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Fri Mar 21 17:03:52 2014 UTClccn-n878962410.00L'angelo azzurro /0.290.95U-boote Westwärts!10056827Günther_Rittaun 878962412391372RittauRittau, Gunther 1893-1971lccn-n50020574Harbou, Thea von1888-1954sceantauswamccplccn-n88020678UFA (Firm)lccn-n85138076Kino International Corporationdstlccn-n84208492Fröhlich, Gustavcstprfactlccn-n85183854Helm, Brigitte1908-1996cstactlccn-no94036119Klein-Rogge, Rudolfcstprfactlccn-n93068888George, Heinrich1893-1946actlccn-no2004041733Huppertz, Gottfried1887-1937cmplccn-n87934417Rasp, Fritz1891-1976actlccn-n50050651Patalas, EnnoRittau, GüntherDramaFilm adaptationsSilent filmsScience fiction filmsMusical filmsFilm noirFilm and video adaptationsDystopiasInterviewsFictionGermanyRobotsTwenty-first centuryHarbou, Thea von,Social conflictSingersUnrequited loveHigh school teachersLabor disputesTotalitarianismIncome distributionSocial classesDystopiasMan-woman relationshipsIndustrializationFilm adaptationsSiegfried (Legendary character)Kriemhild (Legendary character)NightclubsMann, Heinrich,Femmes fatales in motion picturesMusic-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.)German literatureNibelungenMotion pictures, GermanFemale offendersJewel thievesTraffic policeMotion picturesWorking classRevengeWorking class in motion picturesSocial stratificationAuthoritarianismNibelungenliedGerman languageMythology, NorseHeldensagePoliceGermany--BerlinGerman fictionUtopiasWomen singersTeachersFilm noirProfessor Unrat (Mann, Heinrich)College teachersRich peopleRevolutionsSubmarines (Ships)189319711924192619271930193119321933193519371939194119421947195619721982198419861989199019911992199319941995199819992000200120022003200420052006200820092010201120122013342864169791.4372PT2615.A62ocn680082418ocn049667180ocn260955756ocn826737755ocn219830619ocn220134610ocn691353070ocn745104816ocn676634685ocn745101970ocn219972363ocn612675497ocn862293971ocn612829439ocn801011126ocn800005879ocn797719005ocn800831694ocn691555110ocn691560116236851ocn051679740visu19260.27Lang, FritzMetropolisHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFantasy filmsSilent filmsScience fiction filmsFilm adaptationsIn una megalopoli del XXI secolo dominata dal dittatore Frederson, gli operai, che vivono nei sotterranei in stato di semischiavitù, ripongono la loro fiducia nella mite Maria, di cui si innamora Freder, figlio del dittatore. Per rompere l'unità degli operai, Frederson impone all'inventore-mago Rothwang di costruire un robot sosia di Maria, che semini discordia, ma questo incita gli operai alla rivolta e alla distruzione. Toccherà alla vera Maria e a Freder riconciliare le parti, ponendo le basi per un nuovo ordine sociale. (Mereghetti)4806ocn051231514visu20020.33Lang, FritzDie NibelungenDramaIn part one, Siegfried wins the hand of Kriemhilde by slaying the dragon and defeating Brunhilde. When Brunhilde learns that magic has been used to conquer her, she has Siegfried murdered. In part two, Kriemhilde seeks revenge for Siegfried's death and marries Attila, king of the Huns, in order to further her purpose11716ocn049667180visu19300.25Von Sternberg, JosefDer blaue Engel The blue angelHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsFilm noirFilm adaptationsA middle-aged, tyrannical professor named Rath is degraded and led to his destruction through his infatuation with a heartless café singer named Lola Lola. Heinrich Mann's portrayal of the fascist mentality in the character of Rath831ocn700465069visu20100.24Kinder, Mütter und ein GeneralBerlijn, in 1945, Moeders trachten hun zonen die als soldaat worden opgeroepen vrij te krijgen682ocn758692227visu20100.27Fritz Lang's MetropolisDramaSilent filmsScience fiction filmsDystopiasFreder Fredersen is the son of Joh Fredersen, who reigns over the great city of Metropolis in the year 2026. The younger Fredersen is surprised to discover his lifestyle has been built on the unseen, but backbreaking, labor of an entire class of workers who tend the machines that make the city run, and he descends to the subterranean levels of Metropolis in an effort to understand their lives. This version was produced in 1981 when Giorgio Moroder began a three-year endeavor to restore the science fiction classic444ocn083826588visu19860.50Lang, FritzSiegfriedDramaFilm adaptationsPart one of a silent extravaganza based on the legends of the Nibelungen. In a time when magic was real and legends walked, a hero, Siegfried, pure of heart and of unblemished virtue, is brought down by the powers of darkness and his own innocence423ocn742431167visu20020.47Asphalt der Polizeiwachtmeister und die BrillantenelseDramaIn this early silent German film classic a young woman steals a precious stone from a jewelery shop and then tries to seduce the policeman who catches her412ocn491726718visu20000.47Von Sternberg, JosefDer blaue Engel L'ange bleuExtrait du résumé figurant sur la jaquette : Dans l'Allemagne provinciale des années 20, un vieux professeur de lycée, qui règne sur ses élèves en despote, se retrouve un jour dans un cabaret mal famé, L'ange bleu. Sa rencontre avec la chanteuse vedette, Lola Lola, bouleverse son existence routinière, et l'entraîne dans une spirale passionnelle et destructrice3413ocn027412540visu19300.39University Film AssociationDer Blaue EngelInterviewsDramaFilm adaptationsA fuddy-duddy professor is infatuated with a tawdry night-club singer. She marries him but is soon bored and contemptuous. Humiliated he leaves her and dies in his old classroom296ocn048909875visu19950.56May, JoeAsphaltDramaA young woman steals a precious stone from a jewellery shop and tries to seduce the policeman who catches her. Set in Berlin111ocn827774977visu20100.24Lang, FritzThe complete MetropolisDramaFilm adaptationsIn 2026, the rich rule over the poor, who live underground. One man tries to bridge the gap between the two classes. In July 2008 a complete copy of the film was discovered with an additional 25 minutes of lost footage that had not been seen since the film's premiere in 1927. After years of restoration the sci-fi epic was re-released in theaters in 2010 as The Complete Metropolis93ocn252377095visu19370.86Grémillon, JeanGueule d'amourDramaLucien Bourrache, a handsome cavalry officer, enjoys pursuing and charming women. He meets Madeleine Courtois at Cannes and lends her a large amount of money, which she loses gambling. Then she drops him. But Lucien is now in love, and after his tour of duty he goes to Paris to find her again. But he's not so sexy without his uniform, and they do not travel in the same social circles81ocn077978189visu19900.95U-boote Westwärts!DramaA German propaganda war film in which a German U-boat captain and his crew battle British ships in the Atlantic in 194061ocn801015781visu20110.47Lang, FritzDie Nibelungen Les Nibelungen51ocn034054994visu19930.81Siodmak, RobertTumultes51ocn742178166visu2004Os Nibelungos51ocn742178173visu2004Os Nibelungos52ocn742234800visu20090.47Asfalto51ocn800005879visu2003L'angelo azzurroLa conturbante, sensuale, cinica cantante di cabaret Lola Frolich fa perdutamente innamorare di sè il vecchio e ingenuo professor Rath. La giovane artista sarà la rovina dell'uomo, che perderà la dignità e il posto di lavoro, la sposerà, accetterà di fare il clown per starle vicino e finirà per morire di vergogna senza essere riuscito a scalfire la sua indifferenza. (Mereghetti)41ocn630697772visu20090.47Asfalto AsphaltUna sensual ladrona seduce y se enamora del policía de tráfico que la ha detenido por robar en una joyeríaFri Mar 21 15:44:23 EDT 2014batch17532