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Fri Mar 21 17:04:16 2014 UTClccn-n860250570.06Captain Planet and the Planeteers0.190.31A Century of women128953671n 860250571959621Turner Broadcasting System ProductionscontainsVIAFID/127879238Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.lccn-no91011871Turner Home Entertainment (Firm)np-foulkrod, patriciaFoulkrod, Patriciaprdprolccn-n79149331Geiogamah, Hanay1945-auslccn-nr97032669Lucas, Phil1942-2007drtlccn-no2001100656Burdeau, Georgedrtlccn-no2009161706Borden, Johndrtlccn-no96052594Thompson, Kyranp-grant, michaelGrant, Michaelprdauspronp-grant, michael$television producerGrant, Michaeltelevision producerprdauslccn-n79042179National Geographic Society (U.S.)proTBS Productions, IncHistoryDramaJuvenile worksBiographyDocumentary television programsWildlife television programsFolkloreNature television programsEducational television programsMusicIndians of North AmericaUnited StatesBotanyPlantsLusitania (Steamship)Killer whaleWomenWomen--Social conditionsSeeds--DispersalWomen's rightsWomen--EmploymentWomen--Legal status, laws, etcShipwrecksCatsActingUnited States, WestProject Apollo (U.S.)Outer spaceExploration of outer spaceAstronauticsSpace flight to the moonAfrican American cowboysGreat PlainsSouthwest, NewPacific NorthwestSouthern StatesEnvironmental protectionAfrican AmericansSuperheroesNortheastern StatesOceanographersCousteau, Jacques,FranceUnderwater explorationHarley-Davidson motorcycleHarley-Davidson Motor CompanyWorking mothersIndians of North America--Government relationsPlants--ReproductionWomen in popular cultureMass mediaPopular cultureWomen in mass mediaMass media and womenSelf-perception in womenAaron, Hank,African American baseball playersBaseball playersPlant ecologyIndians of North America--Social life and customs198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052007200820116590296396305.4E77ocn659077090ocn691614432ocn693865130ocn762683141ocn691614506ocn691614537ocn691614526ocn691614557ocn658478731ocn6590041296035ocn032032163visu19940.25The Native AmericansHistoryFolkloreMusicTribal leaders share their rich histories and current challenges in this series. Learn how the events of a turbulent past still impact present issues for Native Americans and all the people of this great land+-+88815153253244514ocn030716105visu19930.07Killer whales wolves of the seaDocumentary television programsWildlife television programsThroughout every ocean on earth, killer whales are the masters of the sea. Spectacular underwater photography captures their hunting techniques in action and demonstrates how these creatures communicate with one another. Graceful and agile, these. huge predators are a source of fascination a+-+10387774253244292ocn031008870visu19940.31A Century of womenHistoryTells the story of women in the 20th century--how they lived, loved, worked, played and, most importantly, changed the course of American history. The documentary is woven into the story of a fictional family's reunion+-+15705153253242961ocn050565824visu20020.08Cats don't danceJuvenile worksDramaMusical rags-to-riches story of Danny, a talented cat who sets out to break the "species barrier" when he discovers only humans get the good roles in Hollywood+-+81038153253242543ocn032061047visu19940.23The Plains. fields of grass, seas of bloodHistoryFolkloreA continuation of the history of the Great Plains tribes, including the Crow, Comanche, Sioux, Kiowa, and Arapaho+-+88815153253242451ocn030861807visu19940.17Moon shot the inside story of the Apollo ProjectHistoryUtilizing an untapped treasure of NASA tapes, home movies, and never-before-seen footage of the Soviet space program, astronauts Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton guide you through the real story behind the space program2154ocn030364187visu19940.14National Geographic Society (U.S.)Last voyage of the LusitaniaHistoryThis program takes a high-tech plunge beneath the Irish Channel to relive one of the century's most mysterious maritime tragedies. On May 7, 1915 a German U-boat torpedoes the civilian vessel the Lusitania. The enormous ship sunk in eighteen minutes, sentencing nearly two-thirds of her passengers to death+-+05017774253241961ocn032061185visu19940.21The Southwest white myth, native mythologyHistoryA history of the Pueblo Peoples, including the Hopi, Navajo, Pima, Isleta, and Apache+-+46815153253241692ocn032052459visu19940.22The Southeast no matter how white--HistoryA history of the southeastern tribes, including the Choctaw, Seminole, Chickasaw, Creek, and Cherokee+-+75815153253241653ocn032052531visu19940.21The Far West generous spiritHistoryA history of the northwestern tribes, including the Lummi, Salish, Chumash, Colville, and Yakima. Includes representatives from the Kwakiutl, Lummi, Chumash, Paiute, and Nez Perce providing insight into the origins and culture of their peoples+-+14715153253241652ocn712685434visu20110.06Captain Planet and the PlaneteersDramaJoin Captain Planet and the Planeteers as they protect the Earth. The brainchild of media mogul Ted Turner, Captain Planet and the Planeteers burst onto the scene as the world₁s first and only eco-superhero show in 1990 on TBS. Includes all 26 episodes of Season One1556ocn032209136visu19930.20The Black WestHistoryPresents the history of Blacks in the old West through feature film clips, rare archival photography and exclusive interviews with descendants of Western icons1524ocn026745914visu19850.15Pioneer of the sea Jacques Cousteau, the first 75 yearsBiographyDocuments the life of one of the world's greatest explorers from his birth and childhood to 75th birthday. Shows the many sides of Cousteau as explorer, environmentalist, administrator, inventor, author, poet, and filmmaker+-+49525140063241522ocn032052285visu19940.20The Northeast give and takeHistoryA history of the Iroquois Confederacy and other tribes of the Northeast, including Mohawk, Seneca, Penobscot, Oneida, and Wampanoag+-+43715153253241331ocn027996578visu19930.16Harley-Davidson motorcycles the American motorcycleHistoryAn officially authorized Harley-Davidson film. It is released to capitalize on the highly publicized 90th year celebration of the company. It is the definitive history of the motorcycle as well as an unprecedented look at its evolution1142ocn031530911visu19940.24A century of womenHistoryDramaFirst of three programs in a series that tells the story of women in the 20th century--how they lived, loved, worked, played, and changed the course of American history. This program deals with the struggle of women trying to balance work, marriage and motherhood. For many women in the early 1900s, the balancing act of labor and love was a matter of life or death. Presents stories of women as wives, mothers, and workers, from the founders of the PTA to the early union leaders and First Ladies. Includes comments by Betty Friedan and Congresswoman Pat Schroeder+-+1570515325324999ocn064228839visu19950.25Attenborough, DavidThe private life of plantsJuvenile worksDocumentary television programsEducational television programsNature television programsThis DVD is hosted by Sir David Attenborough. In "The private life of plants," he takes us on a tour through the secret world of plants, to see things no unaided eye could981ocn031531042visu19940.24A century of womenHistoryThird of three programs in a series that tells the story of women in the 20th century--how they lived, loved, worked, played, and changed the course of American history. This program explores the changing concepts of "ideal beauty" and how women see themselves. Presents the changing image of women in movies and on television, and in music, dance, and art. With comments by Roseanne Arnold, Carol Burnett, Twyla Tharp, and Maya Angelou+-+9280515325324954ocn032716207visu19950.18Hank Aaron chasing the dreamBiographyDocumentary television programsThe story behind Hank Aaron's record-breaking home run and the obstacles he had to overcome. Has footage of his baseball career and interviews with baseball stars, public leaders, and other people directly influenced and inspired by his accomplishments+-+5291515325324892ocn030563947visu19930.20The untold WestHistoryExciting presentation of the old West history through feature film clips, rare archival photography and exclusive interviews with descendants of Western icons+-+7581515325324+-+7581515325324Fri Mar 21 15:38:04 EDT 2014batch20993