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Fri Mar 21 17:06:29 2014 UTClccn-n853075310.00North Carolina poets : Boner, Stockard, and McNeill /0.731.00John Henry Boner /18676462John_Henry_Bonern 853075311743447Boner, John H.lccn-n86849590Benjamin, Marcus1857-1932lccn-n2001096132Pfohl, J. KennethMrslccn-n50024325Stedman, Edmund Clarence1833-1908lccn-n79029745Poe, Edgar Allan1809-1849lccn-n98032708Stockard, Henry Jerome1858-1914lccn-nr93013460Abbey, Henry1842-1911lccn-n85127722Evelyn, William Arthur1860-1935lccn-n85363455Dallas, George Mifflin1792-1864lccn-n87143699Fulton, Maurice G.(Maurice Garland)1877-1955viaf-258066586Taaffe, Thomas GaffneyBoner, John Henry1845-1903PoetryHistoryRecords and correspondenceSourcesArchivesBiographyBibliographySouthern StatesAmerican literatureNorth CarolinaPoets, AmericanAmerican poetryBoner, John Henry,Songs with pianoAuthors, AmericanUnited StatesStedman, Edmund Clarence,New York (State)--New YorkPoe, Edgar Allan,PoetsSt. John's College (Bronx, New York, N.Y.)Lanier, Sidney,Political scienceJournalistsPennsylvaniaFordham UniversityMcNeill, John Charles,Stockard, Henry Jerome,White, Philo,Intellectual lifeWoodbury, Levi,CriticismCooper, James Fenimore,Butler, M. C.--(Matthew Calbraith),Hayne, Paul Hamilton,New York (State)--New York--BronxDeems, Charles F.--(Charles Force),Ward, Aaron,Blair, Francis Preston,Hill, Theophilus H.--(Theophilus Hunter),Commencement ceremoniesNewspapersBrock, R. A.--(Robert Alonzo),JournalismPublishers and publishingDallas, George Mifflin,Vocal musicAnniversariesEvelyn, William Arthur,Buchanan, James,Women authors--Relations with menTimrod, Henry,Johnson, Andrew,Hughes, John,PeriodicalsVan Buren, Martin,Monuments184519031883188418871888188918911896189818991901190319041905190619081909191319171939195419562383548811.49PS1109.B3ocn0328653261117ocn003475536book18830.73Boner, John HenryWhispering pines. [Poems]Poetry575ocn001443449book19030.76Boner, John HenryPoems91ocn008354132book19010.47Boner, John HenrySome new poems41ocn040848710score19560.92Pfohl, J. KennethA trilogy of southern lyrics21ocn032865326book1.00Boner, John HenryPoe's cottage at FordhamPoetry11ocn019056177book19390.47John Henry Boner : North Carolina poet11ocn647897531mix18961.00Boner, John HenryLetters of John Henry BonerLetters to Henry Paret, Esq., February 4, 1896 and to Mr. Stedman, n.d11ocn051260073book19080.47Ainslie, HewLibrary of Southern literatureBiographyBibliography11ocn019094424book19090.47Carman, BlissLetter, 1909 Feb. 13, New Cannaan, ConnLetter concerning John Henry Boner11ocn019094504book18870.47Boner, John HenryLetter, 1887 [Dec. 25], 1701 Madison Ave., N.Y. [to Clarence Edmund Stedmund]Personal letter to a friend11ocn122564967mixBrock Collection: Newspapers and periodicals collection : MiscellaneousHistoryArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondenceCollection of miscellaneous letters and documents relating to various newspapers. Included are letters of subscription, payments fro advertisements, accounts, reports, articles, editorials, reviews, letters to the editor, retractions, etc. Included are pieces relating to The National Intelligencer, New York Morning News, Putnam's Magazine, Raleigh Standard, Southern Opinion, American Agriculturist, New York Tribune, Educational Journal of Virginia, Southern Intelligencer, Lynchburg Sunday Gazette, The Old Dominion, and other periodicals. Correspondents include John Henry Boner and R. A. Brock12ocn624183087book1891St. John's College (Bronx, New York, N.Y.)1841 -- golden jubilee -- 1891 : and unveiling of the memorial statue, on the college grounds, to Archbishop Hughes, (founder of the institution) : Wednesday, June 24thHistory11ocn028048569mix1.00Hill, Theophilus HTheophilus H. Hill papersHistoryPoetryLetters and other items chiefly relating to literary matters. There is no information about Hill's career as a librarian or his other interests, and there are only a few letters that relate to family activities. Letters from Theodore Bryant Kingsberry (1828-1913), clergyman, author, literary critic, and journalist of Oxford, N.C., begin in 1858 and continue sporadically through 1889, and are mostly about Kingsbury's career and literary opinions. There are also a few letters in the 1860s through around 1890 from Charles Force Deems (1820-1893), clergyman, educator, and author, who apparently helped launch Hill's literary career, and who encouraged Hill to continue writing and publishing his work. Hill's major correspondent was John Henry Boner (1845-1903), poet of Salem, N.C. Letters from Boner begin in 1864 and continue through 1901, and are chielfy about Boner and Hill's friendship, Boner's religious beliefs, and, especailly, Boner's literary career. A few manuscript poems are enclosed with the letters. In the late 1890s, many letters focus on Boner's failing health. There are also a few writings of Hill, including manuscript poems and a manuscript volume of Hesper and Other Poems, 1859. Other papers include a few clippings collected by Hill, chiefly of poems, many of which were written by Boner, and a few items of family itnerest11ocn019094536book18890.47Boner, John HenryLetter, 1889 Oct. 20, [to] Edmund Clarence StedmanCover letter to a poem11ocn647897526mix1.00Boner, John HenryPoems by John Henry BonerJohn Henry Boner poems, n.d., "'To John Coventry, on reading his charming novel "After His Kind," and "Ballad of an Old Pine.'"11ocn034791013score18840.47Lillebridge, F. MI would that I could guite forget11ocn019094470book0.47Boner, John HenryHatterasOriginal poem11ocn020624463book18981.00Boner, John HenryMr. Stedman's poems11ocn020947960book0.47Boner, John HenryPoems published in the People's Press243ocn009416135com19050.81Benjamin, MarcusA memorial of John Henry Boner31ocn012431995book19041.00Benjamin, MarcusJohn Henry BonerBiography11ocn170779531art18990.10Boner, John Henry : poetBiography11ocn318642001book19061.00Leonard, Charles ANorth Carolina's first poet : John Henry BonerBiography11ocn037677409book19170.59Fulton, Maurice GSouthern life in southern literature; selections of representative prose and poetry11ocn230398151book1883Boner, John HenryAutograph letter signed from John Henry Boner to Edmund Clarence Stedman11ocn034364127mix18881.00McDermott, Hugh FarrarDelaware Water Gap, Pa., to [E.C.] Stedman [New York]Concerns meeting with Stedman and [J.H.?] Boner some time in May11ocn019934514mix1.00Maclean, Clara Victoria DarganPapersCorrespondence, diaries (1860-1920), scrapbooks, autograph album (1873), and other papers, containing information on Southern literature and the effect of the Civil War on literary effort and remuneration. Includes a copy of FeneĢlon (1888) with Mrs. Maclean's notes and comments. Correspondents inclcude John Henry Boner, Matthew Calbraith Butler, James Wood Davidson, James Nathan Ells, William Evelyn, Paul Hamilton Hayne, and Henry Timrod11ocn318642112book19131.00Stockard, Henry JeromeJohn Henry Boner : an appreciationBiography11ocn078011460book19011.00Boner, John HenryLetter and an envelopeBiographyRecords and correspondenceTypewritten letter, dated 7 Nov. 1901, and signed by Barton O. Aylesworth of Fort Collins, Colorado. Aylesworth writes to Boner for biographical information and includes a list of important events in Boner's life. This list was corrected by Boner and returned to Aylesworth in the envelope found with the collection11ocn017229358visu1.00Johnston, Frances BenjaminCentury Company and McClure Magazine offices, New York, New YorkMen (one identified as John Henry Boner) and women at work; group posed at desk; interiors11ocn021385873book19391.00Simmons, Alma JuliaJohn Henry Boner, North Carolina poet11ocn319534872book1.00Abbey, HenryJohn Henry BonerPoetry11ocn035272772book1905Moore, Hight CNorth Carolina poets : Boner, Stockard, and McNeillPoetry11ocn019276613mix1.00Brown, BedfordPapersPolitical letters from Francis P. Blair, Sr., John Henry Boner, L.I. Brown, James Buchanan, James Fenimore Cooper, George M. Dallas, Weldon N. Edwards, Martin Van Buren, Aaron Ward, Philo White, and Levi Woodbury. Topics include national political issues and politicians from the Jackson era through Reconstruction, Pennsylvania politics during the 1830s-1850s, and North Carolina politics during the 1870s. Also in the collection are Brown's pardon signed by Andrew Johnson, and miscellaneous personal and family documents11ocn151266433art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamBoner, John HenryFri Mar 21 15:22:04 EDT 2014batch16933