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Andrew Stevenson, delivered before the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, at its annual meeting, on the 29th. of October, 18474020954Andrew_Stevensonn 881011762253927viaf-289950780Wayland, Francis Fry1907-nc-united states$congress$1825 1826$houseUnited StatesCongress1825-1826)Houselccn-nr90025909Pennsylvania State Agricultural Societylccn-n79059928PennsylvaniaGeneral Assemblylccn-n80126198United StatesDepartment of Statelccn-n79140988Adams, John Quincy1767-1848lccn-n81019980Palmerston, Henry John TempleViscount1784-1865lccn-n50000301Great BritainForeign Officelccn-n50036838Adams, Charles Francis1835-1915edtlccn-n85162310Trist, Nicholas Philip1800-1874Stevenson, Andrew1784-1857Speeches in CongressHistoryPortraitsSurveysPictorial worksMapsPersonal narratives‡vConfederateDiariesGenealogyObituariesUnited StatesStevenson, Andrew,Political scienceStates' rights (American politics)Federal-state controversiesCommunication and trafficPresidents--ElectionAgricultureConstitutional amendmentsPennsylvaniaPennsylvania--HarrisburgSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanInternational relationsTariffGreat BritainCanadaRebellion (Canada : 1837-1838)VirginiaSlave tradeSeizure of vessels and cargoesAntislavery movementsJackson, Andrew,Slaves--EmancipationO'Connell, Daniel,West Indies--British West IndiesClay, Henry,Van Buren, Martin,Bank of the United States (1816-1836)Cass, Lewis,Jefferson, Thomas,Economic historyAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)SlavesCollege of William and MaryEnglandStudentsWebster, Daniel,University of VirginiaDecedents' estatesTyler, John,Banks and bankingSlaveryBoundariesBenton, Thomas Hart,KentuckyVirginia--Albemarle CountyCalhoun, John C.--(John Caldwell),Everett, Edward,Monroe, James,Adams, John Quincy,17841857181718201824182618271828182918321833183818391840184118471851185218941906191619491967198419981999200520067215381971.038HB1511354ocn065269670file18290.90Stevenson, AndrewSpeech of Mr. Stevenson of Virginia on the powers of the general government over internal improvement delivered in the House of Representatives February 2, 18291105ocn795891805file18260.92Stevenson, AndrewSpeech of Mr. Stevenson, of Virginia, on the proposition to amend the Constitution of the United States, respecting the election of President and Vice President delivered in the House of Representatives, March 2, 6, 1826Speeches in Congress993ocn659323352file18510.88Stevenson, AndrewAddress delivered before the Penn'a State Agricultural Society at Harrisburg5110ocn016566009book18410.81Palmerston, Henry John TempleCorrespondence between Viscount Palmerston & Mr. Stevenson, relative to the seizure and destruction of the steam boat "Caroline", in the Niagara River, on the night of the 29th December, 1837, by a detachment of Her Majesty's forces from Upper CanadaHistory142ocn026268165com18410.93United StatesSeizure of American vessels, slave trade message from the President of the United States, transmitting a communication from the Secretary of State in relation to the seizure of American vessels by British armed cruisers, under the pretense that they were engaged in the slave trade : and also correspondence with Consul Trist, upon the subject of the slave trade, in compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 21st ultimo92ocn438040806book18380.73O'Connell, DanielThe testimony of Daniel O'Connell, the liberator of Ireland, against the infamous system of American slavery. Mr. O'Connell's testimony. The occasion which has brought forth the present emphatic testimony ... was the anti-slavery jubilee at Birmingham, on the 1st of August, 1838, to celebrate the emancipation of all the slaves in the British West Indies.Portraits61ocn023067156book18471.00Stevenson, AndrewAddress of Hon. Andrew Stevenson, delivered before the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, at its annual meeting, on the 29th. of October, 184721ocn647846245mix1.00Papers of the Randolph family of Edgehill and Wilson Cary NicholasHistoryMapsPersonal narratives ConfederatePictorial worksSurveysLegal and financial papers include bills of sale, bills of exchange, bills of lading, receipts, invoices, promissory notes, land grants, indentures, wills, lottery tickets, speeches on the salary and compensation of the keeper of the penitentiary, and on internal improvements, and notes by Wilson C. Nicholas on militia, currency, military bounties, pardons, slaves and land. Document signers include Isaac Coles, James Leitch, and John Page. Also includes a biographical sketch of George Nicholas and information on the Ambler family21ocn647897558mix1.00Taylor, CreedPapers of Creed TaylorHistoryDiariesSurveysThere are several letters from admirers concerning Creed's Journal of the Law School including one from Thomas Jefferson,1823 March 2421ocn647978427mix1.00Papers of the Gooch familyHistoryPeople mentioned include John Q. Adams, John C. Calhoun, Frederick W. Coleman, Henry Clay, William H. Crawford, Charles Dickens, Albert Gallatin, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Joel Leftwich, Samuel I. Pennypacker, John H. Pleasants, Grant Thorburn, John Tyler, Martin Van Buren. Of interest is a letter of 1832 November 23 quoting a Jefferson conversation about Monroe11ocn270883412book0.10Stevenson, AndrewLondon, to Henry WheatonConcerning the boundary question; the tobacco trade; transmission of papers via the British Foreign Office11ocn647948932book1.00Randolph, JohnLetters from John RandolphObituariesLetter, 1807 May 30, Richmond to John Henry Purviance, regarding Burr trial [2 l. 22.5 cm.]--Letter, 1813 Aug. 7, Roanoke to Charles Goldsborough regarding feelings at his defeat in Congressional race [2 p. 24.5 cm.]--Letter, 1814 Feb. 23. Richmond to Charles Harris sending his obituary for Joseph Bryan which the Richmond Enquirer refused to print [3 l. 25 cm. with address]--Letter, 1815 July 24, Richmond to Henry Middleton Rutledge, Metcalfborough, Tenn. commenting on entailment [4 l. 26 cm. with adress]--Letter, 1827 Dec. 12 to Andrew Stevenson refusal to serve on House Ways & Means Committee [1 l. 25.5 cm.]. Other recipients are: Edward J. Cole, Peachy Ridgeway Gilmer, John Hollins, Richard Bland Lee, Thomas Newton, David Parrish, Joseph Scott, Mrs. Fulwar Skipwith, William H. Thompson, and Martin Van Buren11ocn647921114mix1.00Tucker, GeorgeLetters to Madison, Stevenson and Grigsby:Tucker letters to Madison, Stevenson and Grigsby, 1822-185911ocn647887469mix18171.00Agricultural Society of Albemarle (Charlottesville, Va.)Transactions of the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, [Co. Va.]HistoryAgricultural Society of Albemarle, [Co., Va.] transactions, one volume, photocopies of the original in the Virginia Historical Society11ocn082852462book1826Stevenson, AndrewAmendment to the Constitution. : April 3, 1826. Mr. Stevenson, of Virginia, submitted the following resolution, which was read and referred to the select committee (of 24,) upon the resolution submitted on the 9th of December last, by Mr. McDuffie11ocn022992596mix0.47Dew familyPapers, df 1794-1895HistoryPapers, 1794-1895, of the Dew family. Mostly correspondence of Thomas Roderick Dew, faculty member and president of the College of William and Mary and his brother Benjamin Franklin Dew, a lawyer of Newtown, King and Queen County, Va. Correspondents include William Boulware, Edward Everett, and Andrew Stevenson. Includes documents, 1838-1858, relating to Thomas Roderick Dew's estate such as his will, inventories of personal property, court degrees, and accounts11ocn672360294book1826Archer, William SegarMr. Archer's speech -- concludedHistory11ocn647810521mix18281.00Stevenson, AndrewLetter to "Dr. Sir"Stevenson writes to "Dr. Sir," re: the political mistake of a Mr. "W." and urges him not to "despair of seeing the Republicans of N. England, uniting with us . . ."11ocn647835376mix1.00Papers of Joseph E. Johnston and George Frederick HolmesHistoryGenealogyWith these is a United States Treasury receipt, 1859 to Joseph E. Johnston in account with a survey of the the southern Kansas boundary; a partial genealogical tree for Johnston family, n.d.; and a billfold with carte-de-visite of Joseph E. Johnston and a lock of his hair11ocn074725036book18260.47Speeches on amendment to the ConstitutionSpeeches in Congress1993ocn000366470book19490.76Wayland, Francis FryAndrew Stevenson, democrat and diplomat, 1785-1857496ocn002099471book19060.93Adams, Charles FrancisJohn Quincy Adams, and Speaker Andrew Stevenson, of Virginia; an episode of the Twenty-second Congress (1832)22ocn070981102file1.00Blair family papersHistoryTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceThe papers of Frank P. Blair, Jr., include Civil War letters and documents and several speeches and papers documenting his service as U.S. representative and senator from Missouri21ocn647948349book18201.00Stevenson, AndrewLetter, Richmond, to James MadisonContains attempts to obtain papers Madison needs from the files of Edmund Randolph from his son Peyton Randolph. Refers also to enclosed copy [wanting] of a letter from Mr. Bland to Thomas Jefferson11ocn156749181art19980.10Stevenson, Andrew11ocn064024157art1999Stevenson, Andrew11ocn122501363mix19671.00Webster, DanielDaniel Webster papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, speeches, a scrapbook, printed matter, newspaper clippings, and other papers of Daniel Webster, lawyer, statesman, diplomat, and politician. Among the topics covered are legal matters, the Bank of the United States, diplomacy, boundaries of the United States, Latin American relations, politics, the tariff question, Webster's early life, public opinion of the administrations of John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, development of the anti-Masonic movement, and Webster's role in Tyler's cabinet11ocn317427466book19160.10Anderson, Dice RobinsVirginia loyalists, 1775-1783 and essays on the presidential election of 1860 in Virginia, Andrew Stevenson, and the campaign of 1855 in Virginia, and the fall of the know-nothing party with important historical documentsHistory11ocn070980233mix1.00Van Buren, MartinMartin Van Buren papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceOf particular significance is the correspondence (1828-1845) with Andrew Jackson. Other correspondents include George Bancroft, Thomas Hart Benton, Francis Preston Blair, James Buchanan, Benjamin F. Butler, Harriet Allen Butler, Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, John A. Dix, John Fairfield, Azariah C. Flagg, Henry D. Gilpin, James Hamilton, Jr., Jesse Hoyt, Charles Jared Ingersoll, Amos Kendall, William L. Marcy, Louis McLane, Richard Elliot Parker, James Kirke Paulding, Joel Roberts Poinsett, James K. Polk, Thomas Ritchie, William C. Rives, Andrew Stevenson, Levi Woodbury, and Silas Wright11ocn141201055art18940.10Stevenson, Andrew, speaker of the house11ocn647877872mix1.00Stevenson, AndrewLetters of Andrew StevensonIn the first letter Stevenson reports on an unspecified bill before the house in which his correspondent in interested11ocn647946600book18321.00Stevenson, AndrewLetter, Washington, D.C., to unknown recipientRegarding Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren's rejection a minister to Great Britain, and the election of 183211ocn647979229mix1.00University of VirginiaMinutes of the Board of VisitorsMinute books kept by or for University rectors including James Madison, Joseph C.Cabell, Chapman Johnson, Andrew Stevenson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph, Thomas L. Preston, Alexander Rives, B. Johnson Barbour, R. G. H. Kean, A. H. H. Stuart; Wyatt M. Elliott, William Roane Ruffin, J. L. Marye, Wilson Cary Nicholas Randolph, Armistead Churchill Gordon, Charles Pinckney Jones, Robert Tate Irving, John Stewart Bryan, C. Harding Walker, Frederick W. Scott, Robert Gray Williams, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Barron Foster Black, Frank Talbott, jr., Albert Vickers Bryan, Charles Rogers Fenwick, Frank W. Rogers, Joseph H. McConnell, William L. Zimmer, III, D. French Slaughter, Jr., Fred G. Pollard, Joshua P. Darden, Jr., Edward Elson, Hovey S. Dabney, John P. Ackerly11ocn122616996mixElliott, Jesse DPapers relating to Elliott's service as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Navy Mediterranean Squadron. Attested copies of general orders, circulars, and other letters from Navy Dept. officials to previous commanders of the Squadron (William Montgomery Crane, James Biddle, and Daniel T. Patterson) chiefly concerning discipline, pay, supplies, and reporting; correspondence among Elliott and officers of the squadron concerning ships' stores; records of a court-martial ordered by Elliott and documents of a complaint arising from it that resulted in his own court-martial; a list of marines on the U.S.S. Constitution, with the expiration dates of their enlistment; and miscellaneous letters to Elliott on naval matters. Persons represented include Charles Crillon Barton, William P.C. Barton, James Biddle, William Boerum, Thomas J. Boyd, John Branch, Thomas W. Brent, Oscar Bullus, John Colhoun, William Montgomery Crane, Aaron Ogden Dayton, Mahlon Dickerson, John N. Hambleton, Andrew Allen Harwood, John C. Holland, C.G. Hunter, Edward Livingston, James T. McDonough, Fred. A. Neville, David Offley, Daniel T. Patterson, George F. Pearson, David Porter, William D. Porter, William S. Ringgold, William J.H. Robertson, John Rodgers, Samuel L. Southard, Henry A. Steele, Andrew Stevenson, Sir John Stoddart, James M. Watson, Harry P.T. Wood, and Levi Woodbury11ocn020314759mix1.00Smith, Francis O. JPapersHistoryCorrespondence discussing Martin Van Buren as Andrew Jackson's choice for presidential candidate in 1836; the interest of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John McLean in the nomination; the prospects of B.W. Leigh and William C. Rives for re-election in Virginia; the impending appointment of Andrew Stevenson as minister to England; the Second Bank of the U.S.; and the administration of the U.S. Post Office by W.T. Barry11ocn647988195mix1.00Papers and photographs of the Coles familyPhotographs of Andrew Stevenson, of Sarah Coles Stevenson, and of Judge Walter DeR. Coles; as well as notes on the genalogy of the Coles, Berkley, Fry, Maury, and related families, Colonial Dames' lines, etc11ocn647972627mix18331.00Carson, Samuel PriceCorrespondence with John Randolph of RoanokeRandolph replies that a friend was afraid to publish Randolph's protest; that he cannot account for Benton's silence and if he does not act soon Missouri will side with the adverse party and "all will be lost." He comments on his poor health noting he is "supported at present entirely by morphia...."11ocn013116878art1916Gardner, Eugene NorfleetAndrew Stevenson11ocn862424457mix18270.10Jackson, Andrewplace not specified, to Major William B. LewisInviting him to call on him at the Hermitage; putting in him charge of all arrangements for the trip to New Orleans; stating that his health is not good, but he doesn't complain because he knows "it would be grateful to [his] enemies"; rejoicing to hear that "Mr. S." [Andrew Stevenson] is appointed Speaker in Congress11ocn070980254mix1.00Webster, DanielDaniel Webster papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Lord Ashburton (Alexander Baring), George Edmund Badger, Daniel D. Barnard, Nicholas Biddle, Lewis Cass, Rufus Choate, Henry Clay, Charles Pelham Curtis, Lord Dalling and Bulwer (Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer), John Davis, Edward Everett, Millard Fillmore, Joseph Hopkinson, James Kent, Abbott Lawrence, James K. Mills, Viscount Ossington (John Evelyn Denison), Isaac Parker, Josiah Quincy, Richard Rush, Jared Sparks, Ambrose Spencer, Andrew Stevenson, John Tyler, Fletcher Webster, Noah Webster, and Henry WheatonFri Mar 21 15:17:56 EDT 2014batch25678