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Shows the effect of Army discipline on an individualistic former boxing champion who defies the attempts of officers and men to break him when he refuses to fight on the company's boxing team. Includes actual scenes of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor+-+6833265535254321ocn074336890visu19560.20Zanuck, Darryl FrancisRodgers and Hammerstein's The King and IHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsAn English schoolteacher finds herself at odds with the King when she is the teacher at the royal court in the 1860s169894ocn022438723visu19560.10Rodgers & Hammerstein OrganizationThe King and IHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsFilm adaptationsMusical fictionAn English schoolteacher finds herself at odds with the King when she is the teacher at the royal court in the 1860s164521ocn074336888visu19350.22Shakespeare, WilliamWilliam Shakespeare's Julius CaesarHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsHistorical filmsFilm adaptationsAn adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play, chronicling the events around the assassination of Julius Caesar+-+6183834696324156282ocn045823094visu19460.24Powell, MichaelBlack narcissusFictionDramaFilm adaptationsMajesty gives way to mystery, and marks a harrowing descent into madness, when a young British nun is ordered to establish a convent in the remote Himalayan mountains. Sister Clodagh (Kerr) is a serious young novitiate assigned to lead a crucial mission, with the reluctant recommendation of her Mother Superior. Together with a disparate group of nuns, Sister Clodagh will face strange peoples and customs, a harsh and unforgiving climate and a wrenching struggle with her own past that will prove the ultimate test of her devotion and faith+-+2309937425324150269ocn021170916visu19570.18McCarey, LeoAn Affair to rememberDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsMelodramaA handsome bachelor and a caberet singer meet on a luxery liner bound for New York. Although both are involved with other people, they fall in love. When the ship docks they agree to meet in six months, remaining apart as a test of their love. But a tragic accident keeps them from their rendevous, and leaves their future uncertain+-+259764842532413924ocn051539202visu20020.18Leo McCarey's An affair to rememberFictionDramaNickie Ferrante and Terry McKay meet on an ocean liner and fall deeply in love. Though each is engaged to someone else, they agree to meet six months later at the Empire State Building if they still feel the same way about each other. But a tragic accident prevents their rendezvous, and the lovers' future takes an emotional and uncertain turn131727ocn067838492visu19630.23Huston, JohnThe night of the iguanaDramaFilm and video adaptationsA defrocked, alcoholic, and emotionally-troubled minister struggles with his desire for earthly pleasures as a tour guide in Mexico. Shepherding a busload of school teachers and one libidinous 18-year old girl, he becomes entangled with the teen, suffers a nervous breakdown when discovered, and strands the group at the remote and rundown seaside hotel of his old friend Maxine. As his emotional state continues to unravel, and the group's problems increase, the hotel is joined by a travelling artist and her aged poet father, with their own secret troubles+-+7784634696324110842ocn051012520visu19420.25Powell, MichaelThe life and death of Colonel BlimpDramaComedy filmsWar filmsBased on cartoonist David Low's parody of the old-fashioned British professional soldier, set in his ways and unable to adapt to the brutality of modern war. This story follows the career of Clive Candy, at first an idealistic, young Boer War hero, then a brigadier general, serving honorably in World War I. Finally, by World War II, he has become a bald, overweight, querulous old man, angry that his age and military experience are held in contempt, and bewildered that his lifelong code of gentlemanly conduct has become an anachronism in a world threatened by a monster like Hitler+-+9750755325109668ocn268679716visu19510.21LeRoy, MervynQuo vadisHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsIt's 64 A.D. and Rome revels in pomp and debauchery under the mad Emperor Nero. Into this corrupt court comes Marcus Vinicius, a heroic military commander who falls in love with Lygia, only to learn that she is a convert to the new religion of the gentle carpenter from Nazareth+-+290823469694135ocn061333521visu19610.23Clayton, JackThe innocentsFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsHorror filmsFilm adaptations"Set in nineteenth-century England, this gothic ghost story centers around a governess taking care of two orphans in a foreboding Victorian mansion. As eerie apparitions appear and the children's behavior becomes strange, the governess begins to wonder about the fate of the previous governess and her sadistic lover. Could it be that their restless spirits are trying to corrupt the innocence of the children, or is this 'haunting' a product of her own fears and imagination?"--Container90636ocn046954005rcrd19560.24Rodgers, RichardThe King and IMusicDramaThe King and I: Musical Comedy in Two Acts. Book: Oscar Hammerstein77719ocn052156165visu19560.17Huston, JohnHeaven knows, Mr. AllisonFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA World War II Marine sergeant and a Roman Catholic nun are both marooned together on a South Pacific island, hemmed in by surrounding Japanese troops. The sergeant does his best to make the nun's ordeal less painful, but is torn by his growing love for her. The nun is equally fond of the sergeant, but refuses to renounce her vows. Their unrealized ardor mellows into mutual respect as they struggle to survive before help arrives69418ocn057470629visu19500.19Bei ni teKing Solomon's minesHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsAdventurer Allan Quatermain is hired by an Englishwoman to lead the hunt for her missing husband in an uncharted region of Africa+-+220753469666521ocn079675281visu19600.20Zinnemann, FredThe sundownersDramaFilm and video adaptationsA married couple in Australia find themselves at odds when the wife wants to settle down on a farm of their own, but the husband finds settling down more than his untethered spirit can bear+-+178993469663927ocn048503276visu19600.17Donen, StanleyThe grass is greenerFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA jealous English earl (Grant) who wants to keep his beautiful wife (Kerr) first tries suave trickery but finally resorts to a duel with pistols+-+402155732532460224ocn048981658visu19580.20Rattigan, TerenceSeparate tablesDramaFilm adaptationsExplores the separate and interwoven dreams of a number of eccentric and lonely people in a rather gloomy, small hotel in the seaside town of Bournemouth, England58611ocn049713156visu19850.14Barbara Taylor Bradford's a woman of substanceInterviewsDramaFilm adaptationsDomestic fictionThe story of Emma Harte, a bright and ambitious servant girl who overcomes her impoverished Yorkshire beginnings in her quest to become an international retailing magnate and one of the richest women in the world comes full circle when Emma's granddaughter must struggle against powerful enemies to keep the family's retail empire from collapsing5789ocn024802749visu19410.28Bernard Shaw's Major BarbaraDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of the daughter of an armaments millionaire who joins the Salvation Army but later joins her new husband in his business when she realizes that his factory will enable her to save more souls than her charity work. The factory also will serve as an avenue for more money for the Salvation Army+-+89995553253245494ocn050929942visu19670.18Huston, JohnCasino RoyaleDramaSpy filmsFilm adaptationsSir James Bond is persuaded to rejoin Her Majesty's secret service and head an operation to smash SMERSH7594ocn667287342com20100.35Capua, MichelangeloDeborah Kerr a biographyBiography"Scotland-born actress Deborah Kerr (1921-2007) provided the cinema with memorable studies of English gentility. She projected a cool reserve and stoic nobility, often hinting at a passion and insecurity beneath the surface. Though she never won an Academy Award despite six nominations, Deborah Kerr received an honorary Oscar in 1994"--Provided by publisher+-+37330913255454ocn004004940book19770.21Braun, EricDeborah KerrBiography351ocn046467978visu19560.10Rodgers & Hammerstein OrganizationThe King and IHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsFilm adaptationsMusical fictionAn Englishwoman in 19th-century Siam finds the country and its ruler torn between tradition and the ways of the western world51ocn009793001book19640.84Drought, JamesThe gypsy moths41ocn045749254visu20000.19Deborah Kerr getting to know herBiographyFollows the life and career of actress Deborah Kerr21ocn747685772book19610.86White, StanleyThe Grass is GreenerPictorial works21ocn054042782book19640.47La noche de la iguana = ("The night of the iguana") : Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr, Sue Lyon : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer y Seven Arts Productions presentan la producción de John Huston-Ray Stark basada en la obra de Tennessee WilliamsA defrocked Episcopal clergyman leads a bus-load of middle-aged Baptist women on a tour of the Mexican coast and comes to terms with the failure haunting his life21ocn219903235rcrd1983Braun, EricDeborah KerrBiography11ocn862435537visu19501.00Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents "King Solomon's mines" starring Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger, with Richard CarlsonPortraitsFilm adaptations11ocn855833511book19590.96Mitford, NancyLe cher angePictorial worksEntre un père français et parisien et une mère anglaise et londonienne, le jeune Sigi exerce une industrie de "go-between" bientôt coupable. Choyé par les amies de l'un et les soupirants de l'autre, ce cher ange a vite compris les inconvénients d'une réconciliation prématurée11ocn779364518book19980.47Pruter, RobinThe films of Deborah KerrBiography11ocn015116541rcrd19781.00Kerr, Deborah[Deborah Kerr answers questions about her career and about theater]11ocn547500765visu19550.10Producer supports hospital with filmPhotograph caption dated October 3, 1955 reads, "Samuel Goldwyn, producer, discusses premier of his movie "Guys and Dolls," which will benefit Cedars of Lebanon Hospital free bed program, with Mrs. Alfred Hart, left, chairman, and actress Deborah Kerr, honorary chairman. Tickets for Nov. 22 premier at Hollywood Paramount Theater will cost $100."11ocn423251733visu19521.00News of the day"An American in Paris, M-G-M's beautiful musical starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron wins the Academy Award for the best picture of 1951. Producer Arthur Freed accepts the Oscar with a tribute to his studio and his colleagues. Humphrey Bogart and Vivien Leigh win Oscars as the year's best actor and actress"--Hearst index card11ocn423251815visu19521.00News of the day"Iraq's youthful king, Faisal II, continues his goodwill tour of America with a stopover at the MGM studios where he sees movies in the making"--Hearst index card. Includes footage of Feisal II, 35 mm. movie camera11ocn056724189book20050.47Deborah KerrWebsite includes filmography, awards, biography, agent, discussions, photos, news articles and fan sites11ocn658070353art2000Kerr, Deborah, (1921-)Biography11ocn050595247book19920.81Academy awards collector's editionBiography11ocn027783866rcrd19751.00Kerr, Deborah[Deborah Kerr tells of her early Hollywood career]Kerr also relates how she had to tell an inquirer, "The name of my plastic surgeon is God."01ocn794272744visu1967[Photograph of Deborah Kerr and David Niven]Photographs+-+6833265535+-+6833265535Fri Mar 21 15:07:36 EDT 2014batch48031