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Fri Mar 21 17:09:15 2014 UTClccn-n860717010.00Angleton, James Jesus0.301.00James Angleton, le contre-espion de la CIA /25403428James_Jesus_Angletonn 860717011888656Angleton, James J. 1917-1987Angleton, James JesusAngleton, James Jesus 1917-1987lccn-n79065205Buckley, William F.Jr1925-2008lccn-n79099301United StatesCentral Intelligence Agencylccn-n84172325Mangold, Tomlccn-n88023280Holzman, Michael Howard1946-lccn-n50016190Whittemore, Reed1919-2012edtnp-todd, raymondTodd, Raymondnrtlccn-n81148538Leigh, Richard-1899lccn-n95094951Lewis, Dave1844-1936np-moreland, williamMoreland, Williamnp-parrott, earl k$1869 1945Parrott, Earl K.1869-1945Angleton, James1917-1987HistoryBiographyPeriodicalsCriticism, interpretation, etcAngleton, James,United StatesIntelligence serviceUnited States.--Central Intelligence AgencyEspionage, AmericanSpiesSoviet UnionInternational relationsIntelligence officersPoetryDallas, ClaudeSchmidt, HelenaHisom, Doc,Hart, SylvanIdahoLeigh, Richard,Soviet Union.--Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnostiUniversities and collegesMinnesotaEmployeesSpy storiesAmerican poetryBuss, KateInternationalismGingrich, ArnoldMeyer, William B.,Pinchot, Ruth PStudent newspapers and periodicalsMeyer, Katharine ThawBraithwaite, William Stanley,Authors, AmericanPound, Ezra,Ford, Ford Madox,American literatureJournalismUnited World Federalists (U.S.)Meyer, Mark,StudentsOrage, A. R.--(Alfred Richard),French literatureHarvey, Bill,Wing, Donald Goddard,Blackmur, R. P.--(Richard P.),DuPlessis, Rachel BlauTate, Allen,Kerpely, Theresa de,Lynd, Helen Merrell,Harrison, Charles Yale,Agresti, Olivia RossettiCantwell, Robert,19171987197519801991199219931994199920002001200620072008200928142450327.12730092JK468.I6ocn008373159ocn001570330ocn646875842ocn557643429ocn297685344ocn0494021671877ocn008373159serial0.84FuriosoPeriodicals31ocn024802056visu19910.47Spy hunterDocumentary about James Jesus Angleton, the CIA man in charge of counterintelligence in the 1950's and 1960's. He was an obsessive anti-communist who was convinced that there was a mole in the ranks of the CIA. His story is an example of the dangers of unaccountability in any secret organization, and the damage done by one man's obsession22ocn144846810com19751.00Angleton, James[Appearance before a Senate Committee investigating the illegal surveillance of anti-war protestors, the covert opening of mail, and the sacrificing of other individual rights to the national security by the CIA]In response to questions by Chairman Frank Church, Walter Mondale, and committee counsel F.A.O. Schwartz, Angleton and his attorney, John T. Brown, advocate a hierarchy of values which sometimes demands illegal defense of the national welfare21ocn488568765book20080.73Holzman, Michael HowardJames Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the craft of counterintelligenceHistoryBiography+-+649149300611ocn702312459serial1.00Furioso; a magazine of verseCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicals11ocn049402167serial1.00Vif; revue française inter-universitairePeriodicals12426ocn042771544book20000.17Buckley, William FSpytime : the undoing of James Jesus Angleton : a novelFictionA fictional account of the life of the head of U.S. counterintelligence+-+88605560658515ocn023583671book19910.25Mangold, TomCold warrior : James Jesus Angleton : the CIA's master spy hunterHistoryBiographyJames Jesus Angleton's involvement with some of the most notorious counterespionage events2813ocn183179315book20080.73Holzman, Michael HowardJames Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the craft of counterintelligenceHistoryBiography+-+64914930061207ocn466868940file20000.13Buckley, William FSpytimeFictionJames Jesus Angleton was the master, a legend in the time of spies. Founder of U.S. counterintelligence at the end of the second World War, ruthless hunter of moles and enemies of America, his name is synonymous with skullduggery and intellectual subterfuge. Now bestselling author William F. Buckley, Jr. presents a subtle and thrilling fictional account of the spymaster's life+-+8302461325324951ocn032047476book19940.17Conley, CortIdaho loners : hermits, solitaries, and individualistsLocal historyBiographyGives accounts of twelve people in Idaho who have prefered to lead lives of isolation+-+2011085145111ocn030542197book19940.92Hood, WilliamMyths surrounding James Angleton : lessons for American counterintelligence62ocn152505037book20071.00Arboit, GéraldJames Angleton, le contre-espion de la CIABiography41ocn050202458rcrd20010.10Buckley, William FSpytime the undoing of James Jesus AngletonFictionFrom his early involvement in the World War II underground to the waning days of the Cold War in Washington, D.C., Angleton pursued his enemies, real and imagined, with a cool, calculating intelligence, and an unwillingness to take anything at face value. Convinced that there was a turncoat within the CIA itself, he confused his enemy by misleading acts and deceptive feints to distort his real objective--to capture and expose a traitor. The result was near-victory for American Intelligence--and defeat for himself. A brilliant re-creation of his world, including the CIA, Soviet defectors, the infamous traitors Burgess, MacLean, and Philby, and American presidents from Truman to Carter, Spytime traces the making--and tragic unmaking--of a man without peer, and at the end, a man without a country to serve+-+136946132532411ocn643537023mix0.47Conley, CortCort Conley collection on Idaho lonersLocal historyBiographyResearch notes (including clippings) and drafts for Conley's book, Idaho Loners: Hermits, Solitaries, and Individualists (1994). Individuals profiled are Richard Leigh (Beaver Dick), William "Doc" Hisom, David Lewis, Clydeus Dunbar, Earl Parrott, William Moreland, Sylvan Hart, Lydia Coyle, Richard Zimmerman, Helena Schmidt, Claude Dallas, and James J. Angleton11ocn050543156book20011.00Mangold, TomT︠S︡epnoĭ pes "kholodnoĭ voĭny"HistoryBiography11ocn070983397mix1.00Meyer, CordCord Meyer papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence; journal (1945-1965); newspaper columns, speeches, lectures, and other writings; and scrapbooks and photographs. Correspondence chiefly relates to Meyer's activities on behalf of one-world government and his association with the United World Federalists, to his family and personal life, and to his autobiography, entitled Facing Reality: From World Federalism to the CIA (1980). Includes correspondence pertaining to and copies of columns on foreign affairs written by Meyer for the Washington Times from 1990 to 1997. Correspondents include his mother, Katharine Thaw Meyer, his son, Mark Meyer, his brother, William B. Meyer, his mother-in-law, Ruth P. Pinchot, and his colleague at the Central Intelligence Agency, James Angleton11ocn048961843art1999Angleton, James Jesus11ocn319910336rcrd0.10Mangold, TomCold warriorHistoryBiographyAfter the defection of Kim Philby, James Angleton, chief of the CIA counterintelligence staff, begins a witch hunt for spies within his organization11ocn857988915rcrd20000.10Buckley, William FSpytime : the undoing of James Jesus Angleton, a novelFiction+-+297665106511ocn702150345bks1.00Pound, EzraDonald Wing collection of Ezra Pound papersThe collection contains letters by, writings and memorabilia of Ezra Pound, including letters to James J. Angleton, R. P. Blackmur, William Stanley Braithwaite, Kate Buss, Ford Madox Ford, Arnold Gingrich, and A. R. Orage. The letters mainly concern publication of various writings by Pound; a letter to the journal Current Controversy discusses Pound's political and economic views. Writings and memorabilia include a proof sheet of "The Fourth Canto"; photographs of Pound in London; and an invitation to a tea given by Pound11ocn862940141book19800.28Martin, David CWilderness of mirrors"Through the contrasting personalities and careers of two colorful American CIA officials, James Jesus Angleton and William King Harvey, Wilderness of Mirrors describes the bitter struggle for supremacy between U.S. and Russian Intelligence which has raged since the end of World War II."01ocn408846851rcrd1993Mangold, TomCold warrior James Jesus Angleton, the CIA's master spy hunterHistoryBiographyDuring the height of the Cold War, James Angleton was the chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's counter-intelligence staff. Although devoted to his employees, Angleton began a witch hunt for spies within the CIA after the defection of Kim Philby01ocn086131932mixGregory, HoraceCriticism, interpretation, etcCorrespondence, writings, memorabilia, a portion of which relates to Gregory's wife, poet Marya Zaturenska01ocn226084175rcrd2000Mangold, TomCold warrior James Jesus Angleton : the CIA's master spy hunterHistoryBiography+-+6491493006+-+6491493006Fri Mar 21 15:21:02 EDT 2014batch16568