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Thu Oct 16 18:00:21 2014 UTClccn-n860191130.00Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders ... Illustrated with photographs. (Third printing.)0.261.00Last of the Rough Riders : [Jesse D. Langdon]45776224n 860191131776854Jones, Virgil C.lccn-n80001145United StatesArmyVolunteer Cavalry, 1stlccn-n82212191Mosby, John Singleton1833-1916nc-cairo ironcladCairo (Ironclad)lccn-n2010064540Fitzgerald Rivers of America Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n79007071Catton, Bruce1899-1978lccn-n86101555United StatesCivil War Centennial Commissionlccn-n50049037Robertson, Jameslccn-n79135038Cairo (Gunboat)lccn-n50011508Peterson, Harold L.(Harold Leslie)1922-1978np-virgil carrington jonesVirgil Carrington JonesJones, Virgil Carrington1906-1999HistoryJuvenile worksBiographyAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesMilitary operations, NavalSea controlUnderground movements, WarGuerrillasUnited States.--Army.--Volunteer Cavalry, 1stSpanish-American WarRegimental historiesMosby, John Singleton,Hatfield-McCoy FeudVirginiaKilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid (Virginia :Military campaignsVirginia--James River ValleyDiplomatsSoldiersUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaCairo (Gunboat)Bull Run, 1st Battle of (Virginia : 1861)Alabama--Madison CountyManners and customsAppalachian Region, SouthernJones, Virgil Carrington,Dowdey, Clifford,Confederate States of America.--ArmyByington, Spring,African AmericansDe la Warr, Thomas West,--Baron,Libby PrisonWomen authors, AmericanDaniels, Jonathan,Wilson, Rufus Rockwell,TravelWilliams, Rebecca Yancey,Mitchell, Margaret,Virginia--CharlottesvilleVirginia--JamestownMudd, Richard Dyer,West familyVillard, Oswald Garrison,Prisoners of warEisenschiml, Otto,Nevins, Allan,Grayson, Kathryn,Miers, Earl Schenck,Byrd, William,Angle, Paul M.--(Paul McClelland),Virginia--RichmondGlass, Meta,190619991944194819561957195819601961196219631964196519681969197019711973197419761980198119841987198819901991199219941995200561462981973.75E470.2ocn27079283912089ocn000444691book19600.26Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe Civil War at seaHistoryFor contents, see Author Catalog118718ocn000761760book19560.24Jones, Virgil CarringtonGray ghosts and Rebel raidersHistory"Tells for the first time the story of guerilla warfare during the Civil War -- an exciting account of the incredible adventures of such Rebel leaders as Harry Gilmor, 'Lige' White, Turner Ashby, Hanse McNeill, and the indefatigable Mosby, and their courageous and daring efforts to prevent Northern forces from sweeping through the South"--Jacket+-+774594833511465ocn000163363book19710.23Jones, Virgil CarringtonRoosevelt's Rough RidersThe Colorful Rough Riders were a volunteer cavalry equipment recruited largely by then Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodoore Roosevelt for service in the Spanish-American War. Toosevelt resigned his government post to join the regiment in battle as second-in-command, and his exploits in Cuba, expecially at the famous charge of San Juan Hill, started him on the road to the Presidency9076ocn001312459book19440.30Jones, Virgil CarringtonRanger MosbyHistoryBiographyDuring the years 1864-1965, Col. John S. Mosby and his Rebel rangers tormented Union troops in Northern Virginia. Penetrating enemy lines at will, Mosby spanked a general in his bed before carrying him off as war booty, emptied $172,000 from a Federal payroll train, and taught the arrogant General Custer that two can play the game of brutal murder. By war's end a frustrated General Sheridan had sent 5,000 men to burn all of Loudoun County in a fruitless attempt to trap him. The bounty on Mosby's head was never claimed+-+865455484575910ocn000264471book19480.28Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe Hatfields and the McCoysHistory of the famous 19th century mountain feud4492ocn001447705book19570.31Jones, Virgil CarringtonEight hours before RichmondDescribes the abortive Kilpatrick-Dahlgren raid on Richmond in the winter of 18641622ocn000262669book19710.39Jones, Virgil CarringtonU.S.S. Cairo ; the story of a Civil War gunboat : comprising a narrative of her wartime adventuresHistory1531ocn001138971book19640.06Jones, Virgil CarringtonBirth of liberty : the story of the James RiverHistoryJuvenile works636ocn013305987book19800.21Jones, Virgil CarringtonFirst Manassas : the Bull Run campaignHistory212ocn002606518book19700.26Jones, Virgil CarringtonTrue tales of old Madison County (Alabama) : tales of early Madison County pioneers and their historic old homes.History181ocn025574817book19600.08Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe Civil War at sea : v. 1, the blockaders, January 1861-March 1862.History161ocn026275693book19730.26Jones, Virgil CarringtonFirst Manassas : the story of the Bull Run campaignHistory161ocn001302759book19650.22United States100 years afterHistory131ocn024322045book19610.20Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe River war : March 1862-July 1863History121ocn002619053book19680.19Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe story of MooresvilleHistory42ocn562203747book19600.10Jones, Virgil CarringtonThe Civil War at sea ... Illustrated with photographs21ocn430821167book20050.10Jones, Virgil CarringtonU.S.S. Cairo, the story of a Civil War gunboat : comprising a narrative of her wartime adventuresHistory+-+576977569611ocn082237595book19691.00Jones, V. CLast of the Rough Riders : [Jesse D. Langdon]11ocn270703920art1958Jones, Virgil CarringtonLibby Prison breakHistory11ocn562203759book1958Jones, Virgil CarringtonGray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders ... Illustrated with photographs. (Third printing.)11ocn033953252mixWilliams, Rebecca YanceyPapersHistoryBiographyGenealogyPredominently correspondence, 1940-1942, written to Rebecca (Yancey) Williams concerning her book, The Vanishing Virginian (1940), a semi-biographical story about her father, Lynchburg, Va., lawyer Robert Davis Yancey (1855-1931). Correspondents include Spring Byington, Douglas Southall Freeman, Francis Pendleton Gaines, Meta Glass, Kathryn Grayson, and Margaret (Mitchell) Marsh. Also included are writings, including an unfinished work, "The Great Adventure: Jamestown, Virginia"; essays concerning William Byrd II, African Americans, and a train trip from Alexandria to Charlottesville, Va., and reviews of the works of other authors, chiefly of books on southern subjects; a speech on Thomas West, Lord De la Warr, governor of Virginia; and notes on the West family11ocn648001213mix19441.00Jones, Virgil CarringtonSpeech on John S. Mosby and CharlottesvilleHistoryJones spoke to the Albemarle County Historical Society after the publication of his book "Ranger Mosby."11ocn071066481mix1.00Stern, Philip Van DorenPapers of Philip Van Doren SternHistoryCorrespondence with Civil War historians and buffs. Correspondents include Paul M. Angel, David Rankin Barbee, F. L. Bullard, Bruce Catton, Patrick C. Courtney, J. H. Cramer, Jonathan Daniels, Clifford Dowdey, Otto Eisenschiml, Thomas W. Greene, Virgil Carrington Jones, Earl Schenck Miers, Jay Monaghan, Richard D. Mudd, Allan Nevins, Hudson Strode, Oswald G. Villard, and Rufus Rockwell Wilson+-+7745948335+-+7745948335Thu Oct 16 15:31:25 EDT 2014batch15055