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Fri Mar 21 17:09:43 2014 UTClccn-n882740310.24Louisville, on the fingertips of an invasion : Civil War skirmishes and engagements in Jefferson County, Kentucky during Braxton Bragg's 1862 Confederate invasion /0.550.97General orders26171138Braxton_Braggn 882740312507769lccn-n80001144Confederate States of AmericaArmylccn-n91034076Hallock, Judith Lee1940-lccn-n50007911McWhiney, Gradylccn-n50005903Seitz, Don Carlos1862-1935lccn-n83185212Confederate States of AmericaArmy of Tennesseelccn-no96029007Confederate States of AmericaArmyDepartment No. 2lccn-n85081799Beauregard, G. T.(Gustave Toutant)1818-1893nc-confederate states of america$army$army of the mississippiConfederate States of AmericaArmyArmy of the Mississippilccn-n92047732Martin, Samuel J.lccn-n86025574Johnston, Joseph E.(Joseph Eggleston)1807-1891Bragg, Braxton1817-1876HistoryMilitary historyRulesBiographyHandbooks, manuals, etcBragg, Braxton,United States--Confederate States of AmericaConfederate States of America.--ArmyGeneralsAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)United StatesMilitary campaignsChickamauga, Battle of (Georgia : 1863)GeorgiaPerryville, Battle of (Kentucky : 1862)Kentucky--PerryvilleMilitary leadershipBeauregard, G. 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This biography notes the sources of those characterizations and offers a view of the controversial general, from his early successes to the circumstances of his failed later campaigns at Murfreesboro and Chattanooga"--Provided by publisher+-+9984091325962ocn033464568book19950.31Woodworth, Steven ELeadership and command in the American Civil WarHistoryMilitary historyCase studiesLeadership and Command is a unique collection of five carefully-crafted essays by leading scholars, each dealing with an important and understudied slice of history from the epic events of 1861-1865. Georgia historian Richard McMurry inaugurates this compendium by directing the bright spotlight of scrutiny upon Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston's early-war tenure of command in the Eastern Theater of operations. It was in Virginia, asserts McMurry, that the seeds of several Southern disasters were initially sown.Economist Edward Carr Franks examines Western Theater issues of strategy by ch+-+5555637336324811ocn009918890book19810.29Hafendorfer, Kenneth APerryville, battle for KentuckyHistory703ocn009967579book19420.94Stout, L. HReminiscences of General Braxton BraggHistoryBiography342ocn023152575score18610.96Rivinac, PGenl. Bragg grand marchHistoryBibliographyMusic301ocn020120916book18630.96Hardee, William JosephTo the soldiers of the Army of Tennessee292ocn023152384score19740.96Rivinac, PGenl. Braxton Bragg's grand marchHistoryMusic291ocn020078855book18620.96Bragg, Braxton[Address of Gen. 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General Braxton Bragg devoted over four years of his life to senior CSA Army leadership positions, mostly in command. He surpassed every general officer in the CSA and Union in holding such a wide range of senior officer responsibilities. Bragg observed closely and operated in and around the operational and strategic environment for the majority of his life. By virtue of his previous duties, assignments, and experiences, Bragg observed, participated in, and influenced hundreds of meetings and decisions that are best described as strategic art. He developed his strategic competencies through: civilian and military education; an honorable, diverse, demanding, and rare service and assignment history; and, life-threatening experiences that only a few would ever taste. Braxton Bragg strategized with the best experts of his day51ocn017498518score18660.81Rivinac, PGeneral Bragg's grand marchMusic51ocn035268747book19930.24White, J. AndrewLouisville, on the fingertips of an invasion : Civil War skirmishes and engagements in Jefferson County, Kentucky during Braxton Bragg's 1862 Confederate invasionHistory+-+7890582635Fri Mar 21 15:18:28 EDT 2014batch25427