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Fri Mar 21 17:13:45 2014 UTClccn-n860933940.10The sisters of Sinai : how two lady adventurers discovered the Lost Gospels /0.491.00In the shadow of Sinai : a story of travel and research from 1895 to 1897 /66698115n 860933941712303Dunlop Gibson, Margaret, 1843-1920Dunlop, Margaret GibsonGhibsūn, Mārgharịtā Danlab, 1843-1920Ghibsūn, Mārgharīṭā Danlap, 1843-1920Gibson, MargaretGibson, Margaret D.Gibson, Margaret D. 1843-1920Gibson, Mrs.Smith,MargaretSmith, Margaret, 1843-1920جبسن,مرغريت السيدةجبسون، مارغريطا دنلبجيبسون، مارغريطا دنلب، 1920-1843ܓܰܒܣܢ,ܡܰܪܓܪܝܬ ܡܪܬܝlccn-n84125149Lewis, Agnes Smith1843-1926othedtlccn-n85208031Soskice, Janet Martinlccn-n50069569Saint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai)lccn-n85286688Price, A. Whigham(Allan Whigham)1913-lccn-n2001057711Saint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai)Libraryviaf-305883098Gibson, James Young1826-1886lccn-n88648903Īshōʻdādof Merv, Bishop of Ḥĕdhathaactive 9th centurylccn-n87897976Harris, J. Rendel(James Rendel)1852-1941auispklccn-n79078156Margoliouth, D. S.(David Samuel)1858-1940othnc-sinai egypt$monastery of st catharineSinai (Egypt)Monastery of St. CatharineGibson, Margaret Dunlop1843-1920DiariesCatalogsManuscriptsCommentariesRomancesHistoryLewis, Agnes Smith,New Testament scholarsBible.--GospelsGibson, Margaret Dunlop,Egypt--Mount SinaiTravelGreat BritainChurch historyManuscripts, SyriacSaint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai)Bible.--New TestamentEnglandSyriac language, PalestinianManuscripts, ArabicLectionariesPalimpsestsBibleApocryphal booksSaint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai).--LibraryEgypt--SinaiSpanish poetryGerman poetrySyriac languageSpanish poetry--Classical periodApocryphal books (New Testament)Church orders, AncientPaleography, ArabicChristian literature, EarlyManuscriptsInscriptions, SemiticLibrariesChristian literature, ArabicHistory of Biblical eventsTheodore,--Bishop of Mopsuestia,Codex palimpsestus SinaiticusEpistle of the ApostlesSyriac literatureEngland--CambridgeSyrian churches--LiturgyWomen Biblical scholarsPresbyterian womenEgypt--Shamāl SīnāʼBiblical scholarsBible.--Catholic EpistlesArabic literatureCid,Canon law--Early church184319201887189318941896189718981899190019011902190319041907191119121913191619411956196419711983198519871989199319971999200120022003200520062008200920102011201220132659132350225.43PJ3081ocn001437773ocn005234462ocn004937454ocn006926611ocn005845595ocn647276618ocn654620674ocn654174507ocn248080447ocn313126959ocn248633072ocn834817280ocn254155568ocn834817195ocn186631547ocn186485081ocn46033092417713ocn001437773book18930.63Lewis, Agnes SmithHow the codex was found; a narrative of two visits to Sinai, from Mrs. Lewis's journals 1892-1893Diaries+-+042458624514619ocn005234462book19000.70Lewis, Agnes SmithPalestinian Syriac texts from palimpsest fragments in the Taylor-Schechter collection11214ocn004937454book19010.76Gibson, Margaret DunlopApocrypha arabicaManuscripts+-+44501929663249013ocn006926611book18870.79Gibson, James YoungThe Cid ballads, and other poems and translations from Spanish and GermanRomances9015ocn004937504book18940.70Gibson, Margaret DunlopApocrypha sinaitica+-+83963669663248711ocn005845595book18940.76Saint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai)Catalogue of the Arabic mss. in the Convent of S. Catherine on Mount SinaiCatalogs7014ocn002435934book19070.79Lewis, Agnes SmithForty-one facsimiles of dated Christian Arabic manuscripts : with text and English translationManuscripts487ocn022985554book18990.79An Arabic version of the Acts of the Apostles and the seven Catholic epistles from an eighth or ninth century ms. in the Convent of St. Catharine on Mount Sinai : with a treatise, On the triune nature of God, with translation from the same codex+-+91958884064711ocn022985555book18940.79PaulusAn Arabic version of the Epistles of St. Paul to the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, with part of the Epistle to the Ephesians; from a ninth century ms. in the Convent of St. Catharine on mount SinaiCatalogs4110ocn022985580book18970.70A Palestinian Syriac lectionary containing lessons from the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs, Prophets, Acts, and Epistles2714ocn667660488book18990.73The Palestinian Syriac lectionary of the Gospels. Re-edited from two Sinai Mss. and from P. de Lagarde's edition of the "Evangeliarium Hierosolymitanum"276ocn024919829book18990.63Lewis, Agnes SmithThe Palestinian Syriac lectionary of the GospelsThe work of the remarkable sisters Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson, this lectionary of what is now known as Christian Palestinian Aramaic, was re-edited in the light of two manuscripts from the Sinai, which they recovered, and from Paul de Lagarde's Evangeliarium Hierosolymitanum. An important document for the textual criticism of the New Testament as well as for the early practice of the church, Lewis and Dunlap added to its value by composing this light "critical edition." Presented in Syriac with English annotations to the Greek text of the Gospels, this useful study will be welcome by New Testament scholars and Syriac scholars alike+-+8264888406324212ocn062555181book20050.88ĪshōʻdādCommentaries on the New TestamentCommentaries+-+01878884063241714ocn643017513book19020.73The Didascalia apostolorum in SyriacHistory114ocn247199752book19010.47Apocrypha Arabica : 1. Kitab al Magall, or the book of the rolls. 2. The story of Aphikia. 3. Cyprian and Justa, in Arabic. 4. Cyprian and Justa, in Greek95ocn459353343book19030.66The Didascalia apostolorum in English92ocn247201352book18960.47Apocrypha Sinaitica : 1. Anaphora Pilati, 3 recensions (in Syriac and Arabic) ; 2. Recognitions of Clement, 2. recensions ; 3. Martyrdom of Clement ; 4. The preaching of Peter ; 5. Martyrdom of James, son of Alphaeus ; 6. Preaching of Simon, son of Cleophas ; 7. Martyrdom of Simon, son of Cleophas in Arabic73ocn614581786book19110.47ĪshōʻdādThe commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Ḥadatha (c.850 A.D.) : in Syriac and English73ocn780151176com18990.86Kitāb aʻmāl al-rusul wa-al-rasāʼil al-Kathūlīkīyah wa-qawl fī tathlīth Allāh al-Wāḥid min al-nuskhah al-qadīmah al-mawjūdah fī Dayr Ṭūr Sīnā73ocn614581513book19110.47ĪshōʻdādThe commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Ḥadatha (c.850 A.D.) : in Syriac and English10845ocn277201806book20090.20Soskice, Janet MartinThe sisters of Sinai : how two lady adventurers discovered the hidden GospelsBiographyIn 1892, two sisters, identical twins from Scotland, made one of one of most important scriptural discoveries of modern times. Combing the library of St. Catherine's Monastery at Mount Sinai, they found a neglected palimpsest: one of the earliest known copies of the Gospels, a version in ancient Syriac, the language spoken by Jesus. This is the account of how two middle-aged ladies without university degrees uncovered and translated this text, bringing a treasure to world attention. This quintessentially Victorian adventure is partly a physical journey: when Westerners generally feared to tread in the region, the sisters Smith traversed the Middle East. It is also a journey of the mind: in an era when new discoveries in science and archaeology were rewriting the accepted understanding of the Bible's origins as well as those of humankind, a great contribution to knowledge was made by two whose only natural advantage was an astonishing gift for languages--From publisher description+-+88869555961552ocn015107737book19850.70Price, A. WhighamThe ladies of Castlebrae : a story of nineteenth-century travel and researchBiography1072ocn040433289book19990.84In the shadow of Sinai : stories of travel and biblical researchDiaries+-+7870403436233ocn044826950book18930.63Lewis, Agnes SmithHow the codex was found; a narrative of two visits to Sinai, from Mrs. Lewis's journals 1892-1893Diaries+-+7870403436171ocn019651440book19870.23Price, A. WhighamThe ladies of CastlebraeBiography142ocn012457574book19640.66Price, A. WhighamThe ladies of Castlebrae : the life of Dr. Agnes Smith Lewis and Dr. Margaret Dunlop GibsonBiography101ocn778982984book20090.10Soskice, Janet MartinThe sisters of Sinai : how two lady adventurers discovered the Lost GospelsBiography+-+888695559691ocn523035637book20060.28From Cambridge to Sinai : the worlds of Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop GibsonBiography+-+360719803532ocn765875786rcrd20110.10Soskice, Janet MartinThe sisters of Sinai how two lady adventurers discovered the hidden GospelsBiographyRecounts discoveries of twin sisters Agnes Lewis (1843-1926) and Margaret Gibson (d. 1920), British widows who in the 1890s traveled to the Sinai Peninsula in search of lost biblical manuscripts. Describes their journey by camel to the libraries of St. Catherine's Monastery, where they eventually unearthed early gospel texts. 200921ocn475263261book19991.00In the shadow of Sinai : a story of travel and research from 1895 to 1897Diaries+-+7870403436+-+0424586245+-+0424586245Fri Mar 21 15:10:39 EDT 2014batch22790