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Fri Mar 21 17:12:49 2014 UTClccn-n882667000.00Buscant el tresor0.080.47Matemàtiques-5 : cicle mitjà /56660247n 882667002611692Nabau, Jordilccn-n86800534Sotillos, Eugenioadplccn-n79063096Collodi, Carlo1826-1890antlccn-n79100904Institut d'estudis occitans (Toulouse)trladplccn-n79053974Defoe, Daniel(1661?-1731)viaf-51740401Hooker, John F.antadplccn-n91112661González Gómez, Xesús1950-viaf-87474040Coker, B.viaf-86759861López Fernández, Ricardonp-dominguez, mDomínguez, M.lccn-n50028543Spyri, JohannaantNabau, J.FictionJuvenile worksHistoryFairy talesPictorial worksDramaComic books, strips, etcChristmas storiesDomestic fictionGraphic novelsSwitzerlandMountain lifeOrphansGrandfathersPuppetsAlpsFairy talesPinocchio (Fictitious character)Heidi (Fictitious character : Spyri)Grandparent and childSwitzerland--Alps, SwissInvalidsGermany--Frankfurt am MainFathers and sonsChildren's stories, ItalianMarionettesTruthTruthfulness and falsehoodObedienceAnimalsPovertyWit and humor, JuvenileFairiesGermanyHistorical fictionAuntsCountry lifeGerman fictionHigh interest-low vocabulary booksHomesicknessGirlsFantasyFolkloreItalyEnglish language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakersChildren's storiesChildren's plays, AmericanArtPinocchio (Fictitious character) in artCity and town lifePuppet playsPuppet theaterReaders (Elementary)Spanish languageChildren's literatureBoysChildren's stories, GermanChildren with disabilitiesToy and movable booksFrench language1970197119771978197919801981198419851986198719891990199119921993199419972000200111732104[FIC]PZ7.S772ocn443781796ocn462778469ocn462778300ocn463617964ocn440518632ocn463616842ocn440352567ocn4437821041513ocn443782104book19860.07Collodi, CarloPinocchioCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionPictorial worksDramaChristmas storiesFairy talesFantasy fictionBoard booksPicture booksThe adventures of a talking wooden puppet whose nose grows whenever he tells a lie. An abridged version of this classic that nevertheless captures its flavor and excitement. Presenting that mischievous puppet Pinocchio! Gepetto, his long-suffering father Fox and Cat, those demons of the night Fire-Eater, the wicked puppet master Cricket, a constant friend Blue Fairy, an even more constant friend Candlewick, a wild, wonderful companion Dogfish, a great mysterious enemy Welcome to this theater, where you will see the mischievous Pinocchio, barely a chunk of wood, dare to run away from his own sweet father, who only wants the best for him. You will be amazed that he turns his back on a kind cricket, and more amazed that, instead of going to school, he takes up with the dastardly Fox and Cat, who promise him thousands of gold coins. As if all that were not enough, your breath will be taken away when you see - just as he is about to become a real boy -- this Pinocchio decides to run away with the Lost Boys and turns into . . . Well, you will see what he turns into. And you will see how upon being swallowed by Dogfish he is given one last chance to find his way to his dear papa, and to his home. Ed Young's version of this classic tale is like no other, valuing Collodi's original text and giving it full and hearty play upon the stage of this unique art. This is a book for lovers of puppets and children and adventure everywhere1312ocn758225124book19900.08Sotillos, EugenioAlí-Babá108ocn443781796book19900.07Hooker, John FRobin hood1010ocn733208459book19890.08Sotillos, EugenioTom Sawyer107ocn489981099book19910.07Defoe, DanielRobinson CrusoeJuvenile worksFictionRelates the experiences of an Englishman stranded by shipwreck on a deserted island, where he survives for more than twenty-eight years. Also includes the story in comic strip form87ocn443782288book19870.07Spyri, JohannaHeidiHistoryJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionPictorial worksDomestic fictionFairy talesGraphic novelsA Swiss orphan is heartbroken when she must leave her beloved grandfather and their happy home in the mountains to go to school and to care for an invalid girl in the city77ocn433375983book19840.07Collodi, CarloPinochoFictionA wooden puppet full of tricks and mischief, with a talent for getting into and out of trouble, wants more than anything else to become a real boy63ocn017163173book19860.06Sotillos, EugenioLa esfera del tiempo66ocn431677783book19770.08Domínguez Navarro, ManuelEdison : el genio de los inventos32ocn807926272book19870.23Sotillos, EugenioEl Misteri de l'ànec blau33ocn224199340book19870.01Sotillos, EugenioEl misterio del pato azul33ocn434803888book19860.01Sotillos, EugenioEn busca del tesoro22ocn434860652book19870.01Sotillos, EugenioVacances perilloses22ocn434295484book19850.47Matemàtiques-5 : cicle mitjà22ocn805052962book19870.01Sotillos, EugenioVacaciones peligrosas11ocn434589061book19890.47Matemáticas : 3 [EGB], ciclo medio11ocn432836509book1970Sotillos, EugenioEl tesoro del pirata11ocn432835705book1970Sotillos, EugenioAl abordaje11ocn432836209book1971Sotillos, Eugenio¡Hundid al "Cangrejo"!11ocn434803654book1986Sotillos, EugenioBuscant el tresorFri Mar 21 16:10:01 EDT 2014batch13502