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Fri Mar 21 17:07:17 2014 UTClccn-n880020780.00Holmes, John0.901.00Miscellaneous letters collection,21216928John_Holmes_(Maine)n 880020782328279Holmes, Mr. (John), 1773-1843lccn-no89013447Allen, Elisha Hunt1804-1883lccn-nr2005025401FreemasonsSaco Lodge (Saco, Me.)lccn-n85240602Sulpiciuslccn-nr98025198Ware, Ashur1782-1873lccn-nr2001044135FreemasonsStrafford Lodge (Dover, N.H.)lccn-n85024901Harris, Thaddeus Mason1768-1842lccn-no2003073667MassachusettsGovernor (1812-1816 : Strong)nc-united states$congress$1817 1818$houseUnited StatesCongress1817-1818)Houselccn-n79006865United StatesCongressnc-university of missouri columbia$libraries$fourth of july orations collectionUniversity of Missouri--ColumbiaLibrariesFourth of July Orations CollectionHolmes, John1773-1843HistorySpeeches in CongressUnited StatesPolitical scienceBoundariesFourth of July orationsFreemasonryMaineMassachusettsPostal serviceCanadaHolmes, John,John the Baptist's DayFrance--NivernaisWar of 1812EmployeesStrong, Caleb,Strong, Caleb,United States--Northeast boundary of the United StatesPeaceWar--CausesConstitution (United States)VeteransNew BrunswickUnited States.--CongressElectionsElection districtsExpenditures, PublicFoot's resolution (1829)Fourth of July celebrationsGreat BritainCommercePublic worksRoadsCanalsAtlantic Ocean--Passamaquoddy BayContested electionsUnited States.--Congress.--HouseCongress of PanamaHammond, Charles,Herrick, Samuel,Foreign trade regulationInternational relationsMisconduct in officeJackson, Andrew,Employees--Dismissal ofAbuse of administrative powerCrittenden, John J.--(John Jordan),Public landsSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanExecutive powerUnited States.--Congress.--Senate177318431799180918131814181518161817181818191820182118221824182518261827182818291830183118321834183718401841184218871962197219741978199920102011174981164330AC13529ocn060721056file18400.88Holmes, JohnThe statesman, or, Principles of legislation and law18012ocn015450637book18150.93Holmes, JohnAn oration pronounced at Alfred on the fourth of July, 1815 being the thirty-ninth anniversary of American independenceHistory1306ocn065268976file18310.93Holmes, JohnPost office inquiry Mr. Holmes's speech on Mr. Grundy's resolution : delivered in the Senate U.S., February, 18311185ocn015452876book18140.93Holmes, JohnThree speeches of Mr. Holmes, in the Senate of Massachusetts, 18141183ocn065310760file18420.88Allen, Elisha HuntSpeech of Mr. Allen, of Maine, in reply to remarks of Mr. Holmes and other gentlemen, on ... (July 25) during the discussion of the Army bill, in allusion to the reported agreement between the ministers of the United States and Great Britain for a settlement of the northeastern boundary1097ocn015446068book18090.95Holmes, JohnAn oration delivered at Alfred, in the county of York on the Fourth of July, 1809, in commemoration of the birthday of American independence1085ocn015576459book18180.94Holmes, JohnAn address delivered at Saco, on the 24th of June, A.L. 5818 being the anniversary of the nativity of St. John the Baptist : before the members of Saco Lodge10610ocn085889199book18300.88Holmes, JohnSpeech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, in the Senate of the United States, on his resolution calling upon the President of the United States for the reasons of his removing from office, and filling the vacancies thus created in the recess of the Senate1065ocn015452890book18140.94Holmes, JohnTruth and eloquence speech of Mr. Holmes, in the Senate of Massachusetts, June 8th, 1814 during the debate on the answer to the Governor's speech1008ocn015574380book18170.93Holmes, JohnAn address delivered at Dover, N.H., on the 23d October, A.L. 5817, at the installation of Strafford Lodge374ocn000716911book18260.93Holmes, JohnSpeech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine151ocn837838108file18310.35Holmes, JohnPost office inquiry : Mr. Holmes's speech on Mr. Grundy's resolution144ocn002037084book18240.95Holmes, JohnSpeech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, on the subject of internal improvement133ocn455921368com18180.90Message from the president of the United States, accompanying copies of the decision and declaration of the commissioners under the fourth article of the Treaty of Ghent. March 2, 1818. Read, and ordered to lie upon the table133ocn719446475book18290.81Holmes, JohnSpeech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, in the Senate of the United States, on the nomination of J.J. Crittenden, 4th February, 1829123ocn516664177com18180.92United StatesReport of the select committee of the House of Representatives, of the United States, instructed, by a resolution of the House of 16th January last, to inquire whether any and what clerks or other officers in either of the departments, or in any office at the seat of government, have conducted themselves improperly in their official duties. March 30, 1818. Resolutions concurred in and committee appointed to bring in a bill in conformity therewith122ocn191243426book18320.47Holmes, JohnSpeech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, on the annual appropriation bill, against the policy of the administration in regard to diplomatic intercourse, the colonial trade, and northeastern boundary. : Delivered in the Senate, U.S. April 9th, 10th, and 11th, 1832112ocn455918032com18180.92United StatesReport of the Committee of Elections, on the petition of C. Hammond, contesting the seat of Samuel Herrick. January 5, 1818. Read and committed to a committee of the whole House on Wednesday next81ocn011557188book18370.73MaineReport presented by Mr. Holmes of Alfred in the House of Representatives, February 2, 1837, on the north eastern boundary62ocn033408796book18320.97Holmes, JohnSpeech of Honorable John Holmes, of Maine, on the annual Appropriation Bill, against the policy of the administration in regard to diplomatic intercourse, the colonial trade, and Northeastern boundary, delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 9, 10, and 11, 1832Speeches in Congress1002ocn276295300com18290.88SulpiciusExamination of the decision of the commissioners under the fourth article of the Treaty of Ghent with an appendix of official documents21ocn028412866mix1.00Autographs of special noteHistoryAutographsAutographs, chiefly of 19th century notables, some of whom were important in Maine history, including Edmund Andros, Ralph Owen Brewster, Nelson Dingley, Neal Dow, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Hannibal Hamlin, James Augustine Healy, John Holmes, Sarah Orne Jewett, Nathan Lord, John Neal, Thomas B. Reed, Laura Elizabeth Richards, Lorenzo De Medici Sweat, E.B. Washburne, Wallace H. White, and Kate Douglas Wiggin21ocn028413069mix1.00Miscellaneous letters collectionRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, chiefly of 19th century notables, many of whom were Maine residents, principally lawyers, judges, politicians, businessmen, and U.S. and state officials, relating to Maine politics, business, land holdings, and a wide variety of subjects. Correspondents include Willis Boyd Allen, William G. Barrows, Nathan Clifford Brown, John Cheverus, Charles Stewart Daveis, Charles W. Goddard, T.C. Hersey, John Holmes, O.O. Howard, Theodore Ingalls, George Edwin Bartol Jackson, Edward Kavanagh, Elijah Kellogg, Horatio King, William King, Henry Knox, Zadoc Long, Benson John Lossing, Ebenezer March, A.P. Morrill, Albion K. Parris, Franklin Pierce, F.M. Ray, William S. Rosecrans, James Savage, Rufus King Sewall, Francis O.J. Smith, Daniel Appleton White, and Levi Woodbury11ocn035328047bookHolmes, JohnRepublican eloquence, or, the speeches of the Hon. John Holmes in the Senate of Massachusetts in the years, 1814-1815Speeches in Congress11ocn054445393art1999Holmes, JohnBiography11ocn299062364mix18401.00Hazelton, H. LH. L. Hazelton autograph letter signedRecords and correspondenceAutograph letter signed at Meredith, N.H., from H. L. Hazelton to John Holmes, U.S. senator from Maine, inviting him to a Whig celebration of the country's independence12ocn240876750book1.00Dartmouth CollegeHistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceTo a lesser extent the records concern fiscal matters of Moor's Charity School and the enrollment of boys from the Stockbridge Indians and the tribe at St. Francis. Other subjects include the loaning of a telescope to Dartmouth by William Thurston, and the leasing of college-owned land in Wheelock, VT. The records include Brown's inaugural address and some accounts11ocn227330561mix1.00Frost, WilliamW. H. Frost correspondenceRecords and correspondenceTwo letters to Frost respecting the selection of Frost and John Holmes to attend the approaching session of the (Massachusetts) General Court in order to support petitions relating to the removal of the (Massachusetts) Supreme Court11ocn122485368mix1.00Holmes, JohnJohn Holmes correspondenceCollection consists of correspondence relating to family affairs, politics during Holmes's service as senator, his law practice, the cotton industry, Maine state boundaries, and other matters concerning York County, Maine11ocn123410769mix18241.00Calhoun, John CAutograph letter signed from John C. Calhoun to John HolmesRecords and correspondenceAutograph letter signed from Calhoun to John Holmes, U.S. Senate, relating to his support for the funding of a school for the Passamaquoddy Indians in Maine and New Brunswick11ocn080353101book1817To the citizens of York congressional district. : You are again called upon to elect some person to represent you in the Congress of the United States. The Hon. Cyrus King has been twice elected by the citizens of this district. As Republicans it is your duty to enquire whether he has been faithful to your interests11ocn071009769mix1.00King, WilliamWilliam King muster list and autograph letter signedHistoryRecords and correspondenceTwo-columned muster list dated 12 Dec. 1812, signed by William King. The left-hand column indicates men discharged without a clothing allowance; the right-hand column shows a list of substitutes who received an allowance11ocn122477228book1.00Hill, Isaacto Gideon WellesConference proceedingsLetters discussing national politics11ocn758350833art18870.10Lanman, CharlesHolmes, JohnBiographyRegisters11ocn191276479bookShaw-Webb familyHistoryDiariesRecords and correspondencePrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcThere are also miscellaneous letters from various friends, newspaper articles, 1787 to 1936, concerning family deaths and items of family interest, advertisements and other printed items (e.g., medical "cures"), a miniature water color done by Maria Stover as a child, and many recipes (e.g., infants' food, whitewash, etc.), physicians' prescriptions, photographs, and sketches, such as a blueprint for a house. Included also are poems, essays, compositions, and religious extracts written by various family members, invitations and acceptances, Nathaniel Ames' Almanack for 1767 (which apparently belonged to a member of the family) with a brief interleaved diary concerning the weather and daily events. There is also a diary-record book of Evelyn Treat Hartford Webb, 1927 to 1936, containing entries on family events and problems, and a brief resume of most of the letters in the collectionFri Mar 21 15:18:27 EDT 2014batch21776