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Fri Mar 21 17:03:55 2014 UTClccn-n878307870.00Chapman, Frank Michler0.621.00La contribución del Dr. Frank M. Chapman a la ornitología venezolana,100223917Frank_Chapman_(ornithologist)n 878307871854389Chapman, Frank Michler, 1864-1945lccn-n79129037Seton, Ernest Thompson1860-1946illlccn-n90722836Reed, Chester A.(Chester Albert)1876-1912lccn-n78096880Jaques, Francis Lee1887-1969illlccn-no96054529Brewster, William1851-1919lccn-n50028877Austin, Elizabeth S.edtlccn-n79085731Richardson, William B.lccn-n80131637Studer, Jacob Henry1840-1904edtlccn-n50036582Allen, J. A.(Joel Asaph)1838-1921lccn-no2008056909Miller, Leo E.(Leo Edward)1887-1952phtviaf-81526785Cherrie, George Kruck1865-1946Chapman, Frank M.(Frank Michler)1864-1945Records and correspondenceBibliographyPictorial worksJuvenile worksFictionGuidebooksPopular worksBiographyHistoryBirdsNorth AmericaUnited StatesNatural historyWood warblersZoologyPanama--Barro Colorado IslandChapman, Frank M.--(Frank Michler),OrnithologyBrewster, William,FloridaPeruPhotography of birdsBirds--MigrationMammalsAnimal behaviorUnited States, EastBirds--Geographical distributionEcuadorAfrican AmericansDogsFathers and daughtersNaturalistsCousinsCountry lifeFarm lifeAndes RegionBirds--BehaviorOrnithologistsCanadaBirds--EggsBirds--NestsCanada, EasternAmazon River RegionBassler, Harvey,Mammals--Geographical distributionOrnithology--MethodologyNew York (State)Bird pestsBeneficial birdsAmerican Ornithologists' UnionAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryRidgway, Robert,Birds--Collection and preservationScientific expeditionsBotanistsBirds--ResearchMerriam, C. Hart--(Clinton Hart),New York (State)--New YorkSeton, Ernest Thompson,1864194518881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194319461949195019561966196719681978198019841986198919992000200720082010201220138190271721598.297QL681ocn002468555ocn002146952ocn001578399ocn067899078ocn609688782ocn051592695ocn630080465ocn669893038ocn826452403ocn670098945ocn858254419ocn858130960ocn0381372521771105ocn000328468book18950.59Chapman, Frank MHandbook of birds of eastern North America, with introductory chapters on the study of birds in natureGuidebooks+-+283501390569460ocn001482973book18970.70Chapman, Frank MBird-life : a guide to the study of our common birdsJuvenile worksPopular worksPictorial works65918ocn001466892book19070.59Chapman, Frank MThe warblers of North America3554ocn000556433book19330.53Chapman, Frank MAutobiography of a bird-loverBiography3386ocn855976823book19030.50Chapman, Frank MColor key to North American birds : with bibliographical appendix29410ocn001544649book19080.63Chapman, Frank MCamps and cruises of an ornithologist, by Frank M. Chapman+-+246532159627917ocn000689929book19200.56Chapman, Frank MWhat bird is that? A pocket museum of the land birds of the eastern United States, arranged according to seasonGuidebooks22514ocn001522750book19290.66Chapman, Frank MMy tropical air castle : nature studies in Panama2147ocn000549776book19380.66Chapman, Frank MLife in an air castle; nature studies in the tropics2048ocn001266563book19030.66Chapman, Frank MColor key to North American birds1998ocn001836917book19210.81Chapman, Frank MThe distribution of bird life in the Urubamba valley of Peru; a report on the birds collected by the Yale university National geographic society's expeditions1999ocn001632221book19000.84Chapman, Frank MBird studies with a camera; with introductory chapters on the outfit and methods of the bird photographer1894ocn000321541book19160.63Chapman, Frank MThe travels of birds; our birds and their journeys to strange lands1377ocn000931753book19180.47Chapman, Frank MOur winter birds, how to know and how to attract them+-+33527026753241374ocn002468555book19330.84American Ornithologists' UnionFifty years' progress of American ornithology, 1883-1933HistoryBibliography13614ocn002146952book18980.21Wright, Mabel OsgoodFour-footed Americans and their kinJuvenile worksFictionScientific information on four-footed animals given within a fictional narrative structure1254ocn001186203book18880.50Studer, Jacob HenryBirds of North America : one hundred and nineteen artistic colored plates representing the different species and varities, drawn and colored from nature : including copious text giving a popular account of their habits and characteristics, based on observations made in the field by the most eminent writers on ornithology : prefaced by a systematic table and index to page, plate and figure : arranged according to the classification adopted by the American Ornithologists' Union9111ocn001211796book19090.90Chapman, Frank MThe habitat groups of North American birds in the American Museum of Natural History837ocn002631703book19030.92Chapman, Frank M... The economic value of birds to the state686ocn003489418book19260.84Chapman, Frank MThe distribution of bird-life in Ecuador : a contribution to a study of the origin of Andean bird-life2673ocn001452213book19670.56Chapman, Frank MFrank M. Chapman in Florida : his journals & lettersRecords and correspondence294ocn020024237book19330.53Chapman, Frank MAutobiography of a bird-loverBiography203ocn690966940book20100.76Wiley, R. HavenAlfonso Olalla and his family : the ornithological exploration of Amazonian PeruHistoryCatalogs and collectionsIn 1922 Frank M. Chapman hired a family of Ecuadorians to collect birds and mammals for the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). In the following two years, Carlos Olalla and his four sons (especially Alfonso and Ramón) shipped some 3500 carefully prepared and neatly labeled specimens of Ecuadorian birds to New York. In 1925, under a new contract with the AMNH, the Olallas moved their operations to northeastern Peru, and during the next two and a half years, mostly as a result of efforts by Alfonso and Ramón, they sent over 7000 specimens of birds to New York from Amazonian Peru, as well as additional thousands of specimens of mammals. The two brothers shifted their operations to Brazil in 1928. Alfonso went on to ship even larger collections of birds from Brazil to museums in the United States, Sweden, and Brazil. Altogether these collections have provided the documentation for much of what we now know about the distributions of Amazonian birds and mammals. In 1962 accusations surfaced that the Olallas had falsified much of the information about their specimens. Although based on hearsay, these accusations raised lingering doubts about the Olallas' collections. Alfonso sent reports of the brothers' activities to the AMNH with their shipments of specimens. These reports together with their correspondence with Chapman and other curators are still preserved in the archives of the departments of ornithology and mammalogy. Examination of these archives and of most of the Olallas' specimens of birds and primates from Peru provides a clear view of their activities for the first time. All of the Olallas' collecting sites in Amazonian Peru can now be confidently located, and a large majority of their specimens from these localities accord with current understanding of avian distributions in Amazonian Peru. The accusations of general carelessness or systematic duplicity can thus be rejected. Nevertheless, there remains a small number of problematic specimens. Especially suspect are those acquired from the Olallas in Iquitos by Harvey Bassler with labels from the mouth of the Río Urubamba. These specimens eventually came to the AMNH as a part of Bassler's collection, rather than directly from the Olallas. Alfonso and Ramón Olalla's choice of collecting sites suggests that they became aware of the importance of major rivers in limiting avian distributions in Amazonia, and their correspondence with Chapman suggests that their collections brought this insight to the attention of ornithologists in New York. In addition, their collections suggest patterns of avian distribution that still need further investigation, especially the extension of some species of the Andean foothills into the lowlands of upper Amazonia and the less consistent limitations of avian distributions by the upper Río Ucayali in comparison to the Río Amazonas. No doubt some of the Olallas' specimens indicate yet undiscovered features of avian distribution in upper Amazonia, where, despite Alfonso and Ramón's pioneering efforts, there is surely more to learn131ocn011888112art19490.98Gregory, William KBiographical memoir of Frank Michler Chapman, 1864-194532ocn019816010book19461.00Phelps, William HenryLa contribución del Dr. Frank M. Chapman a la ornitología venezolana22ocn155510467mix1.00American Museum of Natural HistoryPeriodicalsClassificationCorrespondence of curators concerned with acquisition of specimens, exchange of scientific information, curators' publications and research, correspondence regarding articles submitted by non-curators to THE AUK and BIRD-LORE, inquiries from the public, and other matters for which the curators are responsible. Curators and other ornithologists associated with the department represented by correspondence include Joel Asaph Allen, Dean Amadon, James P. Chapin, Frank M. Chapman, Eugene Eisenmann, E. Thomas Gilliard, Crawford H. Greenewalt, Ernst Mayr, Robert Cushman Murphy, L.C. Sanford, Charles Vaurie, and John T. Zimmer. Many other individuals corresponded with curators, including William Brewster, Elliott Coues, C.E. Hellmayr, Edgar A. Mearns, C. Hart Merriam, William H. Phelps, Jr. and Sr., Robert Ridgway, George B. Sennett, Ernest Thompson Seton, and Erwin Stresemann. Some correspondence serves as supporting documentation for many of the department's scientific specimens. Eisenmann's correspondence, among many other subjects, is concerned with his involvement with the International Council for Bird Preservation and as Chairman of the Checklist Committee for the American Ornithologists' Union21ocn050044787book20000.10Sohadravī, Rāḥat NasīmQiyām-i hamal se dūdh choṛāne takChild care, from pregnancy to weaning23ocn229469998mix1.00Brewster, WilliamDiariesPapers include diaries,1865-1919, journals,1871-1919, and notebooks in which Brewster recorded observations of birds, their habitats and seasonal behavior, while traveling through New England and other areas of the United States. Correspondence,1862-1919, with ornithologists, collectors, museum curators, journal editors and ornithological associations reflecting the development of the field of ornithology during Brewster's lifetime; records relating to his study of birds at Lake Umbagog, Maine. Also photographs,1851-1919, consisting of about 300 images, including portraits of Brewster, his family and friends, views of the Brattle Street household, bird habitats and Lake Umbagog, Maine; and of the Nuttall Ornithological Club21ocn035013953book19890.47Ewan, JosephFive American naturalists on the Andes and Amazon : a study in personality22ocn155515502mix0.47American Museum of Natural HistoryPictorial worksPhotographs documenting the field work of Chapman, Leo E. Miller, and Arthur A. Allen in Colombia. Also, views of the countryside and jungles, native peoples in villages and towns, and some landscapes in Panama and San Salvador. Photographs were taken by Leo E. Miller and Arthur A. Allen. Copy photographs by James Coxe. Photographs are identified11ocn702204448mix1.00Yale Peruvian ExpeditionYale Peruvian Expedition papersCorrespondence, administrative records, scientific reports, writings, and illustrative material on the three expeditions to Peru sponsored by Yale University between 1911-1915. The most celebrated discoveries, the finding of Machu Picchu and of Vitcos, the last capital of the Incas, were studied during the expeditions by scientific specialists who were drawn principally from the Yale faculty. The papers include their diaries, manuscripts, and published reports of their work, as well as the writings of Hiram Bingham III, professor of Latin American history at Yale, and leader of the expeditions11ocn078135437mix1.00Fisher, A. KA.K. Fisher papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, letterbooks, memoranda, diaries, speeches, articles, reports, field notes and records, family papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, printed matter, maps, drawings, photographs, and other papers relating chiefly to Fisher's activities as an ornithologist and vertebrate zoologist. Documents an expedition (1891) to Death Valley; biological surveys (1892-1898) in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and other western areas; the Harriman Alaska Expedition (1899); and Pinchot South Sea Expedition (1929). Also documents Fisher's association with the American Ornithologists' Union, U.S. Biological Survey, and Washington Biologists' Field Club. Subjects include conservation, forestry, game laws, and wildlife conservation. Family papers include those of Fisher's son, Walter K. Fisher, naturalist and artist; and daughter-in-law, Anne B. Fisher, author11ocn052003964art1999Chapman, Frank Michler11ocn185041091book1939Hellman, Geoffrey TBoy meets bullfinchBiography11ocn077708968mix1.00McAtee, W. LPapers of W.L. McAteeAutographsCorrespondents include Arthur M. Banta, F.E.L. Beal, Donald Beaty Bloch, Lee L. Buchanan, Frank M. Chapman, Josiah Henry Combs, A.K. Fisher, Ira Noel Gabrielson, Ernest G. Holt, J. Douglas Hood, Alfred C. Kinsey, Hoyes Lloyd, Harry Malleis, John Russell Malloch, H.L. Mencken, Edward Alexander Preble, Henry W. Shoemaker, Herbert L. Stoddard, John K. Terres, Joseph Sanford Wade, Florence Warnick, and Casey A. Wood. Family correspondents include his wife, Fannie E. McAtee, his brother, Morris McAtee, and his son, Robert B. McAtee11ocn175318786visu19291.00Weston, William HenryBarro Colorado Dr. WestonFilm chronicles Dr. William Henry Weston's trip to Barro Colorado Island in 192912ocn155485340mix1.00Mearns, Edgar AlexanderPhotocopies of letters to Mearns, many concerning collections of birds and eggs as well as plants he donated to the American Museum of Natural History. He collected specimens in Fort Verde in central Arizona. Other letters about various topics in natural history. Correspondents include Frank M. Chapman and Louis Pope Gratacap11ocn041116145visu19031.00[Frank M. Chapman, half-length portrait, facing left]11ocn647612961visu19051.00Keystone View CompanyPresident Roosevelt and hunting party, Dr. Chapman and Mr. Stewart - on the vacation trip to Texas and Colorado, U.S.A11ocn753562754art19140.10Chapman, Frank Michler: ornithologistBiography+-+2835013905+-+2835013905Fri Mar 21 15:14:43 EDT 2014batch35254