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Thu Oct 16 18:00:14 2014 UTClccn-n868653480.06Annals of the Lowell Observatory0.491.00Nos rêves sont plus grands que le ciel : roman /51821004Percival_Lowelln 868653481713577Lowel, Pʻŏsibŏl 1855-1916Lowell.ローエル, パーシヴァルlccn-no94002366University of VirginiaLibraryElectronic Text Centerlccn-n79055545Hoyt, William Graveslccn-n78031768Strauss, David1937-lccn-n50040391Lowell, A. Lawrence(Abbott Lawrence)1856-1943lccn-n85087598Lowell Observatorylccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957np-leonard, louiseLeonard, Louiselccn-n94031070Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)np-webb, wells alanWebb, Wells Alanlccn-n80030630Putnam, William LowellLowell, Percival1855-1916ObservationsPoetryBiographyMars (Planet)East AsiaLowell, Percival,CosmogonyLife on other planetsUnited StatesAstronomersJapanShintoAstronomyCultsKoreaReligionDemoniac possessionNational characteristics, JapaneseTravelLowell ObservatoryJapan--Noto PeninsulaWinthrop, John,Arizona--FlagstaffLowell familySolar systemNebular hypothesisMuseumsHomesDuryea automobileFamiliesLowell, Percival,Jupiter (Planet)PlanetsAstronomical observatoriesCivilization, OrientalCivilizationTelescopesGalilei, Galileo,JapanologistsManners and customsShinto--Customs and practicesTranceSpirit possessionMercury (Planet)Pluto (Dwarf planet)Refracting telescopesArizonaReflecting telescopesWorshipRitualAstronomy--ResearchRites and ceremoniesOuter space18551916188518861888189018911892189318941895189618971898190019011903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171920192119221927193119321935194919561969197019721973197519761977197819791983198419851986198819891990199119921994199519961997199819992000200120022004200520062007200820092011201220136874197459915QB641ocn460608725170734ocn049295071file18950.30Lowell, PercivalMars+-+7829802896160439ocn049294283file18380.28Lowell, PercivalThe soul of the far east+-+705836469638821ocn001442219book19060.77Lowell, PercivalMars and its canals+-+420310189632012ocn001169395file19090.79Lowell, PercivalThe evolution of worlds+-+810950390528917ocn001526909book19080.74Lowell, PercivalMars as the abode of life24818ocn002158616book18940.79Lowell, PercivalOccult Japan; or, The way of the gods; an esoteric study of Japanese personality and possession+-+040326112523628ocn005525403book18850.74Lowell, PercivalChosön, the land of the morning calm; a sketch of Korea+-+239639654913712ocn044972423book18910.74Lowell, PercivalNoto : an unexplored corner of Japan786ocn021036192book18940.53Lowell, PercivalOccult Japan : Shinto, shamanism, and the Way of the Gods745ocn000575185book19030.77Lowell, PercivalThe solar system; six lectures delivered at the Massachusetts institute of technology in December, 1902452ocn006324426book0.06Lowell ObservatoryAnnals of the Lowell ObservatoryObservations4510ocn013111350book19110.50Lowell, PercivalDie Seele des fernen Ostens305ocn007073621book19140.93Lowell, PercivalMemoir on a trans-Neptunian planet191ocn051495708book20010.93Lowell, PercivalNae kiŏk sok ŭi Chosŏn, Chosŏn saramdŭl132ocn700637496file19050.95Lowell, PercivalDrawings of Mars, 1905 reproductions direct from the records book138ocn019837912book19090.47Lowell, PercivalMars et ses canaux : ses conditions de vie113ocn551365231book18970.84Lowell, PercivalNew observations of the planet Mercury111ocn071263025book20060.59Lowell, PercivalPercival Lowell : collected writings on Japan and Asia, including letters to Amy Lowell and Lafcadio Hearn+-+2396396549104ocn033512240book19790.95Lowell, PercivalNoto, hito ni shirarenu Nihon no henkyō101ocn874443645file16760.82Lowell, PercivalA funeral elegie (written many years since) on the death of the memorable and truly honourable John Winthrope Esq governour of the Massachusetts Colony in N-England. For the space of 19 years, who died in the 63d. year of his age. March 26. 1649Poetry4024ocn002390580book19760.66Hoyt, William GravesLowell and Mars+-+79605016353243682ocn044613096book20010.56Strauss, DavidPercival Lowell : the culture and science of a Boston BrahminBiography"This biography casts new light on the life and careers of Percival Lowell. Scion of a wealthy Boston family, elder brother of Harvard President Lawrence and poet Amy, Percival Lowell is best remembered as the astronomer who claimed that intelligent beings had built a network of canals on Mars. But the Lowell who emerges in David Strauss's finely textured portrait was a polymath: not just a self-taught astronomer, but a shrewd investor, skilled photographer, inspired public speaker, and adventure-travel writer whose popular books contributed to an awakening American interest in Japan." "Strauss shows that Lowell consistently followed the same intellectual agenda. One of the principal American disciples of Herbert Spencer, Lowell, in his investigations of Japanese culture, set out to confirm Spencer's notion that Westerners were the highest expression of the evolutionary process. In his brilliant defense of the canals on Mars, Lowell drew on Spencer's evolutionary views to argue that planets would develop life-supporting atmospheres over time." "Strauss's charming, somewhat bittersweet tale is the story of a rebellious Boston Brahmin whose outsider mentality, deep commitment to personal freedom, and competence in two cultures all contributed to the very special character of his careers, first as a cultural analyst and then more memorably as an astronomer."--BOOK JACKET+-+66475592152434ocn000888163book19350.70Lowell, A. LawrenceBiography of Percival LowellBiographyObservations926ocn002720184book19210.77Leonard, LouisePercival Lowell; an afterglow682ocn001305276book19560.74Webb, Wells AlanMars, the new frontier. Lowell's hypothesis. Does analysis of the network of canals on Mars indicate intelligent design?591ocn048065958book20020.56Putnam, William LowellPercival Lowell's big red car : the tale of an astronomer and a 1911 Stevens-DuryeaHistory+-+3987691325274ocn045296395visu19940.16StargazersHistoryObservationsDiscusses the founding, history, several of the major accomplishments and the current activies of the Lowell Observatory outside Flagstaff, Arizona212ocn003752511book19170.96Percival Lowell131ocn058528694visu20040.07Space science for studentsHistoryTraces humankind's interest in the skies, chronicles the invention of the telescope, and shows how Galileo was the first to use it for astronomy. Introduces Lowell and his fascination with Mars and space, details his observatory in Arizona, and explains how his observatory led to the idea of the big bang theory and the discovery of Pluto82ocn608686408file20000.24Lowell, Delmar RThe historic genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 189971ocn756581499book20111.00Cavé, JeanNos rêves sont plus grands que le ciel : romanFiction72ocn034026394book19950.97Miyazaki, MasaakiShirarezaru Japanorojisuto : Rōeru no shōgaiBiography41ocn653103479visu20070.92La Vida en Marte-- y otras realidades una obra de teatro puertorriqueñoDramaThe filmed play dramatizes the biography of Percival Lowell and his studies on Mars32ocn221362778mix19920.47Dolan, DavidPercival Lowell : the sage as astronomer32ocn676668256book20070.92Pāshivuaru rōeru : Bosuton burāmin no bunka to kagaku21ocn828576394book19271.00Slipher, Vesto MelvinThe Lowell ObservatoryObservations21ocn050199930visu20010.07Mirando a las estrellas 100 años de trabajo el observatorio LowellHistoryDiscusses the founding, history, several of the major accomplishments and the current activities of the Lowell Observatory outside Flagstaff, Arizona21ocn857140328book20130.47Wallace, Alfred RusselIs Mars habitable?22ocn002392657book19720.92Hoyt, William GravesOf men and Mars : a study of the role of Percival Lowell in intellectual history21ocn039126956book19311.00Pickering, William HThe mass and density of Pluto : are the claims that it was predicted by Lowell justified?+-+2396396549+-+2396396549Thu Oct 16 15:24:44 EDT 2014batch24878