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Fri Mar 21 17:14:03 2014 UTClccn-n881285130.00Excursion dans la lune /0.471.00Saved from the flames7487570Segundo_de_Chomónn 881285132391118Chomón Ruiz, Segundo, 1871-1929Chomón, Segundo deChomón y Ruiz, Segundo Víctor Aurelio, 1871-1929De Chomón, SegundoDe Chomón, Segundo, 1871-1929Ruiz, Segundo Chomón, 1871-1929lccn-n79055178Méliès, Georges1861-1938drtlccn-no2004078098Lobster Films (Firm)lccn-nr2003009442Flicker Alley (Firm)lccn-n85183876Pathé frères (France)prodstlccn-n79083582Griffith, D. W.(David Wark)1875-1948drtlccn-n79126907Chaplin, Charlie1889-1977flmactlccn-n82028129Reinhardt, Django1910-1953prflccn-n85248141Fleischer, Max1883-1972crelccn-n50001506Armstrong, Louis1901-1971prflccn-n79088947Hardy, Oliver1892-1957actChomón, Segundo de1871-1929HistoryDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcMotion picturesSilent filmsMotion picturesPunic War, 2nd (218-201 B.C.)Rome (Empire)Tunisia--Carthage (Extinct city)Italy--SicilyWomen slavesPrincessesMotion picture producers and directorsFranceUnited StatesMotion picture industryCinematographersMéliès, Georges,Chomón, Segundo de,SpainMuybridge, Eadweard,Motion pictures, SpanishFilm archivesTrick cinematographyRailroads in motion picturesCinematographyItalyFuture, The, in motion picturesActualities (Motion pictures)Motion pictures--Production and directionVoyages and travelsCivilizationSilent films--Musical accompanimentSpain--CataloniaMotion pictures, FrenchMotion picture film collectionsMagic tricksHannibal,Italy--Mount Etna18711929190519061907190819091910191119121913196519721988199019921994199519971999200220032004200520062007200820092010201120127676892791.4375PN1997ocn191573413ocn549522642ocn674357336ocn694024251ocn767326526ocn690813428ocn767313575ocn693945047ocn767088041ocn767005821ocn797836645ocn780530713ocn742674715ocn8165697872231ocn191573413visu20080.31Saved from the flames 54 rare and restored films 1896-1944History"A unique and wonderful collection of 54 rare and restored short films from the inflammable years of cinema. Movies were once made on nitrate film stock, which has a chemical composition similar to gunpowder and is highly vulnerable to fire and decay. This remarkable seven-hour anthology, organized in eight thematic groups over three DVDs, presents amazing treasures from the vaults of Lobster Films in Paris and from the Blackhawk Films Collection, rescued during half a century of gathering movies from the nitrate era."--Container1651ocn032175032visu19940.35The great train robbery & other primary worksHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSilent filmsMotion picturesA collection of early motion picture films, including works by Eadweard Muybridge, Louis and Auguste Lumière, Georges Méliès' "Le voyage dans la lune", Edwin S. Porter's "The great train robbery" and Segundo de Chomon's "The golden beetle."1031ocn549522642visu20100.35Georges Méliès encore new discoveries (1896-1911)Criticism, interpretation, etcFeatures 26 films produced by Georges Méliès between 1896 and 1911, plus two films in the Méliès style by Segundo de Chomon for Pathé, which for many years were misidentified as Méliès films. Some films are color tinted or have elaborate hand or stencil colors291ocn746324546visu20110.53The Alloy Orchestra plays Wild and weird : Short film favorites with new music14 short films with new music performed by the Alloy Orchestra194ocn493392255visu20030.97Griffith, D. WRetour de flammeHistoryPresents seminal films in the early development of motion pictures in France and the United States with each film preceded by extensive optional historical commentary153ocn493307529visu20040.97Arbuckle, RoscoeRetour de flammeHistoryPresents seminal films in the early development of motion pictures in France and the United States with each film preceded by extensive optional historical commentary151ocn700217498visu20100.93Segundo de Chomón el cine de la fantasia : 1903-1912Films by special effects technician and director, Segundo de Chomóm, produced and released in Spain and France, 1903-1912115ocn804773461visu20100.33Chomón, Segundo deSegundo de Chomón 1903-1912 : el cine de la fantasiaEl DVD inclou 31 títols de filmacions de Segundo de Chomon fetes entre 1903 i 1912102ocn033826148visu19130.50Pastrone, GiovanniCabiria visione storica del terzo secolo A.C.HistoryDramaFuggita dalla Sicilia dopo l'eruzione dell'Etna e rapita dai pirati, la piccola Cabiria viene venduta come schiava a Cartagine, dove il sacerdote Karthalo la vuole sacrificare al dio Moloch: sarà salvata da Maciste, liberto del romano Fulvio Axilla, ma verranno catturati. Dieci anni dopo verrà nuovamente salvata da Axilla e Maciste mentre Scipione l'Africano marcia su Cartagine. (Mereghetti)61ocn236489217visu20080.29Saved from the flames. 54 rare and restored films 1896-1944HistoryDramaNew beginings: Seven films including the early cinematic experiments of Lumière, Georges Mendel and others, featuring Cyrano De Bergerac from 1900, believed to be the first color and sound film. Magical movies: Five early fantasy and trick films, including a previously-unseen trick film by Georges Méliès, hand-colored films from Segundo de Chomon and Gaston Velle, and astonishing stop-motion animation from 1911. Seeing the world: Among the ten films in this section: A transatlantic crossing in a Zeppelin dirigible, a film of the first car trip (1915) across the Sierras from San Francisco to Reno, a stencil-colored trek through the Belgian Congo in 1925, Parisian street kids in Montmartre during the first World War, a 1916 visit to Los Angeles, 1927 sound film of Charles Lindbergh embarking on his New York-Paris flight, an early 1930s portrait of New York's Coney Island, a film promoting Josephine Baker's revue at the Folies-Bergère, and a two-color Technicolor 1927 fashion parade61ocn033061841visu19950.47Les premiers films coloriés: 1897-1928 = Album couleurs51ocn823721954visu20120.66Fairy tales early colour stencil films from Pathé"Once upon a time, during the belle époque in Paris, a short-lived film form called scènes de feeries, or fairy films, was becoming popular thanks to the Pathé Frères company. In jewel-like colours the films, made to appeal to young and old alike, recreated the theatrical spectacles of the age with their fantastical settings, dancing girls, mythical beasts, supernatural beings and a plethora of stage tricks enhanced by the techniques of the new medium of film. Presented here with original hand-colouring, each film is accompanied with a newly commissioned soundtrack by recording artists from the leading experimental music label Touch."--Container31ocn216884594visu20081.00Saved from the flamesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFive early fantasy and trick films, including a previously-unseen trick film by Georges Méliès, hand-colored films from Segundo de Chomon and Gaston Velle, and astonishing stop-motion animation from 191133ocn694024251visuExcursion dans la lune32ocn699105870visu20020.47McLaren, NormanPetit à petit, le cinémaCe DVD a été imaginé comme une malle aux trésors, où l'on trouverait toutes sortes de petites perles de cinéma. Il regroupe toutes sortes de films courts (14) et des séquences (5) de films plus longs. Ils montrent la diversité du cinéma tout au long du premier siècle d'existence, au travers des ses techniques, ses matériaux et ses préoccupations. Parmi ces documents un portofolio permet de tracer des lignes de fuite vers d'autres formes d'art33ocn693945047visuKiriki, acrobates japonais22ocn436223974visu19071.00The enchanted glassesDramaDevilish looking man dances with a dress in his arms. The dress stands up by itself and a woman magician appears in it. She conjures six women and then makes them disappear. She magically changes into men's clothing and lines up six boxes which begin to smoke and produce six women, whose clothing transforms from formal gowns to ballet dresses. The magician makes them disappear. She then lines up six glasses on a table, and, as she pours wine into them, a woman appears in each glass. She makes the wine go back into the container and everything on the table goes up in smoke. She transforms her clothing into a dress, then disappears, leaving the dress standing on its own. The devilish man reappears, turns the dress into torches, then disappears into smoke with the torches22ocn758631806visu2010Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès encore 26 nouvelles découvertes (1896-1911)22ocn767196522mixSculpteur moderne22ocn767005821visuThe great train robbery and other primary works. 1880-1907311ocn001114299book19720.90Fernández Cuenca, CarlosSegundo de Chomón, maestro de la fantasía y de la técnica, (1871-1929)151ocn018504197book19880.79Tharrats, Juan GabrielLos 500 films de Segundo de ChomónHistoryBiographyFilm catalogs141ocn631722256book20090.81Minguet Batllori, Joan MSegundo de Chomón : el cinema de la fascinació121ocn712650612book20100.96Minguet Batllori, Joan MSegundo de Chomón : el cine de la fascinaciónBiography103ocn216922980book20070.97Nosenzo, SimonaManuale tecnico per visionari : Segundo de Chomón in Italia, 1912-1925History81ocn035362917book19920.76Sánchez Vidal, AgustínEl cine de Segundo de ChomónBiography71ocn804494997book20120.86Delgado Leyva, RosaLa pantalla futurista : del "Viaje a la Luna" de Georges Méliès a "El hotel eléctrico" de Segundo ChomónHistory71ocn690103528book20100.96Segundo de Chomón : 1903-1912 : el cine de la fantasíaHistory61ocn816040919book20120.95Omaggio in musica a Segundo de Chomón52ocn635300769book20090.47Tharrats, Juan GabrielSegundo de Chomón un pionnier méconnu du cinéma européen : Espagne, France, Italie, 1902-1928HistoryBiographyFilm catalogsSegundo de Chomon (1871-1929), originaire de Teruel (Espagne), vient à Paris dès 1895 et y découvre les débuts du cinéma. C'est comme coloriste de films, comme opérateur, spécialiste de trucages et d'effets spéciaux, qu'il deviendra l'égal de Georges Méliès. Il travaille pour le compte de Pathé à Barcelone, puis à Turin, enfin à Paris où il réalise avec Abel Gance, Napoléon32ocn680638733book20100.73Minguet Batllori, Joan MSegundo de Chomón : the cinema of fascination31ocn191804783book19900.47Tharrats, Juan GabrielInolvidable ChomonHistory11ocn055849491book19990.47Minguet Batllori, Joan MSegundo de Chomón, beyond the cinema of attractions (1904-1912)HistoryFri Mar 21 15:35:41 EDT 2014batch19665