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Thu Oct 16 17:51:19 2014 UTClccn-n868036660.00Correspondence, 1844-19100.801.00Exploration -- British North America : index and maps to Captain Palliser's reports : showing the date of each journey, the route, and the page in which it is described in the copies of the reports laid before Parliament on the 19th May 186313090059William_Spottiswooden 868036661484331lccn-no2009081063Eyre, George Edward1804-1887prtlccn-n50052987Palliser, John1807-1887lccn-n50034959Hind, Henry Youle1823-1908viaf-123085710CanadaProvincial Secretary's Officelccn-n79023147Great Britainlccn-n2005089306Great BritainSovereign (1837-1901 : Victoria)lccn-n50077448Great BritainHer Majesty's Stationery Officelccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n87846105Blakiston, Thomas Wright1832-1891viaf-104515104Gladman, GeorgeSpottiswoode, William1825-1883Criticism, interpretation, etcObservationsBibliographyMapsTravelCanadaCanada--Canadian NorthwestDiscoveries in geographyGeologyJewish literatureManitobaOntarioUnited States--Red River of the NorthPolarization (Light)RussiaFrontier and pioneer lifeCanada--Assiniboine RiverNorth AmericaArctic RegionsArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageFranklin, John,Canada--Saskatchewan RiverDeterminantsTerror (Ship)Erebus (Ship)SaskatchewanGeomagnetismMeteorological instrumentsScienceNorth America--Red River SettlementRussia (Federation)Discovery and exploration, BritishSpottiswoode, William,Physics--Equipment and suppliesHebrew literatureBritish Association for the Advancement of ScienceMathematicsScientific apparatus and instrumentsPhysical instrumentsManagementWest Indies--British West IndiesEmigration and immigrationGreat BritainColonies--AdministrationSearch and rescue operationsCanada, WesternDiscovery and exploration, CanadianTurner, Dawson,Lake SuperiorBotanical specimens--Collection and preservationJones, Bence,BotanyFranks, Augustus Wollaston,Natural history1825188318461847185018511852185318541855185618571859186018621863186418651866186918701872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831886189118921893189518991904858138203892.400902PJ5016ocn001690313ocn047201483ocn004655625ocn009421871ocn004999775ocn035091449ocn270935943ocn793603028ocn018611223ocn560759564ocn421489777ocn066661408ocn464776630ocn022189442ocn02688034820629ocn002869650book18740.82Spottiswoode, WilliamPolarisation of light1343ocn000118169book19700.74Spottiswoode, WilliamA tarantasse journey through eastern Russia668ocn002925190book18570.88Spottiswoode, WilliamA tarantasse journey through eastern Russia in the autumn of 1856534ocn047201483book18590.82Palliser, JohnExploration-- British North America papers relative to the exploration by Captain Palliser of that portion of British North America which lies between the northern branch of the river Saskatchewan and the frontier of the United States and between the Red River and Rocky Mountains405ocn006652565book18510.93Spottiswoode, WilliamElementary theorems relating to determinants311ocn001690313book18600.84Hind, Henry YouleBritish North America Reports of progress, together with a preliminary and general report on the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan exploring expedition, made under instruction from the provincial secretary, Canada261ocn004655625book18590.86CanadaPapers relative to the exploration of the country between Lake Superior and the Red River settlement241ocn009421871book18540.77Great BritainPapers relative to the recent Arctic expeditions in search of Sir John Franklin and the crews of H.M.S. "Erebus" and "Terror" : presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her MajestyMaps193ocn429073150file18780.63Spottiswoode, WilliamAddress to the British Association for the Advancement of Science delivered at Dublin, 14th August 1878182ocn270935943book18500.66The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments152ocn035091449book0.92Sabine, EdwardObservations made at the magnetical and meterological observatory at St. Helena printed by order of Her Majesty's GovernmentObservations147ocn037702049book18790.33Spottiswoode, WilliamDie Mathematik in ihren Beziehungen zu den anderen Wissenschaften113ocn224540570book18570.79Steinschneider, MoritzJewish literature from the eighth to the eighteenth century; with an introduction on Talmud and MidrashCriticism, interpretation, etc92ocn676719766file18990.70Spottiswoode, WilliamSpottiswoode collection of physical apparatus81ocn025865740book18930.98Steinschneider, MoritzJewish literature from the German of M. SteinschneiderBibliography81ocn006834305book18930.95Spottiswoode, WilliamJüdische Literatur von Moritz Steinschneider in der Realencyklopädie von Ersch und Gruber Bd. 27, Englisch (v. Will. Spottiswoode), London, 1857 : Index der Autoren und Personen nach der englischen Uebersetzung mit einer Concordanz der Seitenzahlen des Originals : zugleich ein selbstständig zu benutzendes Verzeichnis von ungefähr 1600 jüdischen Gelehrten unter Angabe von Zeit und VaterlandCriticism, interpretation, etc71ocn009658311book18470.82Spottiswoode, WilliamMeditationes analyticae61ocn018611223book18651.00Palliser, JohnExploration -- British North America : index and maps to Captain Palliser's reports : showing the date of each journey, the route, and the page in which it is described in the copies of the reports laid before Parliament on the 19th May 186351ocn052767341book18570.86Papers relating to immigration to the West Indian colonies : presented to both Houses of Parliament52ocn266970552book18790.47Spottiswoode, WilliamPolarised light : a lecture61ocn030261309book18990.70Spottiswoode, WilliamSpottiswoode collection of physical apparatus11ocn122540781mixHooker, Joseph DaltonA variety of topics are discussed in these letters, mainly on plant specimens and botanical subjects in relation to England, India, and other parts of the world. The most voluminous correspondence is with Henry Walter Bates, Sir Henry Cole, Sir Richard Strachey, Dawson Turner, and William Crawford Williamson11ocn779565646visuWilliam Spottiswoode. Lithograph11ocn779565651visuWatts, George FrederickWilliam Spottiswoode. Etching by P.A. Rajon after G. F. Watts11ocn779565656visuWilliam Spottiswoode. Stipple engraving by G. J. Stodart, 1883, after van der WeydeThu Oct 16 15:21:16 EDT 2014batch15936