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L. Dayton, of N. 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Fremont and Dayton, desiring that their fellow citizens should act understandingly in reference to the great issues that are to be decided at the next election, submit the following important documents for their considerationPolitical platforms83ocn031553396book18810.63Dayton, William LHistorical sketch of the Trenton academy : read at the centennial anniversary of its foundation, February 10th, 1881History71ocn013342900book18450.97Dayton, William LSpeech of Mr. Dayton, of New Jersey : against the annexation of Texas. Delivered in the Senate on Monday, February 24, 184531ocn020063510book18901.00Smith, JamesReport of the state agents for the purchase of camp ground at Sea GirtHistoryMilitary history32ocn047689488book18441.00Dayton, William LSpeech of Mr. Dayton, of New Jersey, on the tariff : delivered in the Senate of the United States, on the 29th of April, 1844Speeches in Congress21ocn041691912book18440.10Dayton, William LSpeech on the subject of Oregon, etc. delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 23 and 26, 1844History21ocn017203091book1856Young Men's Fremont and Dayton Central UnionJosiah Quincy, Sr., on Fremont, [etc., etc.]21ocn183097851book18571.00Memorial of the holders of certificates of stock of the Wabash and Erie Canal of the state of Indiana, to the General Assembly of the state of Indiana, March, 185721ocn213874897book18570.47Bradley, Joseph PBrief of argument of J.P. Bradley and W.L. 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Read, on the power of Congress over the territories, and in favor of free Kansas, free white labor, and of Fremont and Dayton delivered on Tuesday evening, September 30, 1856, at Philadelphia362ocn023679754book18750.97Bradley, Joseph PA memorial of the life and character of Hon. William L. Dayton, late U.S. Minister to FranceBiography102ocn277220605com18560.59Republican campaign edition for the million containing the Republican platform, the lives of Fremont and Dayton, with beautiful steel portraits of each : also, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United StatesBiography82ocn437943106book18590.76The Next presidency. Trenton, N.J., December 9, 1859. Dear Sir:--It is in the highest degree probable that the next presidential election will turn, as did the last, on the votes of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.82ocn437985427book18560.76To the young men of Massachusetts. The young men of the old Pilgrim state of Massachusetts, cannot for one moment be suspected of indifference to the magnitude and importance of the events now transpiring in our land ... Young men, as you value your country ... rally to the support of the Republican nonminations, and secure the election of Fremont and Dayton, by an overwhelming majority. To secure this end we recomment to the young men of every city and town in the state, to immediately organize young men's Fremont and Dayton clubs; and by all honorable means in their power endeavor to secure the success of the great principles now at stake, by the election of these candidates.72ocn437829919book18560.63Bearce, Starbird & CoFremont & Dayton! The "State of Maine" for the campaign. In accordance with the principles which we have always advocated, we have placed at the head of the columns of the "State of Maine" newspaper, the names of Fremont & Dayton, as candidates for president and vice president of the United States, and shall use all fair and honorable means to secure their election.41ocn050867409book18560.92Shaffer, ChaunceyChauncey Shaffer's reasons for voting for John C. FremontReplying to a query about a newspaper report, Shaffer explains his support of Frémont's presidential candidacy and opposition to Fillmore32ocn032615638book18561.00Fremont & DaytonPoetry31ocn017203066book18561.00Young Men's Fremont and Dayton Central UnionChauncey Shaffer, esq., a prominent member of the American Party, supports John C. Fremont. as candidate for the office of President of the United States and gives his reasons for so doing in the following letter21ocn060952701book1856Day, Benjamin HenryThe presidential candidates. 1856. Election--Tuesday, 4th November. : To be ready December 1st. The greatest pictorial paper yet! Mammoth double-sheet Brother Jonathan for Christmas, and New Years 1857.Portraits21ocn084312254book18561.00One hundred dollars reward. Let every voter examine and judge for himself! : By general consent, North and South, East and West, the coming election presents this great issue to be decided: shall the extension of slavery be prohibited?22ocn082792636book18611.00Dayton, William LLetter : Trenton, N.J., to A. NumsellAutograph letter signed21ocn060861343book18561.00Republican Party (Philadelphia, Pa.)Circular. Philadelphia, November 4, 1856. : Fellow citizen: we present you herewith, an electoral ticket, nominated by a state convention, composed of delegates from the various counties of the state, representing the two parties hostile to the Cincinnati platform, and to the election of James Buchanan to the presidency11ocn728100221map1856[Anti-slavery manuscript map]HistoryMaps11ocn053141597mixWall, Garret DGarret D. Wall papersThis collection consists of handwritten letters, ten outgoing letters from Garret D. Wall and two incoming letters. The correspondence dates are from 1809 until 1841. Most of the letters discuss issues pertaining to Wall's legal practice and profession, with comments regarding financial and legal matters. Two of the letters are from Wall, as U.S. Senator, to J.K. Paulding, Secretary of the Navy, recommending individuals for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. One letter is from Senator Wall to Secretary of the Navy Mahlon Dickerson recommending an individual's appointment to Navy Surgeon11ocn056385061book18560.95Republican National ConventionProceedings of the National Convention held at Philadelphia : on the 17th, 18th, and 19th June, 1856, pursuant to the following call, To the people of the United States11ocn192110850visu1856Buchaneer pacificationHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsSubject: Political cartoon representing Liberty as endangered from all sides in politics. At center, Liberty, in the form of a manacled female figure, is chained to the ground by chains marked "Pierce administration." Behind her, a male figure labeled "slavocracy" holds a large slab marked "I am not Simply, James Buchanan" as if to throw it, saying, "This will quiet her." At right, John C. Frémont stands in an orator's attitude, saying, "Preserve both liberty and the union." A figure made of jointed boards and labeled "straight Whig," holds the feet of Frémont's running mate, William L. Dayton, while a figure with the body of a man and the head of an owl holds Dayton's arms. From Dayton's pocket falls a paper marked "Repeal of the Missouri compromise." At left, three vignettes illustrate current events. At top, a scene labeled "Kansas" shows men shooting guns and cannon at men, women, and children, while a church and other town buildings burn; beside this scene, a man holds a pistol in the face of a voter as he puts his ballot in the box. In the middle vignette, Irishmen seek jobs from an overseer, who rejects the idea, saying, "Paddies don't make good slaves cos they wont bear likin [i.e., licking] and Paddy galls [i.e., gals] are too tickular"; an Irishman replies, "Then we've voted the bread out of our children's mouths." The bottom vignette shows a man, presumably Senator Charles Sumner, sitting unsuspecting at a writing desk while another man, presumably Congressman Preston Brooks, stands behind him raising a cane as if to strike11ocn033859032bookRepublican Club of Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)Fremont and DaytonFri Mar 21 16:08:04 EDT 2014batch22751