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Fri Mar 21 17:15:30 2014 UTClccn-n882266250.08Shadows in bronze : a Marcus Didius Falco novel /0.141.00Mystery writers in foreign settings : the literary devices and methods used to portray foreign geographies /8029680Lindsey_Davisn 882266252453221Davids, Lindsey Margaret 1949-Davis, Lindsay 1949-Davis, Lindsey Margaret, 1949-デイヴィス, リンゼイリンゼイ・デイヴィスfast-919985Falco, Marcus Didius (Fictitious character)fast-954547Helena Justina (Fictitious character)viaf-289810616Rodska, Christianprfnrtlccn-n95095212Alexandrian Librarylccn-n79120267Silius Italicus, Tiberius Catiuslccn-n50013948VespasianEmperor of Rome9-79lccn-no2002109377BBC Audiobooks Americalccn-n79077412DomitianEmperor of Rome51-96np-donnelly, donalDonnelly, Donalnrtlccn-n83009541Lesser, AntonnrtDavis, LindseyFictionHistoryDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionDetective and mystery stories, EnglishMiscellaneaYoung adult worksRome (Empire)Falco, Marcus Didius (Fictitious character)Private investigatorsHelena Justina (Fictitious character)Great BritainRomansMurder--InvestigationLegislators--Crimes againstSilius Italicus, Tiberius CatiusEngland--LondonVestal virginsEgypt--AlexandriaEgyptPiratesItaly--OstiaLibrariesKidnappingPolitical corruptionMissing personsVespasian,--Emperor of Rome,Women slavesSyria--TadmurEnglandAlexandrian LibraryDetective and mystery storiesMissing persons--InvestigationDavis, LindseyDetective and mystery stories--TechniqueEmperorsTheftSilver mines and miningDetectivesHusbands--Crimes againstHistorical fiction--AuthorshipAuthorshipLiteratureDetective and mystery stories--AuthorshipEnglish fictionLawyersHistorical fictionInformersCultsItaly--RomeSerial murdersMysteryMan-woman relationshipsMistressesSpainSetting (Literature)Women spies194919891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014413142711278823.914PR6054.A8925ocn723673098198130ocn062534018book20050.13Davis, LindseySee Delphi and die : a Marcus Didius Falco novelHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesNow married to his beloved Helena Justina, Marcus Didius Falco is hired to take on a murder investigation that will require him and Helena to travel to Olympia, Greece, to uncover the truth about a series of disappearances+-+1012087685195440ocn019323062book19890.16Davis, LindseyThe silver pigs : a novelHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesMarius Falco is a private detective operating in ancient Rome. When he rescues beautiful Sosia Camillina from pursuing thugs in the Forum, he is drawn into a hunt for silver ingots being smuggled into Rome to fund a plot against the Emperor+-+1254180985167125ocn262885312book20090.14Davis, LindseyAlexandriaHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesIn A.D. 77, Marcus Didius Falco, agent to the Emperor Vespasian, investigates the mysterious death of the head librarian of the world-famous library of Alexandria, bringing him into immediate conflict with the darker side of academic life+-+8654287685158727ocn053064808book20030.15Davis, LindseyThe accusersHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionRoman sleuth Marcus Didius Falco becomes caught up in the trial of a senator, a case that becomes complicated by the senator's convenient "suicide" and draws Falco into a confrontation with powerful forces in the Roman legal system+-+2663147435157126ocn049226107book20010.14Davis, LindseyA body in the bathhouseHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionAncient Roman investigator Marcus Didius Falco finds trouble on the site of a new palace being built by the king of the Atrebates tribe in distant Britain+-+9622147435154237ocn022861624book19900.08Davis, LindseyShadows in bronze : a Marcus Didius Falco novelHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesRome. AD 71. Marcus Didius Falco, now Imperial Agent to Emperor Vespasian, is keeping busy tidying up corpses, kicking over the traces of a failed coup, making a bit on the side in stolen lead ingots. But a new plot to usurp the purple robes of power puts Falco on the back of a mule with a one-way ticket down the Appian Way--bumping into trouble, treason and Helena Justina, a senator's daughter he's trying hard to forget.--Publisher description (, LindseyThe Jupiter mythHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesWhile visiting his wife's relatives in Britain, Roman sleuth Marcus Didius Falco confronts a diplomatic crisis when the body of King Togidubnus is found stuffed down a barroom well+-+8222147435150015ocn085444236book20070.14Davis, LindseySaturnaliaHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesRoman sleuth Marcus Didius Falco is pitted against his old rival, the Chief Spy Anacrites, to find a fugitive, an enemy of Rome who vanished from house arrest, leaving behind the body of murdered young man+-+2476187685146421ocn526077070book20100.13Davis, LindseyNemesisHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective and mystery stories, EnglishWhen a pair of his father's associates disappear under suspicious circumstances, informer Marcus Didius Falco of A.D. 77 Rome investigates allegations of a feud involving a group of notorious freedmen, who are receiving high-level protection from corrupt rulers+-+0790407685143529ocn039905947book19960.14Davis, LindseyThree hands in the fountainHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesYoung adult worksWhen body parts begin turning up in the aqueduct of 1st century Rome, authorities decide a serial killer is at work. The case is given to PI Marcus Didius Falco. By the author of Time to Depart+-+7641147435143127ocn037044051book19960.14Davis, LindseyA dying light in CordubaHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesThe first century Roman sleuth, Marcus Didius Falco, investigates a murder linked to corruption in the olive oil trade. By the author of Last Act in Palmyra+-+0911147435142223ocn043903582book19990.15Davis, LindseyOne virgin too manyHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fiction11th installment of Marcus Didius Falco, the cynical, hard-boiled investigator from the rough end of Rome, is back from a difficult mission in North Africa. As a result of his hard work, Emperor Vespasian awards Falco with the title of Procurator of Poultry for the Senate and People of Rome, or keeper of the city's sacred geese. Not much of a salary, of course, but the title does give him a better standing with his in-laws. Now, all Falco wants is to spend time relaxing at home with his family+-+6162147435139632ocn025164440book19910.16Davis, LindseyVenus in copper : a Marcus Didius Falco novelHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesIn 70 A.D. in ancient Rome, no one is a saint. Or so thinks Marcus Didius Falco, a private investigator first introduced in the award-winning SILVER PIGS, who's trying to prevent a murder before it happens. When every man a woman marries dies, Falco knows there's smoke and fire--and he'll stop at nothing to untangle the Gordion knot that proves it+-+3526834455136424ocn045558819book20000.14Davis, LindseyOde to a bankerHistoryFictionDetective and mystery stories"Chrysippus, esteemed banker, patron of the arts, and scroll merchant," offers to publish Falco's work, but when Falco hears the proposed price and then learns that Chrysippus has been murdered, Falco assembles all the suspects.--Jacket+-+9592147435136021ocn040857039book19980.15Davis, LindseyTwo for the lionsHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesThe first century Roman detective, Marcus Didius Falco, investigates the world of gladiators after one is murdered. The probe takes him to Tripoli where gladiator handlers buy their lions+-+4841147435134922ocn055000978book20040.14Davis, LindseyScandal takes a holidayHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionWhen the scribe of ancient Rome's daily scandal column goes missing in seaside Ostia, investigator Marcus Didius Falco learns that the scribe was working on a story about an underworld kidnapping racket involving pirates+-+0763147435132824ocn035243498book19950.15Davis, LindseyTime to departHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesIn ancient Rome, Marcus Didius Falco, the emperor's secret agent investigates a rash of murders believed to be the work of the convicted mobster Balbinus. From his exile, Balbinus is revenging himself on the people who helped convict him. Lots of local color, from weddings to Roman firefighting methods. By the author of Last Act in Palmyra+-+7171147435119622ocn031969039book19940.15Davis, LindseyLast act in PalmyraHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesThe Roman detective, Marcus Didius Falco, goes to Syria in search of an abducted woman who was a water organist in a circus. A perfect cover to do some spying for the emperor. By the author of The Iron Hand of Mars+-+2071147435324118428ocn027936705book19920.13Davis, LindseyThe iron hand of MarsHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionSlipping undercover into Germania, Falco meets with disarray, murder and torture in his quest to find a Druid priestess+-+5645574455116728ocn038468400book19970.15Davis, LindseyThe course of honorHistoryFictionOne of the great love stories of the Roman empire, that of Caenis, a slave girl, and the soldier who was to become Emperor Vespasian. It is described from Caenis' point of view and includes lots of detail on everyday life in the first century+-+79211474351422ocn520761142book20100.19Davis, LindseyFalco : the official companionHistoryMiscellanea"'As the girl came running up the steps, I decided she was wearing far too many clothes...' So, in 1989, readers were introduced to Marcus Didius Falco, the Roman informer, as he stood on the steps of the Temple of Saturn, looking out across the Forum: the heart of his world. Twenty years and twenty books later, Falco fans want a companion volume" --Dust jacket flap+-+K821051936451ocn040403857book19980.86Davis, LindseyThe descent to Avernus, with ticket office11ocn123234726book20051.00Engar, Amy KimballMystery writers in foreign settings : the literary devices and methods used to portray foreign geographiesCriticism, interpretation, etcA sense of place is important to the construction, believability and success of regional mystery novels. Authentic representation of place is challenging if an author is not originally from the area being portrayed. Despite this, some authors are able to depict foreign places more comprehensively and realistically than others. Professor Gary Hausladen of the University of Nevada, Reno identifies: narrative description, dialogue, iconography, and attention to detail as the basic literary devices that convey sense of place. This thesis questions the manner in which successful mystery novelists writing about foreign places meet Hausladen's model. Specifically, do they use all four of the literary devices, which are most commonly used, which are consciously used, and what research methods and resources do they use to incorporate the literary devices. Primary and secondary data are collected through interviews and literary analyses. It is found that these authors use all four of the prescribed literary devices, that some of the literary devices are more challenging to use than others, that place establishing literary techniques are important to the authors and that the authors seek to incorporate sense of place through diverse types of intensive research+-+8654287685+-+8654287685Fri Mar 21 15:37:04 EDT 2014batch38479