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Goodhart-Rendel : 1887-1959 /79155643Alan_Powersn 8614453589773481675722Alan PowersPowers, AlanPowers, Alan Adrian Robelon 1955-פאוורס, אלן, 1955-パワーズ, アランlccn-n79015228Calloway, Stephenlccn-n86816133Cromley, Elizabeth C.lccn-n82074468Aslet, Clive1955-viaf-266276279National Trust (Great Britain)lccn-nr2002020207Von Sternberg, Morleyviaf-288211636Warren, Pennyedtnp-musters, clairMusters, Clairpfrlccn-n80142442Toppan Insatsu Kabushiki Kaishapronc-2wo design2wo Designbkdviaf-281248220Farr, SuebkdPowers, Alan1955-HistoryExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcEncyclopediasArtGreat BritainArchitecture, DomesticUnited StatesInterior architectureArchitecture--DetailsBook coversBook jacketsBooks in interior decorationArchitectureEnglandModern movement (Architecture)Architecture, ModernIllustrated children's booksDesignPictures--Trimming, mounting, etcPictures in interior decorationCountry homesArchitecture and societyDwellingsShelving for booksNature (Aesthetics)Decoration and ornament--Plant formsRavilious, Eric William,Interior decorationApartmentsStorefrontsBlock printingModernism (Art)Dyes and dyeing--Textile fibersNineteen thirtiesArt and designPublic housingCity planningArchitectural firmsPrintingLithography, BritishCurwen PressBook covers--DesignBook jackets--DesignWorld War (1939-1945)Apartment housesSocial historyArchitectural design1955196919791980198319851986198719881989199019911992199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220137337148329728NA2850ocn707191732ocn871019650ocn804456761ocn156766942ocn311161427ocn816549127117718ocn070107224book20050.25Calloway, StephenThe elements of style : an encyclopedia of domestic architectural detailHistoryEncyclopediasAn in-depth chronological survey of the key styles and periods of British and American architectural design over the past 500 years, this work is a comprehensive visual survey, period by period, feature by feature, of the key styles in American and British domestic architecture from the Tudor period to present day. As a reference guide, the book is designed for owners of period houses, restorers, architects, interior designers and all those interested in our architectural heritage. This revised edition includes a fully updated chapter covering the Contemporary era (1975-present) and a new list of suppliers and resources. More than 3,000 analytical drawings and historical engravings, 500 color and 1,000 black-and-white photographs provide a clearly presented guide to the features appropriate for every part of a building. Major components, such as doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings and staircases, the small but important embellishments, such as molding and door hardware, and permanent or semi-permanent fixtures, such as lighting and wallcoverings, populate this wide-ranging encyclopedic resource. A system of color-coded tabs enables the reader to compare specific features as they have evolved over time. Additional information on restoration and maintenance, biographies of key architects, and a detailed glossary are included+-+642525900681419ocn040654790book19990.17Powers, AlanLiving with books"Teaches how to incorporate books into your home and life without letting them take over." -- publisher+-+69754042067328ocn047062491book20010.27Powers, AlanFront cover : great book jackets and cover designHistoryDiscusses the importance of cover design in conveying a book's essence, with sections on each historical phase of book jacket design, from the late 19th century to today. 300 color illustrations+-+06795559363839ocn012037000book19850.33Aslet, CliveThe National Trust book of the English houseHistory3469ocn057485094book20050.59Powers, AlanModern : the modern movement in BritainHistoryEncyclopedic in scope and structure, this comprehensive study of Modern Movement architecture in Britain covers the work of such renowned architects as Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Eric Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff, together with specially commissioned photographs of all the major extant buildings+-+60079430363436ocn055877598book20030.37Powers, AlanChildren's book covers : great book jacket and cover designHistory"A chronological survey ... covering predominantly English language publications from Britain and the United States ... with a wealth of detail and comment on authors and illustrators ... With over 400 specially photographed jackets and covers f==eatured in colour, including rare fist editions"--Cover+-+08415559362792ocn044398352book20000.14Powers, AlanLiving with pictures+-+88975559362368ocn150353979book20060.73Powers, AlanBritainHistory'Britain' examines the question of the British approach to modern architecture. With due regard for the separate identities of England, Scotland and Wales, the author discusses themes, developments and changes in British modernism from its beginnings to the present day+-+56374361361994ocn056639675book20040.37Powers, AlanThe twentieth century house in Britain : from the archives of Country LifeHistory+-+K7658609361888ocn041388148book19980.27Powers, AlanNature in design+-+61956459361788ocn057069453book20030.59Powers, AlanEric Ravilious : imagined realitiesCriticism, interpretation, etcArtExhibition catalogsEric Ravilious (1903-1942) is firmly one of the most popular artists of his period. This title includes illustrations of many previously unpublished paintings, including a number from private collections, as well as surveying his other artistic activities. It offers an account of his career+-+42102110351655ocn046878289book20010.18Powers, AlanApartment : stylish solutions for apartment living+-+94667269363241322ocn019353499book19890.31Powers, AlanShop frontsChatto Curiosities of the brittish Street1265ocn026809148book19920.32Powers, AlanModern block printed textilesHistory1232ocn044972211book19990.81Modern Britain : 1929-1939HistoryExhibition catalogs1223ocn085429174book20070.86British modern : architecture and design in the 1930sHistory+-+53002470451056ocn310395193book20090.86Powers, AlanAldington, Craig and Collinge : twentieth century architectsThe first major publication on the work of the architectural practice of Aldington, Craig and Collinge. It draws on the recollections of the partners and on contemporary documents to describe their distinctive ideology through their built and unbuilt projects+-+47581940361033ocn190967570book20080.86Housing the twentieth century nationHistoryThis title considers housing from across the century, from rural Norfolk to inner London, via Scotland and Wales. It looks at the work of local authorities on merge budgets, at the colourful world of housing charities in the 1920s and even the problems of building high-density flats for the rich+-+5523110045974ocn232713320book20080.73Powers, AlanArt and print : the Curwen storyHistoryExhibition catalogsThe Curwen Press, set up by the Reverend John Curwen in 1863, was initially concerned with printing sheet music. Curwen's grandson Harold led a design revolution in typography and illustration in the 1920s when the Press commissioned work from artists including Edward Bawden, Claud Lovat Fraser, Paul Nash and Eric Ravilious, contributing to their lasting reputation. Advertising jobs and limited edition books received the same perfectionist attention and Curwen's colleague, Oliver Simon, continued the tradition of talent spotting, giving early opportunities to John Piper and Graham Sutherland. From the 1930s, the Curwen Press encouraged artists to work directly on lithographic stones and plates, helping to generate a revival of interest in the potential of lithography for mass production of original work. In the 1950s, the market for limited edition lithographic prints was developing in France and America, and the Curwen Studio was set up in 1958 to provide a sympathetic professional environment for experiment in printmaking. The artist printer from the beginning was Stanley Jones, who remains involved with the Studio as it celebrates its fiftieth anniverary+-+5672289036324954ocn032049849book19870.92Goodhart-Rendel, H. SH.S. Goodhart-Rendel : 1887-1959Exhibition catalogs+-+6425259006+-+6425259006Fri Mar 21 15:07:12 EDT 2014batch19822