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Fri Mar 21 17:07:16 2014 UTClccn-n860110890.00Farlig makt0.301.00[German actors and actresses]19875176Conrad_Veidtn 860110891810793Veidt, Conrad.Weidt, Conrad, 1893-1943Weidt, Hans Walter Conrad.Weidt, Hans Walter Conrad, 1893-1943lccn-n79018503Lorre, Peteractlccn-n79029753Greenstreet, Sydneyactlccn-n80160334Epstein, Julius J.1909-2000auslccn-n80148641Mayer, Carl1894-1944sceauswamcrelccn-n50007485Bergman, Ingrid1915-1982cstactlccn-n85201927Edeson, Arthur1891-1970cnglccn-no91017471Feher, Friedrichcstprfactlccn-n85138076Kino International Corporationlccn-n84184888Steiner, Max1888-1971cmplccn-n88034562Turner Entertainment CoVeidt, Conrad1893-1943DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsFictionTrials, litigation, etcBiographyJuvenile worksWar filmsWorld War (1939-1945)MoroccoUnderground movements, WarRefugeesBurnett, MurrayMan-woman relationshipsMurderGermanyHypnotismSleepwalkingKings and rulersIraq--BaghdadThievesHypnotism and crimeMorocco--CasablancaInsanity (Law)Arabian nightsPrincesAmericansNazisLoveDisfigured personsCzechoslovakiaTransport planesWaxworksExtortionHallucinations and illusionsIvan--IV,--Czar of Russia,Jack,--the RipperHārūn al-Rashīd,--Caliph,PoetsFemmes fatalesFacial expressionHugo, Victor,Motion pictures, GermanEnglandAmusement parksNew York (State)New York (State)--New York--Coney IslandVeidt, Conrad,Great BritainFilm adaptationsAustriaHandPianistsMotion picture actors and actressesArabsGamblersVillon, François,United States1893194319181919192019211922192319241926192719281929193119331934193719381939194019411942194319451946195219531968197019711974197519761977197819791980198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220139853230758791.4372PN1997ocn050805098ocn212382901ocn527917323ocn053081377ocn041971416ocn798365119ocn192075554ocn050908658ocn782920515ocn048272550ocn012634220ocn016510956ocn020255299ocn753147440ocn551822815ocn753607532ocn753592596ocn753602774ocn753135237ocn753477790ocn221919924ocn221749329ocn225691017ocn221403777ocn472664608ocn225845129ocn779993779ocn220164337ocn221857851ocn222115061ocn723195740ocn691576133ocn743135259228351ocn052855534visu19420.21Curtiz, MichaelCasablancaHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsIn World War II Morocco, seething with European refugees desperate for passage to neutral Lisbon, only a world-weary and bitter nightclub owner can help his former lover and her Resistance-hero husband escape from the Nazis+-+53604346963241237100ocn039035630visu19190.31Mayer, CarlThe cabinet of Dr. CaligariFictionDramaA young man named Francis suspects that Dr. Caligari - the travelling hypnotist who performs with his sleep-walking assistant Cesare - is a murderer. He believes that Cesare also kills while under the doctor's spell. Francis' sweetheart Jane is attacked and carried off by Cesare, but she manages to escape. During the search for her, Francis goes to an insane asylum hoping to find Cesare and discovers that the director of the asylum is none other than the insane Dr. Caligari7824ocn050805098visu19200.28The cabinet of Dr. Caligari a film in six actsDramaIn the film The cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a somnambulist commits murders under a hypnotist's influence. Also featured is a lengthy excerpt of Genuine. Both films are examples of the German Expressionist movement7404ocn212382901visu19870.23The thief of Bagdad an Arabian fantasyDramaFilm adaptationsWhen Prince Ahmad is blinded and cast out of Bagdad by the nefarious Jaffar, he joins forces with the scrappy thief Abu to win back his royal place, as well as the heart of a beautiful princess36323ocn050908658visu19240.53Leni, PaulWaxworksDramaThe owner of a Waxmuseum needs for three of his models stories to be told to the audience. For that reason he has hired a writer, who after one look at the owner's pretty daughter, starts writing stories featuring the models, the daughter and himself33716ocn053081377visu19270.27The man who laughsJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsGwynplaine is doomed to live life wearing a perpetual grin. Carved on his face because his father, Lord Clancharlie, had offended England's king. Gwynplaine grows up alongside the beautiful but blind Dea and they fall in love. Queen Anne, meanwhile, has ascended the throne and when she learns that the femme fatale, Duchess Josiana is in possession of the Lord's estates, she decrees that the Duchess must marry Gwynplaine, the rightful heir. Gwynplaine realizes that the duchess' attraction has legitimized his right to love Dea, renounces his title and follows his heart to the new World2972ocn798365119visu20120.27LonesomeDramaThe early Hollywood gem, Lonesome, is the creation of a little-known, but audacious and one-of-a-kind auteur, Paul Fejos, who bridged the gap between the silent and sound eras. Fejos pulled out all the stops for his lovely New York symphony set in antic Coney Island during the Fourth of July weekend, employing color tinting, superimposition effects, experimental editing, and a roving camera, plus three dialogue scenes, added because of the craze for talkies. Includes bonus features2928ocn074813747visu19420.22Sherman, VincentAll through the nightDramaA big shot gambler investigating the murder of his favorite German baker stumbles upon a Nazi plot to blow up an American warship and is framed for murder in this comedy-thriller+-+796763742532427413ocn192075554visu19240.31The hands of OrlacDramaFilm adaptationsCharts the mental disintegration of a concert pianist whose hands are amputated after a train crash, and replaced with the hands of an executed murderer. When Orlac's father is murdered by the dead man's hands, Orlac begins a descent toward madness2446ocn048272550visu19960.28ContrabandDramaSet in England during the early days of World War II, Conrad Veidt as a Danish sea captain and Valerie Hobson as his enigmatic passenger are kidnapped by a cell of Nazi spies operating from a basement in London's Soho. In evocativley Hitchcockian fashion, the plot progresses as a chase that puts the characters in one peculiar set of surroundings after another. DVD19019ocn426044306visu19270.28The beloved rogueHistoryDramaThe swashbuckling poet Francois Villon battles to save his country from the devious Duke of Burgundy18139ocn026185556visu19400.23Powell, MichaelThe Thief of BagdadFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWhen the mischievous scoundrel Abu helps the rightful King of Bagdad escape from prison, he finds himself involved in an incredible series of adventures. Loosely drawn from "The Arabian Nights."17718ocn057448198visu19190.56Oswald, RichardAnders als die AndernTrials, litigation, etcDramaA prosperous man encounters a sleazy blackmailer who discovers that he is gay. Released in 1919, this film is an amazingly frank depiction of a homosexual relationship. Banned at the time of its release, later burned by the Nazis, the film was believed lost for more than forty years16819ocn012078013visu19370.20Dark journeyDramaDuring World War I Stockholm, a neutral capital and easily accessible, is infested with spies and counterspies. Among them is Madeleine, the owner of the famous dress shop "Chez Madeleine," played by Vivien Leigh. Madeleine's dedication to the French cause is tested when she is attracted to von Marwitz, a lady's man and head of the German Secret Service in Stockholm. Suspicion wars with love, leading up to conflicting loyalties and an action-packed climax+-+81951262353241315ocn666525348visu19430.21Thorpe, Richard, Rollo Smolt 1896-Above suspicionDramaFilm adaptationsTwo American honeymooners in pre-war Europe are asked by British intelligence to help track down a missing agent941ocn209834371visu20080.25Joan Crawford collectionDramaFilm adaptationsA woman's face: Anna Holm, a professional blackmailer, despises herself and the world because of a disfiguring facial scar855ocn191736310visu19410.24A woman's faceDramaAnna Holm is a blackmailer, who because of a facial scar, despises everyone she encounters. When a plastic surgeon performs an operation to correct this disfigurement, Anna becomes torn between the hope of starting a new life, and a return to her dark past. Opening with the court trial of Holm for murder, the story is developed through various stages by testimony of the several witnesses - and finally the defendant herself. Dramatic suspense is maintained by keeping the victim's identity well hidden for a surprise climax. Originally filmed in 1938 in Sweden, as 'En Kvinnas Ansikte', with Ingrid Bergman831ocn312174857visu20090.16Greatest classic films collectionDramaMrs. Miniver (1942, b&w, 133 min.): One of Hollywood's most memorable spirit-lifters about an idealized England confronting the terror of World War II+-+5641234696792ocn044555706visu19990.50The masterworks of the German horror cinemaDramaFilm adaptationsThese three classic silent films are considered by many to be the roots of the modern horror film719ocn178757055visu20000.31The Indian tombHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsThe Maharajah of Bengal plans on entombing alive his unfaithful wife; he has a yogi bring over from England an architect to design the tomb--a point of interest, since the wife's lover, whom the Maharajah has imprisoned, is a British officer1413ocn015521175book19870.79Allen, J. CConrad Veidt : from Caligari to CasablancaBiography+-+32731659451242ocn049681238book20020.90Soister, John TConrad Veidt on screen : a comprehensive illustrated filmography+-+0437691325733ocn794603952book20120.76Gergely, GáborForeign devils : exile and host nation in Hollywood's golden ageCriticism, interpretation, etc313ocn030438370book19930.86Conrad Veidt : Lebensbilder : ausgewählte Fotos und TexteCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography122ocn004681513book19270.95Ickes, PaulConrad Veidt : ein Buch vom Wesen und Werden eines KünstlersBiography101ocn014096820book19330.81Ramin, RobertConrad Veidt; ein leben für den Film62ocn038717857book19260.92Abramov, AKonrad VeidtBiography42ocn607825544book19760.96Internationale Filmfestspiele BerlinEleanor Powell ; Conrad Veidt, 2. Tiel ; deutsche Spitzenfilme, 1929-32 26. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, 25. Juni-6. Juli 197641ocn071268535book19750.97Internationale Filmfestspiele BerlinRetrospektive : Greta Garbo, Conrad VeidtBiography21ocn016263954book1.00Scherl, August, Verlag[German actors and actresses]11ocn789137719book19990.92Anders als die Andern : eine fast unmögliche Rekonstruktion ; ein Film von Richard Oswald und Magnus Hirschfeld 1919Trials, litigation, etcDrama11ocn695461716visu20100.47Carl Laemmle presents Victor Hugo's the man who laughs starring Mary Philbin and Conrad VeidtPostersFilm adaptations"Gwynplaine, a small boy, his features distorted into a permanent wide grin by order of James II because his father is a political enemy, becomes a famous clown. He and Dea, a blind girl, travel with the van of Ursus, a mountebank. Romance develops until Gwynplaine discovers he is heir to a peerage. Barkilphedro, attached to Queen Anne's court, discovers Gwynplaine's claim to the title. The queen, seeing an opportunity to discipline her half sister, Duchess Josiana, has Gwynplaine restored to his wealth and decrees that he shall marry Josiana. Gwynplaine renounces his title, defies Josiana, and follows Dea and Ursus, who have been banished from England. In his flight Gwynplaine is pursued by soldiers of the queen and Barkilphedro. Escaping unharmed, he finds Dea just as the boat she and Ursus are taking is about to leave"--AFI catalog, 1921-193011ocn185211337visu1929Farlig makt11ocn185174124visu1929Skrattmänniskan efter Victor Hugo's roman : ett värdigt motstycke till "Ringaren i Notre Dame"11ocn688828993art19790.10Veidt, Conrad. 50Periodicals11ocn565680196art19950.10Quigley, MartinVeidt, Conrad: ActorBiography Dictionaries11ocn185349942visu1928En mans förflutna11ocn861759767visu19430.10Hedy Lamarr and John Loder, newlywedPhotograph caption dated May 28, 1943 reads "Actor John Loder and his bride, film star Hedy Lamarr, are shown after their wedding last night."11ocn084996187bookVeidt, ConradMein Leben vor der weißen Wand+-+5360434696324+-+5360434696324Fri Mar 21 15:22:33 EDT 2014batch34485