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Fri Mar 21 17:11:29 2014 UTClccn-n880384060.00Hughlings Jackson : prefatory note /0.751.00Modelli della mente, modelli del cervello : aspetti della psicologia fisiologica anglosassone dell'Ottocento /32162220John_Hughlings_Jacksonn 880384062393693Hughlings-Jackson, J. (John), 1835-1911Hughlings-Jackson, John, 1835-1911Jackson, Hughlings 1835-1911Jackson, J. Hughlings 1835-1911Jackson, John Hughlings, 1835-1911ジャクソンlccn-n79049194Critchley, Macdonaldlccn-n79027683Critchley, Eileen A.lccn-n2007182622Taylor, James1859-1946lccn-nb2007002048York, George K.lccn-nb2007002054Steinberg, David A.lccn-n2001127327Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCLlccn-n85809933Lassek, Arthur M.(Arthur Marvel)1902-lccn-n85139768Holmes, GordonSir1876-1965lccn-n82126679Walshe, FrancisSir1885-1973lccn-n79078170American Neurological AssociationJackson, J. Hughlings(John Hughlings)1835-1911HistoryCase studiesBiographyJackson, J. Hughlings--(John Hughlings),NeurologistsGreat BritainNervous system--DiseasesEpilepsyConvulsionsSpeechNeurologySpencer, Herbert,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Eliot, George,Lewes, George Henry,FriendshipNeurology--PhilosophyPsychiatrySurgeryHunter, John,Pasteur, Louis,Lister, William,Speeches, addresses, etcCushing, Harvey,Ferrier, David,Nervous systemBrown-Séquard, Charles-Edouard,Mitchell, S. Weir--(Silas Weir),Charcot, J. 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HughlingsNeurological fragmentsHistory294ocn041947693book19980.70Jackson, J. HughlingsEvolution and dissolution of the nervous system172ocn011184213book19260.93Jackson, J. HughlingsEine Studie über Krämpfe (a study of convulsions) (1869)142ocn056058416book19270.86Jackson, J. HughlingsDie Croon-Vorlesungen über Aufbau und Abbau des Nervensystems = (Croonian lectures on the evolution and dissolution of the nervous system) (1884)128ocn492098846book19310.47Jackson, J. HughlingsSelected writings of John Hughlins Jackson113ocn747288909com18670.92Jackson, J. HughlingsCases of disease of the nervous system in patients the subjects of inheritable syphilis111ocn010370313book18630.98Jackson, J. HughlingsSuggestions for studying diseases of the nervous system on Professor Owens̕ vertebral theory106ocn015185941book18730.47Jackson, J. HughlingsOn the localisation of movements in the brain107ocn492098870book19320.47Jackson, J. HughlingsSelected writings...105ocn011287628book18900.92Jackson, J. 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Loss of speech with hemiplegia. 1864. Cases of nervous disorder. 1875. Divisions of the central nervous system. 18977123ocn228117475com19980.53Critchley, MacdonaldJohn Hughlings Jackson father of English neurologyBiographyThis book traces the life and scientific career of Dr. John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911), the English physician who pioneered the development of neurology as a medical specialty during the reign of Queen Victoria. Jackson made a number of scientific discoveries in several areas of higher nervous activity and language, and contributed greatly to the study of various types of epilepsy. He isolated the form of epilepsy associated with localized convulsive seizures, known as Jacksonian epilepsy. His research on epilepsy stretched across a broad spectrum and included uncinate attacks, intellectual+-+04887604651394ocn077603601book20060.90York, George KAn introduction to the life and work of John Hughlings Jackson with a catalogue raisonné of his writingsHistory1152ocn000088451book19700.92Lassek, Arthur MThe unique legacy of Doctor Hughlings Jackson992ocn018747549book19890.93Kennard, ChristopherHierarchies in neurology : a reappraisal of a Jacksonian conceptHughlings Jackson, the noted English neurologist, fathered many ideas that today still underlie our understanding of common clinical phenomena. This is a reappraisal of Jackson's work, both within its historical framework and in light of modern concepts of neurology. The approach is new, combining historical, clinical and basic scientific information in one synthesis on the organization and function of the nervous system. The concept of levels of function is addressed, specifically with regard to areas of brain function; and the hierarchical strategy is considered as part of the current concept of a distributed system of neurons. Clinicians and scientists alike will find much food for thought in this modern treatise of Jacksonian concepts801ocn010298778book19820.93Dewhurst, KennethHughlings Jackson on psychiatryHistoryJackson, John Hughlings / Psychiatrie602ocn005225185book19300.93Ballance, Charles AThe dawn and epic of neurology and surgeryHistoryA part of the Duke Medical Center Library History of Medicine Ephemera Collection392ocn029333631book19930.88Jackson, J. HughlingsNeurological fragmentsHistory272ocn014746772book19370.93Damrau, FredericPioneers in neurologyA part of the Duke Medical Center Library History of Medicine Ephemera Collection241ocn002544618book19750.70Ey, HenriDes idees de Jackson a un modele organo-dynamique en psychiatrieBiography141ocn001399582book19730.97López Piñero, José MaríaJohn Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911) Evolucionismo y neurologíaBibliographyJackson, John Hughlings112ocn017858011book19010.90Hitzig, EduardHughlings Jackson und die motorischen Rindencentren im Lichte physiologischer Forschung. Gelesen in der Neurological Society of London den 29. November 1900111ocn014730643book19350.98Kossuth Lajos TudományegyetemHughlings Jackson memorial volume91ocn849394292com20120.84Raitiere, Martin NThe complicity of friends : how George Eliot, G. H. Lewes, and John Hughlings-Jackson encoded Herbert Spencer's secretCriticism, interpretation, etc<Span><span><span style="font-style:italic;">The Complicity of Friends</span><span> offers an entirely original perspective within which to appreciate four eminent Victorians: Herbert Spencer, George Eliot, G. H. Lewes, and John Hughlings-Jackson. For the first time, I clarify the nature of Spencer's illness and demonstrate its repercussions in the lives and work of his three gifted friends.</span></span><br /><span><span> </span></span><br /></span>31ocn039809176book19981.00Modelli della mente, modelli del cervello : aspetti della psicologia fisiologica anglosassone dell'Ottocento32ocn231054935book19900.59Pies, Norbert JBiographisches und Bibliographisches aus der Geschichte der Epilepsie : William James West (1794-1848), James Edwin West (1840-1860), John Hughlings-Jackson (1835-1911), William Gordon Lennox (1884-1960)HistoryBibliography21ocn030556676book19641.00Greenblatt, Samuel HJohn Hughlings Jackson: the development of his ideas to 186421ocn042375721book19351.00Chance, BurtonShort studies on the history of ophthalmologyHistory21ocn061616998book19310.47Jackson, J. HughlingsOn epilepsy and epileptiform convulsions11ocn610395084book19580.47Jackson, J. HughlingsSelected writings of John Hughlings Jackson : on epilepsy and epileptiform convulsions11ocn779796991art1977Riese, WaltherHughlings Jackson : prefatory note+-+0488760465Fri Mar 21 16:10:01 EDT 2014batch25108