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Fri Mar 21 17:09:53 2014 UTClccn-n881228890.00Planet Seeker /0.631.00Proper motion survey with forty-eight inch Schmidt telescope, by Willem J. Luyten29686741Charles_T._Kowaln 881228892316154lccn-n50043023Luyten, Willem Jacob1899-1994np-anderson, jean hAnderson, Jean, rMaddison,, pMoore, P.viaf-163534348Bode,$university$observatoryMinnesotaUniversityObservatorylccn-n88047320Wallach, LeahKowal, Charles T.AsteroidsStars--Proper motionKowal, Charles T1940201119781983198819951996584421523.44QB65157918ocn018291383book19880.63Kowal, Charles TAsteroids : their nature and utilizationThe only up-to-date book on asteroids at midlevel. Its contents incorporate the very latest developments in the field, including recent close-up studies by spacecraft and the results of ground-based research. Current topics including radar studies of asteroids, research into the links between asteroids and comets, and recent surveys of near-Earth asteroids, together with the possible hazard posed to the Earth through collisions with such objects, are all addressed+-+848514629532421ocn077722198book1.00Luyten, Willem JacobProper motion survey with forty-eight inch Schmidt telescope, by Willem J. Luyten21ocn064317467book19780.47Moore, PDe hemel in 79 : astronomisch jaarboek : met bijdragen van R. Maddison, Ch.T. Kowal, M. Bode e.a. : vert. uit het Engels door G. van Wageningen, H. Friedeman, F. Dijs e.a11ocn012264966book1983Wallach, LeahPlanet Seeker+-+8485146295324+-+8485146295324Fri Mar 21 15:56:08 EDT 2014batch3089