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Fri Mar 21 17:07:07 2014 UTClccn-n861111640.00Papers, 1872-1969, 1897-1954 (bulk)0.671.00McAdoo vs. the judges /20482095William_Gibbs_McAdoon 861111641831822Mac Adoo, William GibbsMacAdoo, William G. 1863-1941MacAdoo, William GibbsMc Adoo, William GibbsMcAdoo, W. G. (William Gibbs), 1863-1941McAdoo, William, 1863-1941McAdoo, William G.McAdoo, William Gibbs, 1863-1941lccn-n88166951Broesamle, John J.lccn-n50024723Silber, William L.lccn-no96004920Synon, Marylccn-n78096864United StatesDepartment of the Treasurylccn-n79059051United StatesNavylccn-n79046301United StatesPresident (1913-1921 : Wilson)lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n86114582Baker, Newton Diehl1871-1937lccn-no2013082359Craig, Douglas B.(Douglas Bryden)lccn-n79133792United StatesDivision of CustomsMcAdoo, W. G.(William Gibbs)1863-1941DigestsMcAdoo, W. G.--(William Gibbs),United StatesWorld War (1914-1918)FinanceGold standardCurrency crisesCurrency questionMerchant marineShipping bounties and subsidiesUnited States.--NavyWagesUnited States.--ArmyPolitical scienceBaker, Newton Diehl,LawyersProgressivism (United States politics)Cabinet officersProhibitionConstitution (United States)Customs administrationDebts, PublicTariff--Law and legislationRailroads and stateEconomic policyUnited States.--Department of the TreasuryIndustrial policyLithuaniaRussia (Federation)--Baltic ProvincesLeague of NationsPan-AmericanismFederal Reserve banksLatin AmericaInternational relationsConstitutional lawInter-American High CommissionPoliticiansWorld War (1914-1918)--PeaceRelationsSoviet UnionPassportsJewsCorporationsRailroadsRailroads--EmployeesTariffMilitary pensionsHudson and Manhattan Railroad CompanyTennesseePractice of lawRoosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),1863194118901894189619001906190819101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193119321934193519361937193819401959196419661968197019711973197419751976197819801981198719992007200820102011201220134428381490923.273E748.M14ocn857922388ocn857956482ocn857959978ocn857929080ocn858224369ocn857959187ocn857959250ocn857956699ocn061807596ocn053205916ocn053163618ocn056468568ocn053355699ocn070269843ocn053397322ocn053397321ocn053397319ocn857676087ocn080259450ocn084912791ocn026631700ocn0257856532126ocn060734825file19150.81McAdoo, W. GThe shipping bill address before the Commercial Club, at Chicago, Ill. on January 9, 1915 relative to the merits of the bill (S.6856) ...1881ocn060735327file19170.84United StatesFamily allowance, indemnity, and insurance for officers and enlisted men of the Army and Navy correspondence between President Wilson and Hon. W.G. McAdoo, secretary of the treasury, relating to the bill providing for family allowances ...1206ocn002376962book19280.76McAdoo, W. GThe challenge; liquor and lawlessness versus constitutional government691ocn008784683book19170.94United StatesDigest of decisions of the Treasury Department (Customs), Board of U.S. General Appraisers, and U.S. Court of Customs Appeals : rendered during calendar years 1908 to 1915 (both inclusive), under the acts of Congress, with decisions of United States courts in customs casesDigests583ocn004110045book19210.88Lithuanian Information BureauLithuanian recognition advocated by Hon, William G. McAdoo, Dr. Herbert Adams Gibbons, Hon. Walter M. Chandler584ocn002669035book19190.96McAdoo, W. GA league to prevent war : with a review of the fight against the formation of the United States433ocn006167926book19190.92McAdoo, W. GStatement of Hon. W.G. McAdoo, director general of railroads, before the Interstate Commerce Committee of the United States Senate, January 3, 1919422ocn012633043book19170.93McAdoo, W. GThe second liberty loan and the causes of our war with Germany: address of Hon. W.G. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury, delivered at the annual convention of the American Banker's Association, at Atlantic City, N.J., September 28, 1917412ocn012632874book19170.73McAdoo, W. GThe liberty loan. Address of Hon. W.G. AcAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury, delivered at a meeting of business men and bankers of Iowa in Des Moines, May 21, 1917312ocn012442926book19160.93McAdoo, W. GInternational High Commission. An address delivered at the Conference of the International High Commission at Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 4, 1916292ocn021662002book19140.96United StatesDecision of the reserve bank organization committee determining the federal reserve districts and the location of federal reserve banks261ocn009936188book19190.96McAdoo, W. GExtension of tenure of government control of railroads : statements of Hon. W.G. McAdoo before the Interstate Commerce Committee of the United States Senate, January 3 and 4, 1919242ocn003258053book19270.79McAdoo, W. GProhibition, nullification, and lawlessness242ocn019256377book19160.93McAdoo, W. GThe Republic of Chile. An address delivered at the luncheon given by the minister of finance of Chile, at the Union club in Santiago, Chile, on April 18, 1916, in honor of Hon. W.G. McAdoo, secretary of the Treasury and chairman of the United States section of the International high commission242ocn012493876book19160.95Inter-American High CommissionInternational High Commission. Message from the President of the United States transmitting a report of the United States section of the International High Commission on the first general meeting of the Commission, held at Buenos Aires, April 3-12, 1916228ocn010339197book19000.53McAdoo, W. GCrowded years : the reminiscences of William G. McAdoo221ocn000407476book19140.93United StatesLocation of reserve districts in the United States. Letter from the Reserve bank organization committee, transmitting the briefs and arguments presented to the Organization committee of the Federal reserve board, relative to the location of reserve districts in the United States222ocn013168036book19160.94McAdoo, W. GSome international aspects of public education: an address delivered at the annual convention of the National education association, held in Madison square garden, New York city, on July 6, 1916203ocn006239812book19110.94United StatesTermination of the treaty of 1832 between the United States and Russia. Hearing before the Committee on foreign affairs of the House of representatives, Monday, December 11, 1911192ocn643903538file19100.90McAdoo, W. GThe relations between public service corporations and the public8577ocn000594471book19310.53McAdoo, W. GCrowded years : the reminiscences of William G. McAdoo6203ocn000886197book19730.56Broesamle, John JWilliam Gibbs McAdoo : a passion for change, 1863-19175343ocn067773794book20070.56Silber, William LWhen Washington shut down Wall Street : the great financial crisis of 1914 and the origins of America's monetary supremacyCase studies"When Washington Shut Down Wall Street recreates the drama of America's battle for financial credibility. McAdoo's accomplishments place him alongside Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan as great American financial leaders. McAdoo, in fact, nursed the Federal Reserve into existence as the 1914 crisis waned and served as the first chairman of the Federal Reserve Board."--BOOK JACKET+-+12927664153787ocn000456829book19240.63Synon, MaryMcAdoo, the man and his times; a panorama in democracyBiography1642ocn793973789book20130.84Craig, Douglas BProgressives at war : William G. McAdoo and Newton D. Baker, 1863-1941Biography"In this dual biography, Douglas B. Craig examines the careers of two prominent American public figures, Newton Diehl Baker and William Gibbs McAdoo, whose lives spanned the era between the Civil War and World War II. Both Baker and McAdoo migrated from the South to northern industrial cities and took up professions that had nothing to do with staple-crop agriculture. Both eventually became cabinet officers in the presidential administration of another southerner with personal memories of defeat and Reconstruction: Woodrow Wilson. A Georgian who practiced law and led railroad tunnel construction efforts in New York City, McAdoo served as treasury secretary at a time when Congress passed an income tax, established the Federal Reserve System, and funded the American and Allied war efforts in World War I. Born in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Baker won election as mayor of Cleveland in the early twentieth century and then, as Wilson's secretary of war, supervised the dramatic build-up of the U.S. military when the country entered the Great War in Europe. This is the first full biography of McAdoo and the first since 1961 of Baker. Craig points out similarities and differences in their backgrounds, political activities, professional careers, and family lives. Craig's approach in Progressives at War illuminates the shared struggles, lofty ambitions, and sometimes conflicted interactions of these figures. Their experiences and perspectives on public and private affairs (as insiders who nonetheless were, in some sense, outsiders) make their lives, work, and thought especially interesting. Baker and McAdoo, in league with Wilson, offer Craig the opportunity to deliver a fresh and insightful study of the period, its major issues, and some of its leading figures."--Publisher's website693ocn004797668book19590.94Library of CongressWilliam Gibbs McAdoo; a register of his papers in the Library of CongressBibliography673ocn016580284book19750.84Shook, Dale NWilliam G. McAdoo and the development of national economic policy, 1913-1918History51ocn493365032book20070.81Silber, William LWhen Washington shut down Wall StreetCase studies+-+129276641533ocn006075023book19780.92Gelbart, Herbert ArthurThe anti-McAdoo movement of 192431ocn027578857book19740.47Fitzherbert, AnthonyThe public be pleased : William G. McAdoo and the Hudson tubes33ocn017387171book19640.96Morton, Stephen CollisterGovernment operation of railroads under William G. McAdoo21ocn028425578mix1.00Baker, Newton DiehlHistoryPublic and private correspondence relating to Baker's career as city attorney and mayor; secretary to U.S. Postmaster General William Lyne Wilson (1896-1897), and secretary of war in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet during World War I. Other persons represented include W.H. Brett, A.R. Callow, W.B. Gongwer, Tom L. Johnson, Fred Kohler, Robert Lansing, Walter Lippmann, Cyrus Locher, Amasa Stone Mather, William Gibbs McAdoo, W.J. Murphy, John D. Rockefeller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Swasey, Charles B. Thwing, Oris Paxton Van Sweringen, Worcester R. Warner, Booker T. Washington, and Peter Witt21ocn031788402book19590.47Hudson and Manhattan RailroadHistory21ocn070980107mix1.00Hamlin, Charles SCharles S. Hamlin papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Newton Diehl Baker, John H. Clarke, Frances Folsom Cleveland, Grover Cleveland, Josephus Daniels, Edith Benham Helm, Herbert Hoover, Cordell Hull, Robert Lansing, Henry Cabot Lodge, William Gibbs McAdoo, William McKinley, Levi P. Morton, Richard Olney, George Foster Peabody, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, and Woodrow Wilson22ocn150549986art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamMcAdoo, William Gibbs21ocn054905303art19590.10Bagby, Wesley MarvinWilliam Gibbs McAdoo and the 1920 Democratic presidential nomination22ocn083085079mixGriffith, D. WBiographyArchivesMotion picture playsExtensive collection documenting Griffith's central role in the development of American movies. Business and personal papers, 1897-1936, constituting nearly half of the entire collection, contain correspondence, financial reports, legal records, manuscripts, and publicity materials and include documentation on formation of United Artists. Noteworthy correspondents include Lord Beaverbrook, Douglas Fairbanks, Dorothy, Lillian , and Mrs. Mae Gish, Neil Hamilton, William Randolph Hearst, Mae Marsh, William G. McAdoo, Evelyn McLean, Mary Pickford, and Mack Sennett. Bound financial records, 1913-1928, document Griffith's four production companies which include Wark Producing Corporation, Fine Arts Studio, D.W. Griffith, Inc., and G and H Pictures. Publicity scrapbooks, 1915-1932, chronicle the public response to Griffith's films. Family memorabilia, ca. 1898-1946. Killiam-Sterling collection, 1918-1947, contains manuscripts of screenplay dialogue, synopses, etc. G.W. "Billy" Bitzer collection, 1872-1969, documents the career of Griffith's innovative cameraman. Barnet Bravermann research collection, 1897-1954, consists of drafts and research material for an unrealized book on Griffith; includes interviews and correspondence with the filmmaker's associates. Evelyn Baldwin Griffith Kunze collection, 1916-195421ocn028414391mix1.00Rising, HenryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence and other papers, documenting Rising's activities as journalist, editor, and president of Spokane Chronicle, and relating to state and national conservation issues, women suffrage, labor movement, forests and forestry, prohibition, current literature, Panama Canal, newspapers, Indians and Colville Indian Reservation, and various other topics. Correspondents include William E. Borah, Will H. Hays, William G. McAdoo, Gifford Pinchot, Reed Smoot, and Booker T. Washington21ocn054953183art19760.10McKinney, Gordon BEast Tennessee politics : an incident in the life of William Gibbs McAdoo21ocn065135039book19361.00Otis, Merrill EdwardMcAdoo vs. the judges+-+1292766415Fri Mar 21 16:09:29 EDT 2014batch30015