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Fri Mar 21 17:05:00 2014 UTClccn-n871411220.00Correspondence, 1849-18940.741.00Letter,14759267George_Scharfn 871411221975492G. S. (George Scharf), 1820-1895George ScharfGeorge Scharf SirGeorge Scharf the YoungerS., G. (George Scharf), 1820-1895Scharf, G.Scharf, G. (George), 1820-1895Scharf, Georg 1820-1895Scharf, GeorgeScharf, George, IIScharf, George, Jun.Scharf, George, jun., 1820-1895Scharf, George, le jeuneScharf, George, SirScharf, George, Sir, 1820-1895Scharf, SirScharf, Sir GeorgeScharf Sir George 1820-1895lccn-n82250978Cust, Lionel1859-1929lccn-n79084304Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayBaron1800-1859lccn-n80044764MaryQueen of Scots1542-1587lccn-n80035884Keats, John1795-1821lccn-n83180337Houghton, Richard Monckton MilnesBaron1809-1885lccn-n87819290Fellows, CharlesSir1799-1860illlccn-no95032860Slatter, Enid(Enid M.)lccn-n79113062National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)lccn-n82018048Jones, Owen1809-1874lccn-n50074522RichardIIKing of England1367-1400Scharf, George1820-1895HistoryPoetryHistorical poetryPortraitsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsPictorial worksIllustrationsArtGuidebooksRome (Empire)English poetryGreat BritainKeats, John,Armada (1588)JudgesEnglish literaturePortraitsMary,--Queen of Scots,PoetryTravelTurkeyAntiquitiesMiddle East--Xanthos (Extinct city)Historical poetry, EnglishEngland--LondonRichard--II,--King of England,Italy--RomeEnglish essaysPainting--Private collectionsEngland--London--WestminsterCrystal Palace (Sydenham, London, England)Biography--PortraitsEnglish prose literatureForman, H. Buxton--(Harry Buxton),Blenheim Palace (England)Portraits, BritishManners and customsGreeceMarlborough, John Winston Spencer Churchill,--Duke of,National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)PaintingEngland--BlenheimArtistsItaly--Pompeii (Extinct city)Architecture, GreekJones, OwenArtPoems (Keats, John)Painting, EuropeanSociety of Antiquaries of LondonMilton, John,EnglandWoburn AbbeyBedford, Francis Charles Hastings Russell,--Duke of,Architecture, RomanScotlandPoets, EnglishPoetry, AncientClassical poetry18201895182318361845184718481849185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671869187018711872187318741875187618771878188118821883188418851886188818891890189218941896189718981903190719091913191419161931197819801994200520081536160367821.8PR4830ocn002163897ocn005137949ocn000294191ocn003119176ocn681104610ocn566313280ocn794348457ocn022391001ocn315473084ocn248857549ocn508553431ocn716300214ocn8012813152444ocn060728510file18940.84Scharf, GeorgePortraits of judges at Guildhall, 1673Portraits16732ocn002163897book18470.47Macaulay, Thomas Babington MacaulayLays of ancient Rome, with Irvy and the ArmadaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryPortraitsMiscellaneaHistorical poetryA lay is a ballad intended to be sung or recited. With the Lays of Ancient Rome, eminent Victorian Thomas Babington Macaulay beautifully composed an account of the beginnings of the great empire of antiquity. The Lays have inspired, enthralled, and educated generations of British readers, selling hundreds of thousands of copies since being published in 1842. The episodes from Roman history included here played a large role in stirring national pride in England during the late 19th and early 20th centuries14019ocn001083078book19030.70Cust, LionelNotes on the authentic portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots, based on the researches of the late Sir George ScharfPortraits1216ocn016962355book18540.66Keats, JohnPoetical worksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAutographsPortraitsThis edition contains the complete output of the young poet1003ocn030479307book19940.81Slatter, EnidXanthus : travels of discovery in Turkey+-+3580413945324737ocn006114210book18820.79Scharf, GeorgeDescription of the Wilton House Diptych, containing a contemporary portrait of King Richard the SecondArt6233ocn010389187book18810.86National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)Historical and descriptive catalogue of the pictures, busts, &c. in the National Portrait GalleryCatalogs552ocn031178088book19940.81Scharf, GeorgeDrawings of WestminsterPictorial works353ocn001593506book18490.90Panofka, TheodorManners and customs of the Greeks349ocn027289320book18540.88Scharf, GeorgeThe Pompeian Court in the Crystal Palace327ocn007438386book18540.79Scharf, GeorgeThe Greek Court erected in the Crystal Palace : by Owen JonesGuidebooks+-+57252675963242910ocn027184597book18610.86Scharf, GeorgeCatalogue raisonneĢ ; or, a list of the pictures in Blenheim Palace with occasional remarks and illustrative notes.Catalogs244ocn002099066book18880.81National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)Historical and descriptive catalogue of the pictures, busts, &c. in the National Portrait Gallery, on loan at the Bethnal Green MuseumCatalogs201ocn642920428book18480.59Milton, JohnL'Allegro and Il penserosoIllustrations202ocn015159780book18650.84Scharf, GeorgeA catalogue of the pictures belonging to the Society of Antiquaries, Somerset House, London204ocn008898034book18540.88Scharf, GeorgeThe Roman court (including the antique sculptures in the nave) erected in the Crystal palace, by Owen JonesCatalogsGuidebooks+-+8625267596324186ocn027032395book18770.70Scharf, GeorgeA descriptive and historical catalogue of the collection of pictures at Woburn AbbeyCatalogs187ocn793693518book18640.86Scharf, GeorgeOn the principal portraits of ShakspeareCatalogsPortraits175ocn029620546book18540.84Scharf, GeorgeThe Roman court, including the antique sculptures in the nave163ocn005638969book18750.84Scharf, GeorgeA descriptive and historical catalogue of the collection of pictures at Knowsley Hall22ocn605512874book19940.81Slatter, EnidXanthus : travels of discovery in Turkey+-+358041394532411ocn078927268mixScharf, GeorgeRecords and correspondenceThe collection comprises seven letters. Scharf informs a printer that he is sending several blocks and "a batch of Kugler illustrations" (1849 May 25). He asks Chambers Hall to support his election to membership in the Athenaeum Club (1854 Jan. 30). Explains to J.Y. Ackerman, the secretary to the Society of Antiquaries, that recurring inflammation of his eyes prevented him from completing the plates for the Archaeologia, as well as other commissions from "the most eminent publishers" (1856 Nov. 19; on "Exhibition of Art Treasures of the United Kingdom" letterhead). Explains to Jas Crowdy the procedures for having his picture by Francis Cotes authenticated (1881 Jan. 6). Describes to John Murray his research for the edition of Thomas Gray's poems which includes the print of Gray's portrait made after the original painting in Murray's possession. He is sending the book (1894 May 21). Sends Murray the copy of a letter from Colliss of Strood who, reading the discussion about Gray's portrait in Athenaeum issues, has remembered his own edition of the poems, which has a different title page with Gray's portrait, and copied it in his letter (1894 July 31). This letter is also included in the collection (1894 June 20)11ocn435496240book1856Scharf, GeorgeAutograph letter signed from George Scharf, London, to Charles KeanManuscriptsScharf sends a note from Charles Newton about painting oriental and tropical scenery (no longer present). Also refers to "the wine mixing and the Pyrrhic," probably a reference to Kean's 1856 production of The winter's tale which features in Pyrrhic dance in Act I, scene 2. Address on item: 1 Torrington Square11ocn702198534mix1.00Hesketh, RobertRobert Hesketh travel diaryDiariesAutograph diary, in pen and brown ink, kept by English architect Robert Hesketh on a journey from London to Smyrna, through France and Italy, in 1839 and 1840. Hesketh travelled with George Scharf and Sir Charles Fellows in support of Fellows's archaeological endeavors in western Turkey. The present journal ends on 19 Feb. 1840, shortly after the party's arrival in Smyrna, and just as the more serious archaeological activity was to begin. The text of Hesketh's diary is mostly concerned with the architecture, art, and antiquities of the places visited. There is very little mention of any of his travelling companions and sparse mention of social activity. While the diary makes frequent note of Hesketh's sketching, the volume contains no illustrations, aside from several small plans. Laid in is a single letter, dated 22 June 1891, from Edwin Rushfield (or Rushfeld) to "My dear Mr Hesketh" (presumably Robert Lempriere Hesketh), in which Rushfield returns "with many thanks your father's beautiful sketch books & his diary"11ocn435495645book1856Scharf, GeorgeAutograph letter signed from George Scharf, London, to Charles KeanManuscriptsScharf indicates that Kean's "mention of Autolycus and the purse business reminds [him] of the thievish god Mercury!" On leaf 2, a drawing with the caption "Hermes Autolycus in the paenula & petasus with purse." Address on item: 1 T.S. (presumably Torrington Square). Also, a leaf labeled "Records of Norfolk" with drawings of a lion and mulberries11ocn319887017book1859Scharf, GeorgeAutograph letter signed from George Scharf, National Portrait Gallery, to Charles KeanManuscriptsPraises Kean's Henry V11ocn225696700bookScharf, GeorgeNotebooksArchivesContain notes, accounts, records and lists of purchases kept by Scharf while secretary of the National Portrait Gallery in London11ocn056193125book18811.00Martin, TheodoreLetterIllustrationsLetter from Sir Theodore Martin, the author and translator, to Sir George Scharf, director of the National Portrait Gallery regarding Martin's purchase of Archibald Skirving's crayon portrait of Robert Burns11ocn320835449mix18781.00Scharf, GeorgeGeorge Scharf letterLetter from Sir George Scharf to E.P. Shirley concerning proofs of his publication A descriptive and historical catalogue of the collection of pictures at Knowsley Hall, London. Scharf apologizes for the rough condition of the proofs he is sending, explaining that the Duke of Bedford's refusal to give him a copy of his description of his pictures in Eaton Square accounts for their somewhat disorganized state. A photocopy of the title page of Scharf's 1875 edition of A descriptive and historical catalogue of the collection of pictures at Knowsley Hall accompanies the letter11ocn244112039book1856Scharf, GeorgeAutograph letter signed from Sir George Scharf, Torrington Square, London, to Mrs. KeanManuscriptsConcerning designs and costumes for [Charles] Kean's production of Winter's tale at the Princess Theatre+-+3580413945324+-+3580413945324Fri Mar 21 16:07:21 EDT 2014batch25214