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Fri Mar 21 17:04:28 2014 UTClccn-n860474700.06Poems for the young0.871.00[Poetry reading129088023n 860474701915168lccn-n85304584Woodberry Poetry Room (Harvard College Library)np-orr, peterOrr, Peterivrlccn-no2004090302New ZealandDepartment of EducationVisual Production Unitlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n50020847Watkins, Ronaldnp-ryan, connRyan, Connlccn-n50028235Press, Johnnp-lidderdale, halLidderdale, Hallccn-n50039958Jones, David1895-1974lccn-n80039728Clark, Leonard1905-British CouncilRecorded Sound SectionCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsMusicBiographyPoetryShakespeare, William,Julius Caesar (Shakespeare, William)Macbeth (Shakespeare, William)King Richard II (Shakespeare, William)Richard--II,--King of England,Great expectations (Dickens, Charles)Gruoch,--Queen, consort of Macbeth, King of ScotlandArtViolinistsMenuhin, Yehudi,Children's poetry, EnglishBrontë familyMurdoch, IrisBritten, Benjamin,OperaMusic--Instruction and studyMusic in the theaterEnglish fictionWelsh poetryAmerican poetryShaw, Bernard,Spanish poetryPlath, SylviaGreek poetry, ModernRussian poetryFolk poetry, NicaraguanIrish poetryArabic poetryPoets, EnglishSufi poetry, PersianDella Quercia, Sandro,ApartheidPoets, NorwegianNicaraguan poetrySouth AfricaMaine--ThomastonPersian poetryHaitian poetryPrisoners' writings, AmericanScottish Gaelic poetryNeruda, Pablo,NicaraguaWhite, Eric Walter,Religious poetryMacedonian poetryGreat Britain19531957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741976197719781980536221830822.33PS3505.U334223393ocn612021309rcrd19531.00Jones, David[Poetry readingInterviews711ocn612429075rcrd19591.00Cummings, E. E[Poetry readingPoetrySeamus Heaney reads selections from his poetry, chiefly from his new book The spirit level51ocn154151973rcrd19730.47Orr, PeterKing Richard IICriticism, interpretation, etcThe third in a series of six talks this programme with textual reference examines King Richard in defeat. Richard's personality is discussed and the characteristics which lead to his defeat are analysed43ocn226971366rcrd19730.73Dart, ThurstonMusic in Shakespearean dramaMusic41ocn153773942rcrd19730.47Watkins, RonaldJulius Caesar by William ShakespeareRonald Watkins examines the complexity and humanity of the characters of Portia and Caesar by studying the text of the play41ocn153622946rcrd19730.47Ryan, ConnMacbeth, Lady Macbeth and othersCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn152577864rcrd19730.47Great expectationsCriticism, interpretation, etcA series of four readings where Collins comments on different parts and aspects of the novel41ocn153523303rcrd19730.47Watkins, RonaldJulius Caesar by William ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the first of a series of five talks on the play Julius Caesar and covers the themes of killing, justice, tragedy and the defeat of a noble cause41ocn153467675rcrd19730.47Ryan, ConnMacbeth, Shakespeare's techniqueCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn153444090rcrd19730.47Watkins, RonaldJulius Caesar by William ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn152409923rcrd19730.47Ryan, ConnMacbethCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn153773923rcrd19730.47Watkins, RonaldJulius Caesar by William ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn153773803rcrd19730.06Poems for the youngTalks about children's poetry, gives readings of, and analyses 5 poems with the themes of people and places41ocn154195796rcrd19740.47Allott, Miriam FarrisThe Bronte sistersAn informative talk on the lives of the Brontes, demonstrating how their lifestyle influenced their work41ocn153331625rcrd19740.47Menuhin, YehudiThe art of the violinistInterviewsYehudi Menuhin talks to Peter Orr about his career as a violinist - how it began and the introduction of recording and its effects41ocn153515561rcrd19730.47Orr, PeterKing Richard IICriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the fourth in a series of six talks on Shakespeare's play King Richard II. It explores the dramatic function of the lesser characters in the play. The roles of John of Gaunt and the Duke of York are examined in detail41ocn153444069rcrd19730.47Watkins, RonaldJulius Caesar by William ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn152577855rcrd0.47Goodwin, NoëlThe operas of Benjamin BrittenBiographyNoel Goodwin talks about the life and operas of Benjamin Britten31ocn153437054rcrd19730.47Brown, Ivor John CarnegieGeorge Bernard ShawIvor Brown talks about Shaw's philosophy of life and examines his plays in relation to this31ocn153641118rcrd19730.47Murdoch, IrisThe art of the novelistCriticism, interpretation, etcIris Murdoch talks to Peter Orr about her choice of the novel as medium, how she works, her attitude to writing and the didactic function of writingFri Mar 21 15:39:34 EDT 2014batch21730