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Fri Mar 21 17:11:25 2014 UTClccn-n861148980.00The United States vs. the schooner Etta (formerly the Retribution) : case /0.851.00A charge to the grand jury in the District Court of the United States for the District of New Jersey, April 21, 1863 /31022037Richard_Stockton_Fieldn 861148981796426Field, R. S. (Richard Stockton), 1803-1870Field, Richard S. 1803-1870lccn-no90020115Surviving Members of the Constitutional Convention of 1844 (N.J.)lccn-n82091004Hart, Charles Henry1847-1918lccn-nr94005848American Whig Societylccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-nr93003073Dod, Albert B.(Albert Baldwin)1805-1845lccn-nr93002452Cameron, Henry C.(Henry Clay)-1906lccn-n87820049Wines, E. C.(Enoch Cobb)1806-1879lccn-n79119418United StatesDistrict Court (New Jersey)np-hornblower, joseph c$1777 1864Hornblower, Joseph C.1777-1864lccn-n91035236Page, William P.(William Putnam)1790-1878Field, Richard Stockton1803-1870HistoryBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesNew JerseyUnited StatesCourtsConstitutional historyPolitical sciencePublic schoolsEducationField, Richard Stockton,JudgesLincoln, Abraham,School management and organizationTeachers--Salaries, etcEducation, ElementaryAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Habeas corpusPrisonersLawyersAnniversariesAmerican Whig SocietyConstitutional lawStates' rights (American politics)TreasonBooks and readingPublic services (Libraries)Self-cultureLibraries and educationParker, James,Bradley, Joseph P.,American Revolution (1775-1783)Hornblower, Jonathan,ConfiscationsDrew, Benjamin,First Presbyterian Church (Paterson, N.J.)Houston, William Churchill,Copper mines and miningHoxsey, Thomas DChase, Salmon P.--(Salmon Portland),Steam-enginesBeatty, John,SlaveryColt, Roswell L.--(Roswell Lyman),New Jersey--PatersonSociety for Establishing Useful ManufacturesSeizure of vessels and cargoesNevius, James Schureman,Decedents' estatesPennington, William,Saunders, Charles,--Sir,Ogilvie, Ann,New Jersey.--Supreme Court180318701838184118491853186118631865186618691870187119001925196220018653266974.906LC7533117ocn005786427book18490.81Field, Richard StocktonThe provincial courts of New Jersey : with sketches of the bench and bar : a discourse read before the New Jersey Historical SocietyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography2805ocn060724009file18530.86Field, Richard StocktonAddress before the Surviving Members of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New Jersey delivered February 1st, 1853, on the occasion of their first annual meeting383ocn003867890book18660.93Field, Richard StocktonAddress on the life and character of Abraham Lincoln312ocn001745642book18710.92American Whig SocietyAddresses and proceedings at the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the American Whig society, of the College of New Jersey, Princeton, N.J., June 29th, 1869313ocn085797664file18380.73Wines, E. CHints on a system of popular education addressed to R.S. Field ... chairman of the Committee on education in the Legislature of New Jersey ; and to the Rev. A.B. Dod, professor of mathematics in the College of New Jersey213ocn010734159book18630.92Field, Richard StocktonSpeech of Hon. R.S. Field, of New Jersey on the discharge of state prisoners : delivered in the Senate of the United States, January 7, 1863History142ocn031801438book18690.96Field, Richard StocktonAn address delivered at the centennial celebration of the American Whig Society of the College of New Jersey, June 29, 1869122ocn014073775book18610.96Field, Richard StocktonThe constitution not a compact between sovereign states. An oration, delivered at Princeton, New Jersey, on the 4th of July, 1861History91ocn011819062book18650.97Field, Richard StocktonAddress on the life and character of the Hon. Joseph C. Hornblower ...82ocn030729809book18631.00United StatesA charge to the grand jury in the District Court of the United States for the District of New Jersey, April 21, 186382ocn682481456com0.88Field, Richard Stockton[Addresses72ocn437952602book18410.63Page, William PSchool district libraries. To R.S. Field, Esq., Princeton, N.J. Brooklyn, Long Island, February 8, 1841. Dear Sir, I promised to give you my views of the design, benefits, &c. of school district libraries. ... It is the first attempt made in any country permanently to provide for the whole community cheap and abundant means of reading.51ocn011928201book18690.92Field, Richard StocktonAddress on the life and character of the Hon. James Parker, late president of the New Jersey Historical Society, read before the Society, January 21, 186921ocn028640726book1865United StatesThe United States vs. the schooner Etta (formerly the Retribution) : caseHistory11ocn219753692book18491.00Field, Richard StocktonThe provincial courts of New Jersey, with sketches of the bench and bar. A discourse, read before the New Jersey Historical SocietyHistory11ocn055065656book1925Field, Richard StocktonA destroyer in the near EastIn September 1922 the destroyer Goff was detached from this duty and assigned to the Atlantic Fleet, European Waters. Departing Norfolk on 14 October 1922, she cruised primarily in the eastern Mediterranean, putting in at ports in Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Greece, and Roumania. It was a period of great unrest in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean: Greece and Turkey were embroiled in another bitter war, various powers were scrambling to consolidate their gains from World War I and grab pieces of the crumbling Ottoman empire, and Russia, although still wracked by the Revolution and its aftermath, was seeking further territory and an outlet to the Mediterranean. The presence of American men-of-war amidst this tension helped bring stability and assisted various relief agencies working to heal the wounds of past and present wars as well as protect American lives, interests, and property. Refugees from the Greek and Turkish conflict were frequently evacuated and cared for by the American fleet, and Goff participated in this humanitarian service11ocn177680631mix1.00Field family collectionHistorySourcesConsists of selected correspondence, documents, and a genealogy of the Field family of New Jersey11ocn043698758serial1.00Princeton (N.J.)Annual report11ocn213528310com18530.10Field, Richard StocktonAddress before the Surviving Members of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New Jersey11ocn044043207book18631.00Field, Richard StocktonSpeech ... on the discharge of state prisoners. Delivered in the Senate ... Jan. 7, 1863513ocn005954226book18700.95Hart, Charles HenryA necrological notice of the Hon. Richard Stockton Field, LL.D., of Princeton, New JerseyBiography11ocn813003001book1870Hart, Charles HenryA necrological notice of the Hon. Ricard Stockton Field, LL.D., of Princeton, New Jersey. : Read before the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia, at its regular monthly meeting, Thursday evening, October 6, 1870.11ocn122582932mix1.00Colt familyHistoryGenealogySourcesRecords and correspondence11ocn133151090art19000.10Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceField, Richard Stockton: Princeton A.B. 1821, LL.D. 185911ocn070956089book1.00Boggs familyHistoryGenealogyClaimsOther persons represented include David Ogden, Charles Olden, James Parker, Robert E. Peary, William Pennington, Henry C. Pitney, Theodore Roosevelt, Bayard Stockton, Charles E. Strong, John C. Ten Eyck, John Vanderbilt, Peter D. Vroom, Garret D. Wall, Marcus L. Ward, Charles Wilkes, Peter Wilson, and Joshua G. Wright11ocn054105335mixHornblower familyHornblower family papersHistoryTopics covered in these papers include steam engines and the Schuyler Copper Mines; New Jersey politics; Joseph C. Hornblower's career as a lawyer and judge, particularly his decision in the 1836 case concerning the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793 an his appointment to the Princeton Law School; estate settlements, particularly of those of James W. Burnett and Ann Ogilvie; Willam H. Hornblower's pastorship11ocn070954712book1.00Hornblower familyRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, legal papers, court records, sermons, and genealogical material. Persons represented include Josiah Hornblower (1729-1809), British engineer who constructed the first steam engine in America at John Schuyler's copper mine in Belleville, N.J., and served as a member of the New Jersey Legislature (1779-1780) and New Jersey Council (1781-1784); Joseph C. Hornblower (1777-1864), Newark lawyer, who served as chief justice of New Jersey Supreme Court (1832-1846), was active in home and foreign missionary societies, and was the first president of New Jersey Historical Society; and his son, William H. Hornblower (1820-1883), pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Paterson (1844-1871), and professor of sacred rhetoric, pastoral theology, and church government at Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, Allegheny, Pa. (1871-1883). Includes letters of D.S. Baldwin, John Beatty, John L. Blake, Joseph P. Bradley, Abraham Brittin, Peter Carter, Salmon P. Chase, Samuel H. Cox, William L. Dayton, Benjamin Drew, Richard Stockton Field, Charles Hodge, William Holmes, C.W. Hornblower, Jonathan Hornblower, William Churchill Houston, Thomas D. Hoxsey, John Kinney, Jr., Charles Kip, Nicholas Longworth, Joseph Mico, James S. Nevius, William C. Noyes, David Bayard Ogden, William Pennington, Henry W. Pickering, Caleb S. Riggs, Sylvester D. Russell, Gerrit Smith, Henry Van Dyke, Jr., L.A. Ward, Ira C. Whitehead, William A. Whitehead, and Philip WilliamsFri Mar 21 15:44:22 EDT 2014batch17063