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Fri Mar 21 17:09:20 2014 UTClccn-n878212450.00Returning to Europe /0.661.00Situation of human rights in the territory of the former Yugoslavia : periodic report /27081552Tadeusz_Mazowieckin 878212451825749Mazowiecki.Mazowiecki, T.Mazowiecki, T. 1927-2013Mazowiecki, T. (Tadeusz)lccn-n78013874Zwiener, Ulrichlccn-n86055204Dicke, Klauslccn-n86818785Kuczyński, Waldemarlccn-n82074159Domarańczyk, Zbigniewnc-un commission on human rights special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in bosnia and herzegovina the republic of croatia and the federal republic of yugoslaviaUN. Commission on Human Rights. Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavialccn-n92064225Collegium Europaeum Jenenselccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n81068614Patočka, Jancrenc-bergedorf round table$1991$berlinBergedorf Round Table1991Berlinviaf-139226522Körber-StiftungMazowiecki, TadeuszHistoryPeriodicalsBiographyChurch historyPeacekeeping forcesUnited NationsPolandPolitical scienceMazowiecki, TadeuszEuropePolitical prisonersHuman rightsYugoslaviaFreedom of religionReligion and stateYugoslav War (1991-1995)Bosnia and HercegovinaCivilizationDayton Peace Accords (1995)Kuczyński, WaldemarIntellectual lifeInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Christianity and cultureJustice, Administration of--Political aspectsHeads of statePrime ministersZgromadzenie Sióstr Franciszkanek Służebnic KrzyżaNSZZ "Solidarność" (Labor organization)Teachers of the blindBlind--EducationPawlak, WaldemarCimoszewicz, Włodzimierz,Suchocka, HannaMiller, LeszekMarcinkiewicz, Kazimierz,Bielecki, Jan KrzysztofKaczyński, JarosławTusk, DonaldOlszewski, Jan,Oleksy, JózefLabor movementRefugeesAtrocitiesEurope, EasternCatholic Church and atheismCzech RepublicCommunism and Christianity--Catholic ChurchChristian ethicsNationalism--PhilosophyChurch and the worldPatočka, Jan,Political science--PhilosophyEurope, CentralCommunism1927201319641965197019711974197519821983198419861987198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200220042005200620072008200920112012201363892163341.584JZ6374ocn462043501ocn797656669ocn441852289ocn722684675778ocn020742433book19890.59Mazowiecki, TadeuszUn autre visage de l'Europe615ocn039055426book19970.37Dicke, KlausWie konnte das geschehen? : Menschenrechtsverletzungen im Jugoslawienkonflikt384ocn030132449book19900.47Mazowiecki, TadeuszPartei nehmen für die Hoffnung : über Moral in der PolitikHistory355ocn027100783book19900.90Mazowiecki, TadeuszDruga twarz EuropyHistoryChurch history237ocn022435780book19870.88Ludzie LasekHistoryBiography191ocn257380929book19910.47Bergedorfer Gesprächskreis zu Fragen der freien industriellen GesellschaftNach dem "Sozialismus" : Wie geht es weiter mit den neuen Demokratien in Europa? ; 93. Bergedorfer Gesprächskreis am 13. und 14. Juli 1991 im Schloß Bellevue, Berlin185ocn237354159book19990.59Mazowiecki, TadeuszPolitik und Moral im neuen Europa : Jan-Patočka-Gedächtnisvorlesung des IWM 1997History164ocn828408994book20120.81Mazowiecki, TadeuszRok 1989 i lata następne : teksty wybrane i nowe1612ocn473917619book19820.66Mazowiecki, TadeuszInternowanieBiographyDen polske politiker beskriver sin arrestation og ophold i en interneringslejr for "Solidarność" folk efter d. 13. dec. 1981135ocn020835517book19700.88Mazowiecki, TadeuszRozdroża i wartości123ocn030026955book19930.90Mazowiecki, TadeuszRaporty Tadeusza Mazowieckiego z byłej Jugosławii92ocn065597854book19900.19Mazowiecki, TadeuszHet andere gelaat van EuropaEssays van de eerste niet-communistische naoorlogse premier van Polen over de ontwikkelingen in Europa voor en na de ontmanteling van het Oostblok. Bevat tevens fragmenten uit zijn interneringsdagboek en een interview94ocn032399549book19860.47Mazowiecki, TadeuszPowrót do najprostszych pytań61ocn083776401book19930.97Report on the situation of human rights in the territory of the former Yugoslavia51ocn068764611serial0.94NSZZ "Solidarność" (Labor organization)Tygodnik SolidarnośćPeriodicals51ocn693957855visu20070.96L' énigme polonaise ... Das Polnische Wunder ...HistoryNearly twenty years after the collapse of communism, Poland is still hesitating. It is torn between liberalism and communism, between offering amnesty or launching a witch hunt. To understand this indecision, we have to go back to 1989 and the round table talks between communists and opposition groups that enabled Poland to peacefully shake off communism. With personal accounts from Walesa, Geremek, Mazowiecki, Generals Jaruzelski and Kiszczak, and former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski, including never-before-seen footage unearthed from Polish television archives, the film tells the secrets of Poland's past and throws light on its politics in the present41ocn042884557book19951.00Mazowiecki, TadeuszSituation of human rights in the territory of the former Yugoslavia : periodic report43ocn441852289book20060.50Sitkowski, AndrzejUN peacekeeping myth and reality"Sitkowski offers a critical re-appraisal of the fundamental principles of peacekeeping, including both the largest successes (Namibia) and worst disasters (Rwanda). Drawing heavily on personal accounts, the book is solidly anchored in official primary sources originating from the UN, national governments, parliamentary inquiries (Dutch, French and Belgian) and from the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda. It integrates the most recent recommendations related to peacekeeping originating from High Level Panels and endorsed by Kofi Annan. Finally it exposes how the UN peacekeeping syndrome of "soldiers safety first" crept into the NATO's strategy and compromises its missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan."--BOOK JACKET+-+996744027542ocn847089605art1990Returning to EuropeWith special emphasis on Poland, this article describes the challenges facing Eastern Europe in rebuilding democracy and integrating into Western Europe. It focuses on Polands economic problems, the question of a German unification and the prospects for Europe, questioning a European future with free movements of goods, capital and people and a common currency. It suggests the establishment of a Council of European Cooperation with two functions: to prepare for summit meetings of the CSCE states, and to examine pan-European problems arising between regular meetings of the CSCE states.--SCAD summary43ocn749479036book19980.92Altermatt, UrsSarajewo przestrzega : etnonacjonalizm w Europie574ocn010105561book19830.66Mazowiecki, TadeuszInternowanieBiographyDen polske politiker beskriver sin arrestation og ophold i en interneringslejr for "Solidarność" folk efter d. 13. dec. 1981411ocn022722573book19900.84Domarańczyk, Zbigniew100 dni Mazowieckiego312ocn027647068book19920.76Kuczyński, WaldemarZwierzenia zausznikaInterviews182ocn037584044book19970.95Tadeusz Mazowiecki : polityk trudnych czasów142ocn548660468book20090.96Sadecki, JerzyTrzynastu : premierzy wolnej PolskiInterviews81ocn041753323book19950.59Ein europäischer Humanist : Tadeusz Mazowiecki zur Ehrenpromotion71ocn049825755book19990.59Mazowiecki, TadeuszPolitik und Moral im neuen Europa : Jan-Patočka-Gedächtnisvorlesung des IWM 1997History31ocn025256493book19890.47Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Prezes Rady Ministrów PRLBiography21ocn030897004book19900.92Rok rządu premiera Mazowieckiego11ocn048403969art1990Mazowiecki TadeuszBiography+-+9967440275+-+9967440275Fri Mar 21 15:24:33 EDT 2014batch17436