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Fri Mar 21 17:15:30 2014 UTClccn-n868484750.00Reflections on China : Chinesische Garten und der gärten der vollendung des mondes in berlin /0.571.00Faces of China /94324007Manfred_Durniokn 868484751660527lccn-n94006605Karlauf, Thomaslccn-n94006604Kenntemich, Wolfgangedtlccn-n78056193Szabó, István1938-lccn-n87934421Brandauer, Klaus Marialccn-no93004857Bánsági, Ildikólccn-no93004856Janda, Krystynalccn-n50028843Dobai, Péterlccn-n2001034506Objektív Filmstúdió (Budapest, Hungary)lccn-n50064738MAFILMlccn-n92094806Schwarze, WolfgangDurniok, ManfredHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsPictorial worksInterviewsBiographyFictionGermanyNational socialismActorsMann, Klaus,Germany (East)Germany--BerlinRedl, Alfred,Germans--AttitudesCivilizationCommunismAustriaEspionageSoviet UnionMotion picturesSexChinaHungaryGardensGardens, ChineseLandscape gardeningWorld War (1939-1945)NazisBlock, WaltraudLesekrug, Ursula,Political scienceSocialismEconomic policyCentral planningPhotographersMotion picture producers and directorsSocial historyDocumentary films--Production and directionDurniok, ManfredCultural policyEconomic historyEspionage, RussianSocialism and the artsSocial securitySuccessEspionage, AustrianGay spiesBerlin Wall (Germany : 1961-1989)CensorshipIntellectual lifeRussiaHonecker, ErichSozialistische Einheitspartei DeutschlandsEnvironmental degradationSocial policyArts--Censorship193420031964197219751979198119821983199019911992199319941995199619971998199920012005200620112892658791.4372PN1995.9.P6ocn311489710ocn724113864ocn6919893859310ocn029605912book19930.66Das war die DDR : eine Geschichte des anderen DeutschlandHistory7110ocn047171320visu19810.32Szabó, IstvánMephistoHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWinner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1982, "Mephisto" is a remarkable and chilling portrait of one man's descent into moral corruption. As the Nazis rise to power, German actor Hendrik Hoefgen (Brandauer) faces a stark choice: political compliance or professional outer darkness. So eager is Hoefgen for applause that he opts for the former and becomes a star of the Nazi propaganda machine. But in pre-World War II Germany, there is a terrible price to pay for selling one's soul to the devil264ocn029182616book19910.63Durniok, ManfredBerlin : Kriegsende, 1945-1991 = Berlin : war's end, 1945-1991HistoryPictorial works264ocn231148666book19900.79Schwarze, WolfgangEine deutsche Geschichte : 2 Schwestern in Berlin - Bilder und Gespräche : [ein Foto-Lese-Buch nach dem Film von Gitta Nickel]BiographyInterviewsPictorial works121ocn248223312book20010.53Durniok, ManfredChinesische Gärten und der Garten der Vollendung des Mondes in Berlin104ocn260142391book19830.59Durniok, ManfredBangkok : Impressionen aus Gegenwart und VergangenheitPictorial works82ocn017051507book19791.00Durniok, ManfredFaces of ChinaPictorial works71ocn035100533book19960.73Manfred Durniok, films and friendsInterviews53ocn012176490book19810.59Durniok, ManfredChina ändert sein Gesicht41ocn078999951visu19980.37Das war die DDR eine Geschichte des anderen DeutschlandHistoryA documentary history of the GDR, including interviews with East German citizens, both prominant and unknown31ocn018046614visu19820.47Leise flehen meine Lieder eine poesievolle Reise durch die Jahreszeiten31ocn609418928visu0.47Oberst RedlDramaThe story of Alfred Redl, the son of a poor railway worker who, through driving ambition, became the head of military intelligence and commander of the 8th army in Prague32ocn778379315visu19930.81Das War die DDRHistoryA seven-part documentary of the history of the German Democratic Republic (Communist East Germany), told from the people's own point of view22ocn080151470visu19640.47Operation partnership cooperation with the developing countries as a German investment in peaceA presentation of West Germany's efforts to provide economic and technical assistance to developing countries after World War II21ocn071121641visu19920.81Édes Emma, drága Böbe, vázlatok, aktok Sweet Emma, dear Böbe, sketches, nudesDramaEmma has moved to Budapest from the countryside with her good friend Böbe, and both of them have taken jobs as schoolteachers. However, their wages are pitifully small, and all they can afford in the way of housing is a shared room in a boarding house near the airport. The two women have settled into their lives, but it isn't easy: Emma's sexual affair with the school's married principal is not emotionally satisfying, and Böbe's penchant for picking up foreigners and bringing them back to their room for sex creates unpleasant situations, to say the least. At school, it used to be clear what the quickest route to success was, but now that the communists are no longer in power, a lot of the senior people are floundering in uncertainty. Eventually, Emma gains the courage to strike out on her own21ocn716384954visu20050.31Szabó, IstvánColonel RedlDramaSet in Austria before World War I.A story loosely based on Alfred Redl's life from his childhood in military school to his mysterious end amidst rumors of treasonous activities21ocn054805700book2001Durniok, ManfredReflections on China : Chinesische Garten und der gärten der vollendung des mondes in berlin21ocn482542884visu19930.47Das war die DDR eine Geschichte des anderen Deutschland : siebenteilige Dokumentarfilmreihe des Mitteldeutschen Rundfunks11ocn852801582book1991Durniok, ManfredBerlin : war's end, 1945-199111ocn756232207visu2011Fünf Wochen im Ballon der Beginn der Voyages extraordinaires; Puppentrickfilm nach der abenteuerlich-fantastischen Geschichte von Jules VerneFri Mar 21 16:02:45 EDT 2014batch12472