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Fri Mar 21 17:11:11 2014 UTClccn-n861049990.00Oliver Wolcott /0.851.00Blacks in Connecticut and New England collections,44680357Oliver_Wolcott,_Jr.n 861049991846459Marcus, 1760-1833lccn-n78096864United StatesDepartment of the Treasurylccn-n79105675Adams, John1735-1826lccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n86807638United StatesCongressHouseCommittee Appointed to Investigate the State of the Treasurylccn-n88191228Gibbs, George1815-1873lccn-n86853482Smith, William Loughton1758-1812lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n79042218ConnecticutGeneral Assemblylccn-n88077543Society of St. Tammanylccn-n00063749United StatesCongressHouseCommittee Appointed to Examine into the State of the Treasury DepartmentWolcott, Oliver1760-1833HistorySermonsUnited StatesAdams, John,United States.--Department of the TreasuryWashington, George,Jefferson, Thomas,Political scienceCommerceLegislative hearingsFinanceInternational relationsTaxationEconomic historyReal property--ValuationAlgeriaGreat BritainFinance, PublicConnecticutElection sermonsDrawbacksTariff--Law and legislationMaritime lawInternal revenueDominican Republic--Santo DomingoPaper--TaxationUnited States--Northwest, OldLand titles--Registration and transferPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaPublic landsAuctionsSlaverySermons, AmericanConnecticut--HartfordExpenditures, PublicCoast defensesUnited States.--ArmyUnited States.--NavyHarborsFranceWolcott, Oliver,Currency questionSlavesPresidents--ElectionBlack raceEllsworth, Oliver,Banneker, Benjamin,MerchantsGallatin, Albert,New EnglandAfrican American soldiersAfrican Americans176018331787178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021804180518081810181118131814181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818461860189819071917194019621969197019711974197819851988199019951998199920054280284482973.4Z1215ocn460243199ocn460243184ocn864713109ocn23433860679722ocn060727969file18020.92Wolcott, OliverAn address, to the people of the United States on the subject of the report of a Committee of the House of Representatives, appointed to "examine and report, whether monies drawn from the Treasury, have been faithfully applied to the objects for which they were appropriated, and whether the same have been regularly accounted for," which report was presented on the 29th of April, 1802History47715ocn000853783book18460.66Gibbs, GeorgeMemoirs of the administrations of Washington and John Adams, edited from the papers of Oliver Wolcott, secretary of the TreasuryHistory23518ocn062836884com17960.73Smith, William LoughtonThe pretensions of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency examined and the charges against John Adams refuted ; addressed to the citizens of America in general ; and particularly to the electors of the President2309ocn065248803file18200.88Wolcott, OliverRemarks on the present state of currency, credit, commerce, and national industry in reply to an address of the Tammany Society of New-YorkHistory17512ocn062839605com17970.81United StatesReports of the secretary of state, and of the secretary of the Treasury, relative to the present situation of affairs with the Dey and Regency of Algiers. Accompanying a confidential message, from the president of the United States, received the 19th of January, 17971568ocn015450883book18040.94Wolcott, OliverBritish influence on the affairs of the United States proved and explained1527ocn062836886com17960.81Smith, William LoughtonThe pretensions of Thomas Jefferson to the presidency examined ; and the charges against John Adams refuted. Addressed to the citizens of America in general, and particularly to the electors of the president. :1017ocn062839633com17950.88United StatesCircular to the collectors and naval officers. Treasury Department, March [blank], 1795. Sir, you will receive herewith an act entitled "An act making further provision in cases of drawbacks," accompanied with certain forms for carrying the same into execution.1018ocn062828411file17990.88Extracts of letters received by J. Jackson, supervisor of Massachusetts district, from the Treasury Department of the United States, on subjects relative to the direct tax1017ocn062838725com17930.88United States(Circular) Treasury Department Comptroller's Office, December 28th. 1793 Sir, I herewith transmit certain explanations and forms of official documents, in relation to the acts concerning the registering, recording, enrolling and licensing, of ships and vessels.1007ocn062839636file18000.88United StatesCircular to the collectors of the customs, Treasury Department, Washington, Sept. 27, 1800. Sir, Subjoined to this letter is a copy of a proclamation, which has been issued by the president of the United States, dated the 6th instant, remitting and discontinuing the restraints on commercial intercourse with the island of St. Domingo996ocn062839652com17990.88United States(Circular). Treasury Department, March 30th, 1799. I avail myself of the first opportunity which I have been able to command, to transmit an act of Congress passed on the 28th day of February, 1799, entitled "An act to amend the act, entitled An act, to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling houses and the enumeration of slaves, within the United States."997ocn062839613com17980.88United StatesAbstract of the stamp law. Treasury Deparment, March 1, 1798. Public notice is hereby given, in pursuance of the act of Congress, passed on the sixth day of July one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, entitled "An act laying duties on stamped vellum, parchment and paper," and the act987ocn062839774file17960.88United StatesTreasury Department, August 8, 1796. Public notice is hereby given, In pursuance of an act of Congress ... providing "for the sale of the lands of the United States, in the Territory North West of the River Ohio ... the quarter townships of land described in the annexed schedule ... will be exposed for sale at public vendue, at the Merchants' Coffee-House in Philadelphia, on the 4th day of January nextHistory967ocn062839800file17980.86United StatesTreasury Department, Trenton, September 8th, 1798. (Circular). Sir, Agreeably to what was promised in my letter of August 7th, I have now the honour to transmit certain forms, which I request may be observed, in the execution of the act "to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of slaves, within the United States."901ocn733086010com18250.93Dow, DanielThe duty of praying for all that are in authority, illustrated a sermon preached before His Excellency Oliver Wolcott and the Honourable Legislature of the state of Connecticut, at the general election, May 4, 1825Sermons857ocn062839666file17980.92United StatesLetter and report of the secretary of the Treasury accompanied with sundry statements relative to the military and naval establishments, and to the fortification of the ports and harbours of the United States, in pursuance of three resolutions of the House of Representatives, of the 3d of March 1797. : 7th February 1798, so much as relates to the naval establishment, referred to the committee appointed on the 15th ultimo, to enquire into the expenditures of the monies heretofore appropriated for a naval armament ; and also, into the causes of the delay in completing the same. Such other parts as relate to the military establishment, referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. : Published by order of the House of Representatives843ocn015577340book18190.94Wolcott, OliverTo the Senate and House of Representatives of the state of Connecticut763ocn062839716file17990.93United StatesLetter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting a statement of goods, wares and merchandize exported from the United States, during one year, prior to the first day of October, 1798. 7th February, 1799. Ordered to lie on the table : Published by order of the House of Representatives753ocn062839782com17990.93United StatesTreasury Department, February 12th, 1799. Circular to the collectors, naval officers and surveyors of the customs. : Sir, I herewith transmit for the direction of the officers of the customs and other concerned, an act of Congress passed on the ninth day of the present month, entitled "An act to suspend the commercial intercourse between the United States and France and the dependencies thereof."135ocn009307235book19690.88Schmauch, Fred HOliver Wolcott: his political role and thought between 1789 and 1800History95ocn021400354mix19880.94Hamilton, Neil AConnecticut order, mercantilistic economics : the life of Oliver Wolcott, Jr.71ocn043571967book19980.23Miles, Ellen GrossMemorials of great & good men who were my friends : portraits in the life of Oliver Wolcott, Jr.Portraits41ocn697579351com18460.66Gibbs, GeorgeMemoirs of the administrations of Washington and John Adams, edited from the papers of Oliver Wolcott, secretary of the TreasuryHistory21ocn028425047mix1.00Blacks in Connecticut and New England collectionsHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, bills of sale and other slave records, certificates, newspapers, newspaper clippings, and other papers, relating to slavery in Connecticut and New England, emancipation, and abolition. Includes correspondence (1790) between Oliver Ellsworth and his wife, Abigail (Wolcott) Ellsworth, concerning the purchase of a Negro girl; memorial (1794) written by Joseph Bloomfield to Connecticut General Assembly encouraging the promotion of abolition; history (1882) documenting anti-slavery in Fairfield County, Conn., written by Samuel M. Main; records (1865-1869) of Hartford Freedmen's Aid Society; correspondence (1853-1893) of Rebecca Primus and other Primus family members, a free black family in Hartford; discussion of Frederick W. Seymour pertaining to black soldiers in Connecticut; and correspondence and other papers (1773) of Joseph Bellamy relating to the sending of converted blacks to West Africa as missionaries. Persons represented include abolitionists Emma (Philleo) Goodwin Whipple and Oliver Wolcott, Jr21ocn025309274mix0.92Wolcott, OliverPapersArchivesBusiness, official and personal correspondence, documents of Wolcott's public service, record booklets containing Comptroller of Connecticut and U.S. Treasury records (1784-1806), and other papers11ocn122617512mix1.00New York State LibraryAutographs of American authors and statesmen collectionAutographsA large collection of manuscripts gathered by the State Library for their value as autographed documents. Included are letters, receipts, orders and other documents bearing the signature of the author or political figure who appears on the listing below11ocn062096250mixDuBois, Henry CHenry C. Dubois collectionHistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondenceThe collection includes miscellaneous correspondence and documents pertaining to several generations of the Patterson, Ewing, Cowell, and DuBois family, as well as a published family history, genealogical notes, and photographs11ocn082415715mix1.00Delaplaine, JosephCorrespondenceBiographyRecords and correspondenceHandwritten correspendence. The materials are letters sent between Delaplaine and popular figures of the early nineteenth century. The majority of items concern information for Delaplaine's magazine, "Repository of the Lives and Portraits of Distinguished Americans." The collection includes handwritten autobiographical sketches of Oliver Wolcott and William Pinkney11ocn808623854book1823Wolcott, OOliver WolcottBiography11ocn070980162mix1.00McHenry, JamesJames McHenry papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, memoranda, financial papers, and other papers relating to McHenry's service as U.S. secretary of war in the administrations of George Washington and John Adams; and as a Continental Army officer, particularly as secretary to George Washington and on the staff of the Marquis de Lafayette. Subjects include Indian affairs, frigate construction, fortification of ports and harbors, defense of the frontier, army regulations, and U.S. relations with France, Great Britain, and Spain. Includes a diary (1787) kept by McHenry as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention11ocn468822170book1.00Perkins, EliasElias Perkins papersHistoryTreatiesRecords and correspondenceDeedsPapers reflecting Perkins's various activities chiefly reflecting his interests as a judge, member of U.S. Congress, and banking and business activities11ocn043364554book1817Hartford Times (Firm)Sir- Wishing to avail ourselves of the earliest possible information as to the result of the election ...Political circular supporting Oliver Wolcott for governor11ocn058660276mixWolcott, Oliver [and] CoTwo account books, 1804-1810, 1808-1815, recording the transactions of this commission and agency firm of which Wolcott, James Watson, Archibald Gracie, Moses Rogers, and William Woolsey were partners. Included are numerous accounts of sales of China goods, invoices of goods shipped to China, accounts pertaining to the estate of James Watson, to the Humphreysville Manufacturing Co., to the ships Trident, Triton, and Chinese, and to such persons as Eli Whitney, Rufus King, Benjamin Tallmadge, Curtiss Blakeman, George Gibbs, David Humphreys, Andrew Smith, "Houqua, Hong Merchant," et al. Each volume includes an index11ocn062512017mixUnited StatesThis report, mostly in narrative form but also including account statements, focuses largely on money owed soldiers and government officials. Tables of salaries due officers and officials are provided. Also included is information pertaining to loans, interest accrued, and financial arrangements with France. The report covers finances from 1775 to 1781, with estimates of expenses for 1781-1782. The final page includes the "further report of the Committee as amended by Congress, April 7, 1783."11ocn847538277visuHall, Henry BryanOliver WolcottPortraitsBust-length portrait, looking off to the right. All below neck is sketched in. Facsimile signature below11ocn024569215book19850.47Popick, Rosalie COliver Wolcott's ventures in oriental tradeDiscusses the financing and insurance of the Triton's voyage to Canton, China with its cargo of beaver skins and specie to be exchanged for tea, silk and nankeen and compares it with the Virginia's voyage to Calcutta, India11ocn058785598book1817Windham County circulr [sic]. : Sir, the freemen of this state are all sensible that the approaching election will be an important period, calling forth the united exertions of honest men, who value the liberties of their country and the institutions of the state11ocn697592131book1801United StatesReport of the committee, to whom was referred, on the 25th of November last, the letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, announcing his resignation. : Committee, Messrs. Otis, Nicholas, Griswold, Nicholson, Waln, Stone, Craik. : 25th January, 1801, ordered to lie on the table. : Published by the House of Representatives11ocn806012825mix1.00Putnam, RufusRufus Putnam lettersHistoryThe Rufus Putnam letters are made up of 13 drafts of letters written by Putnam, primarily concerning the Greenville Treaty boundary line. Putnam was surveyor-general of the United States from 1796 to 1803, and these letters provide insight into his duties related to the partitioning of the Northwest TerritoryFri Mar 21 15:44:56 EDT 2014batch31590