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Fri Mar 21 17:07:37 2014 UTClccn-n860116080.00Life of Millard Fillmore : Sketch of the life of Andrew Jackson Donelson0.481.00Selected letters, 1844-1845, from the Donelson papers23346232Andrew_Jackson_Donelsonn 860116081805773Jackson Donelson, Andrew 1799-1871lccn-n79088888Jackson, Andrew1767-1845sgnlccn-no2003060271Cheathem, Mark Renfredlccn-n50029300Fillmore, Millard1800-1874sgnlccn-n2001029945Donelson, Emily Tennessee1807-1836lccn-n2001029936Burke, Pauline Wilcoxlccn-n88071987Williams, Edwin1797-1854lccn-n50065467American Partylccn-n83154801Walker, Edward1804-1879lccn-n2001033703Satterfield, R. Beeler(Robert Beeler)nc-northern liberties fillmore and donelson club washington paNorthern Liberties Fillmore and Donelson Club (Washington, Pa.)Donelson, Andrew Jackson1799-1871HistoryRecords and correspondenceSourcesTreatiesAutographsArchivesCommercial treatiesNewspapersDonelson, Andrew Jackson,United StatesJackson, Andrew,Political sciencePoliticiansFriendshipSouthern StatesNephewsPlantation ownersPolitical partiesFamiliesFillmore, Millard,Donelson, Emily Tennessee,Campaign literaturePresidentsStatesmenSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanAmerican PartyForeign workersPresidents--ElectionTennesseeHermitage (Hermitage, Tenn.)ElectionsPolk, James K.--(James Knox),Architecture, Domestic--Conservation and restorationDwellingsHistoric buildings--Conservation and restorationTennessee--HermitageHomesFillmore & Donelson National American Club (Muscatine, Iowa)Political clubsIowa--MuscatineBuchanan, James,Jackson, AndrewFrémont, John Charles,TexasPublishers and publishingKendall, Amos,Eaton, Peggy,International relationsCass, Lewis,Van Buren, Martin,Breckinridge, John C.--(John Cabell),Land titlesLincoln, Abraham,American Civil War (1861-1865)Benton, Thomas Hart,Parker, Theodore,Andrew, John A.--(John Albion),Butler, William Orlando,17991871183018341835183618401845184718551856185718871909191719181941194819611964196719701978198619881999200020022007178282101E332.25ocn05003078672ocn024156474book19170.47Polk, James KLetters of James K. Polk to Andrew J. Donelson, 1843-1848Records and correspondence21ocn080296548book19171.00Donelson, Andrew JacksonSelected letters, 1844-1845, from the Donelson papers11ocn008268611book18570.47Donelson, Andrew JacksonLetter, [18]57 April 27, West Point [to] Lt. James B. FryOfficer, U.S. Army, instructor, U.S. Military Academy. Letter to the post adjutant protesting the delegation of authority to order drills, to Col. Hardee. The matter was resolved before the protest was forwarded11ocn033629053book18550.47American PartyThe principles of the American Party. : Read and circulate11ocn713873357mixTexas (Republic)Department of State diplomatic correspondenceCommercial treatiesTreatiesDiplomatic correspondence was created in the course of conducting diplomacy between the Republic of Texas and other nations (the United States of America, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Hanse towns (or Hanseatic League), Spain, the Papal States, Mexico, and the rebellious Mexican state of Yucatan). It consists of correspondence between the Republic of Texas' Department of State and diplomatic and consular representatives, both Texan and foreign, dating 1831-1832, 1835-1846, and undated. This correspondence documents the attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, by which Texas sought recognition, aid, and annexation into the Union. The letter books contain copies of both incoming and outgoing correspondence, and document negotiations for loans, and treaties of commerce and recognition, particularly a treaty with Mexico. U.S. diplomatic correspondence discusses Indian affairs, recognition and annexation of Texas by the United States, negotiations for loans, settlement of claims between the two countries, negotiations for duties, extradition, boundaries, and general information on relations with the United States and activities there as reported by the commissioners. English diplomatic correspondence discusses instructions from the Secretary of State to Texas representatives and their reports of activities back to him, claims against Texas for captured British vessels, commercial agreements, recognition of Texas independence, relations with Mexico, protection of British subjects in Texas, slavery and the slave trade, the Texas blockade of Mexican ports, and Texas' annexation to the United States. French diplomatic correspondence discusses instructions of the Department of State to its agents, letters of appointment, attempts to obtain commercial treaties, recognition of Texas independence by the French government, negotiations for a treaty of recognition with Spain, attempts to have France negotiate a treaty of peace and recognition between Texas and Mexico, and establishment of regular mail service between France and Texas. Correspondence relating to the diplomatic relations with Belgium, the Netherlands, Hanse towns, and Spain discusses the recognition of Texas in these countries and Texas' attempts to obtain treaties of amity and commerce. Correspondence relating to the diplomatic relations with Mexico discusses attempts to negotiate a treaty with Mexico, Mexican invasions of Texas, Texas prisoners in Mexico, negotiations with Yucatan for use of the Texas Navy, and the treaty of peace between Yucatan and Mexico; also, a few documents relate to domestic affairs, particularly Indian relations and the depreciation of Texas currency. Correspondence relating to the diplomatic relations with Yucatan includes the treaty by which Texas agreed to furnish naval support to Yucatan's revolution. Correspondents include Republic of Texas Secretaries of State Samuel P. Carson, Stephen F. Austin, James P. Henderson, Robert A. Irion, Barnard Bee, James Webb, David G. Burnet, Abner S. Lipscomb, Joseph Waples, Anson Jones, Ebenezer C. Allen, and Ashbel Smith; Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar; Texas Minister to the United States Richard G. Dunlap; Texas chargés d'affaires to the United States James Reily, Joseph Eve, Isaac Van Zandt, and Charles H. Raymond; Texas Commissioners to the United States William H. Wharton and Memucan Hunt; Texas chargé d'affaires to France George S. McIntosh; Texas chargé d'affaires to the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Hanseatic League, W. Henry Daingerfield; Texas diplomatic agent to Mexico James Treat; Republic of Texas financial agent James Hamilton; Texas Commodore Edwin W. Moore; U.S. Secretaries of State John Forsyth and John C. Calhoun; U.S. chargé d'affaires to the Republic of Texas Andrew J. Donelson; U.S. Senator Silas Wright Jr. (who supported Texas annexation); British Foreign Secretaries Viscount Palmerston (Henry John Temple) and the Earl of Aberdeen (George Hamilton Gordon); British chargé d'affaires to Texas Sir Charles Elliott; British minister to Mexico Richard Pakenham; French Foreign Ministers Count Molé (Louis Mathieu), and Francois Guizot; French chargés d'affaires Alphonse de Saligny and Jules Edouard de Cramayel; Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs Joaquin G. Rejon; and Colonel Martin F. Pereza of the Yucatan11ocn270882944book18470.10Donelson, Andrew JacksonBerlin, to Henry Wheaton11ocn080734576book19701.00Donelson, Andrew JacksonPapers, 1779-1943HistorySources11ocn050879450book1834United StatesThe United States of America : To all to whom these Presents shall come, GreetingHistoryAutographsSources11ocn046680491bookDavis, JamesJames Davis papersHistoryThis small collection comprised of 3 letters received by James Davis deals with Sam Houston's relationship with Davis (1842) and the annexation of Texas by the United States (1845). Two letters written by Houston in 1842 document his reliance on Davis to assist him in carrying out his plans whether dealing with a mutinous army in Galveston or the replacement of Colonel Daingerfield in New Orleans. A letter written on April 15, 1845 by A.J. Donelson, chargé d'affaires of the United States to the Republic of Texas, soon after presenting President Anson Jones with the terms of annexation, records Donelson's views of annexation11ocn705569463mix1.00Donelson, Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson Donelson papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, journals, draft messages of Andrew Jackson, diplomatic papers, news clippings, scrapbook, sketches, photographs, and other papers pertaining to Donelson's service as Andrew Jackson's aide-de-camp (1820-1822) and presidential secretary (1829-1837), charge d'affaires to Texas (1844-1845), U.S. minister to Prussia (1846-1849), editor of the Washington Union (1851-1852), and vice-presidential candidate (1856). Subjects include the Nullification Crisis, 1828-1832; national economic policy; the move to recharter the Bank of the United States; French spoliation claims; matters involving George Poindexter; and the Eaton Affair (Petticoat Affair) involving John Henry Eaton and his wife, Peggy Eaton, and the subsequent cabinet reorganization of 1831. Subjects also include Andrew Jackson's presidential campaigns of 1824, 1828, and 1832; the annexation of Texas; plantation operations; and family affairs. Donelson family papers include those of Andrew Jackson Donelson's wife, Emily Tennessee Donelson; daughter, Mary Emily Donelson Wilcox; great-granddaughter, Pauline Wilcox Burke; James Glasgow Martin; and Meriwether Lewis Randolph. Correspondents include John Branch, William Gannaway Brownlow, James Buchanan, Benjamin F. Butler, R.K. Call, Lewis Cass, William J. Duane, John Henry Eaton, Andrew Jackson, Amos Kendall, Edward Livingston, Louis McLane, James Monroe, James K. Polk, Roger Brooke Taney, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, Martin Van Buren, and Levi Woodbury11ocn122424701mix18561.00Fillmore, Millard[Letter] 1856 Oct. 27, Buffalo, N.Y. [to] A.J. DonelsonHistory11ocn808037234mix1986Trist, Nicholas PhilipPapers of Nicholas Philip TristHistoryArchivesNewspapersRecords and correspondence11ocn050030786com1.00[Letter] 1844 July 29, Nashville [to] Gen[era]l John McCalla, Lexington, KentuckyThis document is a letter dated July 29, 1844, to General John McCalla from Andrew Jackson Donelson, nephew of Andrew Jackson. Donelson invites McCalla to Nashville to speak at a mass meeting and visit the "old General."11ocn061369548book18300.47United StatesLand grant to Levi Shumway : Monroe, MichHistorySources11ocn079328503book1917Donelson, Andrew JacksonSelected letters ... from the Donelson papers, with introduction and notes by St. George L. Sioussat11ocn022835810book18350.47United States[Land] certificate no. 17807, 1835 April 16 [for land granted to] Peter Banta Senior"For the south west quarter of section 23, in township 12 north of range 3 east in the district of lands subject to sale at Indianapolis, Indiana, containing 160 acres."11ocn122699150mix18401.00Van Buren, Martin[Letter] 1840 Dec. 29 [to] A.J. DonelsonHistory11ocn022835586book18340.47United States[Land] certificate no. 12917, 1834 Aug. 12 [for land granted to] Peter Banta Jr"For the east half of the north east quarter of section 22, in township 12 north of range 3 east in the district of lands subject to sale at Indianapolis, Indiana, containing 80 acres."11ocn758450183mix1.00William L. Clements LibraryLewis Cass papersHistoryThe Lewis Cass papers contain the political and governmental letters and writings of Lewis Cass, American army officer in the War of 1812, governor and senator from Michigan, American diplomat to France, secretary of war in the Andrew Jackson administration, secretary of state under James Buchanan, and Democratic candidate for President. These papers span Cass' entire career and include letters, speeches, financial documents, memoranda, literary manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and a travel diary. In addition to documenting his political and governmental career, the collection contains material concerning relations between the United States and Native Americans, and Cass' role in presidential politics11ocn051301784com1.00Donelson, Andrew Jackson[Letter] 1835 Jun 1 Washington [D.C.], [to] StocklyThis document is a letter written by A.J. Donelson on June 1, 1835. The letter discusses several students attending West Point and their scholastic abilities. Donelson also gives his political views on several candidates and practices that are important to the politics of the time11824ocn560597030file20070.37Cheathem, Mark RenfredOld Hickory's nephew the political and private struggles of Andrew Jackson DonelsonHistoryBiographyThough remembered largely by history as Andrew Jackson's nephew, Andrew Jackson Donelson was himself a significant figure in nineteenth-century America: a politician, planter, diplomat, newspaper editor, and vice-presidential candidate. His relationship with his uncle and mentor defined his life, as he struggled to find the political and personal success that he wanted and his uncle thought he deserved. In Old Hickory's Nephew, the first definitive biography of this enigmatic man, Mark R. Cheathem explores both Donelson's political contributions and his complex, tumultuous, and often-overlooke+-+63878625351953ocn001630885book19410.59Burke, Pauline WilcoxEmily Donelson of Tennessee1226ocn317695869com18560.86Fillmore, MillardThe life and administration of Ex-President Fillmore from Walker's statesman's manual : to which are added reasons for his election to the presidency : extracts from his recent speeches : and a sketch of the life of Andrew Jackson Donelson of TennesseeBiography1143ocn317694441com18560.88Life of Millard Fillmore242ocn023683640book18560.98Williams, EdwinThe life and administration of ex-president Fillmore to which are added, reasons for his election to the presidence, extracts from his recent speeches, and a sketch of the life of Andrew Jackson Donelson of Tennessee162ocn841406764com18560.88An appeal to workingmen161ocn046785072book20000.35Satterfield, R. BeelerAndrew Jackson Donelson : Jackson's confidant and political heirBiography101ocn008674216book19700.95Donelson, Andrew JacksonThe papers of Andrew J. DonelsonArchivesCorrespondence, journals, draft messages of Andrew Jackson, diplomatic papers, news clippings, scrapbook, sketches, photos, and other papers covering Donelson's career as Andrew Jackson's aide-de-camp (1820-1822), his private secretary (1829-1837), charge d'affaires to Texas (1844-1845), Minister to Prussia (1846-1849), editor of the Washington Union (1851-1852), and candidate for Vice President (1856). Includes papers (1779-1831) of Donelson's wife, Emily Tennessee Donelson, an autograph album with letters and poems of his daughter, Mary Emily Donelson, and Donelson family papers (1913-43), including some of his granddaughter, Pauline Wilcox Burke. Principal correspondents are John Branch, William G. Brownlow, James Buchanan, Richard K. Call, Lewis Cass, Edward Livingston, James K. Polk, Roger B. Taney, and Martin Van Buren71ocn020739791book19670.47Lawrence, Stephen STulip Grove : neighbor to The Hermitage72ocn437871382book18560.63Fillmore & Donelson National American Club! Muscatine, Iowa. We the undersigned, electors of the city of Muscatine and immediate vicinity, who are opposed to all sectional parties and in favor of the election of Fillmore and Donelson, respectfully invite the cooperation of all persons who are in favor of the principles of the National Fillmore American Party to assemble on Saturday evening the 9th, at 8 o'clock, in front of the American Hotel for the purpose of ratifying the nominations of Fillmore & Donelson, and forming a National Fillmore American Club.31ocn233540126book1857Life of Millard Fillmore : Sketch of the life of Andrew Jackson Donelson21ocn038983056book19480.47Pigott, M. PerpetuaEmily Donelson and the Eaton affair22ocn005086491book19480.47Satterfield, R. BeelerThe early public career of Andrew Jackson Donelson, 1799-184622ocn021192412book19880.47Pike, William JosephThe public life of Andrew Jackson DonelsonBiography21ocn054961367art19780.10Bryan, Charles FaulknerThe prodigal nephew : Andrew Jackson Donelson and the Eaton affair22ocn070981102file1.00Blair family papersHistoryTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, diaries, lectures and speeches, financial and legal papers, military papers, biographical and genealogical data, printed material, and other papers of various Blair family members21ocn776972304book1856The True American's almanac and politician's manual, for 1857.Portraits21ocn055687009art19170.10Selected letters, 1844-1845, from the Donelson papersRecords and correspondence21ocn060952701book1856Day, Benjamin HenryThe presidential candidates. 1856. Election--Tuesday, 4th November. : To be ready December 1st. The greatest pictorial paper yet! Mammoth double-sheet Brother Jonathan for Christmas, and New Years 1857.Portraits11ocn052743212art1999Donelson, Andrew Jackson+-+6387862535Fri Mar 21 15:21:02 EDT 2014batch27444