocn508444215file17830.70Maskelyne, NevilA plan for observing the meteors called fire-balls, by Nevil Maskelyne, D.D.F.R.S. and Astronomer Royal896ocn508495800file17670.70Maskelyne, NevilAn account of the going of Mr. John Harrison's watch, at the Royal Observatory, from May 6th, 1766, to March 4th, 1767. Together with the original observation and calcultions of the same. By the Revd. Nevil Maskelyne, astronomer royal. Published by order of the commissioners of longitudeHistory812ocn509761090file17740.66Maskelyne, NevilAstronomical observations made at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, in the years 1765, 1766, 1767, 1768, and 1769. By the Reverend Nevil Maskelyne, B.D. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society, and Astronomer Royal. Published by the President and Council of the Royal Society, at the public expence, in obedience to His Majesty's Command7013ocn085866868book17640.84Maskelyne, NevilSome remarks upon the equation of time, and the true manner of computing it. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne6915ocn085867155book17420.84Maskelyne, NevilAn answer to a pamphlet entitled "A narrative of facts," lately published by Mr. Thomas Mudge, junior, relating to some time-keepers constructed by his father Mr. Thomas Mudge; ... By Nevil Maskelyne6914ocn085866821book17760.84Maskelyne, NevilA proposal for measuring the attraction of some hill in this Kingdom by astronomical observations By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne6812ocn085866826book17650.84Maskelyne, NevilConcise rules for computing the effects of refraction and parallax in varying the apparent distance of the moon from the sun or a star; ... By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne6813ocn085866822book17710.86Maskelyne, NevilRemarks on the Hadley's quadrant, tending principally to remove the difficulties which have hitherto attended the use of the back-observation ... By Nevil Maskelyne6612ocn085866818book17760.84Maskelyne, NevilAn account of observations made on the mountain Schehallien for finding its attraction. By the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne6511ocn085866823book17650.86Maskelyne, NevilAstronomical observations made at the island of St. Helena, by the Rev. Nevil Maskelyne6511ocn010716814book17660.76Great BritainTables requisite to be used with the astronomical and nautical ephemeris. Published by order of the Commissioners of Longitude639ocn002408260book17920.84Taylor, MichaelTables of logarithms of all numbers from 1 to 101000; and of the sines and tangents to every second of the quadrant2741ocn018020059book19890.76Howse, DerekNevil Maskelyne, the seaman's astronomerBiography+-+56171867053241373ocn083458947com17750.76Pringle, JohnA discourse on the attraction of mountains, delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Royal Society, November 30, 1775. By Sir John Pringle, Baronet, President. Published by their order703ocn745103853com17920.76Mudge, ThomasA narrative of facts relating to some time-keepers, constructed by Mr. Thomas Mudge, for the discovery of the longitude at sea: together with observations upon the conduct of the Astronomer Royal respecting them. By Thomas Mudge, jun. of Lincoln's Inn593ocn642638550file17750.56A series of letters which Were interchanged between some Governors of the Two Great Hospitals of this City, and Mr. Gardiner, of Richmond, wherein Are contained sundry curious Anecdotes, arising from His Gift of Two Freehold Houses to St. Thomas's, and His Tender of -.2000 to St. Bartholomew's, on certain Conditions31ocn020726332book18130.92Delambre, J. B. JNotice sur la vie et les travaux de M. Maskelyne : lue à la séance publique de l'Institut National de France, du 4 janvier 1813Biography21ocn164073275bookCope, Thomas D"A clock sent thither by the Royal Society"21ocn223006705book17750.47Pringle, JohnA discourse on the attraction of mountains21ocn221282162visu1804Dr Maskelyne, F.R.S., Astronomer RoyalPortraits11ocn084317811mixRoyal Greenwich ObservatoryEdmond Halley PapersObservationsIncludes observation and calculation books, with some papers on cometary phenomena and assorted tables. A very limited amount of correspondence. Important subjects covered are: lunar observations, 1721-1740; re-equipment of the Royal Observatory using government funds, 1725. Correspondents are: Bianchini, J. Bradley, Copernicus, Cysali, D. Graham, Dr. Halley, Kepler, J.M. Lillee, Maskelyne, P. Miller, G. Morris, Mr. Oughtrod, Ptolemy, J. Senex, and Tychowich11ocn173466252mix1964Boscovich, Ruggero GiuseppeThis collection includes correspondence to and from Boskovic; a travel journal in Europe; and a large number of manuscripts on astronomy, hydrography, hydro-mechanics, mathematics, geometry, mechanics, and optics; and a volume of poetry11ocn779786212book1996Mollon, J. DErrors of judgement at Greenwich in 179611ocn079021427mixRoyal Greenwich ObservatoryNevil Maskselyne PapersObservationsRecords and correspondenceClaibaut; T. Clapp; Lord Cochrane; R. Coffin; C. Condamine; Coombes; J. Crosley; E. Dacosta; A. Dalambert; F. Drake; G. Dulland; W. Dunkin; J. Earnshaw; G. Eckard; Edward I (King); J. Edwards; Mrs. M. Edwards; L. Euler; R. Fenwick; J. Flamsteed; E. G. Forbes; Dr. Franklin; W. Garrard; Dr. Gauss; George III (King); G. Gilpen; L. Godin; J. Goldenham; W. Gooch; J. Gray; C. Green; Grignions; S. Groombridge; M. Guerrin; C. Haggis; Dr. Halley; T. Hammersly; Mr. Harding; W. Herschel; P. Heywood; S. Hind; J. Hodgeson; Mr. Hollis; J. Horsburgh; W. Howe; Capt. Hubbart; J. Inman; R. Ker; Lacailles; Lalandes; Dr. Layard; J. Mackenzie; W. Manwaring; J. Mapson; W. Marland; W. Marsden; T. Martyn; Baron Maseres; Margaret Maskelyne; N. Maskelyne; Messier; Sir J. Moore; Gail Morris; Sir I. Newton; G. Piazzi; Pingre; J. Pond; Lord Sandwich; B. Workman; and E. Zanotti, among others11ocn079165647mixRoyal Observatory, GreenwichJames Bradley Papers (including Nathaniel Bliss Papers)ObservationsRecords and correspondenceW. Wales; W. White; Mrs. Woodham; and T. Wright11ocn080601875mixRoyal Greenwich ObservatoryJohn Flamsteed PapersC. Einmart; J. Flamsteed; Gascoigne; S. Gray; D. Gregory; Dr. Halley; Hevelius; J. Hodgeson; J. Horrocks; Mr. Lee; N. Maskelyne; S. Molyneux; J. Moore; H. Oldenburgh; Dr. Pell; J. Pond; Dr. Pope; Radcliffe Trustees; A. Ryley; Sir C. Scarbarrow; A. Sharp; Dr. T. Smith; H. Stanyan; N. Stephenson; R. Townley; Weston; J. Witty; Sir G. Wharton; I. Woolferman; and Sir C. Wren, among others11ocn779560424visuNevil Maskelyne. Stipple engraving by E. Scriven after van der Burgh11ocn031966572book1.00Royal Observatory, GreenwichIndex to the MSS of Nevil Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal 1765-1811, at the Royal Greenwich Observatory11ocn024559692book17751.00Gardiner, WilliamA series of letters, which were interchanged between some governors of the two great hospitals of this city, and Mr. Gardiner, of Richmond, wherein are contained sundry curious anecdotes, arising from his gift of two freehold houses to St. Thomas's, and his tender of £.2000 to St. Bartholomew's, on certain conditions.11ocn225688734bookMaskelyne, NevilPapers of Nevil MaskelyneArchivesRecords and correspondencePhotocopies of papers relating to Nevil Maskelyne held in the Royal Greenwich Observatory Archive. RGO 4: includes lists of latitudes and longitudes of places in the East Indies, 1798-1807; letter from Baron de Zach relating to new discoveries between New Holland and Van Diemen's Land, 1802; observations of John Crosley made on the "Investigator", 1801-1803; diary of tasks sent to Crosley on behalf of the Nautical Almanac Office, 1791-1809; accounts by William Bligh of his observations of a solar eclipse and comet, Sydney, 1807; miscellaneous correspondence relating to scientific voyages of the "Investigator" and "Dolphin". RGO 35 (photocopies of material held in other archives): including letters from Maskelyne to Sir Joseph Banks, 1786 regarding instruments for astronomical observations and introducing a Mr Dawes; Board of Longitude papers concerned with the naming and charting of Australia, 1798-180011ocn702168623mix1.00Luc, J. A. deJean André DeLuc papersCorrespondence, lecture notes, and scientific writings of DeLuc and of his nephew, Jean André DeLuc (1763-1847), relating to his experiments in electricity, to lectures given in Geneva by the younger DeLuc, and to outstanding scientists of the period. Also notebooks of several geological expeditions in England, Wales, Belgium, Holland, Westphalia, and the Jura mountains (1778-1806). Correspondents of the elder DeLuc include Sir Joseph Banks, Varenne de Boest, Queen Charlotte and other members of the English royal household, William Hales, Abbé Haüy, Sir William Herschel, James Hutton, Joseph Lalande, de la Métherie, Georges Louis Le Sage, Pilâtre de Rozier, and James Watt11ocn081515169mixRoyal Observatory, GreenwichJohn Pond PapersCatalogsObservationsContains A. Observation ledgers, clock error notes, computation ledgers, manuscript star catalogues, weather records, and a small amount of correspondence; B. Documentation of important topics and events, such as: responsibility for transfer of the Royal Observatory from the Board of Ordnance to the Admiralty in 1820; the disbanding of the Board of Longitude in 1828; the inauguration of the Greenwich time ball in 1833; establishment (ca. 1832) of a separate office to oversee the work concerned with the 'Nautical Almanac'; and C. The following is a partial list of the names of correspondents and others as they appear in the handlist to this class of papers in RGO Archives. It must be rememberd that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of names as they appear in the papers themselves. Researchers interested in a particular period are invited to write to the RGO Archivist at the above address if they are interested in particular individuals whose names do not appear below, but who could possibly have been in correspondence with the person or institution responsible for creating the class. Correspondents: Sir G.B. Airy; W. Allen; C. Arnold; S. Barker; W. Barnes; J. Barow; Bessel; J. Booth; Borda; J. Bradley; Capt. R. Campbell; J. Cooke; H.G. Cox; J. Curmin; A. Currie; Mr. Dent; R.S. Dundas; J. Earnshaw; Mr. Ellis; Dr. Franklin; Frodsham; H. Gardener; Dr. Gauss; J. Haighth; Dr. Halley; J. Hardright; Mr. Hardy; R+-+5617186705324Fri Mar 21 16:02:45 EDT 2014batch30565