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Thu Oct 16 18:03:15 2014 UTClccn-n868657600.00Employment and Environment. I /0.570.82Ethnic diversity and economic instability in Africa : interdisciplinary perspectives /93685389n 868657601713869lccn-n79090169Mau Maulccn-n89671368Berman, Bruce1942-lccn-n84048163Atieno Odhiambo, E. S.1946-edtviaf-200935983Berman, Brucelccn-n81082003Ranis, Gustavedtlccn-n50023085Stewart, Francesedtlccn-no96005754Hino, Hiroyukiedtlccn-n86132783University of CambridgeAfrican Studies Centrenc-american council of learned societiesAmerican Council of Learned Societieslccn-no98092723Berman, Bruce(Bruce J.)Lonsdale, JohnHistoryBiographyKenyaPolitical scienceMau Mau Emergency (Kenya : 1952-1960)Mau MauEconomic historyManagementClansKikuyu (African people)JournalistsKenyansMuoria, HenryKenyatta, JomoFamiliesEngland--LondonApartheidSouth AfricaNationalismPeasant uprisingsEthnic relations--Economic aspectsAfricaCultural pluralism--Economic aspectsEconomic policyEquality--Economic aspectsGreat BritainColonies--AdministrationRace relations1937196819711975197819791980198119831985198619871988198919901991199219941995199619971998199920002003200920122014218947109325.341096762JQ2947.A2ocn462003554ocn491112662ocn471913886ocn469296574ocn888463562136126ocn042855144file19910.50Berman, BruceUnhappy valley conflict in Kenya & AfricaHistory+-+726569673536311ocn016900801book19880.66South Africa in questionHistory+-+08753508953243437ocn050783627book20030.77Mau Mau & nationhood : arms, authority & narrationHistory"Fifty years after the declaration of the state of emergency Mau Mau still excites argument and controversy, not least in Kenya itself. This new collection combines retrospective overviews with fresh research to achieve a multi-layered analysis of an enduring topic."--BOOK JACKET+-+3329007035388ocn804664914file20120.82Hino, HiroyukiEthnic diversity and economic instability in Africa : interdisciplinary perspectivesA challenge to the conventional idea that ethnic diversity is an important cause of Africa's poor economic performance113ocn490153971book19920.47Berman, BruceUnhappy valley. conflict in Kenya and AfricaHistory+-+477500703532495ocn490153952book19910.47Berman, BruceUnhappy valley conflict in Kenya and AfricaHistory+-+644500703532461ocn536028664com20090.47Muoria, HenryWriting for Kenya the life and works of Henry MuoriaBiographyBased on the Gikuyu-language pamphlet literature of the 1940s, the family history of the writer Henry Muoria, and a daughter's memory, this book illuminates the political challenges faced by Kenya's first nationalists and the domestic sacrifices that politics demanded53ocn438900593book19910.47Berman, BruceUnhappy valley : conflict in Kenya & AfricaHistory+-+477500703532453ocn438901993book19920.47Berman, BruceUnhappy valley : conflict in Kenya & AfricaHistory+-+644500703532441ocn489716206book19960.63Kershaw, GreetMau Mau from belowHistoryThis is the oral evidence of the Kikuyu villagers with whom Greet Kershaw lived as an aid worker during the Mau Mau "Emergency" in the 1950s, and which is now totally irrecoverable in any form save in her own field notes+-+278200703532431ocn847247479art2000Employment and Environment. IPart I: Employment and environment today. Environmental protection and employment: a never-ending story. Growth and employment in the eco-industries. Jobs in renewable energy.Employment in the water industry.Environmental management in the Netherlands.Managing the heritage wisely and creating jobs. The experience of Regional Nature Parks in France.Europe at an environmental crossroads. Innovative training and job creation: eco-counsellors.--SCAD summary31ocn847247741art2000Emploi et environnement. ILa première partie du dossier contient 8 articles qui traitent successivement des thèmes suivants: "l'emploi et l'environnement en 2000", "les secteurs et les métiers de l'environnement". Les articles s'intitulent:-"Protection de l'environnement et emploi: une histoire sans fin."-"Croissance et emploi: les éco-industries."-"Energie renouvelable: source d'emplois?"-"L'emploi dans le secteur de l'eau."-"La gestion de l'environnement aux Pays-Bas."-"Valorisation du patrimoine et création d'emplois. L'expérience des Parcs naturels régionaux français."-"Environnement: l'Europe à un carrefour."-"Formation innovante et création d'emplois: les éco-conseillers."--SCAD summary33ocn772735472art19900.47Lonsdale, JohnMau Maus of the mind : making Mau Mau and remaking KenyaHistory22ocn837919311book19920.47Berman, BruceState & class+-+477500703532421ocn704269077book2000Farrar, JWales: changing climate challenging choices - a scoping study of climate change impacts in Wales. [The impacts of climate change in Wales from now to 2080. Technical report. Prepared for the National Assembly for Wales]21ocn769955269art19960.47Lonsdale, JohnEthnicité, morale et tribalisme politique22ocn875020885book1992Berman, BruceUnhappy valley : conflict in Kenya & Africa ; Book one: state & class. Book two: violence & ethnicity+-+477500703532411ocn869936795book19830.47Lonsdale, JohnExplanations of the Mau Mau revolt, Kenya 1952-5611ocn772701078art19680.47Lonsdale, JohnEuropean attitudes and African pressures : missions and government in Kenya between the wars11ocn772480051art19790.47Lonsdale, JohnCoping with the contradictions : the development of the colonial state in Kenya, 1895-1914+-+7265696735+-+7265696735Thu Oct 16 15:59:08 EDT 2014batch12583