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Thu Oct 16 17:57:17 2014 UTClccn-n878416170.18Love and solitude the journals of Thomas Merton /0.380.82Merton and stability33520901n 878416172267614Bochen, Christine.Bochen, Christine M.lccn-n80005353Merton, Thomas1915-1968lccn-n80165645Shannon, William Henry1917-lccn-n81070669Trappistslccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n82040644O'Connell, Patrick, margaretBrennan, Margaretlccn-n80109310Tobin, Mary Luke1908-np-ocallaghan, tommieO'Callaghan, Tommienp-dardenne, myriamDardenne, Myriamnp-meatyard, madelynMeatyard, MadelynBochen, Christine M.Records and correspondenceDiariesEncyclopediasCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHistoryConference proceedingsMerton, Thomas,United StatesTrappistsTruth in literatureAuthorship--Moral and ethical aspectsEthics in literaturePoets, AmericanCatholic ChurchSpiritual life--Catholic ChurchClergyChristianity and other religionsChristian life--Catholic authorsPeace--Religious aspects--ChristianityCatholic convertsAutobiographyConversion--Christianity--History of doctrinesMonksWorld politicsReligion and social problemsMonastic and religious lifeReligionConversionCelibacy--ChristianityRelations with women196919801988199319941995199719981999200020022005200620082009201125992160BBX4705.M542ocn8617853527137ocn026801123book19930.27Merton, ThomasThe courage for truth : the letters of Thomas Merton to writersRecords and correspondenceFrom 1948 (when he first wrote to Evelyn Waugh, who was editing The Seven Storey Mountain for publication in England) until his death in 1968, Thomas Merton corresponded with writers around the world, developing an ever-widening circle of friends in Europe, the Soviet Union, South and North America. Merton wrote, and heard from, many prominent writers of the stature of Waugh, Jacques Maritain, Czeslaw Milosz, Boris Pasternak, James Baldwin, Walker Percy, Henry Miller, and Victoria Ocampo. He also corresponded with and encouraged newer writers in Latin America, like Ernesto Cardenal. Merton sensed in these writers a hope for the future of humanity and believed that the courage for truth was their special gift. Writing to Jose Coronel Urtecho, Merton asserted that poets "remain almost the only ones who have anything to say . . . They have the courage to disbelieve what is shouted with the greatest amount of noise from every loudspeaker." Courage rooted in true freedom is evident in Merton's own life. He shared with his literary friends his concerns about war, violence and repression, racism and injustice, and all forms of human aggression. Forbidden to publish on the subject of war by his superiors, he obeyed but continued to circulate his famous "Cold War Letters." He did not hesitate to criticize his church when he saw there was more concern for the institutional structure than there was for people. Merton especially admired those who had the courage to write under oppression, like Pasternak, Milosz, and Cardenal+-+300586928550311ocn036923103book19970.30Merton, ThomasLearning to love : exploring solitude and freedomDiariesHaving embraced a life of solitude in his own hermitage, Thomas Merton finds his faith tested beyond his imagination when a visit to the hospital leads to a clandestine affair of the heart. Jolted out of his comfortable routine, Merton is forced to reassess his need for love and his commitment to celibacy and the monastic vocation. This astonishing volume traces Merton's struggle to reconcile his unexpected love with his sacred vows while continuing to grapple with the burning social issues of the day'including racial conflicts, the war in Vietnam, and the Arab-Israeli conflict'visiting and corresponding with high-profile friends like Thich Nhat Hanh and Joan Baez, and further developing his writing career. Revealing Merton to be 'very human' in his chronicles of the ecstasy and torment of being in love, Learning to Love comes full circle as Merton recommits himself completely and more deeply to his vocation even as he recognizes 'my need for love, my loneliness, my inner division, the struggle in which solitude is at once a problem and a 'solution'. And perhaps not a perfect solution either' (11 May, 1967)+-+10390151554148ocn048871712book20020.56Shannon, William HenryThe Thomas Merton encyclopediaEncyclopedias+-+31790252063672ocn045263907book20000.35Merton, ThomasThomas Merton : essential writings"With a substantial introduction Thomas Merton includes a broad range of Merton's writings, including his letters, and highlights his threefold call: to prayer, to compassion, and to unity. It offers the essential writings of one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time."--Jacket+-+36880252062537ocn276930483book20080.26Merton, ThomasThomas Merton, a life in letters : the essential collectionRecords and correspondenceCollects significant letters from the Trappist monk, civil rights activist, and writer, offering insight into his spirituality and his quest combine to Eastern philosophy with Western spirituality+-+07839861551733ocn071210109book20060.66Merton, ThomasCold War lettersRecords and correspondence"Published for the first time in book form, this collection of 111 letters from Thomas Merton to friends, activists, artists, and intellectuals was written between October 1961 and October 1962. As the world seemed to tumble toward a nuclear apocalypse, Merton sought to create a community of concern that might raise a moral counterweight to the forces of fear and destruction."--BOOK JACKET+-+27110252061262ocn018019284book19880.66Bochen, Christine MThe journey to Rome : conversion literature by nineteenth-century American CatholicsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography122ocn042775041visu19980.74Women who knew MertonOn the 30th anniversary of Thomas Merton's death, Dr. Christine Bochen facilitates an informal discussion regarding how panelists met Thomas Merton, traits of his personality, favorite anecdotes, his passions and his philosophy95ocn006841255mix19800.74Bochen, Christine MPersonal narratives by nineteenth century American Catholics: a study in conversion literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography51ocn232473849book19930.29Merton, ThomasThe courage for truth : letters to writersRecords and correspondenceFrom 1948 until his death in 1968, Thomas corresponded with writers around the world, sharing with them his concerns about war, violence and repression, racism and injustice, and all forms of human aggression+-+300586928551ocn040325703rcrd19980.18Bochen, Christine MLove and solitude the journals of Thomas MertonChristine Bochen presents a lecture about Thomas Merton, focusing on his journals and how they help us to know him better. She also Explains how the journals tell us of his life52ocn761324754book20110.22Merton, ThomasThomas Merton życie w listachRecords and correspondence31ocn031218292rcrd19930.82Bochen, Christine MMerton and stabilityCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings21ocn078054816book20050.47Merton, ThomasCartas a escritores : coraje para la verdadRecords and correspondence21ocn044040099rcrd19990.47Bochen, Christine MMerton and the feminine re-reading Merton's relationship with "M"Discusses what might be gained by considering Thomas Merton's relationship with "M" from a feminist perspective21ocn053891304rcrd19970.47Bochen, Christine MRoundtable discussion the Merton journalsSix panelists discuss the Merton Journals, vol 1-711ocn830253987book19970.47Merton, ThomasW domu na całym świecie : listy Tomasza Mertona & Rosemary Radford Ruether11ocn054434778rcrd19950.47Editing the Merton lettersCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsRecords and correspondence11ocn019248362visu19880.47Bochen, Christine MThe seven storey mountain a conversion storyDr. Christine M. Bochen discusses Thomas Merton's book The seven storey mountain, and some of Merton's own reactions to the book11ocn054434669rcrd19950.47Bochen, Christine MFirst timers orientationCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+3005869285+-+3005869285Thu Oct 16 15:38:53 EDT 2014batch14646