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Fri Mar 21 17:11:53 2014 UTClccn-n860610500.00Stekleno mesto : roman v stripu /0.240.76Paul Auster's Stadt aus Glas : New York-Trilogie 1 /51825894Paul_Karasikn 860610501976361Ḳarasiḳ, Polקראסיק, פולカラシック, ポールポール・カラシックlccn-n84031025Carlin, John1955-lccn-n84028249Walker, Brian1952-lccn-n88252240Crouch, Stanleylccn-n83206447Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.)lccn-n2009037254Hammer Museumlccn-no94032676Mazzucchelli, Davidilllccn-no2003001532Karasik, Judylccn-n2003032272Karasik, David1948-lccn-no2011018850Hanks, Fletcher1879-lccn-n81089153Treat, Lawrence1903-Karasik, PaulHistoryExhibition catalogsFictionBiographyGraphic novelsComic books, strips, etcJuvenile worksPortraitsPersonal narrativesUnited StatesCartoonistsComic books, strips, etcCity and town lifeNew York (State)--New YorkAutistic children--Family relationshipsKarasik, JudyKarasik, PaulBrothers and sistersKarasik, David,Graphic novelsDetective and mystery storiesScience fiction comic books, strips, etcPicture puzzlesPuzzlesNew York (State)Massachusetts--Martha's VineyardAuster, Paul,American fictionComic books, strips, etc.--AuthorshipComic books, strips, etc.--TechniqueCaricatures and cartoonsAutismAutistic childrenManners and customsAutistic people--Family relationshipsAutistic people19561988199319941995199719981999200320042005200620072008200920102012201333022375741.597307479494NC1426ocn277205517ocn769257464ocn277205517ocn769257464ocn039235425ocn799265245ocn42175098210077ocn060881709book20050.28Hammer MuseumMasters of American comicsHistoryExhibition catalogsComic strips and comic books were among the most popular and influential forms of mass media in 20th-century America. This fascinating book focuses on fifteen pioneering cartoonists, ranging from Winsor McCay to Chris Ware, who brought this genre to the highest level of artistic expression and who had the greatest impact on the development of the form. Organised chronologically, Masters of 20th-Century American Comics explores the rise of newspaper comic strips and comic books and considers their artistic development throughout the century. Featuring a wide selection of original drawings as well as progressive proofs, vintage printed Sunday pages and comic books themselves, the authors also look at how the art of comics was transformed by artistic innovation as well as by changes in popular taste, economics and printing conventions. First appearing in newspaper Sunday supplements, the comic strip became immediately successful and created the largest audience of any medium of its time. subsequently established the mass popularity of superheroes in the 1940s and 1950s before it matured as a vehicle for independent personal expression in the underground comic books and graphic novels of the 1960s. Artists featured in Masters of 20th-Century American Comics: Winsor McCay 'Little Nemo', Lyonel Feininger 'Kin-der-Kids' and 'Wee Willie Winkie', George Herriman 'Krazy Kat', E. C. Segar 'Thimble Theatre starring Popeye', Frank King 'Gasoline Alley', Chester Gould 'Dick Tracy', Milton Caniff 'Terry and the Pirates', Charles Schulz 'Peanuts', Will Eisner 'The Spirit', Jack Kirby 'Captain America' and 'Fantastic Four', Harvey Kurtzman Mad Magazine, R. Crumb Zap Comix, Art Spiegelman Maus and In the Shadow of No Towers, Gary Panter 'Jimbo', Chris Ware Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth+-+K2686655857966ocn051326609book20030.20Karasik, JudyThe ride together : a brother and sister's memoir of autism in the familyBiographyPersonal narrativesA sister and brother of an autistic man describe in words and cartoon illustrations the story of their sibling's life+-+918879892571630ocn055998525book19940.24Auster, PaulCity of glassComic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsA graphic, crime noir novel on a New York detective-cum-novelist who answers a wrong number. A double- barreled investigation, one from the perspective of the detective, the other from that of the novelist. Adapted from Paul Auster's City of Glass by the creators of Maus+-+35187976852403ocn078989432book20070.24Hanks, FletcherI shall destroy all the civilized planets!Collects comic book adventures by Fletcher Hanks, originally published between 1939 and 1941, featuring such heroes as Stardust the super wizard and Fantomah, mystery woman of the jungle+-+74832451061712ocn032093341book19940.27Karasik, PaulPaul Auster's City of glassA graphic, crime noir novel on a New York detective-cum-novelist who answers a wrong number. A double- barreled investigation, one from the perspective of the detective, the other from that of the novelist. Adapted from Paul Auster's City of Glass by the creators of Maus+-+K3562253851203ocn277205517book20090.24Hanks, FletcherYou shall die by your own evil creation!Graphic novelsCollects thirty-six comics created by cartoonist Fletcher Hanks and published between 1939 and 1941; and includes an introduction by Paul Karasik+-+9516441516551ocn017234327book19880.06Treat, LawrenceCrime and puzzlement 3 : 24 solve-them-yourself picture mysteriesJuvenile worksThe author presents mysteries for the reader to solve using clues found in the text and accompanying illustrations+-+1282874235491ocn028491307book19930.10Treat, LawrenceCrime and puzzlement 5, on Martha's Vineyard, mostly : 24 solve-them-yourself picture mysteries+-+5840650535301ocn038841889book19970.06Treat, LawrenceGet a clue 2 : 25 more picture mysteriesJuvenile works+-+2052693995301ocn039235425book19970.06Treat, LawrenceGet a clue 1 : 25 picture mysteriesJuvenile works+-+4952693995205ocn181442578book20060.33Karasik, PaulPaul Austers Stadt aus GlasDer Krimiautor Daniel Quinn hat sich nach dem Tod seiner Frau und seines Sohnes zunehmend isoliert. Eines Nachts erhält er einen Anruf und wird von einem Fremden zu Hilfe gerufen. Um einen Mord zu verhindern schlüpft er in die Rolle eines Privatdetektivs und gerät so in den Sog einer unglaublichen Geschichte. Bei der Jagd durch New York verwirrt sich der Kriminalfall zu einem Spiel der Identitäten. Die Erstausgabe von "Stadt aus Glas", die Ende der neunziger Jahre bei Rowohlt erschienen ist, wurde auf dem Comic-Salon Erlangen 1998 mit dem Max-und-Moritz-Preis ausgezeichnet183ocn062225166book20050.23Masters of 20th-century American comicsHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+K268665585161ocn066450750book20050.19Karasik, PaulBroze stadFictionPortraitsEen schrijver neemt per ongeluk een telefoontje aan voor een detective en besluit zich voor deze uit te geven. Ballonstrip101ocn317868627book20040.47Karasik, PaulPaul Auster city of glass+-+351879768551ocn421750982book2007Hanks, FletcherJe détruirai toutes les planètes civilisées51ocn464579780book20100.10Karasik, PaulHow to read Nancy+-+861844151632451ocn449241385book2007Karasik, PaulStekleno mesto : roman v stripu32ocn748285278book19990.76Auster, PaulPaul Auster's Stadt aus Glas : New York-Trilogie 1Adapted from Paul Auster's City of Glass by the creators of Maus11ocn865187481book19970.06Treat, Lawrence25 more picture mysteriesJuvenile works+-+205269399511ocn675100562book2008Jiheishō no ani to tomoni : Kyōdai to kazoku no 50nen no monogatari21ocn778973215book20030.47Karasik, PaulThe ride togetherPersonal narratives+-+9188798925+-+K268665585+-+K268665585Fri Mar 21 15:34:33 EDT 2014batch14943