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Fri Mar 21 17:15:59 2014 UTClccn-n871223320.00Nichols, Edward Leamington0.871.00Biographical memoir of Edward Leamington Nichols, 1854-1937,793646Edward_Leamington_Nicholsn 871223321928386Nichols, E. L. 1854-1937Nichols, Edward L., 1854-1937Nichols, Edward Leamington, 1854-1937lccn-n87122330Howes, H. L.(Horace Leonard)1882-othlccn-n91028979Merritt, Ernest1865-1948ctblccn-n87122327Wilber, D. T.(David Truxton)1888-lccn-n85801252Franklin, William S.(William Suddards)1863-1930lccn-n87110757Child, Clement D.(Clement Dexter)1868-nc-national research council u s$committee on luminescenceNational Research Council (U.S.).Committee on luminescencelccn-n87110022Bedell, Frederick1868-lccn-n89612170Blaker, Ernest1870-viaf-299988320Merritt, Ernest George1865-np-moler, george sylvanusMoler, George SylvanusNichols, E. L.(Edward Leamington)1854-1937PeriodicalsHandbooks, manuals, etcTextbooksPhysicsBusiness logisticsFluorescenceDelivery of goods--ManagementProduction managementRadiationManagementLuminescenceCathode raysElectrical engineeringGalvanometerElectric measurementsNichols, E. L.--(Edward Leamington),Nichols, Ernest Fox,Electrical engineering--Insurance requirementsElectrostaticsUraniumLightCornell UniversityRood, Ogden N.--(Ogden Nicholas),MagnetismElectricityLivestock--CarcassesEducatorsMorton, Henry,Poultry--CarcassesMerritt, Ernest,Cornell University.--Department of PhysicsPhysics--Study and teachingPhysicistsRowland, Henry Augustus,StudentsAbbe, Cleveland,Physics--ExperimentsEdison, Thomas A.--(Thomas Alva),United StatesSpectrum analysisMendenhall, Thomas C.--(Thomas Corwin),ResearchScience publishingCarnegie Foundation for the Advancement of TeachingHelmholtz, Hermann von,Ohio State UniversityBuildingsComstock, George C.--(George Cary),Chemistry--Study and teachingCornell University.--Board of TrusteesCollege teachersElectrical engineersUnited States.--Army.--Signal Corps18541937187518791881188418861887188918901892189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919121913191419151917191919211923192819291932194019411984198719881994199920121419100216530.05QC1ocn003494148ocn004088093ocn499584121ocn011227750ocn051428613ocn458870681ocn776070270ocn46378729025012ocn001398123book19190.84Nichols, E. LFluorescence of the uranyl salts24014ocn002421106book19120.84Nichols, E. LStudies in luminescence2048ocn002067048book19280.88Nichols, E. LCathodo-luminescence and the luminescence of incandescent solids17924ocn003494148book18940.90Nichols, E. LA laboratory manual of physics and applied electricityHandbooks, manuals, etc15528ocn011919469book18960.93Nichols, E. LThe elements of physics. A college text-bookTextbooks723ocn005964825book19230.93National Research Council (U.S.)Selected topics in the field of luminescence. Report of the National Research Council. Committee on luminescence529ocn008485180book18970.90Nichols, E. LThe outlines of physics: an elementary text-book494ocn003534527book18940.93Nichols, E. LThe galvanometer : a series of lectures211ocn215211311serial0.56American Physical SocietyPhysical reviewPeriodicalsVols. for 1903- include Proceedings of the American Physical Society195ocn021537305book18790.94Nichols, E. LUeber das von glühendem platin ausgestrahlte Licht. Ein Beitrag zur allgemeinen Ausstrahlungslehre172ocn682313956file18970.88Nichols, E. LQuestions and exercises to be used in connection with Outlines of physics an elementary text-book141ocn000818176book19280.93Nichols, E. LBiographical memoir of Ernest Fox Nichols, 1869-1924135ocn697739429com18960.76Nichols, E. LElements of physics; a college textbook112ocn029842758book18990.92Nichols, E. LA pamphlet supplementary to the second volume of Nichols and Franklin's Elements of physics, containing a revision of the chapters on electrostatics and self-induction71ocn003573491book19090.96Nichols, E. LBiographical memoir of Ogden Nicholas Rood, 1831-190274ocn022743881book19150.97Nichols, E. LBiographical memoir of Henry Morton, 1836-190241ocn016400617book19870.19Disposal of dead poultry and other farm livestock21ocn221001817serial0.37The physical review : a journal of experimental and theoretical physicsPeriodicalsVols. for 1903- include Proceedings of the American Physical Society22ocn173264594book19291.00Nichols, E. L[Publications]21ocn474177563book19990.53Handfield, Robert BIntroduction to supply chain managementFor the core course in operations management, this text provides an integrated and comprehensive treatment of both operations and supply chain management. Students learn how firms must link with their supply chain partners in order to gain a market advantage+-+6161671865122ocn011904229art19401.00Merritt, ErnestBiographical memoir of Edward Leamington Nichols, 1854-193711ocn064073747mix1.00Cornell UniversityDept. of Physics recordsIn addition, indexed department account books, 1882-1948; inventory books, 1881-1933; and a "Committee Report on Survey of Floor Area Requirements for Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy for a 15-Year Period, 1947-1962," ca.1946; and personnel records of former faculty, staff, and graduate students who were appointed to the Physics Dept. prior to 1935. Manuscript entitled "Seventy Years of Physics at Cornell," by Harley E. Howe and Guy E. Grantham, 1958; bound typescript, "The Cornell Physics Department," by Paul Hartman, 1982, with an index; and chart of department staff, 1868-1940; and THE CORNELL PHYSICS DEPARTMENT: RECOLLECTIONS AND A HISTORY OF SORTS, by Paul Hartman, 1984. Administrative correspondence of the department, primarily of George S. Moler, 1893-1900. Also, APPLIED AND ENGINEERING PHYSICS AT CORNELL, and A MEMOIR ON THE PHYSICAL REVIEW (mentioning Cornell connections) by Paul Hartman11ocn162112734art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamNichols, Edward Leamington11ocn091697525book1.00Johnson, Albert MAlbert M. Johnson lecture notesManuscript notes taken by Albert M. Johnson from a chemistry course taught by Prof. F.F. Jewett at Oberlin College in the Fall of 1891, and from a physics course taught by Prof. E.L. Nichols at Cornell University in the Fall of 1892. Both are in worn bindings11ocn063988278mix19941.00Malley, MarjorieThermodynamics and cold lightArticle on thermodynamics and cold light featuring criticism of the work of Ernest G. Merritt and Edward L. Nichols11ocn049310918book1.00Rowland, Henry AugustusRowland (Henry Augustus) papersArchivesCorrespondence, research notebooks, lab notes, patents, lectures, writings, reprints, and financial material relating to Henry Rowland's work as a physicist and an entrepreneur11ocn174963344mix18921.00Nichols, E. LEdward L. Nichols letter to S. S. McClureNichols refers to McClure's March 7th letter. He writes that he believes there is a large and growing market for scientific subjects and that the new department, "The World Progress," will be successful. He states that reaching millions of readers by the written word will be more successful than any system of lecturing. He ends by saying that he is willing to write short articles for McClure's magazine from time to time for the payment of twenty-five dollars per one thousand words11ocn064073994mix1.00Physical review recordsPeriodicalsCorrespondence, primarily of Edward L. Nichols, Ernest Merritt, and Frederick Bedell, with contributors, subscribers, and advertisers. Receipt and order books, and photographs. Also, printing block from the first issue of the Physical Review, mounted on a plaque, from the office of Cornell President Emeritus Dale R. Corson11ocn048394883file1.00Abbe, ClevelandCleveland Abbe papersHistoryArchivesObservationsSourcesCollection consists of papers (1851-1952) of meteorologist and astronomer, Cleveland Abbe11ocn064073414mix1.00Hubbell, Benjamin SBenjamin S. Hubbell papersEssay written by Hubbell entitled "The New Athletic Field," ie. Percy Field11ocn163578203art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenNichols, Prof. Edward L(eamington) : Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y11ocn859745805mix1.00Goodkind, Henry MHenry M. Goodkind miscellany on Ithaca, New YorkPortraitsPictorial worksItems include a broadside advertisement for the play The Russian honeymoon, performed at Wilgus Opera House (1886); program for a previous performance of the same play (1886); photographs of the Cornell University campus, the original suspension bridge over Fall Creek, and other Ithaca scenes (undated), including three cyanotypes; photograph of Edward L. Nichols, Lord Kelvin, and Cornell President Jacob Gould Schurman at Cornell's dynamo laboratory (1902); tickets to a fall regatta (1883) and a junior promenade at Cornell (1885); and a clipping from the New York Tribune on an interview with Andrew Dickson White on the occasion of his retirement as President of Cornell. Also included is a receipt for hardware bought at N.M. Wardwell & Co. in Rome, New York (1856)11ocn666363011book19080.10Cornell UniversityNichols, Edward Leamington: 71-75Registers11ocn079894796mix1988Pyler, Earle KeithIntellectual autobiographyBiographyPlyler discusses his early influences and education, his undergraduate years and Master's work at Furman University, where he was later an assistant professor; his Ph. D. studies at Johns Hopkins University under Robert W. Wood and A. Herman Pfund; completion of his studies at Cornell University on fellowship under Carleton C. Murdock, Ernest G. Merritt, and Edward L. Nichols; his work in infrared absorption; his teaching position at the University of North Carolina; summer courses at the University of Michigan with Edward Condon, Arnold Sommerfeld, Wolfgang Pauli, David Dennison, and George Uhlenbeck; the growth of the physics department at North Carolina with the arrival of Arthur E. Ruark, James B. Fisk, and John Wheeler; sabbatical work on infrared measurements at the University of Michigan and Ohio State University; and his move to the National Bureau of Standards in 1945. Plyler also discusses his approach to research and details of his contributions in infrared spectroscopy, spectroscopy, and refraction11ocn692179560art19080.10Cornell UniversityPreston, Ida: 72-75Registers11ocn159946149art19080.10Cornell UniversityNichols, Edward LeamingtonRegisters11ocn064074813mix1.00Merritt, ErnestErnest George Merritt papersPictorial worksAlso included are a diary, 1887; publications by Merritt (some in collaboration with Cornell Professor Edward L. Nichols) concerning luminescence and other subjects in physics; a letterpress copybook, 1896-1904, including letters concerning the Town and Gown Club, physics publications, and other topics; snapshots of family, friends, and Ithaca, New York views; and biographical materials relating to Edward L. Nichols. Also, a photograph of Herman von Helmholtz, with a letter to Merritt's son describing its history11ocn057312460art1999Nichols, Edward Leamington11ocn071061006mix1.00Acheson, Edward GoodrichEdward Goodrich Acheson papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, diaries, laboratory notebooks relating to his various experiments and inventions, biographical material, financial records, newspaper clippings, and other papers relating to Acheson's career as an electrochemist, engineer, and inventor as well as to his companies. Includes a typescript of his autobiography entitled A Pathfinder: Discovery, Invention and Industry (1910), two volumes of court proceedings concerning a case in which Acheson's Carborundum Company was involved in 1894, and research materials of his biographer, Raymond Szymanowitz. Correspondents include John P. Deringer, Thomas A. Edison, Alfred E. Hunt, John Seys Huyler, Andrew W. Mellon, E.L. Nichols, Walther Rathenau, William Acheson Smith, and Edmund C. Sprague; Acheson's sons, Edward Acheson (1887-1962), George Wilson Acheson, John Huyler Acheson, and Raymond Mahler Acheson; and organizations including Bakewell & Bakewell, Cowles Electric Smelting and Aluminum Company, and the Electrochemical Society11ocn701746051book1.00Nichols, E. L[Miscellaneous pamphlets]+-+6161671865+-+6161671865Fri Mar 21 15:35:41 EDT 2014batch24114