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The themes of this symposium were maintaining teamwork and a participative management environment, building a constant improvement philosophy, fostering entrepreneurialism and innovation, and developing productivity measurement techniques and gainsharing approaches11ocn046955136visu1987NASA Symposium on Quality and Productivity2nd NASA Q. & P. SympConference proceedingsAdministrator Fletcher speaks about NASA's efforts to increase productivity and quality through its technology utilization program and the initiatives of its contractors. 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Fletcher to be Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, March 10, 197171ocn024716133book19910.17McBain, EdHail to the chief; an 87th precinct mysteryFictionDetective and mystery storiesThe 87th Precinct Squad becomes involved in a teen-age gang war of major proportions11ocn767746664mix0.47Rochester Institute of TechnologyCongressman Frank Horton Distinguished Speaker Series (Rochester, N.Y.) collectionThe Congressman Frank Horton Distinguished Speaker Series (Rochester, N.Y.) collection consists of items related to the program and its speakers. The collection contains an invitation to President Gerald R. Ford's presentation, as well as tickets to the event. Also included are tickets to Dick Cheney's presentation and a notice announcing Johnnie L. Cochran's lecture. Additionally, there is a newspaper clipping on James C. Fletcher who spoke at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 198911ocn367532277book1.00The individual... and the next two thousand million years11ocn016865284book19641.00University of UtahThe inauguration of the eighth President of the University of Utah, James Chipman Fletcher, November 6, 196411ocn367390425book19641.00University of UtahThe inauguration of the eighth president of the University of Utah, James Chipman Fletcher11ocn367387331art19951.00Launius, Roger DA western Mormon in Washington, D.C. : James C. Fletcher, NASA, and the final frontierHistory11ocn367535845book1.00NASA's new chief11ocn084491517mixNational Air and Space MuseumThe Glennan-Webb-Seamans Project for Research in Space HistoryThe emphasis of this project is on NASA management practice during the Apollo program. A working assumption of this research effort was that administration and management in NASA were a means by which broad policy and political goals of the President and Congress were to be translated into specific technical achievements, such as landing men on the moon. Interviews include: Leland J. Atwood, Delmer Bradshaw, James R. Burnett, Paul Demitriades, Edward Doll, Peter Downey, Brian Duff, James Elms, James Fletcher, Robert Gilruth, T. Keith Glennan, Donald Jacobs, Ruben Mettler, Mark Miller, George Mueller, Samuel Phillips, Simon Ramo, Robert Seamans, Willis Shapley, Abe Silverstein, David Soergel, Harrison Storms, James Webb, Thorton A. Wilson, Herbert YorkFri Mar 21 15:34:04 EDT 2014batch14155