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Fri Mar 21 17:14:15 2014 UTClccn-n861384420.002001 Western Heritage Awards master tape /0.211.00Warner Bros. present the C.V. Whitney picture starring John Wayne in "The searchers" Vistavision motion picture high-fidelity and Technicolor : co-starring Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Natalie Wood, screen play by Frank S. Nugent, executive producer Merian C. Cooper, associate producer Patrick Ford, presented by Warner Bros., directed by John Ford64268805Ward_Bondn 861384421987475Bond, WardellBond, Wardell E., 1903-1960Bond, Wardell Edwin, 1903-1960lccn-n79046229Wayne, John1907-1979cstprfdrtactlccn-n79064952Ford, John1894-1973sceproflmdrtlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n50028315Warner Bros. Pictures (1923-1967)lccn-n89620740Nugent, Frank S.sceauswamlccn-n87847822McLaglen, Victor1886-1959prfactlccn-n88100653O'Hara, Maureen1920-cstprfactlccn-n86138443Argosy Pictures Corporationlccn-no95045029Hunter, Jeffrey1925-1969cstactlccn-n83152931Wood, NatalieprfactBond, Ward1903-1960DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryBiographyTelevision adaptationsInterviewsBiographical filmsFictionWestern filmsEpic filmsUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)O'Hara, Scarlett (Fictitious character)Man-woman relationshipsGeorgiaFrontier and pioneer lifePlantation lifeSpade, Sam (Fictitious character)United States, WestWorld War (1939-1945)Mitchell, Margaret,Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Indian captivitiesHammett, Dashiell,Triangles (Interpersonal relations)Southwest, NewIrelandLe May, Alan,Private investigatorsMilitary campaignsAngelsSheriffsTexasEarp, Wyatt,United States marshalsLaw enforcementMurderersCalifornia--San FranciscoWomenMcCampbell, B. HSuicidal behaviorManners and customsPlantationsDowryFamiliesWidowsSwindlers and swindlingSuicideSuccessTheftSoldiersComanche IndiansWhites--Relations with IndiansRacismPhilippinesWalsh, Maurice,AmericansLake, Stuart NApache IndiansWomen pioneers19031960193019321933193419351936193719381939194019411943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601963197019761977197919811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201325650345763791.4372PN1997ocn071381191ocn070243934ocn057318609ocn046926230ocn145734594ocn059132826ocn123378015ocn082551647ocn436307452ocn038095847ocn070698182ocn013102876ocn007214429ocn024959541ocn420098743ocn418223252ocn841411074ocn016466837ocn406921837ocn742871311ocn742933788ocn220162079ocn472662494ocn220161779ocn220151290ocn779993778ocn472656528ocn220829858370247ocn039752868visu19560.23Ford, JohnThe searchersDramaWestern filmsFilm adaptationsSoon after the end of the American Civil War, Ethan Edwards, an unrepentant Confederate officer, finds a mission in the ten year search for his two nieces who were kidnapped by indians. The search ranges across the American landscape, physical, emotional and mythical in this epic Western. Ford shows the frontier myth in a sober and disenchanted light. This mood is supported by John Wayne's brilliant portrail of a man who is a brutal and embittered survivor of frontier life and war+-+2158825425324284135ocn051218484visu19520.19Ford, JohnThe quiet manFictionDramaFilm adaptationsLove storiesJohn Ford's The Quiet Man celebrates one of Hollywood's most romantic and enduring epics. The first American feature to be filmed in Ireland's picturesque countryside, Ford richly imbued this masterpiece with his love of Ireland and its people. Sean Thornton is an American boxer who swears off fighting after he accidentally kills an opponent in the ring. Returning to the Irish town of his youth, he finds happiness when he falls in love with the fiery Mary Kate+-+055417000632415545ocn071381191visu19950.20Frank Capra's It's a wonderful lifeDramaGeorge Bailey is not having a good day. His life in the sleepy little town of Bedford Falls has been thrown off track, perhaps never to recover. His business has failed, he's wanted by the police, and he's had a fight with his beloved wife Mary. On this disastrous day, his responsibilities and frustrations overwhelm him, leading him to a bridge and serious contemplation of suicide. It's up to an angel named Clarence to convince George that his life has been one of worth and that it's still worth living. After taking a long look at George's life, the angel offers a portrait of what life in Bedford Falls would be like if George had never been born. This classic, sentimental favorite has become a Christmas tradition+-+2564620696324135725ocn046926230visu19580.20Hawks, HowardRio BravoFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsWestern filmsFilm adaptationsOn one side is an army of gunmen dead-set on springing a murderous cohort from jail. On the other is Sheriff John T. Chance and his two deputies: one a recovering drunkard, the other a crippled codger. Also in their ragtag ranks are an unseasoned, trigger-happy youth and a woman with a past-- and her eye on Chance+-+9138034696133912ocn054010752visu19460.23Ford, JohnJohn Ford's My darling ClementineHistoryDramaWestern filmsFilm adaptationsMotion picturesWyatt Earp becomes the marshal of Tombstone to avenge his brother's death. He meets up with Doc Holliday and the Clanton brothers, resulting in the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral+-+0348648425324133518ocn061199178visu19530.16Farrow, JohnHondoHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsHondo Lane, a dispatch rider for the cavalry, encounters Angie Lowe, a woman living alone with her young son in the midst of hostile Apache territory. She presumes she is safe because the Apaches, under their chief Vittorio, have always left them alone. Later Hondo has a run-in with Angie's good-for-nothing husband and is forced to kill him. When Vittorio captures Hondo to save his life, Angie tells the Apache chief that he is her husband. In order to protect her from a forced marriage with one of the Apaches, Hondo reluctantly goes along with the lie+-+4554520696324116713ocn070243934visu19410.22Huston, JohnThe Maltese falconFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn The Maltese falcon, Sam Spade is a partner in a private-eye firm who finds himself hounded by police when his partner is killed while tailing a man. The woman who asked his partner to follow the man turns out to be someone who is not what she says she is, and is really involved in something to do with the 'Maltese Falcon', a gold-encrusted life-sized statue of a falcon, the only one of its kind. In Satan met a lady, Sam Spade is now PI Ted Shane, pulled into the hunt for the jewel-filled Horn of Roland110514ocn070894138visu19480.21Ford, JohnFort ApacheDramaThe soldiers at Fort Apache may disagree with the tactics of their glory-seeking new commander. But to a man, they're duty bound to obey - even when it means almost certain disaster+-+16280346969985ocn057318609visu20000.20Fleming, VictorGone with the windHistoryBiographyFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsEpic filmsHistorical filmsWar filmsFilm adaptationsFocuses on the life and loves of the beautiful and selfish Scarlett O'Hara. The story begins on the O'Hara's Georgia plantation of Tara in antebellum days and moves through the Civil War and Reconstruction+-+649542542578410ocn070118292visu19900.20Ford, John3 godfathersFictionDramaFugitive bank robbers care for the newborn of the woman they just buried, knowing it ruins any chance of escape. Director John Ford's western retelling of the Biblical Three Wise Men tale remains a scenic and thematic masterpiece+-+60180346965826ocn070180764visu19450.21Ford, JohnThey were expendableHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsThey were expendable: Two PT-boat skippers defend the Philippines and give the U.S. war effort time to regroup after the crippling losses at Pearl Harbor. Flying leathernecks: An embattled Marine fighter squadron VMF 247 at Guadalcanal is led by John Wayne and campaigning to coordinate ground combat with low-flying aerial sorties+-+30347346965033ocn123422999visu20070.19Howard Hawks' Rio BravoBiographyInterviewsDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsIn the small Texas town of Rio Bravo, law and order is maintained by three unlikely enforcers: hard-boiled sheriff Chance; former quick draw artist Dude, now gone drunk and disheveled; and the crippled, wisecracking Stumpy, who patrols the jail with a shotgun. The arrest and incarceration of Joe Burdette for murder has set these three at odds with his brother, corrupt and wealthy landowner Nathan Burdette. Nathan assembles a force of hired guns to spring Joe, while Chance enlists hotshot gunslinger Colorado. Complications arise in the form of Feathers -- not the usual saloon floozy but a competent professional gambler accustomed to sparring with men -- who has an eye for Chance4727ocn070180616visu19570.21Ford, JohnThe wings of eaglesFictionDramaThe true story of Naval Commander Frank "Spig" Wead - from his first solo flight that ends in the admiral's swimming pool to his assignment as commander aboard an aircraft carrier in World War II4655ocn070278933visu19850.19Ford, JohnMister RobertsDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picturesA comedy-drama about life aboard a Navy cargo ship in Pacific waters during World War II. The monotonous non-combat duty of a fun-loving crew is enlivened by a feud between the petty, intolerant captain and an impetuous, highly-respected cargo officer whose continuous efforts to get a transfer to combat duty are blocked by the captain+-+K3126346964601ocn059132826visu20050.20Curtiz, MichaelDodge CityHistoryFictionDramaIn 1866, Kansas, the American civil war has just finished and the armies disbanded. The building of the West begins, and in 1872, the new city of Dodge City is ruled by violence and shootings. The Irishman Wade Hatton is a man adapted to these days and presently is conducting a group of pioneers, including Abbie Irving and her reckless brother, to Dodge City. Once in the city, Wade is invited to be the local sheriff, and an incident makes him accept the position. He tries to clean up the cattle town, ruled by the powerful outlaw Jeff Surrett and his gang, with the support of the decent local people3877ocn052914370visu19920.16Operation PacificDramaWorld War II rages across the Pacific and Lt. Cmdr. Duke E. Gifford (John Wayne) is in the thick of it. He evacuates children from enemy-held islands ; oversees the research and development of torpedoes at Pearl Harbor ; and prowls the depths in the submarine Thunderfish, hoping for a chance to aim his improved "tin fish"--Torpedoes - at the hulls of the enemy fleet+-+21280346963845ocn048685117visu19550.19Ford, JohnThe long gray lineBiographyDramaBiographical filmsNewly arrived in America, Maher's first job was as a waiter at West Point. Clumsy and boisterous, he quickly broke so much of the military academy's china that he was forced to join the Army to repay his debts. But once in, the rough-and-ready Dubliner served his adopted nation with rare dedication, establishing himself as an inspriational coach at West Point. Spanning 50 years and two world wars, the film shows Maher at his best, molding and motivating the young men who would become America's heroes and Presidents+-+548256553532437020ocn070698182visu19510.28Ray, NicholasOn dangerous groundDramaCity cop goes to the countryside to help solve a brutal murder and falls in love with a blind woman who's brother is a suspect34817ocn436307452visu19500.23Ford, JohnWagon masterHistoryDramaA Mormon wagon train headed for Utah hooks up with two horse traders, the members of a traveling medicine show, and a tribe of Navajo Indians. The group is threatened by a gang of outlaws who use the wagon train as a hideout3441ocn188088760visu20070.13The best of BonanzaDrama"Welcome to the Ponderosa, where Pa, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright bring order and family values to the Wild West"--Container1552ocn810122531book20130.56Nollen, Scott AllenThree bad men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward BondBiography"The book provides a biography of each and a detailed exploration of Ford's work as it was intertwined with both Wayne and Bond. Revealed are fascinating accounts of ingenuity, creativity, toil, perseverance, bravery, debauchery, futility, abuse, masochism, mayhem, violence, warfare, open- and closed-mindedness, control and chaos, brilliance and stupidity, rationality and insanity, friendship, love and hate"--Provided by publisher22ocn058995580visu20012001 Western Heritage Awards master tapeThe 2001 Western Heritage Awards program, which features the induction of Spencer Penrose and Sandra Day O'Connor as Great Westerners and Ward Bond as a Great Western Performer. A tribute to Richard Farnsworth and the presentation of awards to leather worker Bob Brown and saddle maker Bob Marrs are also featured11ocn058993540visu2001Playback master (Pre-produced video segments) 2001 Western Heritage AwardsCollection of video introductions and inductee video segments used during the 2001 Western Heritage Awards at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Segments are arranged in proper playback order for use during the program11ocn051332908art1999Bond, Ward11ocn673333594art19790.10Bond, Ward 57Periodicals11ocn495847711art19950.10Quigley, MartinBond, Ward: actorBiography Dictionaries11ocn815607932visu19561.00Warner Bros. present the C.V. Whitney picture starring John Wayne in "The searchers" Vistavision motion picture high-fidelity and Technicolor : co-starring Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Natalie Wood, screen play by Frank S. Nugent, executive producer Merian C. Cooper, associate producer Patrick Ford, presented by Warner Bros., directed by John FordPostersPictorial worksInsert poster for the motion picture "The searchers" depicting a western landscape with John Wayne as Ethan Edwards and Jeffrey Hunter as Martin Pawley on horseback holding shotguns. Text over the image: he had to find her ... he had to find her. Also includes small photographic portraits of John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Ward Bond, Jeffrey Hunter and Vera Miles11ocn122509183visu1950Singing guns11ocn082839129book1950Paramount showmanship manual : the great Missouri raid11ocn058993542visu20012001 Western Heritage Awards camera #2, raw footageThe 2001 Western Heritage Awards program, which features the induction of Spencer Penrose and Sandra Day O'Connor as Great Westerners and Ward Bond as a Great Western Performer. A tribute to Richard Farnsworth and the presentation of awards to leather worker Bob Brown and saddle maker Bob Marrs are also featured11ocn077946161visu1956Warner Bros. presents the C.V. Whitney picture starring John Wayne in The searchers11ocn064186340mix1.00Sons of the PioneersSons of the Pioneers transcription discs collectionMusicCountry musicThe collection chiefly includes non-commercial recordings of the Sons of the Pioneers "Lucky-U Ranch" radio program, 1951-1953, featuring Betty Taylor and Frankie Messina. "Lucky U Ranch" transcription discs, June-July 1952, feature Rex Allen, Noel Boggs, Stan Jones, Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Betty Taylor, Cindy Walker, and the Whippoorwills. Also included is a small number of other recordings, 1940-1959, with additional Sons of the Pioneers programs ("10-2-4 Ranch"; "Smokey the Bear Show"; "Sons of the Pioneers Show"; and "Symphonies of the Sage"). Appearing on these recordings are musicians and film and television stars, including James Arness, Eddie Arnold, Tex Beneke, Ward Bond, Walter Brennan, Spade Cooley, Carolina Cotton, Broderick Crawford, Dick Foran, Billy Grady, Stuart Hamblen, Ferlin Husky, Wayne King, Art Linkletter, Montana Slim, Hugh O'Brian, Jon Provost, Barbara Stanwyck, Tex Williams, and Faron Young11ocn058795219mixLovell, TomTom Lovell papersHistoryBiographyArtThe collection contains personal and family papers; biographical booklets; cards and letters received from friends and publishers; research materials in the form of photocopies and notes; booklets, pamphlets, and catalogues; about 16,000 photographic images in the form of black and white and color negatives, prints, Polaroid prints, slides, and transparencies; sketches; tearsheets; and scrapbooks. Also included are hundreds of tearsheets of reference images, Lovell paintings and illustrations, as well as the work of other artists01ocn083966693bookLovell, TomThe Tom Lovell CollectionHistoryBiographyArt+-+2564620696324+-+2564620696324Fri Mar 21 15:23:58 EDT 2014batch38793