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Fri Mar 21 17:10:18 2014 UTClccn-n860533020.00Bricker: the log-cabin candidate0.601.00The Atlantic system31014285n 860533021799311lccn-n50050858Lindley, Ernest Kidder1899-np-hunter, robert aHunter, Robert A.lccn-n50044378Long, Huey Pierce1893-1935lccn-n50048451Luce, Phillip Abbottedtnc-toledo associatesToledo associatesnc-california state university sacramentoCalifornia State University, Sacramentonp-lindley, ernest k$ernest kidder$1899Lindley, Ernest K.(Ernest Kidder)1899-np-lozano, albert sLozano, Albert S.lccn-n85073820Morgan, J. Pierpont(John Pierpont)1837-1913lccn-n80089468Radford, Arthur WilliamDavis, Forrest1893-1962HistoryBiographyUnited StatesInternational relationsWorld War (1939-1945)ChinaSea-powerGreat BritainPolitical scienceLong, Huey Pierce,LouisianaFinancial crisesSpeculationCapitalists and financiersNew York (State)--New York--Wall StreetArbitration, IndustrialOhio--ToledoSecurities industryNew York (State)--New YorkMorgan, J. Pierpont--(John Pierpont),Hollister, John B.--(John Baker),ElectionsBricker, John W.--(John William),Taft, Robert,TaxationYale UniversityRepublican Party (Ohio)Military readinessEconomic policyEisenhower, Dwight D.--(Dwight David),Pacific OceanTaft familyPringle, Henry F.--(Henry Fowles),Dewey, Thomas E.--(Thomas Edmund),Stevenson, Adlai E.--(Adlai Ewing),United States.--Congress.--SenateWillkie, Wendell L.--(Wendell Lewis),World War (1914-1918)Roosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),EducationDavis, Forrest,Truman, Harry S.,Public housingHoover, Herbert,Ingalls, David S.--(David Sinton),Taft, William H.--(William Howard),OhioTaft, Helen Herron,Practice of lawLilienthal, David Eli,Stassen, Harold E.--(Harold Edward),Governors1893196219291932193319351939194119421943194419451951196319661973197520042006200720082009201020112012216145100940.532273D7536746ocn001247392book19420.53Davis, ForrestHow war came : an American White paper; from the fall of France to Pearl harbor56118ocn001371110book19410.63Davis, ForrestThe Atlantic system; the story of Anglo-American control of the seas5237ocn000941739book19630.56Davis, ForrestThe Red China lobby12110ocn001825693book19350.79Davis, ForrestHuey Long; a candid biographyBiography867ocn000594925book19320.79Davis, ForrestWhat price Wall Street?723ocn000180408book19630.76Davis, ForrestThe "new" Red China lobby5810ocn005994477book19430.53Davis, ForrestHow war came to America : from the fall of France to Pearl Harbour241ocn002053359book19390.88Davis, Forrest300,000 guinea pigs31ocn671531809book20100.10Davis, ForrestLet us create god in our own image : christianity's revolving throne+-+895115709631ocn767703721book20110.10Davis, ForrestOle wives tales : and church doctrine32ocn044422360book19290.47Davis, ForrestThe 12 biggest days in Wall StreetHistory21ocn317330621book19431.00Davis, ForrestThe Atlantic system11ocn820878753book20120.47Hamilton, Gwendolyn LouiseSchool achievement and family involvement of African American male students in elementary schoolAfrican American male students in particular have the greatest challenges within school the school system (Fremon & Hamilton, 1997). These students need patient teachers and family members to assist them in the learning process to ensure they stay motivated in school. These students have the highest incidence of high school dropout. And while some even drop out in middle school, disengagement in the learning process often begins as early as elementary school. Policymakers need to provide special programs for these students to help them accelerate in the academic environment as well as to encourage them to progress to secondary and postsecondary institutions. The classrooms are filled with students who fail to meet academic standards. Race, class, and gender all play a part in contributing to the increase in the achievement gap between White and Black students. Sources of Data Six students were surveyed to determine if they were getting the assistance needed to thrive in school. Data from the survey assessed whether or not the students felt they received adequate supplemental school and home support to be successful in school. Conclusions Reached The results of the study determined that although students possessed the academic tools to adequately succeed in school, they needed the approval of their teacher to be successful, and wanted access to personal tutoring or group tutoring11ocn016344596book19511.00Davis, ForrestDid Marshall prolong the Pacific war?11ocn155892771mix1.00with Theodore DreiserCorrespondence with Theodore Dreiser from various members of the staff of the New York Herald Tribune11ocn820475599book20120.47Carr, Victoria ElizabethAfrican American males : historical struggles of African Americans in education and the utilization of a culturally responsive pedagogy to close the achievement gapIt is evident that there is a serious problem, beginning in elementary school, with the lack of success for African-American males. In addition, African-American males are not able to compete with their peers academically due to the fact that many of them are not attending and/or graduating college. The question now, and has been for a while is, how do we fix this? Hopefully through this study, a light will be shown on possible causes for these disparities and potential solutions that could help make a difference for the young African-American males currently attending school. This thesis is oriented towards conducting a survey of African American males' responses to education for the past five decades. The struggle for their equality in education resulted in the acquisition of a vast amount of knowledge that can be utilized to close the achievement gap in contemporary society. To help African American males succeed, the following things need to be in place: the utilization of culturally responsive teaching in the classroom, parent involvement, teachers must have high expectations, African American males need positive role models, and teachers must know the students they are teaching11ocn669211675book20090.47Garrity, Patricia AnnEffective pedagogical practices for teaching African American students in a K-8 urban charter school11ocn037933874art1943Davis, ForrestBricker: the log-cabin candidate11ocn314159816book20080.47Unimuke, ReginaThe development of a culturally congruent curriculum to meet the need [sic] of underachieving African American and low income students11ocn768246725book20110.47Ramírez, ÁngelaParent involvement in the Head Start Policy Committee from an insider's perception: empowerment or rhetoric?Parent Involvement is a vital component to the success of children academically but also the success of schools and communities. Head Start has the prestige of being the first program to value the importance of parent involvement. Parent involvement has many sub-categories that must be analyzed in order to document the success of the involvement of parents. In this study, the focus is how parent's participation in a shared-decision/governance partnership is empowering for parents and does the participation of parents produced outcomes that match the expectations of the Head Start philosophy. The results of this study suggest that parents who participated in their Head Start program's Policy Committee had not met the standards required from the Head Start program11ocn078464941file1.00Taft, Robert ARobert A. Taft papersCorrespondence, speeches, writings, political and legislative files, subject files, business and financial records, family papers, and other papers relating primarily to Taft's career as a U.S. senator and to his role as a national leader in the Republican Party. Subjects include public policy and legislative issues especially in the areas of defense, economic policy, education, finance, foreign policy, labor, public housing, taxation, and veterans' affairs. Topics include his Cincinnati law practice, World War I service, national and Ohio state politics, political campaigns between 1938 and 1952, and Yale University. Family members represented include Taft's parents, Helen Herron Taft and William H. Taft; his sister, Helen Taft Manning; his wife, Martha Wheaton Bowers Taft; and his son, Robert Taft+-+8951157096+-+8951157096Fri Mar 21 15:50:47 EDT 2014batch15431